Thursday, August 2, 2012

Give Us The Military!

I live near Stockton, California. Trust me, I ain't bragging.

I'm not sure how much the city has been in the news elsewhere beyond it going financially bankrupt.

Years Of Unraveling, Then Bankruptcy For A City

But it is ugly.

A couple of months back, I had to take the kid and the wife and travel to a Japanese Grocery Store located in Stockton. We needed some ingredients to make a dish that reflected one of the cultures in the kid's background. This for an end of school year potluck in one of her classes. The kid decided to make Anpan, an all purpose sweet. We didn't think Yellow Jacket Soup from the other side of the family would go over too well.

Anyways, as we were driving through one of the neighborhoods, Fel noticed that all the windows on the first floor of homes were boarded up. She initially thought them vacant until she noticed people sitting on the verandas of the second floor. She wondered why.

I told her it was to make it more difficult for people to break in. That really unnerved her.

Yes, that bad.

Police leave for other agencies

90 Police and support staff laid off

No Fuel At Police and Fire Station Pumps

 The much touted Marshall Plan


What they did was bring in the US Marshals, arrest a bunch of people, and then turn them loose again.

How well it is working:

Trying to keep their head down.

Teen slain in neighborhood gunbattle that left bullets in houses, cars

 Assailants open fire on car; 3 struck

 One dead, three injured in separate overnight shootings in Stockton

 Girl, 17, shot while changing car tire

 Latino male shot, killed under I-5 at Eighth Street

 No fear from perpetrators, no pattern to year's killings

Police shoot, kill suspect following early morning, two-way chase on I-5

 Man killed in afternoon shooting in north Stockton

As the economy continues to falter, and the US Government prepares for civil unrest, things will only get worse.

Now some commenters on various news and social sites are openly calling for the US military to be deployed to the streets.

This is why you do not want to be in a city as this collapse accelerates. 


HermitJim said...

Certainly leaves a lot of doors opened for the military and other unwanted guest.

Sad to say, there is more of this scenario coming, I fear! One more reason I want out of the big city!

Watch your 6, buddy!

Ken said...


...when y'all bugout, bugout this way...i'm learning the ozarks pretty good these days, plenty rural, no big cities, folks will still look after each other(and ya won't hafta cross the creek,shtf and the river will be a 'border'...knowwhutameen)

...keep yer heads on swivel Brother...

Randy said...

Your post is titled "Give Us The Military".

Are you serious? Shiite hasn't even begun yet and you want Martial Law already?

If you're serious, you might as well keep a few weeks of supplies and get rid of the rest. You'll be welcome at the "Relocation Centers". Or you can get busy finding a BOL.

Damn dude, I hope you're joking. I can empathize with your fear for your family but instead of caving, do something about it. I can also empathize that you may have a house or job you can't leave right now but I don't think you're prepping right if you think bringing in the GI's is going to fix things.

I've seen dozens of groups trying to form around your area and I don't even live in Kalifornica anymore. I did live up in Grass Valley and know there is a group up there as well. -go there, search the CA groups and you'll too see dozens of folks wanting to form. Just saw one in Auburn a few days ago.

I've been to Stockton, it was a shiithole then and that was 98, I can imagine how much worse it has gotten. Find a group, make a plan and get yer shiite together cause municipalities are going to start falling like flies.

Get Er Done Son.

Randy said...

Oh, the reason I mention these areas are Hwy 49 out of Oakdale is an excellent back road to BO on. I'm sure there is some areas near Sonoma that are nice too (lived there too)