Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't Buy The Rosy Obama Outlook

Some Videos For You To Watch.

More misery coming down the line. Stop your grinin' and drop your linen!

Alt-A loan failures looming.

Commercial Real Estate Failure.

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zwick said...

Holy moly. I'm 53, and when I was those kid's age I only thought of beer and girls. Getting a job was easy, actually, getting a pretty good paying job was easy. I always worked, since I was 15. I really feel sorry for them. What a crummy world we left them. To quote from 'Henry the 5th'...Shame, Shame, eternal shame. We can think it's not our fault, and it probably isn't, but we should have been more attentive, and not let the bad guys take over. When it hits the fan at least I lived my life, and a good life it's been. The young people are owned.