Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memoriam

A Soldiers Prayer

Remember me as i walk away
for you i lived and died this day
And in this moment i can recall
that as i fell i still stood tall
Into the falling night i cry
tell them i love them and tell them why
I am not there to see them grow
or curb the wild oats they sow
I am the one with arms held wide
even in death not stepping aside
For god and country i am here
your pain i hold i feel your fear
Freedom is my gift to you
as i left, this price i knew
I am so cold and so afraid
and as the fear begins to fade
I think of those to follow me
to give their lives to liberty
As i taste death's embrace
i pray for strength and a bit of grace
Let me die as i have lived
leaving nothing to forgive
My eyes are heavy let me rest
I know now i have done my best

By Heather F. Kready

God Bless All Those Who Have Stood In Defense Of This Land, Her People, And Her Ideals. Some May Have Forgotten Your Sacrifice, Many Have Not.

Sleep Well, And Know Your Standard Lay Not Forgotten On The Field Of Battle. For Those Who Have Followed Have Carried It Ever Forward.

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