Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things You May Have Missed

The media has latched on to the tales of Town Hall Meetings and seems concerned with little more than those salacious stories and a beleaguered Obama still trying to float Obamacare across to a decidedly resistant population.

Foreclosure Filings Jump In July Just a few weeks ago they were saying the market had bottomed out.

Retail Sales Declined Unexpectedly In July Wasn't Obama saying in July that the economy was improving? Not to mention all the car sales with "Cash For Clunkers", and it still dropped?

Israel Stops Buying Dollar Who can blame them? I wouldn't continue to fund a drinking binge either.

Walmart Tops Earning Estimates But did you see how they did it? Cutting inventory.

Speaking of which......

Inventories Fall For Tenth Straight Month Why stock, when no one is buying?

Initial Jobless Claims Rebound Last week it was unemployment declining.

The story about inventories should motivate some of you who may have been putting off purchases you need for prepping. A smaller inventory base will mean shortages if people rush to buy at one time, not to mention the prices will go up.

Get what you need now.


ErinAndBrad said...

Ain't it funny how the recession was almost over yesterday and then today all this comes out?? Hahahahha - what a joke and the CPI is to come out tomorrow! yahoooo!
Great catch Cat!

HermitJim said...

I think the lies are starting to catch up to them...!

About time...!