Monday, May 30, 2011

Urban Danger - *MUST SEE*

First, I hope you are celebrating Memorial Day (Decoration Day) in the spirit once intended. Thank you to all who have served, and sacrificed everything for us. We remember you, even though others may have forgotten.

Second, there's been a lot going on, hence my absence. I hope to be able to share much of it with you once it is done. In the meantime, if you own your own home (or even if you're still paying a mortgage), you need to look into your state's laws regarding Homestead Declarations. You can find an easy link to your state's particulars on this page. If it is valid in your state, you can do an easy search on the web to find the forms and instructions on filing the forms. MotherEarthNews has an article explaining the concept in detail.

After reading the article, I'm sure you'll be able to see the advantages of spending a few dollars to file the form.

If you're in California, click here for forms and instructions.

Third, you need to watch this movie, Urban Danger (click here). It is available in its entirety on the web. Make time to watch it, especially if you are generations removed from people who lived through The Great Depression.

My father was born in 1921. My brother and I were constantly harangued as children about how spoiled we were (late 1960's -1970's). We'd get the speeches about having to wade through 8 ft snowbanks in a heatwave and having to walk 10 miles uphill going to and coming home from school. If they were lucky, they got a ride with Old Man Smith taking the hogs to market.

They had to ride in the back with the hogs.

But there were more serious, and ominous discussions about what it was like in the Depression, World War II and its aftermath.

My mother also would tell us stories about Japan once the bombing raids began, and the severe rationing during the late stages of the war, and after Japan's surrender. Mom, some family and friends, ran a black market operation dealing in food in post war Japan. My mother was once apprehended with about 40 lbs of rice and was being pressured by the police to reveal its source. The officer interrogating mom was called out of the room, and when he returned, he apologized and returned the rice and let my mother go. She was fourteen.

One thing I've learned from listening to these stories, if you're stuck in an urban area, is you need to keep the cops on your side. Much has been made about how Al Capone controlled the Chicago Police. What they don't tell you is that, in addition to starting the first soup kitchen and feeding an estimated three to four thousand people a week, Al was feeding the families of the average beat cop every week during the Depression.

Food is control.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Reconquista, often cited as Mexico's attempt to reconquer the American Southwest, has a much longer history. A brief nutshell explanation of the origin of the term can be found on Wikipedia, and its roots it the expulsion of the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula.

Parallels can be drawn between that struggle in the Middle Ages and what is happening now here in our own nation.

Mexican nationals and traitorous American latinos somehow believe that the western US is a mythical land known as Aztlan and seek to return it to Mexican dominion.

Their efforts have stumbled. As more Mexican nationals flee south with the flagging US economy denying them the ability to stay here in the US; their base has begun to erode. Here in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, I've noticed numerous Mexican restaurants that catered to the palates of people from particular Mexican states have closed up shop. That coupled with the near civil war and economic malaise south of the border has many Mexicans concerned with more than trying to turn a myth into a reality.

The forces who want to fragment the United States have failed to seize large portions of the US and now seem to intend on trying to carve it into small, more easily digested, and assimilated chunks. They have now set their sights on dividing Arizona and are being aided by the entrenched Progressive (read that as statist, totalitarian, socialist) leadership.

I am fully supportive of the right of a state to secede from a tyrannical federal government. I oppose the attempt to divide a state, and then have that resulting new state petition for statehood in order to have representation in our federal system. Especially if the motives of the established population, and its leadership, is in question.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Article: "US Whites Under The Demographic Gun"

Henry Makow writes the well meaning piece, "US Whites Under The Demographic Gun". He seems to miss the whole point of illegal immigration.

After living in this country for nearly my entire life as someone who has a white name, but a very non-white appearance, it galls me that authors seem to frequently conclude that the eradication of "whites" is somehow a "white" problem.

"White", to many, seems to imply a "race" when it comes to the United States and its population. It is anything but that.

What many refer to as "White" is a culture. A mindset. A way of doing, of being. "White" in this nation is our history, our heritage. That "whiteness" is what has drawn people for centuries from every country on the face of the earth. It is the promise of equality, brotherhood, and freedom.

Caucasian people are not the only people who cherish these ideals. Caucasians are not the only ones who have promoted and worked to spread these ideals. Caucasian people are not the only ones who have died defending these ideals. Crispus Attucks, part Black, part Wampanoag, one hundred percent freedom loving American is a prime example.

The continued flood of peoples from foreign lands who have no intention of divesting themselves of the traditions, mindsets, and mores endemic to their places of origin chip away at the core of America. Once, people came here, and were proud to label themselves as "American". They abandoned their languages and traditions. Their tribal ways and manner of dress were relinquished in order to earn acceptance into their new homeland.

Not anymore.

The streets of America are filled with turbans, kufis, hijabs, saris, and serapes. Schools in Los Angeles cater to 92 different languages. California, in 2006, produced ballots in 44 different languages.

These people drag everything that made their homelands intolerable cesspools with them and expect me to accept it, embrace it, and laud it. Crime, disease, hatred, filth and degradation follow in the wake of these people. I wonder why, if they love their filth so much, did they leave? There was certainly more of it where they came from.

People emigrate here dragging their aged parents and relatives along with them. They are promptly placed in various social security and other government (READ THAT AS *YOU* PAY FOR IT) programs, even though these people have not paid into the system. Not a single day worked here. Not a single penny earned. And many, once they've qualified for benefits, return home and take your money with them.

And if you say anything negative about this evil being perpetrated on Americans under the guise of "multiculturalism", you're a "racist". Those bent on destroying America will hang a sign around your neck so fast hoping it will keep the rest silent and in line.

Fine. I'm a "racist" to you. To me, you're a "traitor" and I'm a patriot. I'm not going to tolerate evil and we all know the fate of "traitors". Name a beneficiary. Soon. Real soon.

America is under assault. The sole purpose of this assault is the eradication of American culture. With the eradication of American culture comes a new dark age of oppression, servitude, and slavery. Not in one nation. Not even on an entire continent. This time it will be on a global scale.

We will not see relief from our elected officials and the government. There's too much wealth, and too much power to be gained by catering to these foreign carpetbaggers.

If you came from another land with the dream of becoming an American, not to loot, not to plunder, not to destroy, welcome. If you came here and have been lured by the easy way presented to you by those who would destroy this land and her people, now is a good time to leave. At least you won't be leaving in a box. If you came here and have been straddling the fence, pick a side.

You're either with us or against us. There is no middle ground in the coming war.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

LOL! Obama's lunch!

Obama visited New York today and checked out the former site of the Twin Towers.

While running around at the taxpayer's expense, he stopped in and visited a fire station where he was treated to a lunch of EGGPLANT apparently prepared by Joe Ceravolo (Ceravolo means "snake charmer" in Italian) of Ladder 54, Engine 4.

Read about it here: Obama Visits New York

Those of you who have an Italian background, or have an intimate knowledge of Italian slang can appreciate the symbolism of the dish.

Those of you who don't, visit this site: The Racial Slur Database and scroll down to "eggplant".

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama convenient

As Obama's poll numbers slide to new lows, and precious metals, gasoline, and food soar to new highs, things looked dark for the usurper in chief.

The introduction of another lie called a long form birth certificate into the public arena didn't have the desired effect of silencing the critics. Instead it actually ratcheted up the rancor in nearly every political sector and led to shouts of "racism" from Obama's sycophants. Cries of "racism" have about as much effect these days as "wolf" did in a story we're all too familiar with.

In fact, it seems to have offended and annoyed quite a few who otherwise might have just ignored the whole affair.

Imagine that. People have awakened to the fact that "racism" only exists in the minds of people who don't get what they want and think they can mau-mau dissenters in to ketouing to their vastly, though self imagined, superior liberal ideology. Maybe the fact that the president of the United States is a black man, of uncertain parentage, creed, and national origin had something to do with this.

Maybe its just people have taken a look around at all the "African Americans" who have hugely successful careers in various fields from education to entertainment. Not to mention politics itself. Whoopi, are you listening?

"Racism", uh-huh. I'll believe it when someone burns a cross on the White House lawn.

Racism has as much to do with this as my Energy Star certified ceiling fan has to do with hurricanes.

Spiraling inflation, sinking real estate values, declining sales, failing cities and states, banks raping average Americans, three unpopular wars, a deaf ear to the concerns of average people playing the role of Sisyphus every day, every week, each month; ignoring the tide of diseased, illiterate, criminal aliens flooding our nation; the continued sexual harassment and assault of travelers by the TSA, escalating crime rates, failing infrastructure, the abandonment of America's Middle Class, the Ponzi Scheme known as "Wall Street", the militarization of the police, threats from government against it's citizens have started to hammer even the most somnambulant among us into waking up and wondering just WTF is going on.

Nothing has worked to rally the American people around this foppish, incompetent, illegitimate, arrogant imposter.

Now Osama is dead.

Hurrah, hurrah!

It is politics, gamesmanship, and attempts to control an increasingly restive public.

Pure and simple.

It is a distraction.

Just like Trump's activities with Obama's birth certificate and educational background, and announcement of his own presidential aspirations. Personally, I think there's a drunken bum on nearly every street corner in San Francisco who would probably be more worthy of the office than this ass. If you want to know the man, beyond just the bad hair, just look at his Wiki page and follow the leads resulting from the sale of junk bonds, investors losing millions of dollars, numerous bankruptcies, misrepresentation of assets, etc.

Does that at all sound familiar? Like maybe a bad chorus of the last 4 years?

Except now with Osama dead, the screwballs with the explosive vests, whom the TSA and all the president's men can't find, now have another martyr. Another brother to avenge.

But then, doesn't Obama need another "terrorist" attack on American soil so he can show he is the leader we so desperately need in these perilous days?

Watch your six.

Something wicked this way comes.