Sunday, May 3, 2009

World Violence Redux: Graphic Videos

May Day celebrations in Berlin saw 237 police injured in what has become an annual festival of mayhem. An estimated 300 people were arrested in what some say is the worst violence and unrest seen in years.

Similar eruptions of violence were seen in some other European cities such as London. Istanbul, Turkey saw pitched battles being waged between police and rioters.

In The Local, a piece in the opinion section states that wide scale civil unrest in Germany is unlikely. This is in contradiction to a piece in the society section of the same publication which outlines increasing numbers of arson incidents.

****NOTE: The section below is from an earlier date.****

A reader advised me of the error.

I'm leaving it in place so as not to appear like I hide my mistakes.

Although it was not widely reported here in the United States, Los Angeles Police opened fire on May Day Protesters in Mac Arthur Park. The protesters were there for a pro-immigration rally. The police stated that objects had been thrown at them, and this necessitated their responding with rubber bullets, and tear gas. Witnesses state the gathering was peaceful, and that the attack by the police was unwarranted. More can be read here at The Raw Story.


Egypt, which often suffers from chronic food shortages, has decided to cull pigs in response to the so-called "swine flu". This has resulted in violent clashes between police and farmers.

In case you missed it, Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, an Abu-Dahbi prince, has rocketed up the charts with the viewers over at You Tube. You Tube is hosting some videos of his "greatest hits". These videos have caused an international sensation. The videos show him beating a man with a nail studded plank, setting him on fire, and running him over.

The video that I will link to on this blog is graphic, and should not be watched by anyone who doesn't have the constitution for this type of barbaric behavior. You can watch it here.

This CNN clip shows the prince using pliers on a man's genitals.

I'm beginning to wonder if all the hue and cry over water-boarding was a bit off the mark given this type of behavior.

If you'd rather look at something more pleasant, perhaps you'd enjoy "Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Adaptation", or perhaps the first issue of "Rex Mundi".

The adaptation of Raiders was filmed by 12 year old friends back in 1981. It took seven years to complete. More can be read about the project here.

Rex Mundi is a noir style graphic novel covering some of the same territory as Dan Brown did in "Angels And Demons" and "The DaVinci Code".

Something just fun and harmless. Well, at least more fun than having someone who lives in a sand box twisting on your nuts with a pair of pliers.


Anonymous said...

The story about the police attacking people rallying at MacArthur Park and the FOX Noise cameraman is from 2007. That's probably why it was not "widely reported" today. I really thought "oh my gawd....they can't be doing it again...!!!" Or am I missing something??? The link in this article takes you to the 2007 story at FOX 11 news...

Catman said...

Oh, thanks for the correction! I saw it re-reported and must have taken it out of context. My apologies!