Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation Ramblings

I've taken a week off from work. My first vacation in about 18 months. Unlike our "president" who seems to need to vacation frequently. I'm sure between sending his wife off to Spain, playing golf, and being waited on hand and foot by a retinue of hundreds of White House Staffers, it just has to be exhausting.

While Obama is out shopping for shrimp, I'm repairing a bathroom.

To be quite frank, I am truly disheartened. Looking around at the world, and how the parts that never left the toilet have managed to drag the rest of us back there is maddening.

There's no point in listing all the insane stuff that is going on around the world. All you have to do is look at the various news sources on the web, especially the foreign press and you can see everything from photos of decapitated and mutilated Mexicans to confirmation of what many of us already knew, the United States exports terrorism: See CIA REDCELL Memorandum.

Can't list everything, but there are a few things that should be brought to everyone's attention. Just in case you missed them.

Things are becoming more polarized here in this country as we can see from these two articles, "Beat Whitey Night" and "Are You A Muslim?". "Beat Whitey is where a bunch of black kids decided it would be okay to attack white people at a state fair. "Are You A Muslim" preceded an attack by a passenger on a cabbie in New York.

Remember "Wilding"? The attack on a jogger in Central Park?

It hasn't gone away as evidenced by this series of events: "Wilding leaves four wounded in New York".

These types of incidents, and worse, will become frequent as more cops are pulled off the line as evidenced in this article: "Cutbacks force police to curtail calls for some crimes." Need proof? "Stockton Crime Rate Goes Up As Officers Are Cut".

Have you noticed how the number of home invasion stories in the news have increased?

Are you ready to defend yourself, your property, your family?

Many of us have been posturing for some time, you may just find out where you really stand soon.

If you haven't read this yet: Community Crisis Planning For Societal Collapse

Joe Biden: "no doubt we're moving in the right direction." Uh, Joe? Are you high?

Government Defaults Inevitable

Inflation In China

Roubini: Growth Below 1% "Double Dip" Depression likely.

Food Crisis: Impending Global Tsunami

Global Demand Outpaces Crops

US Dollar Collapse In The Cards

Housing Prices To Fall, Unemployment To Rise

College Students Resort To Foodstamps

States need money: Tax Food

Walmart Sees Same Store Sales Falling Pay attention to this. In my opinion, its a bellwether of where the economy is heading.

Nearly 41 Million On Foodstamps

Friday, August 20, 2010

The 911 Hard Hat Pledge

Just say "No" to working on the mosque being planned near the site of The World Trade Center.

Please sign, union or non-union, if you're a tradesman or anyone involved in the construction industry, lets shut these bastards down by refusing to trade the memory of over 3000 people for a few Federal Reserve notes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time: Why The GOP Should Avoid The Mosque Issue

Some things just piss you off to the core, and this was one of them:

Why The GOP Should Avoid The Mosque Issue

And below is my response to Mark Halperin, the author.

Shut the hell up, Mark. This isn't an Democrap or Republicorp issue. It's an American issue.

You've got a bunch of screwballs that just walked out of the 12th Century and think its okay to kill people who don't think like they do. Not unlike Hitler, Pohl Pot, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and other "heroes" of the addled and brain damaged that like to use titles such as journalist, and progressive, among others.

People like you have screamed for everyone to show "tolerance", "sensitivity" and "respect" for others. What you've really meant by those words is to show deference, affinity and servility to people who have a difficult time with indoor plumbing.

Where the hell is "tolerance", "sensitivity" and "respect" from the other side? Damn you to Hell, Mark. If I ran down someones kid in the street, I sure the hell would not park my car in front of their house plastered with bloody photos of their dead kid papering it.

And that is tantamount to what these sheet wearing thugs are doing.

I haven't seen one single one of their "holy" men do more than pay lip service to the deaths of over three thousand people. I haven't seen them do a damn thing to reign in the bloody attacks committed by people who attend the same mosques, follow the same religion and the same god (yes the small G is intentional) as them.

I haven't seen a fatwah issued against Bin-Laden or any other of the murderous dirty nightshirt crowd currently roaming the Earth.

I don't think any of us will live to see that day.

The Democrats and Republicans are cut from the same cloth. They'll do whatever keeps them in power and at the trough hoping that no one wakes up to the fact that both parties have sold us, the American people, out.

Neither side is interested in what is right or wrong, just what benefits them in the moment.

There's a day coming, mark my words, when a critical mass will be reached in this nation. Anyone who isn't an American to the core will likely find themselves at the end of a rope or on a leaky boat trying to find someplace to take them in.


Monday, August 16, 2010


I remember being taught to respect my elders when I was a kid.

It was probably a good thing. Back then.

Most of the people around me were former soldiers from World War II, Korea and Vietnam. People who had earned respect. They're people I still respect to this day. They did something enormous, at great personal risk, for all of us with no thought or demand of awards or rewards, and no sense of entitlement.

A few, like Senator John Mc Cain and Senator Daniel Inouye both veterans, have lost my respect. Their continued betrayals of the American people, and our nation, frustrate me to no end. I thought Inouye would have followed up on the "secret government" he first exposed during the Iran-Contra scandals, but he just let it slip away. The crowning event was when Inouye accepted the Order Of The Rising Sun from the Emperor of Japan. My mother is Japanese and that side of the family still lives in Japan, so this isn't Japan-bashing. Accepting foreign awards and honors are anathema to any true American. You, as an American, owe your allegiance to no nation other than The United States Of America.

"Open borders Mc Cain"? Pretty much self explanatory.

If you can't handle that, pick a coast and start swimming.

Today, everyone walks around like they deserve respect. From the football hero, the Hollywood star, the hoodlum on the street, the gangster in the mall, the third world refugee, to the pimply faced pre-pubescent manager at the local video store. I'm constantly accosted by the addled for not showing proper respect for our "president" who shall remain nameless as he has multiple aliases (just like so many other criminals), our senators Box-head and Fiend-stein. None of them have done a damn thing to EARN respect.

Some of my coworkers have expressed amazement at how I manage to continue to get away with showing so little respect for those who demand it and don't deserve it. I expect one of these days it will catch up to me, but at least I'll die with my honor and dignity intact.

Simply being given a title like "manager" or buying your way into a rigged electoral system does not automatically convey "respect". Coming from some impoverished third world nation dragging the cultural baggage that keeps your home country a shit hole, and trying to impose it upon me, does not automatically convey "respect". Carrying a gun in your waist band with your drawers hanging out and wearing a baseball cap backwards does not automatically convey "respect". Being able to race around on a muddy field carrying a dead pig while shucking the clueless idiots that watch such things of millions of dollars does not automatically convey "respect". Being able to make a fool of yourself on TV and then get rocks thrown at you by your fans really should clue you in that you are not worthy of "respect". Yes, Tila Tequila, I am referring to you. If you don't know who this is, here's a sample of her stunning prose.

My kid is constantly being smacked by the propaganda campaign that is public school about showing respect. Fel is often aghast at some of the things that come out of my daughter's mouth, which shows how little propaganda affects her. My mother-in-law would always scream at me that I was teaching my kid to be a "racist".

My mother-in-law is a liberal California Democrat, so that explains that. My kid is hardly a "racist" as her circle of friends would demonstrate. I just taught her to be discerning and to think for herself and not buy into the propaganda.

"Respect", as far as I can tell, is the new educational buzz word for "servility". They want you to show respect for the cops on the street, the occupiers of high office, the foreign masters who dare to impose their rules above American sensibilities and our Constitution. They're teaching you and your children to be meek, and submissive. To be slaves.

The only one who can take the chains off you, is yourself. You better get busy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Worse Than Katrina

WorldNet Daily: U.S. warned of threat worse than Katrina, plague, WWII

You'll notice in the article the following, "WND reported just days ago that the U.S. House had authorized plans to defend America's power grid against such dangers, but the members of the Senate left citizens to fend for themselves, eliminating the contingency plans."

They, meaning the silk tie - foie gras - champagne swilling crowd living off wealth stolen from you, DO NOT CARE whether you, your children, your pets, your entire world lives or dies.

Get busy folks.

Time is running out.

Here's something that just has to piss you off.

Manhattan Luxury Condos Receive FHA Backing. These condos sell for upwards of $3 million dollars. The Federal Government has stepped in to enable the wealthy to only put down 3.5% as a down payment. That's $105,000 on a $3,000,000 pleasure palace. Some of these places come complete with a movie theater, pet spas, a concierge, and rooftop lounges.

Your tax dollars are going to fund these schemes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Six Months: Last Chance?

When Will Financial Armageddon Begin?

Head on over to USAWatchdog and take a look at the above article. It cites John Williams of the website Shadowstats as having revised his estimate of complete financial breakdown from five years down to six months to one year.

In other words folks Armageddon, in this sense, has begun. In point of fact it began several years ago with the crash of the housing market and the subsequent evaporation of some unknown trillions of dollars of middle America's wealth.

As the economy continues to collapse inwards, not just here but all around the world, no government will receive assistance from a more stable nation. Every nation will, literally, be on their own as they attempt to cope with collapsing infrastructure and a restive populace.

We all saw the images of the hysterical crowds in Georgia lining up just for an application to get on a waiting list for government assisted housing.

An application for a waiting list.

Word is that some in the crowd of an estimated 30,000 people weren't even residents of Georgia, but had been drawn there to grasp at a chance to have a place to live.

Imagine what the scene will be like when agencies try and distribute food and water. If any of you have paid attention to overseas efforts to distribute food in war torn countries, you've seen the videos of chaos and even death. Just for a bowl of rice and a bottle of clean drinking water.

Do you really think that can not happen here in this country?

The severe weather around the globe is already affecting food prices.

MoneyNews is reporting rapid hikes in food prices are already being seen. Food Prices Already Starting To Skyrocket. In other reports, shortages are being forecast. Initially, food shortages will not impact more wealthy countries. However, shortages will quickly help to destabilize less wealthy nations that may already be perched upon a precipice. One only has to look back a few years to what a shortage of corn in Mexico did.

This may be your last chance to prepare. You may be able to afford extra food today. You might not be able to afford to feed yourself tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Wow, busy Wednesday it has been. This is the third post I have put up today! I won't even mention the fact that the market slid 265 points today! Go Team Obama! That 26 Billion taken from the poor and taxpayers and thrown to the special interests really helped the O-conomy!

The first two posts are here:

Showdown: Civil War Has Started?

Signs Of The Times

Those of you who ever played video games back in the 80's will recognize this rather infamous Japanese to English gaff from "Zero Wing".

Mexican drug gangs apparently didn't spend much time playing video games, otherwise they'd recognize how foolish it is to seize territory they can't defend against a determined opponent. But what do you expect from people who play soccer and confuse it with "football".

Originally, a story surfaced out of Texas where claims were made that one or two Laredo ranch(s) had been seized by elements of Los Zetas and were being used as a forward base.

The website Immigration Clearinghouse, apparently a thinly veiled pro illegal organization, claimed the story to be false.

Mexican Drug Cartel HAVE NOT Seized Texas Ranches – Tea Bagger extremists move to incite more fear and hatred of Mexicans.

Even Free Republic has reported the story to be a hoax.

Los Zetas Drug Cartel Seizes 2 Ranches in Texas [HOAX]

Well, not so fast.

An apparent Laredo PD blotter entry says differently. It appears that the powers that be, including the Laredo PD, wanted to keep this quiet for all the wrong reasons.

The story is being carried by the Examiner along with an image of the blotter entry.

Rancher claims Mexican cartels takeover Texas ranch -Police blotter confirms story is not a hoax

I'm sorry to say this folks, but we are now at war. We are at war with the government of Mexico and the people of Mexico. By the word "we" I mean you and I, the average Joe and Jane on the street.

The American citizen is not going to be defended by his/her government. In point of fact, this government is complicit in waging war against the good, honest, and decent people of The United States Of America.

In 1847, General Winfield Scott walked into Mexico City after a campaign that lasted about six months. American forces kicked their asses, and American forces can do it again. Mexico is a country because the people of the United States let them be a country. We didn't steal their mythical "Aztlan", we gave them a whole damn country.

You can see how our largess, and patience has been repaid.

They called the tune. Time to pay the piper.

Showdown: Civil War Has Started?

"The Kingdom Of Nye", the tagline used by the late night talk show host Art Bell, is a real place.

Nye County Nevada looks to be the place where a violent confrontation pitting federal government forces against an alliance of local county sheriffs, local land owners and ranchers is brewing.

Republic Broadcasting Network has this interesting article posted on its site:

"First Signs of Civil War begin in the US: Sheriff DeMeo Threatens Force Against Federal Agents"

Included in the article are the following YouTube videos:

Additional incidents have occurred within Nevada concerning the extra-legal activities of the BLM and other government agencies.

A recent wild horse roundup was conducted where interested parties were denied access to the roundup by the BLM. This was in direct contradiction to a federal judges orders that expressly directed the BLM to allow oversight of the roundup by those interested in the welfare of the horses.

More on the Rock Creek Roundup can be found here: PPJ Gazette

Take a look at the type of independent contractors the BLM is using and your tax dollars are paying for.


More on the Tuscarora roundup can be found here: Straight From The Horses Heart

You have to ask yourself, "If they're willing to do this to defenseless animals...."

Signs Of The Times

People refuse to sell home to black family.

After this beating in Redding, California, a shooting:

After a fight at an AM/PM in Riverbank, Ca, a 21 year old was shot and killed outside the convenience store. Those involved in the attack and shooting are 14, 15, and 18. Read more here.

And SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Its the same shooter in both incidents!

Riverbank Murder Suspect Wanted In NorCal Beating

Another "Superbug" from a third-world country coming to a city near you.

Conflict of Interest? What conflict of interest?
What we all knew about the WHO, The Flu Pandemic, and the drug industry sees the light of day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Hubris!

Read this:

Are Federal Workers Overpaid?

"Colleen Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, tells USA TODAY the data are not useful in a direct public to private pay comparison.

'Public union employees say the gap reflects the growing skill and education levels needed for most federal jobs, while the government farms out lower paid jobs to the private sector.' "

Oh, so now those of us who are NOT in government service are uneducated, and those of us in the private sector are working solely because the government gives us work.

Work that we, the uneducated, can perform.

Good thing I'm smart enough to tie a hangman's noose. I'll have a job when the revolution begins as long as the supply of government workers holds out.

After that, I'm going fishing.

Anyone want to help me clean up the pool of government workers so all of us "uneducated" people can go fishing that much sooner?

Monday, August 9, 2010

You Must Watch This

Watch this in its entirety. This was an isolated incident that was rectified within several days. Imagine if an incident happens that affects a wide area and isn't rectified for weeks, months or potentially years.

Visit to find your local state chapter and affiliated international chapters to help you become prepared. It is now approaching fall, but planting and harvesting of crops into winter months can still be done in many areas of the country if the varieties of plants are carefully selected.

Now is the time for you to get your skills up to deal with what may be coming soon.

More fun things to consider:

US Electricity Blackouts Skyrocketing

August Surprise: Failing Economy

Obamanomics Has Failed

Pelosi Tries To Slide $26 Billion "State Aid" Bill Through In August Recess Payoff To Teacher's Unions. $10 Billion for Teachers alone.

Mortgage Rates Below 4%

Freddie Mac wants another $1.8 Billion

US Refiners Drop Processing Rates This after cutting back on processing. And you think gasoline prices aren't manipulated to keep them high?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Low Tech Security: How To

Some of you are aware that I'm involved in electronic security. No, I don't install burglar alarms. Sometimes I wish my job was something more along those lines, but alas, too late to change career paths now!

I met a very nice lady (HI SHELLY!) in The American Preppers Chatroom (link in right side bar) who lives in a rural location, but not far enough from a large city for her comfort. She expressed concern regarding physical security and being alerted to intruders as they crossed onto her property.

She doesn't have tons of money to spend on things like geophones, or TAKEX sensors to patrol the perimeter of her homestead. Although geophones have come down tremendously in price, @$38.00 here per piece, they still require power and there in lay the crux of the issue. Shelly is very concerned about a "grid down" situation. Stories of how vulnerable the American power grid is to hacking appear nearly every week. In addition to which, talk about the repeat of a Carrington-style event have also made the rounds. The Carrington Event was a massive solar flare that set telegraph sets on fire just from the additional induced currents. See more here.

She wanted me to give her some ideas on how to set up things that would work unattended, without power, could be built at home, from readily available materials, and be assembled and deployed quickly and easily.

So, here's the first in a few gadgets I've come up with for her. Hopefully you find the idea useful as well.

You've all seen these rather innocuous and useless things.

The package of 12 was purchased at a local party supply store for less than $3.00

Innocent enough.

Pop the cardboard cover off the bottom.

Remove the confetti rolls exposing a second cardboard plug. Remove that plug as well. A slim piece of wire such as a paper clip makes removing the plugs easy.

Ah, yes. Now things are getting interesting. (insert evil laughter here)

About a teaspoon full of powder. You could use more if you wanted to. The purpose of powder is to generate smoke to signal which device has been tripped. You could add additional charcoal powder to the mixture to increase the density of the smoke generated.

Reinstall one of the plugs to keep the powder in the container.

Oh yes! A better mouse trap, you bet!

Trip wire attached. You can use wire, string or fishing line, but attach it at this point to make the device the most sensitive.

A small bracket made from aluminum. The hole and slot are a type of basic safety. Install the charge by passing the string through the slot after the trap is set. This will hopefully limit any unfortunate incidents if the trap is triggered early.

I taped the bracket in place with electrical tape just to show how little mechanical force is needed to hold the bracket in place as well as how little force is needed to trigger the popper. For a more permanent device, I would use several machine screws and nuts to attach the bracket.

Oh yes, these devices are quite "green" and can be reused simply by replacing the popper.

Tie a loop in the string.

Use a bit of wire to tie the string to the cross bar. Or you could just tie the string to the cross bar if it will leave you enough slack to reach the safety bracket. I found it easier to use the bit of wire.

How the string slips through the slot on the safety bracket to arm the device.

The device completed and set up.

Sorry about the poor quality of the video. I was trying to hold the camera and trip the device at the same time.

Use your imagination. I'm sure you can come up with some novel uses for this type of low tech device. You could place this inside your home under windows without the additional black powder. The pop is quite loud by itself. If using it outside, weather proofing it would be desirable. You could place it inside a box to disguise it.

Might be fun just to use as a gag on one of your unsuspecting friends!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Illegal Alien Runs Down, Kills Elderly Nun

Injures two others.

Previously arrested twice for drunk driving. Obama's government frees him pending deportation hearings.

Have you had enough yet?

Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds