Friday, January 30, 2009

Three Stooges

Ultra-liberal policies. I think we need to label these policies for what they are: Un-American.

These people who run this country are Un-American. They are oligarchical racists, fascists, socialists and communists. These policies have been tried before all around the globe and have led to pogroms , starvation, needless suffering, wars, and death. The policies have bankrupted nations and forced mass migrations of people.

It is time we started using the correct words when we talk about these people.

No End To The Looting

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Obama Administration is considering a new round of bank bailouts.

Do you even want to know how much? One to two TRILLION dollars.

$1,000,000,000,000 - $2,000,000,000,000

It was bad enough when their $700 Billion dollar Bailout went to an admitted $850 Billion, and then was whispered to actually cost us $1.5 TRILLION.

And now they want more.

The people who got our money spent part of the last bailout on $18 BILLION to $20 BILLION in bonuses. Hello? They ruined corporations, looted treasuries, threw millions of people to the unemployment line and they get rewarded for this?

Citicorp was going to get a nice shiny new jet for their dirtbags to ride around in, until they wisely canceled the deal. I guess it was the gathering mob carrying torches that clued them in it wasn't a good idea.

The cost will be passed on to you and I, the average (many times under or unemployed) American through additional taxation. Guess that is what "change" really meant to Obama. That's all he planned to leave in the pockets of you and future generations.

There have been rumors of a "cramdown" coming. Some have even been suggesting a Biblical Jubilee .The rumors of a cramdown circulate around the government forcing all debt holding corporations (mortgage companies, credit card companies, etc) to reduce the amount owed by all borrowers by 'X' amount. The rumor says twenty percent. Those who have been calling for a "jubilee" want all debt erased from the books and the game to start from scratch.

Personally, I don't think either will happen. I think the rumors are intentionally being spread to get people to start using credit with the hope they will be able to walk away from the money owed. The idiots running the crap tables in Washington and on Wall Street seem to think that if they manage to get the last penny from each of us, that somehow it will keep the game afloat.

If you really want to take a good look at what may be coming for all of us, take a look at Iceland's new government. Well, at least they're honest about what they're getting. Not all the fakery that characterizes our elected leadership.

Well, even with the change, Iceland is still broke. But now I guess they have "hope". Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mug Shots

Below you will see a series of mug shots from the Chicago Police. There is one unifying element to all these people.

Can you identify the common characteristic of these criminals?

(click on the picture for a larger view)

That's correct.

They all support Obama. Have you ever seen a criminal wearing a Ron Paul shirt?

Shows you who runs this country, doesn't it?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You are running out of time

If you've been one of the passive visitors to all of the sites hawking various "survival" and "preparedness" supplies, and have snickered recalling all of the dire forecasts for Y2K and how it was a non-event. If you read the pages we write concerning the coming calamity for mild amusement, and then turn to the day's endeavors with out another thought, I will warn you one more time.

You are almost out of time.

Most of this country is three days from facing starvation. Three days and the shelves at the store will be bare. Three days and most people will be facing an empty larder.

Iceland is in revolt. It isn't bloody....yet.

Mexico is in crisis, and near collapse.

States are running out of money. That means millions of people who depend on government employment and government charity will also be running out of money.

Drought is causing farmers to abandon fields, and not plant. Less food. Higher costs.

The shrinking global economy is causing trucking, shipping, and all manner of logistics companies to fold. Fewer ships. Fewer trains. Fewer trucks. This equals fewer goods and higher prices once people realize they better buy it now.

The government is accelerating its efforts to restrict your right to arm and protect yourself. Right after The Messiah was elected, he implored you not to go out and buy guns and ammunition. We know why. He knows why. Don't you know why? Fewer arms in the hands of the people equals less resistance to draconian rule.

What will you do when BART cops become the norm, rather than the exception?

For God's sake people. Wake UP!

Go to a restaurant supply store. Buy a fifty pound sack of rice this week. Buy fifty pounds of beans next week. Bottle your water.

Set aside. Now. While you can.

Your New Home

Pay particular attention to Section 2, subsection 4..... nothing like having a little wiggle room.

HR 645 IH


1st Session

H. R. 645

To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers on military installations.


January 22, 2009

Mr. HASTINGS of Florida introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in addition to the Committee on Armed Services, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned


To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers on military installations.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the ‘National Emergency Centers Establishment Act’.


(a) In General- In accordance with the requirements of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall establish not fewer than 6 national emergency centers on military installations.

(b) Purpose of National Emergency Centers- The purpose of a national emergency center shall be to use existing infrastructure--

(1) to provide temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster;

(2) to provide centralized locations for the purposes of training and ensuring the coordination of Federal, State, and local first responders;

(3) to provide centralized locations to improve the coordination of preparedness, response, and recovery efforts of government, private, and not-for-profit entities and faith-based organizations; and

(4) to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.


(a) In General- Not later than 60 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, shall designate not fewer than 6 military installations as sites for the establishment of national emergency centers.

(b) Minimum Requirements- A site designated as a national emergency center shall be--

(1) capable of meeting for an extended period of time the housing, health, transportation, education, public works, humanitarian and other transition needs of a large number of individuals affected by an emergency or major disaster;

(2) environmentally safe and shall not pose a health risk to individuals who may use the center;

(3) capable of being scaled up or down to accommodate major disaster preparedness and response drills, operations, and procedures;

(4) capable of housing existing permanent structures necessary to meet training and first responders coordination requirements during nondisaster periods;

(5) capable of hosting the infrastructure necessary to rapidly adjust to temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance needs;

(6) required to consist of a complete operations command center, including 2 state-of-the art command and control centers that will comprise a 24/7 operations watch center as follows:

(A) one of the command and control centers shall be in full ready mode; and

(B) the other shall be used daily for training; and

(7) easily accessible at all times and be able to facilitate handicapped and medical facilities, including during an emergency or major disaster.

(c) Location of National Emergency Centers- There shall be established not fewer than one national emergency center in each of the following areas:

(1) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Regions I, II, and III.

(2) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IV.

(3) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Regions V and VII.

(4) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region VI.

(5) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Regions VIII and X.

(6) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IX.

(d) Preference for Designation of Closed Military Installations- Wherever possible, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, shall designate a closed military installation as a site for a national emergency center. If the Secretaries of Homeland Security and Defense jointly determine that there is not a sufficient number of closed military installations that meet the requirements of subsections (b) and (c), the Secretaries shall jointly designate portions of existing military installations other than closed military installations as national emergency centers.

(e) Transfer of Control of Closed Military Installations- If a closed military installation is designated as a national emergency center, not later than 180 days after the date of designation, the Secretary of Defense shall transfer to the Secretary of Homeland Security administrative jurisdiction over such closed military installation.

(f) Cooperative Agreement for Joint Use of Existing Military Installations- If an existing military installation other than a closed military installation is designated as a national emergency center, not later than 180 days after the date of designation, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of Defense shall enter into a cooperative agreement to provide for the establishment of the national emergency center.

(g) Reports-

(1) PRELIMINARY REPORT- Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security, acting jointly with the Secretary of Defense, shall submit to Congress a report that contains for each designated site--

(A) an outline of the reasons why the site was selected;

(B) an outline of the need to construct, repair, or update any existing infrastructure at the site;

(C) an outline of the need to conduct any necessary environmental clean-up at the site;

(D) an outline of preliminary plans for the transfer of control of the site from the Secretary of Defense to the Secretary of Homeland Security, if necessary under subsection (e); and

(E) an outline of preliminary plans for entering into a cooperative agreement for the establishment of a national emergency center at the site, if necessary under subsection (f).

(2) UPDATE REPORT- Not later than 120 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security, acting jointly with the Secretary of Defense, shall submit to Congress a report that contains for each designated site--

(A) an update on the information contained in the report as required by paragraph (1);

(B) an outline of the progress made toward the transfer of control of the site, if necessary under subsection (e);

(C) an outline of the progress made toward entering a cooperative agreement for the establishment of a national emergency center at the site, if necessary under subsection (f); and

(D) recommendations regarding any authorizations and appropriations that may be necessary to provide for the establishment of a national emergency center at the site.

(3) FINAL REPORT- Not later than 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security, acting jointly with the Secretary of Defense, shall submit to Congress a report that contains for each designated site--

(A) finalized information detailing the transfer of control of the site, if necessary under subsection (e);

(B) the finalized cooperative agreement for the establishment of a national emergency center at the site, if necessary under subsection (f); and

(C) any additional information pertinent to the establishment of a national emergency center at the site.

(4) ADDITIONAL REPORTS- The Secretary of Homeland Security, acting jointly with the Secretary of Defense, may submit to Congress additional reports as necessary to provide updates on steps being taken to meet the requirements of this Act.


This Act does not affect--

(1) the authority of the Federal Government to provide emergency or major disaster assistance or to implement any disaster mitigation and response program, including any program authorized by the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 5121 et seq.); or

(2) the authority of a State or local government to respond to an emergency.


There is authorized to be appropriated $180,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2009 and 2010 to carry out this Act. Such funds shall remain available until expended.


In this Act, the following definitions apply:

(1) CLOSED MILITARY INSTALLATION- The term ‘closed military installation’ means a military installation, or portion thereof, approved for closure or realignment under the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (part A of title XXIX of Public Law 101-510; 10 U.S.C. 2687 note) that meet all, or 2 out of the 3 following requirements:

(A) Is located in close proximity to a transportation corridor.

(B) Is located in a State with a high level or threat of disaster related activities.

(C) Is located near a major metropolitan center.

(2) EMERGENCY- The term ‘emergency’ has the meaning given such term in section 102 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 5122).

(3) MAJOR DISASTER- The term ‘major disaster’ has the meaning given such term in section 102 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 5122).

(4) MILITARY INSTALLATION- The term ‘military installation’ has the meaning given such term in section 2910 of the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (part A of title XXIX of Public Law 101-510; 10 U.S.C. 2687 note).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thwarting The Masses

If you live in urban or suburban areas, or if you live within a full tank of gas of one, you may need some help in keeping the Golden Horde from finding you if things should break down catastrophically.

We've all seen the roadside signs, and some overhead signs, like these:

Now, understand that I am not advocating that anyone do anything illegal or attempt to do anything that will lead to potential harm for your fellow citizens, but it does seem wise to understand how these devices operate.

The folks over at I-Hacked have provided a handy way to get into these style devices, including a method of defaulting the device to its factory password. You can read the article here.

If a state of emergency is declared, hacking these signs telling people that a checkpoint is ahead might be a nice thing to do. I think you get the idea.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Preppers Network

I met Tom Martin with American Preppers Network today for lunch. He happened to be out here in California, and I was at a job about twenty miles away. So, I drove over and he had a massive Guacamole Burger, and I had a BLT.

We sat down and discussed his vision for all of our cooperatively linked Prepper sites. I happen to be the host for California Preppers Network. We both agree that this groundswell of average people can become a potent force on the net and in the real world.

IF you happen to be visiting from a foreign country, please consider starting a Prepper's Network in your home nation. Canada already is home to the Canadian Preppers Network. If you do start a Prepper site, PLEASE let us know so that we can add you into our list!

If you're in a foreign country and need a reason to start a Prepper network, it's simple. Just look at recent events in Iceland, Greece, Bulgaria, China, just to name a few. The people at the top of the social hierarchy only care about what you can give them to support their existence. They don't care about you as an individual. They don't care about your family. They don't care about your neighbors and your friends.

When they point at all the social programs and "progress" and tell you what they've done for you, stop and think for a second. They didn't do it. You did. It was your money, your efforts, your labor. They didn't do anything except take credit and a good chunk of the money.

And then realize what all of those programs and "progress" are in reality just "bread and circuses" to keep you mollified.

Think about that, and think about how terribly wrong things can go in our automated and connected world. Do you want to rely on those people to save your hide? It's time to put ideology aside and realize it is just another mechanism by which those at the top control you. It's time to think for yourself, and take control of your existence.

Right now, the Preppers Networks are moving to the top of Google when one types in the search term "prepper". So, get on board as soon as you can! We hope to be improving our visiblity as Tom creates a number to metatags to insert into our various blog page's html code.

IF you are in the United States, there are a number of states that still need someone to run the individual state blog pages. If you're up to the challenge, step forward, we'd be glad to have you! Just visit the American Preppers Network, and check which states are still open. If your state has a coordinator, drop him or her a note and let them know you'd like to participate. We're building a team in each of these states. Eventually we'd like to see states organize into subchapters to work at the local level in getting people to take control of their own existence.

Also, we're looking for Ham Radio Operators out there to participate. If you're a ham, and want a chance to build a new group emphasizing preparedness for disasters, rather than just reacting to them, now is your chance! Come join me, KG6NWA, in working at this from the ground up! Yeah, I know some of you old timers will sneer at my no-code tech rating, but I'm working toward my general! Time for a "Ham Cram" soon!

If you're an old CW fan, jump over here to the Croatian Telegraphy Club, go on over even if you're not a CW fan! Join up! Keep CW alive!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Light Posting - Tank Found

This came to me via e-mail. Some of you may have already seen it.

Fascinating none the less. I'm sure some of us would love to find a working piece of abandoned armor complete with munitions!

The stuff on board this would scare me silly after 62 years, even after being submerged in a lake.

World War II Tank Found After 62 Years.

WW II Russian tank with German markings uncovered after 62 years. WW II Buffs will find this interesting.Even after 62 years (and a little tinkering), they were able to fire up the diesel engine!

A Komatsu D375A-2 bulldozer pulled the abandoned tank from its tomb under the boggy bank of a lake near Johvi, Estonia. The Soviet-built T34/76A tank had been resting at the bottom of the lake for 56 years. According to its specifications, it's a 27-ton machine with a top speed of 53 km/hr.

From February to September 1944, heavy battles were fought in the narrow, 50 km-wide, Narva front in the north-eastern part of Estonia. Over 100,000 men were killed and 300,000 men were wounded there. During battles in the summer of 1944, the tank was captured from the Soviet army and used by the German army. (This is the reason that there are German markings painted on the tank's exterior.) On 19th September, 1944, German troops began an organized retreat along the Narva front. It is suspected that the tank was then purposefully driven into the lake to conceal it when its captors left the area.

At that time, a local boy walking by the lake, Kurtna Matasjarv, noticed tank tracks leading into the lake but not coming out anywhere For two months he saw air bubbles emerging from the lake. This gave him reason to believe that there must be an armored vehicle at the lake's bottom. A few years ago, he told the story to the leader of the local war history club 'Otsing'. Together with other club members, Mr. Igor Shedunov initiated diving expeditions to the bottom of the lake about a year ago. At the depth of 7 metres they discovered the tank resting under a 3 metre layer of peat.

Enthusiasts from the club, under Mr Shedunov's leadership, decided to pull the tank out. In September of 2000 they turned to Mr. Aleksander Borovkovthe, manager of the Narva open pit company AS Eesti Polevkivi, to rent the company's Komatsu D375A-2 bulldozer. (Currently used at the pit, the Komatsu dozer was manufactured in 1995, and has recorded 19,000 operating hours without major repairs.)

The pulling operation began at 09:00 and was concluded at 15:00, with several technical breaks. The weight of the tank, combined with the travel incline, made for a pulling operation that required significant muscle. The D375A-2 handled the operation with power and style. The weight of the fully-armed tank was around 30 tons, so the active force required to retrieve it was similar. A main requirement for the 68-ton dozer was to have enough weight to prevent slippage while moving up the hill.

After the tank surfaced, it turned out to be a 'trophy tank' that had been captured by the German army in the course of the battle at Sinimaed (Blue Hills) about six weeks before it was sunk in the lake.. Altogether, 116 shells were found on board. Remarkably, the tank was in good condition, with NO RUST, and all systems (except the engine) in working condition. This is a very rare machine, especially considering that it fought both on the Russian and the German sides. Plans are underway to fully restore the tank. It will be displayed at a war history museum in the Gorodenko village on the left bank of the River Narv.

Preparing to pull it out.

People from the nearby village come to watch.

Komatsu D375A-2 is ready to go.

Here it comes...

Through the muddy bank of the lake

In mint condition.

Hosing off 62 years worth of 'muck.'
Incredibly, after a few minor repairs, they were able to start its diesel engine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No post for today

I'm in mourning for our nation.

Well, that's part of it. The other part is I have a ton of stuff from work that I have to get done in the next two days, so things will be kind of light.

I apologize.

Those of you who have cats will enjoy this.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pandemics and Pandora's Box

A story caught my eye in the UK Sun. You know it is really bad when you have to go to the (nearly tabloid) foreign press to get any semblance of news.

Everything yesterday and today has been about the New Messiah, and Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.

Not to take anything away from Dr. King, undeniably a great man, but his greatness is being used to lend credibility and legitimacy to an already scandal plagued, and quite possibly illegitimate president. Already, I am digressing.

There's a plague that's been whacking Al Qaeda fighters. Allegedly they die within hours of contracting the disease. The UK Sun's story is here.

Die within hours? Those are the words of an unnamed security source according to The Sun. The Black Death takes four to seven days to kill an infected person.

The story refers to the disease as "the plague". There are some references to the Bubonic Plague, a so called "killer bug", the Pneumonic Plague, and The Black Death. However, if one reads the story carefully, no where in the story does it say that the disease killing the Al Qaeda terrorists IS the Bubonic Plague. In fact, the disease is never really named at all. It is left to the reader to infer that the disease is the Bubonic Plague.

The unnamed security source said "This is the deadliest weapon yet in the war against terror. Most of the terrorists do not have the basic medical supplies needed to treat the disease. It spreads quickly and kills within hours. This will be really worrying al-Qaeda.”

"Deadliest Weapon"? Are they saying that they deployed this disease? Maybe there were low flying aircraft spraying the Algerian Desert? Why try and take credit for something that Mother Nature dealt out?

The story goes on to say that the plague may have traveled to other training camps, and Al-Qaeda bases. How is that possible if it kills within hours? Some of those bases and camps are days and weeks away. It's not like these clowns can hop on a plane or a bus and get to other countries in no time flat.

Well, they can get across the Mediterranean Sea pretty quickly from Algeria. Helloooooo Europe! Ready for a repeat of the 1340's if one of these clowns gets across loaded with infected fleas?

Sounds more like the guys over at Plum Island have been busy. Just a note, it seems Homeland Security has taken over the site since a new Bio Level 4 containment facillity is being built in Kansas. Isn't that convenient for the still going forward NAFTA Superhighway?

The rumors of Plum Island being something like "The Island Of Dr. Moreau" have been the stuff of legend.

If this is really an operational test of a new bio-warfare weapon, God help us. Pandora's Box has been opened, and the next pandemic may just be around the corner.

Attention Californians!

The California Chapter of the American Preppers Network has been formed. I have thrown my hat into the ring to work with the other Prepper Networks in the United States.

Tom Martin from American Survival Store has started this project, so my hat is off to him.

You can view our stated goals, and philosophy by visiting the American Preppers Network.

I know there are folks visiting this blog regularly from the cities of Manteca, Modesto, Ripon, Riverbank, Salinas, Santa Cruz, Oakland, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Fresno, and San Diego.

If you'd like to join a group dedicated to helping each other prepare for whatever emergency befalls us and maybe contribute to this blog, drop me a line.

I am a licensed HAM radio operator, but have neglected setting up a station since moving to this little town in San Joaquin county. If there are other hams out there who would like to get involved, I'm sure we would all welcome your participation. Maintaining a network with other ham operators within the Prepper Network would be invaluable.

You can e-mail me at

Hope to hear from you soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Radio's Question and Roger Waters

I'm not sure of the ages and musical tastes of everyone out there, so forgive the somewhat protracted nature of the introduction.

Radio over at Radio's Preparedness Subculture Blog put up a post earlier today that I missed.

I was trying to figure out what music I wanted to update the jukebox with when I saw his post, "Lessons From The Sandbox".

Everything kind of just jelled as I looked at the pictures of the kids in his post.

I'm sure there are some folks out there who recognize the name Roger Waters. If you don't he was one of the creative geniuses behind Pink Floyd.

In 1985, Roger split from Pink Floyd. In 1987 he released an album called "Radio KAOS" The album is a series of songs telling the story of Billy, a kid confined to a wheelchair. Click on the link to Radio KAOS to read a summary of the events that take place in the album.

The song I put up in the jukebox is called "Home". ( Lyrics here if you have difficulty understanding what Roger is singing. ) If you choose to listen to it, please be aware that there are some words that some people will object to. Waters uses some derogatory terms for certain ethnic and racial groups.

This song provokes a certain resonance within me. The stridency of Waters' singing voice and the urgency and anger just elicits a deep, visceral, gut reaction. It's been 22 years since this song was written, and yet the tone and theoretical events in it are just as valid today.

Freedom. Someone once said the best cage is the illusion of freedom. I wish I knew who it was so I could give them credit, because it is so true. All of us here in blogdom write and thrash about musing on freedom. We all recognize the cage we're in, and the chains that have been forged to bind us to our masters.

You and I, just about everyone out there, are some form of chattel to the corporatocracy that has infected our world. Some of us are outright slaves, some bonded in debt, some just because of a piece of paper that they signed, others of us are wage-slaves.

The fact is, as chattel, we're expendable. We can be written off as an expense. They've written off so many people around the world to increase their profits that it is only a matter of time until they get around to us. Men, women, children, each of their bleached skulls a penny in the pocket of the masters in the corporatocracy.

But isn't that what is happening today here in this land? People losing their jobs, homes, families while the masters sit in their leather chairs in air conditioned rooms eating their catered meals, methodically plotting where the next chunk of profit will come from. How long until they decide that armed conflict needs to come to these shores in order for them to make next quarter's numbers? How long until they pit their endless waves of lap dogs against those few of us who still have teeth and claws and a taste for freedom? How long until the corporatocracy turns in on itself spilling its foetid stench and rotting flesh across this land? Cannibalizing itself as one corporate faction turns on another when the ever thinning stream of profit dries to a trickle?

"Home" asks a very similar question to what Radio asked in his blog. "What will you do?".

Listen to the song, think about it, and jump on over to Radio's place and answer his question. You can always leave your thoughts here too.

Anyone need a job?

Hurry, you have until Feb 22 to apply for this job on an island in the Great Barrier Reef.

You will be paid approximately $100,000, live in a three bedroom home with a pool. You will be provided with airfare, camera and computer equipment, insurance, and transportation between the islands within the reef. There are no qualifications, all you need to apply is create a sixty second video explaining why you'd be ideal for the job.

Your duties will be updating video blogs, photo collections, feeding the fish, collecting the mail, cleaning the pool and making oneself available for media interviews.

Total estimated time per month? A whole 12 hours.

The cool thing is, if the world decides to go Mad Max while you're out there, would you even care?

Hey Texas.... The TransTexas Corridor is BACK!

You guys may want to read this in case you haven't heard.

NAFTA Super Highway reborn as "Innovative Connectivity Plan"

They just don't listen, do they?

Friday, January 16, 2009

HEY MOM! Watch this!

You know those words. You also know what happens after some idiot says those words.

The idiots that have been saying these words are the Republicans and the Democrats in this state.

Yessiree Bob! This is sure going to be interesting!

My home state, California, will be out of money in two weeks. Broke. That's hilarious as the CIA Fact Book rates California as the tenth largest economy in the world. Thirteen percent of the United States gross domestic product is generated here. That's about $1.7 trillion dollars.

And we're broke.

The fact is, the state isn't broke. The money has been squandered by the useless pieces of crap that roam the halls of the state capitol. No one wants to actually look at the fact that it isn't a fiscally sound policy to systematically loot every business and taxpayer in order to fund, at ever increasing levels, pet projects, feel good "Look how nice of a person I am" Liberal set asides, and various wealth re-distribution schemes.

The coddling of prisoners is infuriating. The half of the state prison population who are here illegally are enjoying three squares, cable TV, maid and laundry services, medical services, conjugal visits, and an on site spa and health club. Damnit! We have a border with Mexico! Do like the conservationists do! Tag them and throw them back across the border! Have the state send someone down to see how Sheriff Joe Arpaio does it down in Maricopa County. That would be a real money saver!

There's a cheap way to keep those prisoners from sneaking back across the border. We don't have to spend millions on a fence from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf Of Mexico.

Mines. Put land mines all along the border. Anti-tank, and anti-personnel mines. Cost effective, and an excellent deterrent. It would put Americans back to work building American mines for the American border.

You notice how the CIA rates us as the TENTH largest economy. We used to be third. You know who is number three now?


In 2006, we were the sixth largest economy. In three years we've slid four spots in the rankings. We'll keep on sliding as the scum at the state level continue to try and steal more and more from us taxpayers and business owners.

And the people and the businesses who can, leave. And more will be following as the Democrats continue to insist on sticking us citizens with an additional $18 BILLION in new taxes.

Hello you stupid idiots! DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU get less money in taxes? It's because you keep raising them!

You know what everyone out there is screaming about now? Oh, they'll have to stop school lunches.

For a nearly a hundred years, American kids walked uphill both to and from school through six foot high snow drifts in the blazing heat of June, and there weren't school lunches waiting for them.

Did we see the emaciated corpses of children dotting the paths to those hallowed halls of learning? I see no mention of it in our historical records.

My mom used to recycle back in the 60s and 70s before it became the "in thing". Remember those paper sacks that frozen food got bagged in? That's what I carried my lunch in. I didn't have any of the fancy Star Trek or Starsky And Hutch lunchboxes.

I had a paper sack.

A recycled paper sack.

I didn't get a catered meal at my school. Yeah, take a look at the lunch menu here if you don't believe me. It's a PDF you'll have to open.

I had a recycled paper sack.

That recycled paper sack contained a peanutbutter sandwich. A smashed banana. And one of those awful drinks that came in those little plastic bottles that looked like a dwarven milk bottle. If you didn't click on the link and look at the menu, do you want to guess what they had on the 12th of this month?

You'll never guess.

How does "Wheat Penne Pasta with meat sauce, fresh fruit, and breadsticks" sound?

Take a look at the rest of the menu. Swedish meatballs, anyone?

Everyone start chanting "paper sack! paper sack!" We all know it's the only thing between a politician's legs.

Oh, boo hoo! The crass and rude people you find at the window of the Department of Motor Vehicles aren't going to get paid! They'll get I.O.U.s instead. Too bad. If you clowns had more than two windows open at a time while the rest of you stood at the back gabbing, I might have some sympathy.

Now they're threatening to give I.O.U.s to people receiving unemployment. Now that is something I do not understand. There have been more people paying into that program than have taken from it. I know for myself, I've been paying into for thirty years, and have never taken anything out. Where is all that money?

One cool thing is the idiots who caused this won't get paid either. I think they all need to be fired and do some serious jail time. Fraud. Malfeasance. Misrepresentation. Perjury.

Oh, the poor will not get their welfare checks and food stamps. The illegal aliens won't get their WIC, free medical care and translators. Too bad. The growing season is coming. Head on out to the farms, they'll be hiring field hands. Don't worry. The landmines will keep most of your competition at bay.

Cops won't get paid. That's fine. If they stay home, my neighbors and I will be fine. We can dispense the law with copious amounts of lead followed up by a shovel and a shallow grave for people who think we're an easy mark. If it gets really bad, we'll use them to make soap.

If civil unrest starts here, the rest of you out there need to think about slamming your hatches shut.

I know in many parts of this country, people look at Californians through the filter presented by popular media. Some people think we're all like Paris Hilton, Nancy Pelosi or the clowns you see at San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade.

Most of us are anything but. And we're tired of having our backs against the wall.

Laid Off Blog

Brad over at "Life On The Sandbar" has a nephew who has been laid off. If you're feeling up to it, mosey on over to John's blog, "Random Mumblings Of A Self Proclaimed Genius" and offer a word of encouragement or two.

Book Review: The Green Pharmacy

The Green Pharmacy by Dr. James A. Duke is a compendium of herbal remedies for everything from aging to yeast infections.

In the book, Dr. Duke offers recommendations for growing, harvesting, and buying herbs for use in everything from cooking to tinctures. His recipes are simple and straightforward. Dr. Duke avoids using scientific or medical jargon and writes in a simple down home country style. Reading his book leaves one with the impression that one has spent a pleasant afternoon with a favorite uncle, and not like one has been lectured by the world's foremost authority on ethnobotany.

In my opinion, this book is a must for everyone seeking alternatives, or complimentary support for current treatments. If you are currently under a doctor's care, you should discuss the issue with your doctor before commencing any of the regimens described in the book. It will definitely be an asset if one finds oneself without access to modern medicine.

In the chapter, "Working With Medicinal Herbs", Dr. Duke makes reference to his medicinal plant database. The book gives a URL of Please note that the address is no longer correct.

Dr. Duke's medicinal plant database (EXTREMELY useful, even if you don't read the book) is now located at The database is very easy to use, and includes access to several ethnobotany databases maintained by other institutions as well as access to a an ethnobotanical dictionary. The dictionary is very helpful if you are learning about the various uses of medicinal plants. Access is free and unrestricted to Dr. Duke's database and the dictionary. I, myself, have not visited every link to the other databases, so I can not state that they are all open to the public, but they are definitely worth checking out.

The book is available through major booksellers, and it is also available for preview at Google Books. You can view it here.

Wicked photos

Weapons Of Mass Destruction. A series of photos by Martin Miller. If you click on Miller's name, it will take you to a gallery of other photo studies he has done. Twentieth Century War Machines is just as chilling as the Weapons Of Mass Destruction series.

Grab a couple. They make "killer" wallpapers!

Sheesh....been reading too much of HermitJim!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Worn out today, just some odd stuff

I'm not a fan of Sean Hannity, although I have to give him credit for the news that our prospective Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been tied to terrorist organizations. Are we surprised? Obama was too, but the main stream media did their level best to minimize it and bury it.

I guess that's why Holder (previously had served under Clinton) has such a strong aversion to water-boarding and wants Guantanamo shut down, and did his best to pardon criminals and reduce the sentences of fellow terrorists while he sat by and watched Clinton and Reno hold a church BBQ in a little town called Waco. He said he wasn't a fan of the death penalty, but apparently had little problem watching 21 children die that day.

You can read what Obama's nomination for US Attorney General is accused of being involved with here on Fox News.

Obama and his team aren't even in office yet, and they're already tainted by scandal.

If you follow the link off of water-boarding (either here or above) it will take you to a site called "How Stuff Works". It's a really cool site, and the link I have will take you to a video from Myth Busters on water torture, as well as a number of additional video segments on combat from the History Channel and the Military Channel.

In case you're wondering about the picture at the top of the page, that's the almond orchard at the end of my street last spring. Today it was 70 degrees here in my town, and I know many of you out there are freezing. I just thought I'd throw it in to remind you that winter does pass, and the greenery of spring will soon be here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Coming Collapse: Not Ours, Mexico's

Some of you folks are from the great state of Texas. Some from the equally awesome states of New Mexico ( wife loves Ruidoso ), and Arizona. And quite a few of you are stuck, along with yours truly, in this pitiful place known as California.

If you're in a border state, or even one that has a large number of Mexican nationals, you need to go look at an article that the El Paso Times has up on their website. "U.S. military report warns 'sudden collapse of Mexico possible' "

Now before any of the Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous pop up and start accusing me of being a racist or anti-immigrant, stealing candy from babies, or kicking dogs, just pipe down and think for a few minutes before clogging the available bandwidth with your words of condemnation and indignation. If you really believe that I goosestep and have a secret room behind the spinning fireplace filled with Nazi regalia or run around with a pointy white hat and a bed sheet, or that I'm one of those "closet haters" you're all so fond of pointing fingers at, dudes and dudettes, I really can't help you. All I'm asking you to do is be logical and thoughtful for a few minutes.

The article basically states that Mexico is under severe internal pressure from drug trafficking, various gangs, and the increasing level of violence being employed by those gangs. Mexico just deployed 2,000 troops to Juarez as the violence continues to escalate. That's like putting an active combat regiment (two batallions) into a city the size of Houston!

I looked for the actual military report online, but wasn't able to find it. There were many references to the El Paso Times article.

What I am most curious about was whether or not the report took into account the worsening economic situation in Mexico.

Mexico's arguably 3rd largest stream of income, behind oil and exported goods, was something called "remittances". Remittances were the monies sent home to Mexico from those on this side of the border who were here working legally or illegally. As our economy has continued to shrink, and available jobs have dried up, Mexican laborers have left and headed south, and that stream of revenue has dried up. In 2006 at the height of the economic boom, Mexicans were receiving in excess of $23 BILLION dollars from their family members working here in the US. In March of 2008, the monies sent home had shrunk to a paltry $1.6 billion.

Those of us residing in border states have seen a sharp decline in the number of legal and illegal laborers in our states as construction jobs have dried up. That may change with all the jobs Obama is promising in public sector projects. Obama needs to limit bidding on those jobs to American companies employing Americans, since its money he's stealing from our pockets to fund this insanity. But that's another subject.

Mexico is also suffering from declining oil revenues. Mexico's oil production is down due to dwindling reserves, and the falling price of oil isn't helping. Mexico's oil company, PEMEX, is state run. Mexico's government has used the income produced by PEMEX to subsidize government programs to the point where PEMEX can not even support itself. In fact, PEMEX has had to rely on massive borrowing in order to remain operational. Mexico has failed to use the revenue generated to improve her petroleum infrastructure and to even search for new sources of oil. Mexico can't even supply her own people with gasoline due to lack of refining capability. All of these factors along with allegations of mismanagement and corruption have rendered Mexico's oil capacity a liability rather than an asset.

Manufacturing and exports. Well, remember H. Ross PEA-ROW talking about that "giant sucking sound" that NAFTA would make? The Mexicans experienced the same thing when China discovered they could supply labor even more cheaply than the Mexicans. Many of those factories that fled south of the border, fled west across the Pacific. What manufacturing remains is being impacted severely by the cutbacks in spending consumers have resorted to in order to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Tourism is down due to the economy, but also due to the worsening violence and the increase in kidnappings.

So, Mexico is in dire straits indeed.

What happens if Mexico collapses? You can be fairly sure that many will beat feet for "El Norte".

We've all seen the films of refugees from war zones, natural, and man made disasters. Do you think it will be any different on our southern border if Mexico collapses?

Our services are almost non-existent at this point as cutbacks continue. California is $41 BILLION in the RED right now, and everyone is out there screaming trying to keep their piece of the budget pie when the money never belonged to them anyway.

Hey, if I can't afford a pizza, do I go and get a pizza anyway and expect some joe on the street to pay for it? So what is up with these fools? The money is G-O-N-E, it isn't coming back, so the state can't spend it if it isn't there. Get over it.

This is how we got here, spending money the state didn't have.

Time to swallow hard, and take that punch to the gut.

I know other border states are in similar situations.

So where do you think these people will go?

All over the country. If you live in parts of the country where you haven't had to deal with the flood of "undocumented workers", do some research into what happened in areas that became corridors for them. I really do not think you will like what you learn.

I'm not going to spell it out for you because I know the flames from Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous will be incessant, and I'll probably get some kind of a message from La Raza, MALDEF, or MeCha. Do your homework, this is something that is very, very serious.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alternative Seed Sources

Not everyone can, or is comfortable with shopping online, so sometimes getting the seeds you want can be a challenge.

The trip to the local home improvement store garden center, or the seed rack at the local hardware store sometimes is less than satisfying. Sometimes you just want to expand your horizon when it comes to the crops you grow on your own little plot of ground.

Enter your local supermarket and natural food store.

Many of the corporate chains have joined the bandwagon when it comes to offering "organic", vegetarian, and even vegan foods to their customers. In many stores, one will find an isle or two with organic foods including things like wheat berries, lentils, barley, wild rice, etc. Usually the seeds are in bulk bins.

They haven't been processed and are raw. That means, in many cases, the seeds are viable.

It's true. I'm running a test right now on stuff I bought out of the bins at the Raley's in a neighboring city.

So far, the wheat, lentils, quinoa, navy beans, barley, soy and flax have germinated and are growing! The only disappointment is the sesame seeds, but I haven't given up hope as the seeds have only been in the starter peat cups since Sunday. Three days, and these things are growing!

Frankly, I'm amazed at their progress. Especially since it is the middle of January.

The Raley's I visited is somewhat limited on the seed foods they have available. I'm going to have to visit a Whole Foods or one of the larger natural food stores when I get over into the San Francisco Bay Area the next time. I want to get some amaranth, rye, millet, and maybe some oats!

Now granted, the navy beans aren't exactly hard to come by. The local hardware store had packages of seed for about $2.00. It felt like maybe a dozen in the package. I bought an entire pound of the navy beans for $2.54. I'm not even going to attempt to count what is in that sack! So, it might actually be more cost effective to buy some of your seed from the organic food section of your local grocer!

Don't forget to check out the fresh organic vegetable isle for seeds as well! You can buy wax beans and similar and save the seed from a few while making your evening meal. I've saved the seed out of many peppers that I have bought.

I'd really like to try growing wild rice, but unfortunately where I live it isn't practical. If you live near a stream, pond or lake, you might want to give it a shot!

Monday, January 12, 2009

War Against The Machines


Once the realm of science fiction and Hollywood films such as "The Terminator", they've quietly moved off of the screen and out of the books into the real world.

There are several large manufacturers of autonomous platforms, such as TALON, turning these machines out for every purpose from reconnaisance, EOD, rescue and even combat.


Foster-Miller also builds the MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System) platform pictured below:

The unit is capable of lifting 100 lbs and is equipped with an M240B automatic weapon.

Now, we're just poor average joes out here. How can we compete against a force fielding such weaponry?

It's simple. Build your own.

Now, this one is based upon lexan plastic pieces and hobby servos, but can easily be scaled up to handle full size weapons. Visit this site for parts lists and software free for download.

To give you an idea of what a similar system is capable of, watch the video:

The actual system featured in the video is found at this page. The page isn't complete and looks like it is moving to another site. There's also nothing to download and mess around with like the first site I referenced, RobotAirSoft.

Hacked Gadgets also featured something similar here.

And if you want to build a poorman's Predator, go here.

Site: Survival Acres

There's a site linked on the right called "Survival Acres".

I don't know how many of you have taken the opportunity to view it.

The author recently posted a pictorial blog showing people what awaits us. I haven't always agreed with the authors political views, but that's the really cool thing about this country. He's alive and I'm alive, and we still disagree sometimes.

There are places in the world where people don't have that luxury.

Take a look at his "2008 In Pictorial Review". Tell us all what you think.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Opinions Sought: 50 Cal conversion kits

I'm out here in the "Land Of Fruits And Nuts" also known as California.

Our son of a Nazi governor, Arnold Swarzenegger, passed a law several years ago that prohibits the ownership or transfer of .50 caliber rifles in this state. So, my dream of owning a Barrett went out the window.

Unless I win the Lottery and can move to Kentucky to this place outside Liberty. It comes with a transferable Class III!

I should have bought one of the Ma Deuce kits that SARCO was selling about 10 years ago. It would have made a nice big brother to my M1919-A6.

The good news is they're selling M60 kits, but I don't have money for toys like that anymore.


Here's the question to all you shootists out there. There are several manufacturers building kits like this that are a drop on 50 cal upper for your M16/AR15 style lower. It looks like junior and his ilk missed these items when they enacted the law here in California, so I'm pretty sure I can get one.

Have any of you had any experience with these things? Are they worth the money? Does it destroy the lower (I've heard stories about lowers cracking due to some weird resonance. I don't know if they're true or just scare tactics. Some say it only happens on cast lowers and not forged)? If I get one, am I better off springing for another forged AR lower?

Thanks for any and all opinions.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obama And His "Black Widow"

No, no, no.

Take it easy you government snoops. That isn't to be taken as a threat against Obama and his wife.

Seems you little guys have been busy out there since the Echelon Project.

I think the readers of this blog would be interested in knowing about Cray's Black Widow and how you plan on using it to spy on all of us.

You can read all about it here, at the Pakistan Daily.

Maybe we all ought to start putting key words randomly in all of our correspondence again just like we did before Echelon was discontinued. Nothing like keeping the little snoops busy.

Good keywords are things like: bomb, president, target, and the code names for our top leaders.

Barack Obama's is "Renegade," Michelle Obama's is "Renaissance," Malia Obama's is "Radiance," and Sasha Obama's is "Rosebud." Joe Biden's is "Celtic," and Jill Biden's is "Capri."

We're hated and feared. Thank God! That means we're right!

Check out this WIRED piece on the Air Force's Counter Blog Marching Orders.

Usually governments ignore people on the "fringe" because they usually just self destruct because of their own nutty behavior.

When government agencies actually engage the "fringe" in an effort to discredit them, that is a sign that people aren't nutty at all, and the government is fearful that what is being said will resonate with people and gain traction.

I especially like the "monitor only" option where they notify "HQ".

Now granted, this is designed to address negative comments against the Air Force in online forums, but do you really believe the Air Force is the only one engaged in this type of firefighting?

How many of you get visitors that come through proxies? Dot Gov? Dot Mil?

We're all being monitored. Like it scares us.

Kissinger / Obama

Get past the talking about Israel and Gaza (about 2 minutes 20 sec into video) and listen to what Kissinger says about Obama.

Freaking amazing!

Can they get any more blatant?

Has anyone heard from Ken?

You know, this guy?

His last couple of posts have made my wife and I concerned. We just want to make sure he's okay.

If you happen to know him outside the blogosphere, please let us know his status.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Strange Days

Woman Sets Husbands Genitals on Fire

Associated Press

ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) — An Australian woman accused of setting her husband's genitals on fire because she thought he was having an affair has been charged with murder.

Prosecutors said 44-year-old Rajini Narayan confessed to neighbors that she set her husband on fire on Dec. 8, 2008, after she saw him hug another woman.

Walking Off A Cliff

I saw this just before I left and had to post it. The markets opened this morning, and it was a freefall.

Just amazing.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Walk Away

I'm looking at what is happening all around this nation in regards to falling home values and mortgage defaults, and it isn't pretty.

(To my wife, honey I know you're reading this, so don't freak out. I'm just trying to plan for worst case scenarios.)

Gottschalks, one of California's oldest departments stores, may be going under. The 3rd quarter netted them in excess of 10 Million Dollars in losses. They're seeking major cash infusions and a possible partnership with a Chinese company. Things don't look good on that front from what the news has said. If Gottschalks goes under it will be the second major retailer in California to fail, following close on the heels of Mervyn's.

Auto sales dropped 36% last month.

All over this country places are closing, and people are losing jobs.

How will people be able to pay their mortgages without a job? Especially since the ALT-A loans are due to reset in a few months. Some people can expect to see up to a $1000.00 a month increase on their loan payments if they are not modified according to Rick Sharga of Realtytrac.

This could lead to a new cascade of defaults, which could further drive down home prices. That coupled with the commercial real estate defaults as more stores close and landlords are unable to pay their loans on malls and storefronts.

Wow. A real life snowball effect.

Some places are already experiencing a phenomena known as "ghost malls". Empty malls and shopping centers devoid of tennanats and customers.

I listened to a real estate "guru" on the radio last Sunday, and he was still pumping out the old song about this whole situation being temporary and get in the market now to maximize you chance at realizing a profit. According to him, by mid 2009 the housing markets will turn around, so you better get in now.

Uh-huh. Sure. Is the Brooklyn Bridge still for sale?

So, what happens if you get to the point where you want to walk away?

If this isn't a sign of the times. Check out this site.

You Walk Away

Sorry the post is kinda disjointed. Tired, but can't sleep. The local news aired the video of a local transit authority cop (BART) shooting and killing a man being held down by two other cops. Really troubled by what is going on. Things are just a freaking mess. Oh, you can watch the video here.

The Prince

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote The Prince in 1513. His advice is as valuable today as it was at the time the book was written. The link will take you to an online copy which you may read at your convenience.

There are many quotes which have come out of this book, some more famous than others. Some are paraphrased and attributed to Machiavelli.

How does this apply to the preparedness minded?

"Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great. "

If you prepare now, whatever calamity befalls you, it will seem minor compared to what it could have been if you had not prepared.

"There is no avoiding war, it can only be postponed to the advantage of your enemy."

Time. It is such a precious commodity. One that can not be bottled and saved for a time of need. It can not be recycled, reclaimed, or reused. You must take advantage of it here. Now. While it is fresh. I think Machiavelli was not just referring to armed conflict. I think he was referring to any situation where it is you against something. Hunger. Thirst. Disease. The Forces of Nature. The Evils of Man. Use the time you have now to prepare, lest your "enemy" take advantage of your poor use of time and lay you low.

"Among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised."

No one likes a weakling in intellect, or deed. Sharpen your skills, and your mind. Maintain your weapons. That includes the most dangerous weapon of all. The human mind.

"Hence it comes that all armed prophets have been victorious, and all unarmed prophets have been destroyed."

What more can anyone add to this? It's true. Take the warning for what it is.

"The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him."

We are governed by fools. People will point at the self serving awards and degrees heaped upon those in office, and say "Oh, isn't he ever so smart!" Don't make the mistake of confusing smart, witty, clever, or shrewd with intelligence. The degrees hanging on their walls were generated by parroting the line of their liberal professors and faculty advisors. It was the smart thing to do, if they wanted their sheepskin. The awards were given by the sheep to the sheep for being the best sheep in the flock. Few have ever labored in our world. The "real world". Not their rarefied social strata. Do not trust them. Do not believe their words.

"God is not willing to do everything, and thus take away our free will and that share of glory which belongs to us. "

If you had everything handed to you, would you value it? Would you take pride in it? Would it have meaning, more than just the dollars spent? Will you stand in the cold waiting for the meager government handouts of food? Or will you be at home, safe and warm, happy with yourself for your hard work and foresight in setting aside for yourself and your family?

Your choice. My advice is to listen to Machiavelli. He's been beaten up fairly badly by liberal thinkers over the centuries, and they've tried to make the term "Machiavellian" a pejorative term.

Take the time to read The Prince and see if you don't agree with his advice.