By Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist

Gun lovers across America are concerned that Barack Obama's administration will take on the National Rifle Association and impose stiffer gun laws. Let's hope so.

Shop owners are reporting an upsurge in sale since Obama's election last Tuesday. Why?

Because many people fear that Obama and a Democratic-controlled Congress will try to stop them from buying assault rifles -- as if there's any reason in the world for a citizen to own such a thing.

And some Americans are worried that Congress will take away their rights to own three, four or more guns -- as if any American family truly needs that much firepower in their home.

Obama handily won the election, it should be noted, even with the NRA running extremely negative ads against him. That should tell you a little bit about the "power" of the NRA in our national elections.

Still, Obama hasn't yet made gun legislation one of his top priorities. He probably won't in the near future, either. He faces big obstacles in reviving the U.S. economy, which has tanked under an incompetent president, George Bush.

But gun haters across the nation can only hope that Obama eventually takes on the NRA and helps wipes out lax gun laws that have encouraged Americans to arm themselves to the teeth.