Sunday, May 31, 2009

Maybe You Should Buy Wheat Now?

Scary stuff here coming out of Enid, Oklahoma.

Poor crop yield. Poor crop quality. No one to harvest.

This could spell rising prices this fall for flour and related products. Maybe you should add to your stocks now?

BBC Production: Operation Gladio

I had heard of a program called "Operation Gladio" while I was active in a certain organization. I then learned that the BBC had assembled a documentary on the program back in the 1990s.

Operation Gladio was a program operated by the CIA and MI6 (SIS) where weapons and materials were cached around Europe to equip resistance fighters should the USSR ever invade. Part of the program was allegedly to maintain a network of operatives who would engage in "wetwork" once they found themselves behind enemy lines.

Allegedly, many of these assets and materials were used for state sponsored terrorism designed to move populations in one direction or another.

Guess what I found on Google Video!

This is a very interesting series, and it shows a theme that we have all become far too familiar with. Subterfuge, misdirection, lies, and outright deceit by our governments.

It would seem that I'm a wee bit late to the party as it would seem that many others have drawn attention to the program in other venues.

I have never had the opportunity to see this series, and so I thought that maybe some of you had also missed it, and might enjoy it as well.

Part 1: The Ring Masters

Part 2: The Puppetteers

Part 3: The Foot Soldiers

Music Video: We Are In Trouble

Nicely put together piece of tape. Profanity in the lyrics. Just an advisory for those with kids in the house.

Visit "V Logging The Apocalypse" for more.

Perhaps those of us looking for a place to flee to from YouTube will help this place grow.

Article On Lew Rockwell

Life In Vichy America

Like the author says, "You Are The Resistance".

That makes everyone else a "collaborator".

Hermit Jim has an interesting posting on making knots.....just in case you need to know.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google, YouTube, and The Bilderberg Group

Watch this video. Something says that an independent video hosting site could be in the works as users revolt.

YouTube was acquired by Google not too long ago. Google has worked to pare down YouTube's Wild West Frontier atmosphere since taking control. Personally, I'm expecting similar actions on the blogs hosted by Google to be forthcoming as more of us resist the new paradigm.

Currently, I think the ruling elite view these forums as a safety valve to allow the masses to release their internal pressure before explosions take place, and thus are useful to maintain control.

Once these forums begin to take on more of an organized, politically effective meme, I'm sure efforts to censor and control them will happen.

I don't know about you, but I like the whole concept of the Wild West. Neighbors looked out after each other, and the really serious offenders had a date with the rope in short order.

The lawman? If there was one, then he rubber stamped the whole thing.

I think users should be the ones policing themselves, and not some corporation with ties to a group that seems to view the public as nothing more than chattel bred to consume and fund their endless schemes.

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt was an attendee this year at the Bilderberg gathering in Greece. It won't be long before we start noticing an effort on YouTube to further move the masses in a particular direction.

Drink the KoolAide everyone!

Dangers Of "Hip-Hop" Violence

I nearly vomited when I read this piece in The Rolling Stone.

"Akon Talks Slain Protege Dolla At Anti-Gun Violence Meeting" I must admit when this headline scrolled across my screen, I had no idea what it meant. I clicked on it to read the article because of the "anti-gun" portion of the headline.

I'm always curious about what the screwballs out there are saying. Especially those who are convinced that guns commit random acts of violence without a human somehow being responsible.

Are there any English teachers out there? Would you please drag the author of the atrocious Rolling Stone headline off stage by his ear and savagely beat him with a trash can lid?

This isn't a "gun" thing. It's a hip-hop thing.

I think we can safely bet that many Country and Rock artists own firearms. The Nuge is well known for his uncompromising stance on the Second Amendment.

How many of you have gone to see George Strait and been involved in a gun battle? Toby Keith? AC/DC? KISS? Puddle Of Mudd? Slayer? Megadeth? Anthrax? Cannibal Corpse?

Thought so.

How many of these artists have you seen in the news attempting to gun down competing artists? Dang, I guess that means The Dixie Chicks are safe....for now, until Akon moves over to Country.

Can you imagine the opera stars (extremely tempermental according to popular perception) letting the lead fly? Stitching the backdrop on stage with a full auto Beretta 92FS? How about a new version of Romeo And Juliette where they trade shots between the balcony and the courtyard?

This isn't a "gun" problem.

It isn't a "gun-violence" problem.

It is a "culture" problem. If you can really call "hip-hop" a "culture".

Since it is a "culture" problem, that means it is a "people" problem.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

DEFCON 3, 2, 1.....BOOM!

Well, the pucker factor in South Korea is on the rise.

Rumors are rampant around the web that South Korea has hit DEFCON 1 (DEFense CONdition 1) and that non-essential personnel are being advised to evacuate. I have not read anything that confirms these rumors as being true.

MINA has confirmed that the US Army has reached level 2 as reported in this article. Level 2 was the level of readiness we experienced during the Cuban Missile Crisis back in 1962.

Level 1 would seem to indicate that hostilities are imminent.

Kim Jong Il is a character. There's no doubt about that. The guy has been flipping the world the bird longer than any man in power, and he's gotten away with it. In a strange way, I have to admire him for that alone. Please don't mistake that as an endorsement of his policies or what he has done to his own people.

What is going to happen? That's something that is really up in the air.

You have an aged leader in failing health who has spent a lifetime working to join the nuclear club. He's managed to do it finally. He's viewed the world as being arrayed against him, and he's desperate to see what he has built survive beyond his lifetime.

Chances are that he knows whoever follows him will have to be the same hardliner as he has been. Will that happen? Maybe.

The world has been increasing pressure on North Korea to moderate its stance. Even China, North Korea's stalwart ally, has been working on getting this guy to just ease up a bit. He's been busy biting the hand that feeds him and the Chinese are not amused. China will send humanitarian aid into North Korea and rumor is Kim will even keep the planes, trains and trucks that the aid arrives in.

One of the things many people forget is the issue of "face". In most Asian cultures the ability to maintain a strong image for one's people is paramount. Looking weak or impotent is not acceptable, and being a loser, a failure, or without honor is death.

The world has not allowed enough avenues for Kim to maintain the needed posture in front of his nation while acceding to international demands . Hence, he may just decide to go down swinging.

He's old. He's tired. He has nuclear capability and delivery systems.

What this will do to other nations within Asia is questionable. China can not be allowed to be perceived as abandoning an ally, regardless of how troublesome that ally has been. Japan has always had strained relations with the Korean people on both sides of the DMZ, Russia and with China. Japan's recent upswing in militarism has caused concerns in governments from the Philippines to Russia. Russia has never forgotten the stinging defeat they suffered at the hands of the Japanese, and the Kuril Islands are still a bone of contention.

There's alot of stuff running just under the surface. If Kim decides to nuke Seoul or a preemptive strike on North Korea is attempted, things could get dicey in a heartbeat.

My guess is that Kim will have "an accident" in order to keep the status quo.

Sheep To Be Shorn

Outsource your preparedness. Sovereign Deed offers to do everything but carry your lazy ass out of a radio active crater left by one of North Korea's wayward nukes.

Prices range from $1,299.00 to $8,900.

$1,299.00 gets you one weeks worth of food and sundries for NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) events. Bear in mind this is for ONE person.

$8,900 gets you a whopping two weeks of food and better quality NBC gear for one person.

Included in all of the kits are an emergency radio, communications equipment, navigation devices, first aid kit, water treatment and sanitation gear.

Oh they offer a customized "Emergency Response Plan", and a "Home Threat Mitigation Plan" and access to training via their web portal. You also get a one year subscription to their news letter.

If you have an extra $3,299.00 laying around, you can buy a one years supply of food for ONE person.

So, for a family of four, I can expect to spend (if I really care about them) (4 X $8,900) + (4 X $3,299.00) = $35,600 + $13,196 = $48,796.00!

In the immortal words of Mayberry, "BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Who are these people kidding? Where are the weapons? Ammunition? Do they even give you a pen knife?! Online training? You can read all of our blogs and various survival sites and get the nearly the same quality training (IE NO HANDS ON EXPERIENCE) FREE! Emergency response plan? Just go to the FEMA site, they show you how to do it, FREE! Threat mitigation plan? Who are they kidding? If you can't figure out how to shut off your gas, water and power connections in the event of a disaster, there are places online that show you....FREE!

Any other threats need to be addressed with a hail of lead.

The deluxe food kit for one person, for one year is only $1,241.35 (UU030) from Walton Feed.

The Deluxe NBC kit from Approved Gas Masks is $329.00 each.

A Kaito Emergency Radio is $54.99.

To be fair, they don't exactly spell out what communications equipment, navigation gear, first aid kits, water treatment, or sanitation gear is included.

Hopefully for the prices you're paying its something more than GRMS radios, but just in case. These are nice, 27 mile range for $70.57 per pair. Amateur radio (HAM) stuff requires a license, but in the EOTW situation, I doubt people will be enforcing the rules. I doubt they would be supplying stuff and advising you to break the rules.

Navigation equipment. If things really go south, do you think GPS will still be functional? Maybe. I wouldn't want to rely on it, so what then, a compass? Ranger beads? Silva Lensatic Compass a whopping $17.99. I personally have one of these. It's plastic, but for the cost and the durability of plastic, I love it. Something more robust, like maybe a Marble's Compass? $14.24. Solid brass construction. Ranger Beads? Check out Ranger Rick's place for the "Survival Para-Cross" $17.00 including insurance as it is shipped from his beautiful home in Italy. Yes, Rick proudly makes his own gear. Help a veteran and buy his stuff, after all he is living in Italy.

First aid kit? How about and Aerie Level Three kit for $175.00? Yes, you could assemble one yourself and maybe save a few bucks if you already have a bunch of this stuff. I'd throw some QuickClot from Z-Medica in for good measure.

Water Treatment. Okay, so this stuff is designed to be an on-the-go kind of kit. Chances are they aren't setting you up with a Berkeley "Big Berkey" water filter. More than likely it will be some combination of chemical and filtration techniques. Katadyn mini good for 2K gallons of fresh water. $99.95 Chemicals? How about Aquamira for $13.99.

Santitation? Plastic garbage bags. 500 per case 1.2 mil 7-10 gallon $48.49. 5 gallon platic bucket with a toilet seat $12.99. Baby wipes, Bath Wet Wipes. $1.95. Campers soap. $3.99 <---good for laundry too. Toothbrush, toothpaste and other personal items, you probably already have extras you can pack away in your kit. Worse comes to worse, go buy a few of the travel size items the next time you're in the store.

Now, also if you buy this stuff for four people. Two adults, two kids, the needs of a five year old are going to be a whole lot different from an adult, and these seem to be geared around adults unless when they do an evaluation, they prepare a kit for tailored to your kids. Who rapidly grow, and then the kit doesn't quite fit them anymore. Wouldn't you rather set stuff aside and use it as they grow in order to avoid wasting money on things that will never get used?

Thought so.

So, lets see where we are now if we bought four of Walton's deluxe food packages. $4965.00 Four Deluxe NBC kits. $1316.00 You'll only need two GMRS radio kits (four total radios). $282.28 Two Emergency Radios (always have a spare). $109.98 Four lensatic compasses. $71.96 Four Marble's Compass. $ 59.96 Four "Survival Para-Cross" $68.00 Aerie Level 3 First Aid kit. $175.00 Katadyn Mini water filter. $99.95 Aquamira water treatment $13.99 Lugable Loo toilet $12.99 Plastic Garbage bags $48.49 Wet Wipes X4. $7.80 Campers Soap X4. $15.96 Now, there's no tax or shipping figured in here, and some of this stuff is available for less than what I quoted here from online sites. I bought my Silva lensatic compass for $9.00 on sale at a local sporting goods store for example.

Hmmmm... $7247.29

Wow. You have enough left over to pay for some nice guns, ammunition, training, good quality backpacks, tents, stuff for your four legged kids, outdoor cooking equipment, a nice used 4X4 urban escape vehicle (they're cheap right now), solar generator set (Must have for your GMRS radios), grain mills, heirloom seeds, and a case of Everclear for when things get to be too much.

It just staggers the imagination.

Or you could just go get that Big Screen TV and watch the end of the world from the comfort of your living room.

Note: All you guys who have stores (Bullseye) .... I hate referring people to these big stores out on the web. If you have stuff (sorry, but I can't keep up with everything everyone has) that fits the bill, leave a comment for me with a link to the item. I'll replace the link with yours. I'd rather see us small people keep our money circulating within our own prepper community.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sometimes I Need Serious Laughter

Icanhascheezburger is an awesome site for just funny stuff. Check it out.

Home Made "Red" List

We each know our own communities. We all know who the problem people are. I'm sure you have spoken to your neighbors about "that house" and "those people" who just insist on being the scourge of the neighborhood, the town, or the county.

You may just want to really think about your options should things get really sideways in our society. Let's face it, these people are barely being kept in check by the existing laws, societal conventions, and the people we pay to carry around guns and keep the peace.

What do you think will happen if all restrictions just disappear, or are just unenforceable?

I understand that this isn't a pleasant subject, but it is one that needs to be discussed. Not all of us are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to live in the middle of nowhere where this subject could be just a mental exercise. I say "unfortunate" because isolation brings its own issues.

It's easy to express bravado, "Why, I'll just whip out my shotgun!" as one of my friends is fond of saying, but serious attention has to be paid to the issue.

You, I, and most of the people out there can be reasoned with. Most of us don't want any trouble to begin with, and so discussion tends to mitigate the worst of possible outcomes of conflict.

However, there are people with whom reason is an abstract concept.

Most of us have had experiences with the bully and his gang of hangers on in school. Most of us tried to do our best to avoid being in a position of being exposed. Frequently, there was this one kid who always seemed to get the worst of it.

Many of the kids would simply stand aside and allow the bully and his gang do what they would, and allow the authorities (teachers, school administrators, etc) be the enforcers of the peace. Typically nothing more than harsh words, a parent teacher conference, and some extra work would be applied to the bully in order to bring him into line. More often than not, the fruits of his previous anti-social behavior would be the motivations for his subsequent abuses of his fellow students.

School yard stuff would result in a bloody nose, some bumps and bruises, a stung ego and maybe some torn clothing.

Add ten to twenty years to the people on the school ground.

The bully and his hangers on have grown up and are of age to legally (or illegally) obtain guns and other weapons. They've networked with other thugs and created loosely (or heavily) organized gangs or other criminal organizations.

Most people don't want to get involved when they witness criminal activity, even though one of their fellow citizens is being harmed, and even though these same people know the next time it could be them at the mercy of the thugs. Most of them are content to allow those we pay to enforce the peace handle all of the inconvenient and messy details.

If society breaks down, there will NOT be any hired help to handle the cleanup. In fact, if nothing is done to proactively address the threat, there may not be anyone period.

You will find yourself right back in the schoolyard with a bully that knows the teacher is out to lunch. Permanently. That there will be, in all likelyhood, no repercussions for his actions.

Your wife, your children, you, and everyone else will have be consumed as prey. Oh, you may not all be killed and left to rot, but living under the thumb of people who may just decide that your wife or kids are just what they need to slake their sexual thirsts will bring about its own kind of death.

You will need to be responsible for ensuring that the threat never materializes.

The next time you've gathered with your like-minded neighbors, it will be mental exercise time. You'll need to best decide how to safeguard your little domain.

Keep in mind that survivors, no matter their age, can come back and haunt you. If it makes you feel better, you can always ask them if they believe in Charles Darwin before the lights go out.

Don't Buy The Rosy Obama Outlook

Some Videos For You To Watch.

More misery coming down the line. Stop your grinin' and drop your linen!

Alt-A loan failures looming.

Commercial Real Estate Failure.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Possible Confirmation Of Mythic FEMA Camps?

For the past ten to fifteen years, many of us have heard of the "RED" and "BLUE" lists as well as the rumored existence of FEMA camps.

If one does a search at any of the prominent web search portals, various documents, photos, and videos are available. Unfortunately, most of these offerings aren't exactly convincing proof. In point of fact, many of them reference each other as valid sources, which leads the diligent seeker of truth in a very wide circle.

Not to mention some very serious misidentification of innocuous installations. About ten miles from where I live is a ConAgra plant. They can Rosarita beans, and make the RO*TEL line of products there. There's a video of it on YouTube. I've recently done some upgrades to their CCTV system at the site, and if that is a camp, everyone would simply be able to walk away. The fence doesn't even encircle the entire property.

Personally, I think some of this has been intentional disinformation in order to get people to stop paying attention to those of us wearing the nice shiny hats.

Then this hits The New York Times. "Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan"

Now people will read this and think, "Oh, he's talking about terrorists, and Guantanamo Bay."

Wake up and pay attention.

Remember just a couple of weeks ago when Napolitano was calling just about everyone out there not kissing the asses and licking the boots of Obama and his cadre of totalitarian thugs "Terrorists"? Yes, that means you and I are "terrorists" in the eyes of the government.

One of the most chilling lines in the article is, “He was almost ruminating over the need for statutory change to the laws so that we can deal with individuals who we can’t charge and detain,” one participant said.

So, it appears that we possibly have confirmation of their plan to gut the Constitution entirely. Right now, it is fairly difficult for them to charge and detain those of us who haven't broken any laws. We overtly and vehemently disagree with the government's actions on just about every level, but this isn't a crime....yet.

Now, before too many of you start saying that this is a bunch of hogwash, think very carefully about the things that have changed in your lifetimes (depending on your age).

My wife's grandmother has seen things go from cars that went just a few miles per hour to those capable of traveling on roads in excess of 160 MPH. She's seen steamships disappear from the seas, and people travel to the moon. Newspapers have begun to disappear while images and text are flashed around the globe in milliseconds before her eyes.

She's watched the League Of Nations come and go. She's watched The United Nations replace it, and now begin to demand the authority to tax everyone on the planet and maintain an army.

She's watched the Income Tax come to pass, and every other onerous piece of Freedom stealing legislation take the form of Law.

She saw dictators rise, and people suffer and die beneath their heel.

History does have a way of repeating itself, if you live long enough to see it.

1934 anyone?

National Geographic Joins Prepper Movement

Well, maybe that is a stretch.

It is curious to me that as prestigious a publication with a history going back over 120 years has joined those sounding the alarm over growing food scarcity. Special Report: The Global Food Crisis, The End Of Plenty.

This coupled with Mayberry's note of the article citing a spike in suburban survivalists has me wondering when the false panic will set in.

I note "false panic" because the panic will be buying only, not a true emergency.

More people are becoming aware that folks are out there buying stuff up. Everything from water purification equipment to tents and sleeping bags. Fairly soon, the placidly grazing sheep will realize, "Hey. How come all these people are buying this stuff? Maybe I should buy it as well."

It just takes a few, and then the stampede will be on. Supplies will dry up, much like we have seen recently with ammunition, and that will compound demand and raise the panic level even higher.

Remember just a couple of years ago, many people in the know were advising people to stock up on ammunition. And what have we seen this year?

The same thing can happen on when it comes to certain prepper supplies. If you've been sitting on the fence about a big ticket item you'd really like to have (say a Berkeley Water Filter) maybe you ought to really think about buying it now.

I've lived through some fairly sizable disasters, although localized and not regional like a hurricane, and it does strange things to people. People who don't eat canned tuna buy canned tuna....even though they won't eat it. People who don't eat canned ravioli will buy canned ravioli....even though they won't eat it.

Catch my drift here?

Once panic buying sets in, people will buy almost anything even if it is something that they don't normally consume, or use. They will think anything is better than nothing. Similar to the old adage "Any port in a storm".

This will further exacerbate issues as the items needed and wanted by people who will use them are no longer available, and they then start seeking substitutes, and the chain continues from there. A chain reaction buying frenzy.

Some may think this will be a good thing in the long run. More supplies out in the public's hands, and more people ready for a true emergency.

I beg to differ.

How many of you have ever been camping and run across people who can't figure out how to set up their tent? Or worse, keeping food in their tent in bear country.

I've seen women with curling irons and blow driers when the nearest outlet is miles away. This is California, after all.

Some of this stuff is going to give people a false sense of security. The guy who buys a chain saw, and yet hasn't any gas or oil. Doesn't know how to maintain the chain, or even how to safely use it. Last winter there were several cases here in California where people had their power shut off due to non-payment. They set up generators in the house and promptly gave everyone carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you're new to the preparedness drive, make sure you buy only what you will use or use for trade. If you buy something that you are unfamiliar with, please take the time NOW to learn to use it properly. Especially if that item is a firearm. Take the time to buy accessories like gloves, and other personal protective gear. Remember to stock alternative sanitation items, such as baby wipes, plastic garbage bags, and some kind of a chemical toilet if you are in an area where you may loose these services.

Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memoriam

A Soldiers Prayer

Remember me as i walk away
for you i lived and died this day
And in this moment i can recall
that as i fell i still stood tall
Into the falling night i cry
tell them i love them and tell them why
I am not there to see them grow
or curb the wild oats they sow
I am the one with arms held wide
even in death not stepping aside
For god and country i am here
your pain i hold i feel your fear
Freedom is my gift to you
as i left, this price i knew
I am so cold and so afraid
and as the fear begins to fade
I think of those to follow me
to give their lives to liberty
As i taste death's embrace
i pray for strength and a bit of grace
Let me die as i have lived
leaving nothing to forgive
My eyes are heavy let me rest
I know now i have done my best

By Heather F. Kready

God Bless All Those Who Have Stood In Defense Of This Land, Her People, And Her Ideals. Some May Have Forgotten Your Sacrifice, Many Have Not.

Sleep Well, And Know Your Standard Lay Not Forgotten On The Field Of Battle. For Those Who Have Followed Have Carried It Ever Forward.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nutnfancy videos: AK vs. AR

Last week, I was in a sporting goods store looking for a good set of compact binoculars for my bag. While I was there, another customer struck up a conversation with me as I played with various versions of BARSKA field glasses.

Initially, I thought the guy to be a cop based upon his appearance and the manner in which he carried himself. As it would happen, he was a Marine, and volunteered that he was an armorer.

Another customer wandered in and started talking to the clerk behind the counter. He was seeking .223 ammo. The store was out of stock, and the clerk said that he had no idea when it would be in. The customer said it wasn't a big deal as he had recently purchased several thousand rounds of 5.56x45 at a gun show.

The Marine's ears perked up, and asked if it was really 5.56x45 that he had bought. The guy said that is the way it is labeled. He asked if the guy had tried to fire any of it yet, and the response was "no".

The Marine Armorer wanted to know what he was going to be firing the ammo from. The response was a civilian post ban AR-15.

The Marine urged the guy to have his weapon checked by a competent gunsmith before firing the 5.56x45 from the weapon. He went on to explain that .223 and 5.56x45 are NOT the same caliber, although they are very similar. Military weapons can fire both .223 and 5.56x45 without suffering any malfunctions, but a civilian weapon may fail catastrophically due to overpressure when firing 5.56x45.

He went on to explain that the situation is easily remedied by having the head space adjusted.

To be quite frank, this was news to me, and I've done some digging around as well as asked a guy I know who used to build AR platform weapons before California went crazy back in the 80s.

A fairly succinct explanation can be found on Wikipedia (not the best reference for something as critical as your life) but it seems to echo what I've read elsewhere.

If any of you out there have any thoughts, please give us all the benefit of your experience.

Shadow, a friend of mine, has been ill of late and has been stalking about the web while he has been stuck in bed. He sent me a number of links to videos hosted on YouTube.

A guy calling himself "Nutnfancy" has a series of videos up there covering everything from first aid kits, to the age old argument regarding the AK vs. AR rifles. Very nicely done, with a lot of good information.

AK-47 vs AR-15 Part1, by NutnFancy

There are many videos from Nutnfancy. Start with the one above, and refer to the "More From Nutnfancy" column on the right of the YouTube page to see all of his offerings.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have To Walk Away

My dad and mom taught me many things. One of the most valuable skills was the ability to just walk away.

Sometime people just get too close to a problem, and it eats at them day and night. Untenable or oppressive situations can become like a cancer on one's psyche. Eventually, it hollows you out and you collapse as it gnaws its way through every support you have inside you.

Some folks resort to strong drink, drugs, or other vices to escape the pain inflicted by this process.

Some just decide to go on random shooting sprees just to take the edge off.

I resort to video games.

My dad referred to it as a strategic withdrawal. He always counseled me to step back, marshal my forces, re-examine my options, and set about attacking the issue again.

I don't know how many of you have been following the insanity that is California politics. We just had a "special" election on several ballot measures. All of them can be described as schemes to borrow more money and worry about paying it back later.

The only measure that made any sense was to deny pay increases to the politicos in years when there is a deficit. Personally, I think they should all lose their jobs the day after the budget is due if they fail to pass a balanced budget. How many of you would get fired if you didn't do your job? Just about every one of you. A straight up, one dollar in, one dollar out budget without any of the chicanery these people are known for.

Then it should be illegal for any of these people to run for public office on any level for a period of ten years. Their staffs should lose their jobs as well. In fact, the only people I want to see in those government office buildings year after year are the janitors.

Schwarzenegger threw tantrums on TV threatening the people of California that he would sell California landmarks if we didn't give the screwballs in Sacramento their infusion of cash. Teachers and government workers unions are squealing like stuck pigs because their members are losing jobs left and right. Their media blitzes just pissed me off with their distorted prattling.

Every measure failed except for the one to take money away from the people not performing their duties. Do you expect a raise at your job if you're not doing anything except going out and signing new leases on Cadillacs?

Video Courtesy of CBS13.Com Story from May 12, 2009.

Now some government leaders and liberal media types have the gall to turn around and blame the taxpayer for the out of control spending and the situation that the state is in.

Excuse me?

I've been working since I was seven. I started out mowing lawns and washing cars for people in the neighborhood. When I was fifteen, I got a "real" job and started getting a preview of how I was going to be raped every paycheck to pay for the poor choices of people I don't even know. I have worked now for thirty years, and paid everything that they said I owe (probably more), and they have the temerity to claim that I am responsible for this?

I speak English. In my world the ballot only needs to be printed in ONE version. Not FORTY FOUR. Yes, my mother is a first generation immigrant. She spoke English before she even arrived here. She speaks better English than most of the people you see on TV.

California Money Saver Tip 1: Stop coddling people. If they are interested in participating in our society they will do so. For several hundred years people have come here without being able to speak English. They learned without taxpayer's money being thrown at them. If they can't or don't want to, too bad. How many other governments around the world do you see educating American kids in English, or providing illegal immigrants from America with ballots in English?

Have you seen how overcrowded California prisons are? How many of you have had the opportunity to ride a commuter train during rush hour in Tokyo?

I have.

They make California prisons look like a greenbelt. If you don't like the accommodations, here's an idea, don't break the law.

California Money Saver Tip 2: Stop coddling people. Prisons are not supposed to be four star hotels or a landlocked Sandals Resort. Some people who have worked all their lives, and have never done anything wrong die because they can't afford air conditioning or heat. Some seniors don't have enough to pay for food and medications. Forget cable TV on their budgets. No more conjugal visits. No heating or air conditioning except in the administrative offices. Get rid of the exercise equipment and sports equipment. If the prisoners want to keep fit, sign up for a chain gang. Get rid of the laundry. Give them wash tubs and cake soap.

Have you seen how much power government unions seem to have over the state legislature? They seem to have much more influence than the people paying the bills. People like me who can't even get a response from my so called "representative" when I've written. But, boy am I deluged with expensive advertising in the mail by these same people when election time rolls around. Something tells me that these unions have an undue amount of influence, and perhaps government unions should be banned.

California Money Saver Tip 3: Stop coddling people. Most people who work for the government serve no useful purpose except to consume tax dollars at an alarming rate. In fact, they've formed unions to get more lazy bastards into similar positions at higher rates of pay. The constant expansion of their work force increases the amount of influence and the result can be compared to cancer. Ban government unions. If you don't like it, go get a real job in the real world where you get fired if you perform like the SOBs at the DMV.

How many of you have looked at all the stupid laws on the books, and all the double standards? In my book, its a bad thing to go around killing and maiming people without a very good reason. It doesn't matter to me what color, religion, orientation, or profession you follow. If someone punches, stabs or shoots you, the law should be applied equally without bias. Did you know that if you happen to be black, latino, or a cop, if someone kills you it is somehow worse than if the same person killed the white guy working at the liquor store? WTF is this?

California Money Saver Tip 4: Stop coddling people. So what if your queer, black or a cop? Does that make you special? No. You're just another citizen. Don't like it? Too bad. The laws should apply equally to everyone. No exceptions. Get rid of all the bull***t in the state, county and city codes and law books.

How many of you have been born, and raised here in this country? Quite a few of you. How many have you have visited a foreign country? How many of you have done that illegally? How many of you have visited a foreign country illegally, worked in that country illegally, and are now getting payments from that country's government even though you've now come back home? How many of you received free medical care, housing and food when you were working illegally in that foreign country?

Not one of you. I'm pretty confident that I can say that.

California Money Saver Tip 5: Stop coddling people. If I drive without a license or insurance the state takes my car and prepares a guest room in the closest gray bar hotel. If I'm here illegally, and can't speak English, have no fixed address, and a possibly forged ID, they let me go often in the vehicle that I am operating illegally. (This also goes back to applying the law equally, and make people responsible for learning English.) How do I know this? I've had six vehicles damaged or totaled by illegal immigrants. The last incident, they guy attempted to flee the scene but his car was too damaged. Hit and run anyone? What happened to him?

Zip. Zilch. Nada. BIG FAT GOOSE EGGS BABY! They let him walk away. The vehicle? Expired registration, and no insurance. Did they tow it away? No. They told the illegal through an interpreter that he had to have someone with a license and a temporary operating permit come and drive it home.

If you or I had done that..... These people are responsible for untold millions of dollars in property damage, lost wages, and even permanent injury and death. They skate. Enforce the law.

So anyway, I got ahold of a copy of Fallout 3. I've been playing it since I decided I needed to walk away for a while before I exploded. I guess you could say I went on a virtual shooting spree.

Amazing game. Simply beautiful. Go to the site and look at some of the screen shots of in game play.

The story is that of a person who was born and raised in an underground city in the period following a nuclear war, and what happens when they exit the shelter.

If you have a highspeed connection, view the trailers located here. That is how the game really looked and felt. With surround sound, I heard the expended brass from my minigun bouncing off the steel deck behind me as I waded into combat. I could hear and feel things and people as they ran up behind me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Gun Control BS: Get Your Hip Waders

The Violence Policy Center issued a press release today attempting to get Mayberry's sheeple to bleat in indignation at the rates of gun ownership and the intimated rates of gun related deaths.

First off the press release simply quantifies everything as a "gun related death". It doesn't differentiate between accidental deaths, murders, cases of self defense where a victim offs the perp, or police engagements.

This alone should get people to whip out the old clothespin for closing off the nostrils.

VPC Legislative Director Kristen Rand states, “More guns means more gun death and injury. Fewer guns means less gun death and injury. It’s a simple equation.”

Perhaps that is true for the simple minded and stupid out there. Personally I'll qualify Ms. Rand's statement as, at best a result of sloth, and at worst a severe distortion of truth and reality.

We can easily make a similar statement such as, "Countries which have lower numbers of motor vehicles, have lower numbers of motor vehicle related deaths." Maybe this would work, "Cities without public transportation have fewer public transportation related deaths." Or how about, "People who do not see a doctor regularly are less likely to die due to mistakes made by the doctor."

The one I like best is "Uninhabited cities have a zero death rate."

It is simply asinine to make such statements, although they may be true on the face of it.

Let us just take the two extremes to illustrate how severe a distortion it actually is.

States with the Five Highest Gun Death Rates

States with the Five Lowest Gun Death Rates



Household Gun Ownership Gun Death Rate per 100,000 Rank State Household Gun Ownership Gun Death Rate per 100,000
1 Louisiana 45.6 percent 19.58 50 Hawaii 9.7 percent 2.58
2 Alabama 57.2 percent 16.99 49 Massachusetts 12.8 percent 3.28
3 (tie) Alaska 60.6 percent 16.38 48 Rhode Island 13.3 percent 4.43
3 (tie) Mississippi 54.3 percent 16.38 47 Connecticut 16.2 percent 4.95
5 Nevada 31.5 percent 16.25 46 New York 18.1 percent 5.20

If one takes a quick look at the Uniform Crime Report compiled for 2007 (latest I was able to find 2008 is still preliminary), one can see some glaring realities.

State Year Population Index Violent Property Murder Forcible Rape Robbery Aggravated assault Burglary Larceny- Theft Vehicle Theft
Louisiana 2007 4,293,204
Hawaii 2007 1,283,388

One, Louisiana has over three times the population of Hawaii.

Two, the indices are nearly on par. The index indicates the number of reported crimes per 100,000 people. Louisiana had 4,838.5 crimes per 100,000 people. Hawaii with one third the population had nearly the same number of crimes reported!

There simply isn't enough information to make any kind of determination as to whether or not gun ownership affects crime and safety rates. This is a critical point when it comes to gun ownership.

If they really wanted to compare apples to apples, they'd break things down to similar sized cities, with demographically similar populations or states with similar populations.

What is even more ludicrous is the fact that states with higher rates of ownership than Louisiana (Alabama, Alaska, Mississippi) actually had lower rates of deaths per 100,000. Using these numbers, the claim can be made that higher rates of gun ownership equates to lower rates of gun related deaths.

On top of this, I wonder where they're getting their gun ownership numbers from. It could be that fewer households in Hawaii own guns, but how many guns per household? How many guns are in circulation in Hawaii?

For that fact, how many guns are in circulation in those fine southern states? I'm sure they used only the numbers that are officially on the books. If they were able to actually get an accurate count of the number of firearms in circulation, the folks over there at "The Violence Policy Center" might be in for a surprise.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New NBC Show To Air: Day One

Tentative Air Date: January 2010

I generally don't watch alot of television, but once in awhile something that could be good fun comes along. I enjoyed "Jericho", a CBS production, while it ran. This production strikes me as something akin to Jericho.

The premise of the show is that some type of "global event" has happened, and taken down the world's infrastructure. It chronicles the events surrounding a group of apartment dwellers from Van Nuys, California.

NBC's home page for the show is located here.

Below is a behind the scenes production shot. Additional videos can be viewed at the NBC website referenced above.

NBC plans on having viewers submit video to be featured on a video wall, and potentially be featured on air.

If we're all still around in 2010, this might be something fun for all of us who have this mindset.

I'm always very curious about the timing of the release of some of these shows. It seems almost like someone (or something) is trying to prime the consciousness of the public at large.

Think of "Jericho" which detailed the aftermath of a nuclear attack on American Soil. We've all heard the "rumors" of suitcase and pocket nukes being smuggled across our southern border either by sea or through the network of tunnels that transverse the empty spaces between dwellings in Tijuana and San Diego for example. In the show, China was shown air dropping aid packets to hapless American citizens.

Now, we have stories being trotted out where the Taliban may gain control of nukes if Pakistan falls, and how China's power on the world stage has eclipsed that of The United States.

I'm not worried about Pakistan. India is, and they're right next door to Pakistan. If Pakistan's government falls, I'd almost be willing to wager that there will either be a swift Indian incursion to take control of the nuclear weapons depots, or a first strike before the Taliban can solidify their command and control authority over the military. Then there's the story of Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud who says that he will launch an attack on Washington DC that will "Amaze The World".

It is curious that "Jericho" had developed a fairly sizeable fan base, and the ratings were increasing, and yet CBS killed the show. Perhaps the initial ratings were all that mattered at the time, because arguably it shows that most Americans at that time were still asleep even in post 911 times. They'd rather watch mind numbing things like "American Idol".

Last July, during a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee , William R. Graham, chairman of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack and the former national science adviser to President Reagan, testified that America is extremely vulnerable to an EMP attack.

Kim Jong Il has been trying to get one up (missile that is) recently and has made progress.

Iran has the bomb, allegedly. Israel isn't happy about that fact. Iran continues to bait Israel, and eventually, Ahmadinejad is going to wake up and smell the burning cities around him.

I have to wonder, if these shows are being floated out there to test the reaction of the American public. Or maybe to keep people yawning, because they've all heard it before. Take for instance how many people have failed to react to the maybe non-event of a possible first wave of a pandemic flu.

Of course, in September we will learn if it was in actuality a non-event, or if it was the harbinger of the arrival of the Horsemen.

Is our continual yawning and dismissive behavior our Pavlovian Response? Do we have a Pavlovian Response? What has our Pavlovian Conditioning wrought?

More On The Flu

Fox News is reporting this morning that the WHO (World Health Organization) is preparing to elevate the flu pandemic at Level 6.

From the WHO website:

What does pandemic alert phase 5 mean?

According to WHO definitions of phases - the virus has caused sustained community level outbreaks in at least two countries in one WHO region. At phase 5 a pandemic is considered imminent.

What is sustained human to human transmission?

This occurs when three generations are involved - i.e. the virus has passed from person A to person B and then to person C.

What is the difference between a probable case and a confirmed case?

A probable case is one that shows the symptoms of influenza such as cough, fever, headache, chills and fatigue and either tests positive for type A influenza or is considered linked to another probable or confirmed case.

A confirmed case is one which tests positive in a laboratory for the influenza A(H1N1) virus.

At what point does WHO consider a pandemic to have started?

Phase 6, as defined by the WHO pandemic preparedness guidelines. However, during both phase 5 and phase 6, national and local actions to respond to the outbreak shift from preparedness to response at a global level. The goal of recommended actions during these phases is to reduce the impact of the pandemic on society.


The US Government has been planning on something akin to what we are seeing now. There was a document published in 2006 outlining the planned military response to such a pandemic.

The document can be downloaded from this link: Here

Bear in mind that this is the public release and may not contain every trick that may be in the bag. What is in there is worrisome enough if you've seen some of the movement of men and material that has been going on.

The world is seeing what may be the initial die down in the current outbreak of the flu. The initial wave hasn't been that bad, and may lull some into complacency. The Financial Times has a story where Margaret Chan, Director General World Health Organization, has been taken to task over the alleged over-reaction to what some are now calling the NAFTA Flu.

Keep in mind that we're at the end of the flu season, and if this little bastard of a bug doesn't morph itself out of existence, we could very well see it re-emerge in September, the beginning of the North American flu season. There is also the possibility that it could pick up some genetic material to make it even more easily transmissible or deadly.

Right now the mortality rate is running just over 3%. The 1918 Flu Pandemic (Spanish Flu) is estimated at having infected around 33% of the population, but the exact mortality rate is unknown due to the lack of accurate numbers. The CDC estimates that 2.5% of those infected died.

What is known is that the first wave of the flu pandemic was not that serious. Similar to what we are seeing now. It was the subsequent waves that netted the highest infection rates and resulted in the largest numbers of deaths.

"See You In September"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

World Violence Redux: Graphic Videos

May Day celebrations in Berlin saw 237 police injured in what has become an annual festival of mayhem. An estimated 300 people were arrested in what some say is the worst violence and unrest seen in years.

Similar eruptions of violence were seen in some other European cities such as London. Istanbul, Turkey saw pitched battles being waged between police and rioters.

In The Local, a piece in the opinion section states that wide scale civil unrest in Germany is unlikely. This is in contradiction to a piece in the society section of the same publication which outlines increasing numbers of arson incidents.

****NOTE: The section below is from an earlier date.****

A reader advised me of the error.

I'm leaving it in place so as not to appear like I hide my mistakes.

Although it was not widely reported here in the United States, Los Angeles Police opened fire on May Day Protesters in Mac Arthur Park. The protesters were there for a pro-immigration rally. The police stated that objects had been thrown at them, and this necessitated their responding with rubber bullets, and tear gas. Witnesses state the gathering was peaceful, and that the attack by the police was unwarranted. More can be read here at The Raw Story.


Egypt, which often suffers from chronic food shortages, has decided to cull pigs in response to the so-called "swine flu". This has resulted in violent clashes between police and farmers.

In case you missed it, Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, an Abu-Dahbi prince, has rocketed up the charts with the viewers over at You Tube. You Tube is hosting some videos of his "greatest hits". These videos have caused an international sensation. The videos show him beating a man with a nail studded plank, setting him on fire, and running him over.

The video that I will link to on this blog is graphic, and should not be watched by anyone who doesn't have the constitution for this type of barbaric behavior. You can watch it here.

This CNN clip shows the prince using pliers on a man's genitals.

I'm beginning to wonder if all the hue and cry over water-boarding was a bit off the mark given this type of behavior.

If you'd rather look at something more pleasant, perhaps you'd enjoy "Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Adaptation", or perhaps the first issue of "Rex Mundi".

The adaptation of Raiders was filmed by 12 year old friends back in 1981. It took seven years to complete. More can be read about the project here.

Rex Mundi is a noir style graphic novel covering some of the same territory as Dan Brown did in "Angels And Demons" and "The DaVinci Code".

Something just fun and harmless. Well, at least more fun than having someone who lives in a sand box twisting on your nuts with a pair of pliers.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Website: The Home Gunsmith

Great Britain has some of the most odious gun laws in the civilized world. Those who would impose a modern form of slavery upon a rightfully free people have done as much as possible to remove the tools of self defense, or rebellion (in some instances synonymous) from the hands of the people.

After firearms were effectively removed from the reach of the average British subject ( personally, I think no man should ever be a subject), violent crime increased as those who always refused to obey the law continued to use firearms to engage in their illegal acts. It's funny how criminals just never seem to obey the law, isn't it?

The more common criminal who has found himself without access to a gun has resorted to using edged weapons. The response from the British government has been to try and restrict knife and sword ownership. They've also considered instituting curfews to address the same issue.

All of these laws have met with the same amount of success. Total, and abject failure.

Fortunately there is one guy over there who refuses to knuckle under, and I'd like you all to pay a visit to his site. Some of his weapons designs have been reposted all over the web, but I'd like him to get credit for his work.

I'm all for a guy who tells you how to build a gun from parts you can get at The Home Depot.

Take a look at The Home Gunsmith

Friday, May 1, 2009

We Will Prevail: Enough Guns Bought To Outfit The Chinese And Indian Armies

Gun confiscation? Ha! Let them try!

New data shows that Americans have legally purchased enough firearms to outfit the armies of China and India. This was done in just the FIRST 3 months of 2009.

I would have loved to have seen Sarah Brady's face when this news crossed her desk! The woman looks like Morocco Mole on her best days, I can just imagine what she looked like then!

These numbers do not take into account kits, and unfinished receivers (completed receivers are classified by the BATF as a firearm). Not to mention folks who are hobbyists who do not need to register the weapons they make unless they transfer them.

The question remains, does everyone have the will and training to use them effectively and against the proper foe. That will remain to be seen.

Check out the data at AmmoLand.

Of course, the The Evil Empire Of The Potomac has realized this, and thus we have seen efforts by them to deny ammunition to the American public. This is the next battlefront people. What good is a car if there isn't any gasoline? What good is a gun without any ammunition?

Watch carefully what Obama and his thugs put into play, and make plans for possibly having to reload your own spent brass.