Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Wow, busy Wednesday it has been. This is the third post I have put up today! I won't even mention the fact that the market slid 265 points today! Go Team Obama! That 26 Billion taken from the poor and taxpayers and thrown to the special interests really helped the O-conomy!

The first two posts are here:

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Those of you who ever played video games back in the 80's will recognize this rather infamous Japanese to English gaff from "Zero Wing".

Mexican drug gangs apparently didn't spend much time playing video games, otherwise they'd recognize how foolish it is to seize territory they can't defend against a determined opponent. But what do you expect from people who play soccer and confuse it with "football".

Originally, a story surfaced out of Texas where claims were made that one or two Laredo ranch(s) had been seized by elements of Los Zetas and were being used as a forward base.

The website Immigration Clearinghouse, apparently a thinly veiled pro illegal organization, claimed the story to be false.

Mexican Drug Cartel HAVE NOT Seized Texas Ranches – Tea Bagger extremists move to incite more fear and hatred of Mexicans.

Even Free Republic has reported the story to be a hoax.

Los Zetas Drug Cartel Seizes 2 Ranches in Texas [HOAX]

Well, not so fast.

An apparent Laredo PD blotter entry says differently. It appears that the powers that be, including the Laredo PD, wanted to keep this quiet for all the wrong reasons.

The story is being carried by the Examiner along with an image of the blotter entry.

Rancher claims Mexican cartels takeover Texas ranch -Police blotter confirms story is not a hoax

I'm sorry to say this folks, but we are now at war. We are at war with the government of Mexico and the people of Mexico. By the word "we" I mean you and I, the average Joe and Jane on the street.

The American citizen is not going to be defended by his/her government. In point of fact, this government is complicit in waging war against the good, honest, and decent people of The United States Of America.

In 1847, General Winfield Scott walked into Mexico City after a campaign that lasted about six months. American forces kicked their asses, and American forces can do it again. Mexico is a country because the people of the United States let them be a country. We didn't steal their mythical "Aztlan", we gave them a whole damn country.

You can see how our largess, and patience has been repaid.

They called the tune. Time to pay the piper.

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