Saturday, August 25, 2012

When America Had Real Heroes: Neil Armstrong Aug. 5, 1930 - Aug. 25, 2012

God speed, Commander Armstrong. Thank you for giving this little boy a view of the stars.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

When The Chains Of Civilization Fall Away

I'd bend my principles to support something he (Jerry Weintraub) wanted of me. And of course every time you bend your principles – whether because you don't want to worry about it, or because you're afraid to stand up for fear of what you might lose – you sell your soul to the devil - John Denver [*download or listen to audio book by clicking link* Take Me Home: An Autobiography, John Denver and Arthur Tobier, Harmony Books, 1994.]


The woman behind the wheel of the SUV in the above video, Errika Shelton, has been described as a "habitual traffic offender" and the judge present at her bond hearing is quoted as saying, “I do consider you a danger to the community based on prior record like charges. Some of the narratives in the warrants lead disregard for safety of others. I will deny your bond at this time."

The woman's 7 year old daughter was ejected from the wreck after her mother lost control of the vehicle traveling in excess of 100 MPH. Ms. Shelton was being pursued by a Spartanburg, South Carolina Sheriffs deputy on Interstate 85. The daughter died of traumatic brain injuries.

Ms. Shelton has been charged with failing to stop for a blue light involving death, unlawful neglect of a child, third offense driving under suspension, reckless driving, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and habitual traffic offender.

Civilization has rules. Some are codified into law and others, like a handshake, are conventions built over time that allow people to determine the intentions of others. Some allow people to determine their positions within societal groupings. Other conventions become traditions that emphasize a common bond between separate family groups and even more widely scattered groups. The Christmas Tree is an example, even though it is derived from Pagan celebrations, it is a cherished symbol in most all of the various Christian faiths.

Some people live within our society and refuse to respect our laws, our rules, and our traditions. We've been browbeaten into accepting this under the guise of "tolerance". Take a look at what "tolerance" has done to our nation.

Our Founding Fathers were tolerant. When they crafted the laws and rules that were to guide this new country, they left room for everyone to come here and be who and what they wished to be.The understanding was that this extended to everyone. As long as one's rights did not infringe upon another's rights, the balance in society would be maintained.

Now, everyone in this land who claims to be something other than an "American" has more rights and more protections than "Americans". A violent religion has more standing than peaceful ones. Criminals act with impunity and occupy corporate offices and even the highest government offices in the land. Foreign nationals lay claim to our sovereignty and territory.

And this is while the "rules" are still in place.

What happens when the "rules" are no longer there? 

The rules have not constrained them. The rules have constrained us.

There's gonna be Hell to pay.

Monday, August 6, 2012

SHADE: The Motion Picture

Website: SHADE

Sikh Temple Shooting: Weird Event

Another tragedy befalls innocent people doing nothing other than practicing their faith. I know quite a few Sikhs. They're like anyone else. Most are fabulous people. A few are ***holes. Sounds familiar, right?

Details are emerging regarding the alleged shooter.

According to most conspiracy theorists, successful  assassins, or mass murderers seem to usually have three names.

Wade Michael Page.

Homeland Security has been trying to paint returning military vets and gun owners as potentially security or terrorist threats:

Allegedly a37F "psychological operations specialist", Wade Page was less than honorably discharged from the US Army. 37Fs are people tasked with delivering the right message at the right time to a target population.

What message is being delivered?

The Batman shooting has raised more questions than there are answers. People are all over the discrepancies in various reports from eye-witnesses and authorities. The logistical and financial aspects of case are also troubling.

Rather than the Colorado incident having its possible intended effect, calls for more regulation of firearms and ammunition have gone unheeded. In fact, sales of weapons and ammunition have skyrocketed in the wake of the shooting.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has attempted to keep alive the specter of "racism" by promoting hatred. Their continued efforts to draw divisions between Americans is disheartening to say the least.

Wade Page was apparently affiliated with various White Power organizations and was apparently affiliated with two known white power bands, Definite Hate and End Apathy. This according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Interesting to note that "White Power", White Pride" are often shortened to "WP", the same initials as the shooter.

Why would a trained Army Veteran walk into a church with a single semi-automatic handgun? Why would he engage a police officer and shoot him 7 or 8 times, but not kill him? Is this similar to the Colorado shooter simply surrendering to the police following the  attack inside the theater?

Something is weird.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Give Us The Military!

I live near Stockton, California. Trust me, I ain't bragging.

I'm not sure how much the city has been in the news elsewhere beyond it going financially bankrupt.

Years Of Unraveling, Then Bankruptcy For A City

But it is ugly.

A couple of months back, I had to take the kid and the wife and travel to a Japanese Grocery Store located in Stockton. We needed some ingredients to make a dish that reflected one of the cultures in the kid's background. This for an end of school year potluck in one of her classes. The kid decided to make Anpan, an all purpose sweet. We didn't think Yellow Jacket Soup from the other side of the family would go over too well.

Anyways, as we were driving through one of the neighborhoods, Fel noticed that all the windows on the first floor of homes were boarded up. She initially thought them vacant until she noticed people sitting on the verandas of the second floor. She wondered why.

I told her it was to make it more difficult for people to break in. That really unnerved her.

Yes, that bad.

Police leave for other agencies

90 Police and support staff laid off

No Fuel At Police and Fire Station Pumps

 The much touted Marshall Plan


What they did was bring in the US Marshals, arrest a bunch of people, and then turn them loose again.

How well it is working:

Trying to keep their head down.

Teen slain in neighborhood gunbattle that left bullets in houses, cars

 Assailants open fire on car; 3 struck

 One dead, three injured in separate overnight shootings in Stockton

 Girl, 17, shot while changing car tire

 Latino male shot, killed under I-5 at Eighth Street

 No fear from perpetrators, no pattern to year's killings

Police shoot, kill suspect following early morning, two-way chase on I-5

 Man killed in afternoon shooting in north Stockton

As the economy continues to falter, and the US Government prepares for civil unrest, things will only get worse.

Now some commenters on various news and social sites are openly calling for the US military to be deployed to the streets.

This is why you do not want to be in a city as this collapse accelerates.