Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your Thoughts May Not Be Your Own

There is a man I laughingly call "Uncle Ted". He has been documented to be a subject of a government mind control program. A program whose mere existence was officially denied for decades. Yet this project was still the subject of rumor and speculation, and is fodder for conspiracy theorists even up to this day.

That project was MK-Ultra. The man, the Unabomber himself, Theodore Kaczynski.

Harvard University and the Central Intelligence Agency have appeared to try and erase all ties to the program, but connections remain visible in the above links. A purported list of declassified documents can be located here: Declassified Mk-Ultra Project Documents

Mark David Chapman, the man who shot former Beatle John Lennon, is also rumored to be a product of government mind control experiments. Specifically a project known as Project Bluebird. Sometimes Bluebird is confused with Project Monarch. Project Monarch may not have existed at all and may be a disinformation effort intended to discredit evidence of mind control experimentation. MK-Ultra, Bluebird and Monarch should not to be confused with Project Chatter. Project Chatter was a US Navy effort to use various drugs during interrogations. These projects seem to stem from research that had begun with the Nazis.

Much more may be viewed here at this site: There are videos of Clinton apologizing for previous experiments conducted on American citizens, links to successful lawsuits the government doesn't want you to see, and some very disturbing photos.

The subject of government sponsored mind control efforts is a murky and convoluted affair, and up until recently, most talk of mind control has elicited guffaws of laughter or worse. However, one should keep in mind if a tale has the ability to stick around as long as this one has, in spite of the ridicule, there may be something to it.

Today, efforts to affect people's cognitive functions, awareness and perception of reality seems to have moved beyond using merely drugs. Electronic harassment appears to be the new form of mind control under testing.

These efforts are being conducted in the open, and have even been featured in stories seen in major media. This particular one from the Washington Post seems to try and paint the victims in a sympathetic light, while subtly nudging and winking at the reader. Just look for the reference to a victim actually wearing a "tinfoil hat". Yet, right up in the title, the Washington Post acknowledges the technology exists. Later the article takes a more serious tone, as if the author starts to realize the significance of what she has been presented with.

There is the system marketed by American Technology Corporation called LRAD. Most people associate LRAD with less than lethal weapons technology. However, there is a sister product called HSS, or Hypersonic Sound. This technology is able to deliver a tightly focused sound wave that only the people targeted can hear.

Holosonics also markets a similar device called Audio Spotlight.

The above both examples use conventional audio, meaning that you hear the sound with your ears. What follows is a particularly insidious form of electronic harassment. It uses microwave energy.

MEDUSA is an example currently in development that has the ability to allow someone to whisper into your head, or incapacitate you by causing shockwaves inside your brain. It would literally cause your gray matter to pulse in rhythm to the frequency used.

New Scientist Article

WIRED Article

I personally know this works due to an odd quirk that I was never able to fully identify. I suspect the volume of my skull provided a resonant cavity for the wave. In my line of work, we used a 915 Megahertz generator (microwave band) and I could "hear" it when it ran. No one else could hear it. There is no adequate way to describe how I experienced the sound. It wasn't coming through my ears, but seemed to be everywhere and inside my head. My co-workers called me crazy until I repeatedly demonstrated that I could tell them within 10 volts the amplitude of the signal and when the generator was in resonance with the antenna array. All without using test gear.

Visit Raven1 for a thorough introduction to the phenomena. Pay particular attention to the case of Jesus Mendoza. Jesus sued Attorney General Ashcroft and the US government admitted that they were targeting Mendoza, but refused to disclose why.

These activities have started to attract the attention of medical professionals. One such is Dr. John Hall (no relation) who has written a book called "A New Breed - Satellite Terrorism In America" He became interested when a woman he was dating became a targeted individual.

You can listen to a recent interview with Dr. Hall on YouTube regarding this subject. It took place on Feb. 8, 2010 on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory.

Click the link to be taken to the YouTube page with all the parts of the show.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's Next?

Today we are here absent a great Patriot, a fellow American, a friend of Freedom, an honest to God Marine, and a friend of many of us more common men, Daniel Moselly. Please visit "Enemy of the State" and offer a simple note of thanks to a Marine's family.

Brother Daniel, I pray that we carry on in a manner that will make you proud.

So, here we are.

The forces of Freedom on one side. The forces of Oppression on the other side.

Both sides face each other unsure of exactly what the outcome of open conflict will be. Both sides afraid of losing their position and both sides hoping for greater gains. So far, the conflict has been limited to propaganda, skirmishes, border flare ups, battles waged in the media and in the courts. Both sides hoping to sway public opinion in their favor.

Freedom has seen much territory surrendered to Oppression, but Freedom has new allies, and even defectors from the forces of Oppression.

Oppression sees the shift in mood among the uncommitted, those who chose to keep their eyes averted from the conflict, and even within the ranks of their own forces. They know that time is not on their side. Their hand has been tipped and only those who stand to profit personally are fully committed to Oppression's cause.

Those at the top of Oppression's hierarchy pay themselves richly and sup on the finest of food and drink.

The rank and file "do gooders", the welfare class, the illegal immigrants, the racists, the liberal activists, have been paid in the coin of empty promises. They have been fed and sent forth into the field supported by pillaged labor and wealth from the forces of Freedom.

As Freedom's forces have dwindled, and her territory seized, there has been less to distribute to those who marched with Oppression's host.

The disparity between the top and the bottom has not gone unnoticed by some within Oppression's camp. The scandals among Oppression's elite have highlighted the growing divide. They have seen that the promises of "equality" are like those of Orwell's pigs.

The forces of Oppression have launched a vigorous propaganda campaign hoping to stem the growing unrest within their own camp, and the rising fortunes of Freedom. The propaganda is old and tired, and has been heard before. The effect is mediocre at best.

Oppression must soon declare open war if it is to survive.

Militaries, nations, governments, tribes, and even gangs do not go to war without telegraphing their intentions. There is always something to clue in the astute observer as to what is around the corner.

Telegraphing the blow:

ABC News: Intelligence Chief Says US Can Take Out American Terrorists.

Newsweek: Internal emails on 'How to define a "terrorist"'

Times Reporter: Homeland Chief: Domestic extremism top concern

Propaganda Pieces:

Salon Magazine works to change definition of "terrorist" in the public's mind.

New York Times: Tea Party Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right

CBS News: Joe Stack is a "True American Hero" Facebook groups support domestic terrorist.

Christian Science Monitor: Former Terrorist, "Austin Attack Reflects Growing US Turmoil"

Politico: Conservatives target their own fringe

Government Documents:

US government distributes "Domestic Extremist Lexicon"

US government distributes "Right Wing Extremism" manual

Those of us here on the side of Freedom need to be aware that preparations are being made to systematically target us. The guns that used to point at the "terrorists" on the outside to give people something to hate and fear will soon be turned on us.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

If I Was A REAL Terrorist...

A few like minded people and I were discussing the "War On Terror" and it became clear to all of us, even to those who initially expressed doubt, that the whole thing is a giant psy-ops game.

There isn't a war on "terror".

There's a war on "freedom".

We are the descendants of outcasts from nations all around the world. Countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia sent their worst here. Their most undesirable. Those who refused to conform to the conventions of a "civilized" Europe were sent here. Those whose African tribes were not strong enough to defend themselves were rounded up by slavers and sent here. Those in Asia who were not in favor came here seeking refuge.

Our forefathers toiled, sacrificed, and died to hand us this land of unparalleled riches. When a small enclave of relative civilization was carved out with the help of Native Americans, those who had cast our brethren out followed to reap, for themselves, the wealth promised by this bountiful land.

In time, the wealthy families of Europe, the connected, those who acted as an extension of the governments of Europe began to enact laws to force those who had built this place in the wilderness to conform, to hand over greater shares of their wealth, to bend a knee to those who had banished them.

And they said, "No".

Over two hundred years have passed, and the great houses of Europe have never forgotten how a motley bunch of peasants had bested their armies, and wrested control of an entire continent away from their grasping, greedy hands.

And they have tried ever since to bring us to heel.

Have you ever paid attention to how those who hold high office in this land are related to each other, whether they be Democrat or Republican? Have you paid attention to how they are often related to the royal families of Europe?

Do you see how the ultra-wealthy, the politically connected, and royalty always seem to pal around at summits? Even when, publically, they're at each other's throats? How much goes on in private that we, the common folk, are never permitted to see? There's nothing like good theater.

Have you given any thought to the laws that are passed and how those laws restrict you, but not them, or their agents?

Your Miranda Rights were just diluted. Again. If you didn't know, read here. Who has automatic weapons? Who has Tazers? Who has LRAD? Who has ADS? Who can take someone and make them disappear without a trial?

Doesn't it all seem just a bit familiar if you have read just a small amount about how feudalism works? The stratification of society? The privileged classes?

When the American people were getting ready to force their "representatives" to move in for the final kill of Obamacare, who pops up? The "underwear" bomber. Zip. No more coverage of Obamacare, but here comes a whole host of new controls at airports.

But there's a whole lot of questions surrounding this guy who set his pants on fire, and just how he got on the plane. And who the people were that put him on the plane. And those questions have gone unanswered, and the story has been pushed aside.

And here comes Obamacare again, off the ropes and not a whole lot in the news either.

Let's face it. These "terrorists" haven't done much since 9-11. In fact, as the controversy continues to swirl around the whole thing about who ultimately was responsible, I think the black ops people are afraid to make a move.

Americans are a tenacious lot, and there are too many tracks in the dust. Eventually someone is going to follow the right set back to exactly what happened.

If I were a REAL terrorist, and bent on creating havoc in this nation, I wouldn't bother with trying to get a suicide bomber on a plane. I'd just walk into an air terminal carrying a backpack loaded with explosives and leave it in a bathroom stall. I wouldn't bother with a cell phone, a cheap electronic kitchen timer from a Dollar Store would work.

The same thing could be done on college campuses, and shopping malls.

If I were a REAL terrorist, I'd take a taxi in New York City. I'd leave a small package, maybe an empty chewing tobacco tin, in the back seat. I'd push it up under the driver's seat with a timer. You don't need much to just kill the driver and maim a passenger.

If I were a REAL terrorist, I'd steal cars. I'd load the trunk up with explosives and wire in a tilt switch. I'd abandon it in front of an air terminal, bank, subway station, school, the middle of a bridge, or even a police station. When they came to tow it away..... After just three of those, do you realize how afraid people would be of towing cars? A simple abandoned stolen car would create chaos. I wouldn't even need to bother with installing explosives anymore.

Any common car thief would now be my ally and multiply my power.

There are so many other things that could be done, if I was a REAL terrorist.

I don't think we're facing REAL terrorism. I think they just want us to think it is REAL terrorism. This kind of crap has gone on in this country brought about by those in power for years.

The 1910 Los Angeles Times Bombing, and the 1920 Wall Street Bombing shows you how far back stuff like this goes.

I think we're being stampeded into a corral to be branded and claimed as property by our former feudal masters.

Some, like Joe Stack, are already jumping the herd in the chute and trying to find an exit only to die in the process.

There's a history of violence here in the United States. Let us be perfectly clear, we are a nation born of blood. There is no shame in that. We are Free Men in thought, body, and deed. We cast off the yoke of Serfdom long ago, and I will not accept it again.

What shall become of those who seek to shackle us? To bind us? To enslave us? To steal what is ours and leave us, our friends, our neighbors, and our very families beggars in our own land?

It will be their blood or ours.

Time to make a choice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vote For The Nobody

Last night, in saying farewell to 3% 4 Freedom, I tried to explain how angry I am and my absence.

The post highlighted a few of the idiots running for office, and I didn't even touch on the Democrat candidates for governor. My favorite is former governor "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown.

Uh, yeah. The Once And Future King. Sort of. Not really.

Those of you who were here in California from 1975 to 1983 remember those days of Linda Ronstadt hanging out with Moonbeam and even taking a trip to Africa. Oh, it wasn't all fun and games here in the Golden Shower State. Cities started losing military bases and shipyards started to close. Breweries and coffee roasting plants closed up shop. Any of you remember when Folgers roasted coffee in San Francisco and Falstaff brewed beer almost next door? Smog laws, gun laws, and all kinds of restrictions, like car pool lanes, came out of his terms in office. None of them made California a better place to live.

Jerry Brown has sealed away his records from his previous incarnation as governor under a law he, himself, enacted.

Open government. Transparency. Sure. I think the only way we're ever going to get a window into the government is when someone uses a large caliber rifle to make a "window" in a politician.

It would appear that the electorate is again being presented with a preselected list that makes the corporate "anointed one" jump off the page as a "savior" a "champion for the little guy", the obvious choice for the sheep to flock to. A nicely packaged Judas Goat to lead the populace to slaughter.

It frustrates me to no end that all these people who wanted "Change" and "Hope" and woke up the next morning to find that they had been hornswoggled are once again paying attention to the Pied Piper media personalities extolling the virtues of the "overlooked" candidates from the previous go round.

If Palin and McCain had gotten into office, do you really think the bailouts and giveaways wouldn't have happened? McCain was instrumental in the Savings and Loan Scandal of the 1980s. Just check out the Keating Five. In the end, the US Taxpayers doled out around $125 Billion dollars in what today is called TARP. $125 Billion in 1985 is equal to around $257 Billion today.

Back then the US taxpayers got a race horse with syphilis and a kitty litter mine as collateral when we were fleeced. Today we're getting empty malls in exchange for being raped. I'm really up in the air as to which is the better deal.

The fact of the matter is this, nearly every single rat bastard in elected office is dirty, crooked, corrupt, impure, stained, tainted or however you want to say it.

Don't re-elect them. If you're not sure who is in what office, they make it easy. The word "incumbent" usually appears near their name.

If you see a name that you recognize on a ballot, you know the name because its been in the media. Skip over it and go to the next one. Hey, I know. It could be the guy saved a bus load of kids and somehow that just doesn't come to mind when you're looking at the name.

It could also be because he's like Marion "The Bitch Set Me Up" Barry.

If you don't remember, Marion Barry was mayor of DC in 1990 when he was arrested on drug charges.

You have to wonder how deep the incest and the insanity born of incest runs in Washington DC. Barry served six months in a federal pen for drug related crimes, was released and re-elected mayor of DC! He still serves as a councilman even though he is a convicted felon and doesn't have the right to vote!

If you come across a name on a ballot and have absolutely no idea who it is, vote for him or her. He or she couldn't afford air time. That's a plus. The liberals and the conservative pundits in the media didn't love the guy or gal. That's a plus. No established politico or organization paraded him or her about. That is a real plus.

No strings on him or her.

Let's face it, politics can't get any worse. Take a chance.

Remember when politicians start talking about average people running for office and the fact that these people don't have any experience, "lack of experience" is code for "they don't owe anyone favors".

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3% 4 Freedom, Rest Easy

I've learned that a real American passed into the next world yesterday, and it saddens me deeply.

I never met the man, just read his kind responses on my, and many other, blogs. I'm not sure what the circumstances of his passing are, but perhaps we'll learn from others who knew the man personally. Perhaps Chinasyndrome over at Enemy Of The State will let us know more as information becomes available.

Threepers passing has motivated me to get back to trying to do what he was trying to do.

Save our nation.

I've been absent for a month and shirking my responsibilities. I've spoken with American Prepper regularly via phone and he knows the reason for my absence.

I'm angry.

More angry than I can possibly explain in words, and that anger has led to a kind of writer's block. I could come on here and scream my frustrations and it would be fruitless and in vain. I've started many posts over the past month, and abandoned each of them because they just seemed pointless in a way. It became necessary to avoid the news, and my fellow bloggers, for a large part because I was finding myself awakening in the middle of the night and staring at the darkened sky with this sense of foreboding. It would wrap itself around me like a damp blanket and cause me to fear for all of us who love this nation and her founding principles.

So, why the anger?

The NeoCons and the Corporate Republicans are trying to co-opt the Tea Party Movement. There's even fights going on over who started the "Tea Party" movement, and who has "rights" to the phrase "Tea Party". My irritation over this expressed during a phone conversation prompted American Prepper to do a post on just who started the whole "Tea Party" idea.

Here locally in California we have entered what I call the "Season Of Stupidity". The SOS is the period, usually six to 12 months, before a statewide election.

So far, we have two really stellar "conservative" ( I almost barfed saying that) candidates for governor. People that will fit right in with the huge hole left by the departure of that idiot Schwarzenegger. One has an ego as big as Arnold and the other has all the corporate tie-ins of the "Governator"

The egotist in question is none other than the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, The Duke Of Saxony, Prince Frederic Von Anhalt. Gabor, who is best known for "Moulin Rouge", is 93. She is reportedly in failing health. Gabor will make an excellent first lady for a state that is on its last legs. I can see Vegas taking bets on which one will take the long dirt nap first, California or Zsa Zsa.

Von Anhalt is allegedly not even real nobility. He apparently was "adopted" into the family by one woman, and the remainder of the family doesn't recognize him as a family member. Rumors abound that he possibly even paid for his title and made his living as a masseur prior to becoming a prince.

Great. Just what we need. A couple of dried up crones giving the California taxpayer a "Happy Ending".

That's just moderately better than getting bent over all the time.

Von Anhalt is related, by marriage, to that infamous ditz Paris Hilton ( WARNING: link goes to YouTube and her sex tape) and the rest of the Hilton family. I guess he doesn't get along real well with them though. The public feud between "The Prince" and The Hiltons has often made the press.

Von Anhalt apparently makes his living by selling questionable titles of nobility for $2 million a pop and being abducted and held naked by three women. If that isn't bad enough, he injected himself into the whole sordid tale of Anna Nicole Smith and claimed to be the father of Smith's baby.

Just thinking of seeing these miscreants in the governor's mansion makes me want to find a missile silo somewhere in Nebraska and turn the key.

Next we have Meg Whitman, former CEO of Ebay.

Meg states in her TV ads that the state needs to create jobs.

Wrong, Meg. The state needs to get the ***k out of the way and let people create jobs, and the people need to get wise to cows like you who laid off people and outsourced their jobs to foreign countries like India.

I'd like to see her address the issues surrounding her personal use of corporate assets and allegedly charging the cost off to stockholders.

Sort of like Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP, who is now wanting a California Senate seat. She sent American workers to the unemployment line while sending their jobs overseas. She also used her influence with John McCain to keep HP's pockets flush with cash by keeping money overseas in havens. Mc Cain fought to keep offshore tax havens in place.

And these people say they will "fix" what is wrong with California and the United States.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what roils in my mind each and every day.

2010 state and national elections are lost already, but we may have time to make an impact on the 2012 elections. All I can hope for is enough people locally will throw the big money candidates under the bus and elect out of work tool and die makers, farmers, engineers, and good honest folk to their local offices.

I'm going to inlay "3% 4 Freedom" on the stock of one of my rifles, just in case people reach for the cartridge box instead of the ballot box in the next few months.