Friday, August 21, 2009

Leaderless Resistance

Many of you have heard the mainstream media, and the mouth pieces of the tyrannical government now exercising its unconstitutional powers over this nation, bemoaning the threat of a "lone-wolf" terrorist or assassin.

What they are truly afraid of is the "Leaderless Resistance".

Without a leadership, or an organized group, there is nothing to infiltrate. Nothing to corrupt. Nothing to subvert. No way to control or direct people into carrying out activities that will land them in jail. No Hal Turners to incite the less thoughtful, the less stable, the more extreme elements in order to thwart the efforts of true patriots. No way for them to discredit the message of "Freedom for all."

If you're reading this, chances are you are already a member of the Leaderless Resistance, or will soon join. Once you have made a decision that you will not obey laws and edicts that run contrary to what you believe, no - what you know instinctively, is right, just, and moral, you have become a member of the Leaderless Resistance.

The American Preppers Network, and The Canadian Preppers Network are examples of a Leaderless Resistance. There are people who maintain the websites, contribute information, and work to network like minded people and spread the message of self reliance, but there isn't a leadership.

No one issues marching orders. No one tells people what or what not to do. Suggestions are made, and requests are made, but people are free to come and go as they please. They are free to participate as little or as much as they would like. No one demands dues or fees.

I fear what the government seems to be set on bringing us, the American People. A world of forced vaccinations, regulated travel, a regulated Internet, and denial of our most basic and cherished freedoms is not of my choosing.

I will resist.

I am resisting their efforts every day, as are many others. I do not have a leader who tells me I must do this. I do it because I believe it is right, just and moral of me to resist the efforts of those who would blot out everything our ancestors, our forefathers, our Founding Fathers worked and sacrificed blood and sometimes their own lives to achieve.

Many here see what we have in this land as their right, or worse they take it for granted. It isn't a right. It is a gift. A gift bestowed upon us by those who passed this way before us. Freedom is like the gift of fire. It must be tended and nurtured if you expect it to benefit you. If you fail to tend it, it will go out, and you will be left in darkness.

I will not live in the darkness! I will not be one to see a new dark age grip this land as those in power seek to quench the fires of Freedom! I will not serve feudal lords and masters! I will not be a vassal, a subject, or a serf!

Join me, join us, in The Leaderless Resistance!

Being a member of The Leaderless Resistance doesn't mean you have to take up arms and engage in open civil disobedience. It doesn't mean you have to be violent or make threats against the people in office or their families.

Our enemy is the marriage of corporations, state and federal governments. Anything that you do that denies them a single penny from your wallet, denies them a drop of their life's blood. We can bleed them to death drop by drop.

1) Avoid using credit cards (this includes debit cards). Even if you have the cash to pay off the charges immediately and can avoid the finance charges, they make money by charging the merchant a fee when you use the card. Pay in cash, or by check whenever possible.

2) Use your ATM card only at your banking institution. If possible, seek out a stable local bank and move your accounts away from the large corporate banks that received bailouts.

3) Avoid financing big ticket items (washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc) unless you absolutely have to.

4) Patronize local mom and pop establishments as much as possible. Forget the big box stores if you can. Sometimes you can finance your big ticket items through a local mom and pop appliance store.

5) Buy used if you can. Goodwill, Salvation Army, Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Swap Meets, anything to keep money away from corporations as much as possible.

6) Avoid companies that received money from you in the form of a bailout. They owe you money already. Don't give them any more.

7) Barter with your neighbors, and get a growing co-op together before next planting season. Some people are really good with tomatoes, others with squash. Have people concentrate on what they can really produce, and exchange with each other for variety.

8) Walk or ride a bike if you can do that instead of driving for short trips. It's more healthy for you, and means saving money on gasoline. Less money to the corporations.

9) Make them pay for annoying you. Unsolicited mail? Stuff it all back in the prepaid return envelope and send it off. Companies ignoring do not call lists? Document times and dates, seek a restraining order, and sue them in small claims court for violations.

10) Always look for a way to screw "The Man". An example: See an expired meter? Feed it if you can. Save some poor bastard from a ticket, and keep the fine away from the corporate government.

Another Leaderless Resistance


HossBoss said...

Excellent points, Catman! I've been doing the empty envelopes thing for a while now ...not always, but most of the time. I also like your 'feed the meter' idea ...two birds with one stone. I know I speak for YOF too when I say count us in!

Rhino said...

well said!!I try to screw the man out of every penny I can.

Ken said...

...well,i perform nine of the parking meters in these,next time i visit 'the city',you bet i'll check for the meters...good post

APN said...

awesome post man!

ErinAndBrad said...

Well said Catman! I am in - you probably already knew that lOL!:)