Monday, May 31, 2010

Some Gave All

Still thinking of you, Dad. I was lucky that you were here while I grew up. Your birthday came and went here last Friday. You would have been walking your 90th year in this world.

I know many of your friends never made it off the beaches when you guys decided to visit France and even more fell as you chased Hitler all the way to Berlin.

Some of your friends stayed behind in Korea, and even more in Viet Nam.

Men who have chosen the honorable path of the warrior still fall today in far off lands. Spilling their blood for a an honorable cause.

All of these guys don't even rate a foot note in history books. While liars and thieves buy their way into places like Arlington. They missed out on so much. Families, children, warm summer nights, cool fall mornings, the smell of hay when it has been kissed by the dew. The crunch of snow, the crispness after a good rain. The warm earthy scent of a newly plowed field.

Today, we remember our fallen. We remember their sacrifice. Their deeds.

When you sit down to your BBQ, or on your porch to watch the setting of the sun, set a place and pour a drink for an honored guest who may only be there in spirit.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boycott BP and 100 Trillion Dollars

Anyone out there an attorney?

Anyone feel like filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of the American people?

Let's sue British Petroleum, the British Royal Family (major stockholder), the board of directors of BP as individuals, BP's Executive Management team, the company who deployed the sunken rig, Haliburton, Obama as an individual, and anyone else who even remotely had something to do with what has gone on down there in the gulf.

The money should go into a trust to restore the coastal areas and compensate those who have lost income as a result of the complete and total mismanagement of this event.

Hell, I may just be dreaming.

But then again, maybe we can all start boycotting BP stations and other connected enterprises.

British Petroleum operates the following businesses in the United States.

BP Gas Stations

BP Motor Club

ARCO Gas Stations

AM/PM Convenience Stores

ARCO Aluminum

Consumer Products

Castrol Motor Oil

Maybe members of the Earth Liberation Front will do something we can all get behind. If they were to start attacking BP related businesses, I think I could cheer them on.

How about you?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama Using Stolen Social Security Number?

This is kind of dated news, but I missed it when it made the rounds back in late 2009. It has recently come back around again.

World Net Daily: Obama Uses Connecticut Social Security Number

The problem is, Obama has never lived in Connecticut. Allegedly, when the number was issued, he was living in Hawaii. Makes sense to me......

YouTube has a video: Obama 119 Years Old?

Well, being an illegal alien, what else would you expect?

Things have been crazy here lately with my job and I've not had much free time. What little time I've had, I've used to go kill zombies on line. I kind of look at it as time spent in a simulator training for a not too distant future. Sometimes you just need to blow off steam.

Mayberry has his duct tape. I have my zombies.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Country. Go Home.

Here in California there seems to be quite a few people who just love illegal aliens.

I'm not one of them.

Let's be quite frank, shall we? "Illegal alien" is a code word for "criminal". The first act these so-called "undocumented workers" commit upon entering this country is to break a law.

Crossing the border without a visa or a work permit is a crime.

Then law after law is broken as these people continue their migration north through the border states.

Homes are ransacked. Vehicles are stolen. US citizens are harmed or murdered.

Every single United States citizen is held hostage to the continued looting of the public treasury to provide services, everything from ballots in their language (why do people who have no stake in this land get to decide its fate?), education in their language, money and medical care to these criminals.

This land has become infested with criminals. They come from Cuba (Mariel Boatlift), Mexico, Russia, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya (hello Barry!) and just about every country on the face of the earth. The sad fact is we produce enough criminals here at home. We don't need to import any more. We have so many criminals we don't have room in our prisons and jails.

So we send some of them to Congress. And put even more in charge of our banks.

I'm sick of it.

Let's skip the whole racist appellation some of you may try and hang on me. Mexico is a nation. Mexico is a nation with many different ethnic groups. Spanish. English. French. African. Japanese. Chinese. Portugese and others. Then there's the indigenous peoples, the Acatec, Amuzgo, Chatino, Chiapaneca, Chichimeca, Chicomuceltec, Chinanteco, Chocho, Ch'ol, Chuj, Cochimi, Cocopa, Cora, Cuicateco, Guarijio, Huasteco, Huichol, Ixcateco, Jacalteco, Kickapoo, Kiliwa, Kumiai, Lacandon, Mam, Matlatzinca, Mazahua, Mazatec, Mixe, Mixtec, Mocho, Nahuatl, Oaxaca Chontal, Opata, Otomi, Paipai, Pame , Pima Bajo, Popoloca, Popoluca, Seri, Tabasco Chontal, Tacaneco, Tarahumara, Tectiteco, Tepehuan, Tlahuica, Tlapanec, Tojolabal, Toltec, Trique, Tubar, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, Yaqui, and Yucatec Maya.

Yeah, tell me again how "Mexican" is a race.

If one more punk waves a Mexican flag at me and calls me a racist for not kowtowing to what is no more than a transplanted nation of thugs, he'll wind up like that bastard in the picture.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back Again

It's good to be back.

Some of you are aware of what has transpired in my personal life, and I want to thank you for your support.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to getting back to regular posts. I have some information from the Sovereign Citizens whom I know and I will be sharing that with you over the next few days!