Monday, August 16, 2010


I remember being taught to respect my elders when I was a kid.

It was probably a good thing. Back then.

Most of the people around me were former soldiers from World War II, Korea and Vietnam. People who had earned respect. They're people I still respect to this day. They did something enormous, at great personal risk, for all of us with no thought or demand of awards or rewards, and no sense of entitlement.

A few, like Senator John Mc Cain and Senator Daniel Inouye both veterans, have lost my respect. Their continued betrayals of the American people, and our nation, frustrate me to no end. I thought Inouye would have followed up on the "secret government" he first exposed during the Iran-Contra scandals, but he just let it slip away. The crowning event was when Inouye accepted the Order Of The Rising Sun from the Emperor of Japan. My mother is Japanese and that side of the family still lives in Japan, so this isn't Japan-bashing. Accepting foreign awards and honors are anathema to any true American. You, as an American, owe your allegiance to no nation other than The United States Of America.

"Open borders Mc Cain"? Pretty much self explanatory.

If you can't handle that, pick a coast and start swimming.

Today, everyone walks around like they deserve respect. From the football hero, the Hollywood star, the hoodlum on the street, the gangster in the mall, the third world refugee, to the pimply faced pre-pubescent manager at the local video store. I'm constantly accosted by the addled for not showing proper respect for our "president" who shall remain nameless as he has multiple aliases (just like so many other criminals), our senators Box-head and Fiend-stein. None of them have done a damn thing to EARN respect.

Some of my coworkers have expressed amazement at how I manage to continue to get away with showing so little respect for those who demand it and don't deserve it. I expect one of these days it will catch up to me, but at least I'll die with my honor and dignity intact.

Simply being given a title like "manager" or buying your way into a rigged electoral system does not automatically convey "respect". Coming from some impoverished third world nation dragging the cultural baggage that keeps your home country a shit hole, and trying to impose it upon me, does not automatically convey "respect". Carrying a gun in your waist band with your drawers hanging out and wearing a baseball cap backwards does not automatically convey "respect". Being able to race around on a muddy field carrying a dead pig while shucking the clueless idiots that watch such things of millions of dollars does not automatically convey "respect". Being able to make a fool of yourself on TV and then get rocks thrown at you by your fans really should clue you in that you are not worthy of "respect". Yes, Tila Tequila, I am referring to you. If you don't know who this is, here's a sample of her stunning prose.

My kid is constantly being smacked by the propaganda campaign that is public school about showing respect. Fel is often aghast at some of the things that come out of my daughter's mouth, which shows how little propaganda affects her. My mother-in-law would always scream at me that I was teaching my kid to be a "racist".

My mother-in-law is a liberal California Democrat, so that explains that. My kid is hardly a "racist" as her circle of friends would demonstrate. I just taught her to be discerning and to think for herself and not buy into the propaganda.

"Respect", as far as I can tell, is the new educational buzz word for "servility". They want you to show respect for the cops on the street, the occupiers of high office, the foreign masters who dare to impose their rules above American sensibilities and our Constitution. They're teaching you and your children to be meek, and submissive. To be slaves.

The only one who can take the chains off you, is yourself. You better get busy.


Scott R said...

Hammer meet nail, you are correct that respect is earned, it is nothing to be given out for no reason. Too bad many these days have no clue whatsoever...

idahobob said...

To keep from writing a long, drawn out comment, I will simply say:

Here, here!!!!!


HermitJim said...

My friend, I could not agree more! Good on you and the Mrs. for teaching the young one to think for herself!

Good post, my friend!

Mayberry said...

Amen Catman...