Thursday, August 12, 2010

Six Months: Last Chance?

When Will Financial Armageddon Begin?

Head on over to USAWatchdog and take a look at the above article. It cites John Williams of the website Shadowstats as having revised his estimate of complete financial breakdown from five years down to six months to one year.

In other words folks Armageddon, in this sense, has begun. In point of fact it began several years ago with the crash of the housing market and the subsequent evaporation of some unknown trillions of dollars of middle America's wealth.

As the economy continues to collapse inwards, not just here but all around the world, no government will receive assistance from a more stable nation. Every nation will, literally, be on their own as they attempt to cope with collapsing infrastructure and a restive populace.

We all saw the images of the hysterical crowds in Georgia lining up just for an application to get on a waiting list for government assisted housing.

An application for a waiting list.

Word is that some in the crowd of an estimated 30,000 people weren't even residents of Georgia, but had been drawn there to grasp at a chance to have a place to live.

Imagine what the scene will be like when agencies try and distribute food and water. If any of you have paid attention to overseas efforts to distribute food in war torn countries, you've seen the videos of chaos and even death. Just for a bowl of rice and a bottle of clean drinking water.

Do you really think that can not happen here in this country?

The severe weather around the globe is already affecting food prices.

MoneyNews is reporting rapid hikes in food prices are already being seen. Food Prices Already Starting To Skyrocket. In other reports, shortages are being forecast. Initially, food shortages will not impact more wealthy countries. However, shortages will quickly help to destabilize less wealthy nations that may already be perched upon a precipice. One only has to look back a few years to what a shortage of corn in Mexico did.

This may be your last chance to prepare. You may be able to afford extra food today. You might not be able to afford to feed yourself tomorrow.


HermitJim said...

Harder times are surely coming...soon!

chinasyndrome said...

True words there!