Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guns And You: The Cold Hard Truth

The Second Amendment of the Constitution of The United States says:

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" as ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson who then was then Secretary of State. (Young, David E., The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms, p.222.)

Notice that no where in the Second Amendment does it say anything about guns.

What it does say is arms. Arms are weapons.

Weapons are instruments of attack or defense which include, but are not limited to, guns.

Weapons include brass knuckles (illegal in many jurisdictions), swords (illegal in many jurisdictions), asps, truncheons, saps, batons, clubs, etc. (illegal in many jurisdictions), some walking sticks depending on configuration (illegal in some jurisdictions), and knives (can be illegal based upon design and length).

Private ownership of artillery with functional breach (this includes tanks and warships) intact is illegal. Ownership of such things as spent M72 LAW rocket tubes is illegal in many places.In fact, you can't own anything larger than .60 caliber except if you're willing to submit to a government rectal exam and pay for a privilege. A privilege that was your God given RIGHT!

Ownership of a training grenade or tracer ammunition in California can be prosecuted as a felony. (California Penal Code 12020). An empty grenade shell WITH A BIG HOLE in the bottom, combined with a spent fuse...less dangerous than the car in your driveway.....earns you some time in the Gray Bar Hotel.

In California if you have more than ONE pound of black powder or more than twenty pounds of smokeless powder, you get an "F" on your permanent record.

How about a "replica" firearm?

$10,000 fine here in the Golden State.

Living here, I think the Liberals have turned it into a damned "golden shower" state. (If you don't know what this is, and are offended by sexual deviancy, don't click the link - but, who knows? It's all good now. Even the Pope says pedophilia is okay).

So, it is obvious you can't keep arms. You certainly can't "bear" (open or concealed carry) arms in many places unless the state gives you permission to do so.

Do you get the picture?

Yeah, that's right. It hasn't just been infringed upon.

The Second Amendment is DAMNED NEAR GONE!

They've taken it away piece by damned piece while keeping most of the people distracted with talk about guns and hunting.

In fact, the Quislings that operated some of the "pro-gun" and "staunch defenders of the Second Amendment" groups out there remained silent, or even quietly abetted the stealing of your right to keep and bear arms. It kept the money flowing into their coffers from outraged gun owners while deflecting any attention on the true nature of their activities. In fact, it allowed them, along with pro slavery forces (yes, you will be a slave when you can't defend yourself - so let's be honest here. Anti-gun forces are pro-slavery forces. They want you to be a slave to the state. They want you to live on the biggest fucking plantation in the history of the world) to direct and shape the course of the debate.

Why do you think the NRA basically shut down their web presence after Connecticut?

Now you've nearly nothing left to defend yourself with.

You've been lied to. You've been sold out.

Many "real" (I'm rolling my eyes here) American cops and military say they won't participate in confiscation. Yet, we know this to be a lie. They went house to house after Katrina and after the tornado that ripped through Greensburg, Kansas.

They're hoping you'll stay a sedated, fat ass, beer swilling, sports junkie secure in the lie that the boys in blue and real American soldiers will defend you and your rights.

Seriously, we all talk about giving them the lead first when they come for our guns.

Are you really ready?

How many of "you" are there? One? Three? Eight in your household?

How many of these can effectively wield a weapon against a SWAT team of up to 42 members all armed with the weapons denied to you? Grenades, automatic weapons, APC's, etc. How about regular Army or Marines? Air Force and Navy special warfare teams?

The rumored foreign troops to take the place of balking US troops?

So, right now, they're playing nice. Playing on Mr. and Mrs. America's sympathy. Appealing to our good natures. Hoping that you will be swayed by the wall to wall and tree top tall twenty four hour coverage of a murderous rampage. Preying on your weakened and grief stricken state that you want to help stop this from ever happening again. Knowing that you aren't thinking straight. That you're malleable and you can be directed and praised for being such a "good citizen".

This rampage was conducted by someone who, forty years ago, would have been in a nice clean room with a box of crayons and cared for for life by your tax dollars. Instead people decided that it was cruel and inhumane to keep Liberal voters locked up where they wouldn't harm themselves and others and instead, they turned them loose. This screwball was evidently poorly supervised and consumed copious amounts of psychotropic drugs. Drugs more powerful than the cut down, low grade crap you can buy on the street.

But no, it wasn't the pharmaceutical companies, or the shitty government supposed to oversee the drug companies, the drugs themselves or the doctors. It wasn't the lack of supervision of this addled screwball. It wasn't misguided policies of well meaning, but absolutely stupid bleeding hearts placing poor souls like this into a world they are incapable of dealing with.

No. It was the weapon. The weapon did it. Numerous news articles invoke "soul searching" in their texts. Yeah, I've looked deep into my soul. Mine says the gun didn't do it. Mine says Liberal policies and a lazy society stupid enough to allow fools to pilot this ship of state did it.

Oh, the liberals plead, let's stop these senseless tragedies. Attempting to mold your thoughts and beliefs.

Turn in your guns and get a paltry few dollars and go buy some booze to help you forget about today. Maybe buy a piece of shit plastic gadget made in China by a slave labor force at an inflated price to put under your piece of shit made in China plastic Christmas Tree so the kids will have something to open on Christmas morning. All because your job is now in China or some illegal alien or H1B Visa holder under cut your wages by a third.

They're trying to shame retailers into not selling guns. Places like Cheaper Than Dirt, Walmart, Cabela's and  Dick's are caving into the mass hysteria following Connecticut.

Meanwhile sales of guns and ammo skyrocket.

Next will come the amnesty or grace period after guns are declared illegal. Turn them in and you won't be prosecuted. No, we're not going to pay you. You had that chance.

Shortly after that will come the door to door confiscation. Using the rolls of registered gun owners, gun owner and lobbyist groups, and customer loyalty cards from various retailers all nicely obtained by subpoena that indicate what you purchased - including the caliber of ammo - they will come.

3 AM your front door crashes open. Your dogs are shot. Maybe you, your wife or kids get it too. They've done it before. Don't think you're immune. You're a terrorist now as far as they're concerned.

The morning news may have a thirty second piece on how a raid was conducted on a home suspected of harboring terrorists and a weapons cache. Interviews with neighbors will be carefully edited to make sure that only approved propaganda is fed to the public. The police spokesperson will say that the wife and kids were killed in a murder suicide while they attempted to negotiate a surrender.

48 hours later, no one will even remember you.

Am I suggesting you lay down, roll over and give up?

Hell no.

You need to get smart and do what smaller and weaker nations have done throughout history when menaced by a larger hostile nations.

Form mutual aid pacts.


Hide things.

Maybe consider reporting your weapons stolen.

If it comes to this, and we find ourselves brothers in arms waging a guerrilla war against an almost limitless foe, then we shall indeed be blessed for each others company. 

At this point, you know there is no going back. You will be at war with the most powerful nation this world has ever seen. One that will field every available manned and unmanned asset in an effort to eradicate you. Drones will scour the land from the skies. Spiders will comb the web seeking any hint of your presence.

This will be the most difficult fight for Freedom ever.

Friday, September 14, 2012

They And Them: Part 2.5 *updated*

*Note: Something odd happened when this originally posted. One of the embeded links did not post, and some of the lines appeared blank or missing words. I've reposted and it seems to be fine*

One of the guys I work with reads this crazy blog. He asked me just who were the "money changers" and why did Jesus get so upset over the whole thing. Well, I figured maybe I ought to flesh out the story a bit.

Imagine if you went to church and found a Bank Of America branch in the foyer. And maybe a store like Spencers.  And everyone in the church, bank, and store was on the take. Sounds crazy doesn't it?

But that was sort of what happened to Jesus.

During certain festivals, thousands and thousands of Jews would travel from all over to meet there, make sacrifices, and receive blessings. The most common sacrifice was a pigeon. The Bible says it was a dove, but more than likely it was a pigeon.

Jesus arrived and found a Roman bank in the foyer. A crooked Roman bank along with other shops hawking gaudy trinkets.

Let's watch and listen in:

The Temple
A One Act Play
by Catman

Jesus arrives inside the temple, stands in the shadows, and witnesses the following exchange between a priest of the Temple and one of his fellow Jews.

Priest: (matter of fact) I'm sorry, sir. You can't bring that bird in here.

Man: (bewildered)  What? Why? I have to make my sacrifice. I've traveled days to get here!

Priest: (patient) Yes, sir I understand, but that bird is unclean.

Man: (aggravated)  What do you mean it is unclean? I just bought it in the market this morning! From the same merchant you did!

Priest [feigning shock] (chuckling): No, no, sir! You must be mistaken! We would never provide our visitors common pigeons unsuitable for The Lord! These are the finest pigeons direct from shores of the Wadi Tumilat in Egypt, former site of our captivity, where cooling breezes...

Man: (angrily insistent)  No, it was you! I know it was you! I was standing right behind you!

Priest: [smiling patiently, motions Temple guard over]

Guard: [guard approaches the two men, hand on sword hilt] (stern) Is there a problem here?

Man: (exasperated) Alright! Alright! How much for the bird?

Priest: [smiling broadly](pleased) Please step right over into that line there, and the gentleman will be glad to assist you.

*After a brief wait for several other patrons to finish their transactions.*

Man: (grumbling) One pigeon, please.

Vendor: (bored) That will be five sheckles.

Man: (shocked) FIVE!? I paid ONE in the market this morning!

Vendor: (mildly sympathetic) Buddy, I just work here. I don't make the rules.

Man: (irritated) Fine. Well, how much is that in Roman silver?

Vendor: (quietly fearful) Dude, what caravan did you just fall off? You can't pay with  Roman silver. The Temple doesn't accept Roman silver. Do you know how much trouble you can get into trying to pay for things here with Roman silver?

Man: (mournfully) All I have is Roman silver!

Vendor: (harsh whisper) Keep it down!

Vendor: [pointing to a neighboring table with a line stretching out the door, down the Temple steps and into the courtyard](indifferent) See that line? That's the bank. They'll exchange your Roman silver for Tyrian silver.  Make sure you get enough changed out to pay the priests their bri..., um, honorariums. They don't take Roman silver either.

Vendor: (conspiratorily) And make sure you buy some of that junk on the tables when you leave. The guards get a cut. They're watching.

Man: [starts to turn away dejectedly]

Vendor: [grabs man's arm](concerned) Did anyone tell you they charge a 45% exchange rate?

Jesus [strides to the center of the room, thumps His staff loudly on the floor and points at a group of Saduceen Priests who have just entered] (shouting excitedly) "My Temple will be called a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a den of thieves!"


Well.....the rest is history.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

They And Them: Part II

So, how do people get trained like a dog or a monkey?

It's actually relatively simple. A pattern is established. A routine. Over a period of time, a predictable behavior system of stimulus and response will emerge. This is called Classical Conditioning, or Pavlovian Conditioning (Pavlov's Dog).

If one does not achieve desired results with Classical Conditioning, then Operant Conditioning is resorted to. This is the reward and punishment system.

Discussions and arguments of Mankind's base nature have raged for centuries. Some opining that man is inherently Evil, and others that man is inherently Good. What most fail to realize is that they're not arguing about humans. What they're arguing about is a system. And that system is rigged by various conditioning mechanisms.

Need proof? Take a bunch of three year olds from various races, socio-economic levels, ethnicities and whatever division you want to add. Throw them on a playground. What happens when there is minimal supervision?  Now bear in mind that these kids have a fairly well developed sense of "self" and their wants and needs.  There's some squabbling and maybe some half-hearted mutual combat that may happen. Maybe someone is "mean" and the other kids don't want to play with him or her.

At the end of the day, how many corpses are you pulling off the playground?

Bear in mind three year old kids are quite capable of killing in defense of their resources.

What happens when you put that same bunch of three year old kids back on the playground the next day? How many grudges are held? Does what ever small scale physical violence that happened the previous day immediately resume? Is there escalation, an arms race e.g. baseball bats being swung with abandon and jump ropes used as flails? Is the "mean" kid more amenable to behaving well because they just don't want to be left out?

So, what separates those kids from adults?


Now to be quite frank, there are several differing accounts of Christ's activities, his trial and death. Some are radically different from what we see included in the New Testament. What is written below is based upon what is widely accepted by the modern Christian community as being true. It's just a different take on what modern Christians, and those familiar with modern Christianity, are conditioned to accept. So, please if you want to argue historical facts, and interpretations, lost writings, etc. This isn't the place. I just want people to look at what they've been conditioned to accept in a different light.

In Western Society, the Church reigned supreme for a very long time. The people who ran the Church had an agenda.

Now bear in mind that the Church came into being AFTER Christ was born and had been murdered. That's right. He didn't die. He was murdered.

You're always told He died. Most people confronted with an injustice, especially one as big as murder, start looking for the perpetrator. If the Good Book told you He had been murdered, as a result of a conspiracy, wouldn't you be pretty upset and look for the people responsible?

Well, like everything else, the people in charge have propagandized God's word and are using it to mislead you.

Christ had come to form a "New Covenant" as mankind had hopelessly failed at living up to God's instructions in the Old Testament. That's right kids, Big Daddy came to Earth and threw out the Old Rulebook and gave you a New Testament.

He NEVER married the two. It wasn't an addendum to a manual, a supplement to explain some difficult concept, or a tech bulletin to correct a mistake. He changed the rules.

So, why did the Church concentrate so heavily on the Old Testament? Why always drag up Leviticus? Why punish people based on a rule book that was voided by the Creator Himself?

Well, for the same reason Jesus was murdered. If you read Christ's words in the New Testament, how much Hellfire and Damnation is there? Aren't His words about tolerance, self discovery and forgiveness? If you don't believe me, go read what Jesus had to say. Don't read what people said He meant. Read His words and lean on your own understanding.

You can't control a population if you can't condition them or threaten them, now can you?

Jesus was a radical. He threatened a very cozy system that had a very few people at the top very wealthy and very influential. They didn't have to work in the fields, bake their bread, or weave their own garments. Other more common people did that for them because without those people at the top, the common people believed they would be punished by God. So they toiled and died in service to those who served as gatekeepers to the Almighty.

Who told the common people they would be punished by God?

Why, the people at the top. Convenient, isn't it?

The Pharisees, Saducees and Essenes didn't get along that well. They're mentioned quite a bit in the New Testament, but many don't realize that these groups were not just Jewish sects, but rival POLITICAL PARTIES. The Essenes were friendly to Jesus.

The Pharisees and Sanducess kind of ignored Jesus initially, until He went all kung-fu on the money changers in the Temple. The Temple also served as a Roman central bank, which was offensive to the Jews at the time. You read that Christ kicked the money changers out of the Temple, but some accounts have Him wielding a Staff like Bruce Lee and beating the tar out of those nasty bankers.  Go Baby Jesus!

Well, by now Jesus is starting to piss off a few people. The Temple stunt had strained relations between the Romans and their collaborators in the Jewish government. Telling people to sell their cloaks and buy swords alarmed the Romans and the Jewish Elite. Performing miracles with out the priests being present to exact a fee. Challenging the exalted place of the leaders of the Jews. Drawing attention to them as ineffectual and vain. He was seen with the most unsavory characters; the prostitutes, the beggars, the drunkards, the diseased and the insane. These people were examples of what GOD would do to you if you did not obey! How dare He redeem them?

The leadership was grumbling because more people were starting to listen to Him. People had been distracted by the posturings of the Hellenistic Saducees (wanted to adopt Greek thought and teaching), the Mosaic Pharisees (wanted to keep Jews Jewish) and the Essenes (dope smoking communal hippie Jews), mostly ignoring their Roman occupiers. After He cost the ruling class some serious dough by cutting off their Temple extortion scheme, well...something had to be done.

After an extensive campaign of propaganda, attempts to put Jesus at odds with the Roman authority directly (Render unto Caesar.....), bribery, a show trial, and leaving the Romans holding the bag for nailing Jesus to a tree, the Pharisees and Saducees went back to lining their pockets and controlling the people.

Several years later, in Rome....

A new King from Serbia, an a astute and shrewd student of Roman history, has taken notice of how effectively the Jews controlled their own population. Rome received its remuneration on time. The garrison forces weren't under constant attack like in other parts of the Empire. Oh, a war had happened because of the Zealots (another newer Jewish sect) and a minor rebellion followed. We had to punish them by knocking down the Temple, but all, in all the Saducees have done well in maintaining order and the flow of wealth. Some of the problems had been exacerbated by Pilate and others, but we exiled them. Maybe the Greek model of thought isn't so good. Sure people are compliant because they have plenty of food, drink, entertainment and sex...but it is expensive, and they aren't really controlled. They're more distracted.

This guy Jesus even did Rome a favor by telling the Jews to pay their taxes. Constantine thought, "Maybe I should learn more about this God of the Jews."

*hint - look at the reflection of American foreign policy, and American lifestyle, in the above two paragraphs and the apparent ascendancy of a very restrictive new (to America) religion called Islam. One that our very own little caesar is rumored to follow. I can't prove it. Just sayin'*

Watch for part III

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

They And Them: Part 1

Billy Bob asked who "they" are in response to Ghost Dance. The answer was in the post, but maybe it wasn't enough for Billy. I'll do my best to expound on what I have seen and learned. It is a good question, and has many answers. Or maybe just one answer hidden in layers.

For those of us who have watched for decades now the ebb and flow of the tides of society, people seem to fecklessly follow the trends instituted by unseen hands. Hemlines on women's skirts rise and fall, high necked blouses to casual peasant with ample decolletage displayed, their shoes go from chunky, staggering platform affairs to sleek and sexy stilettos. Men's suits favor wide and then narrow lapels, thick and then thin ties, their shoes move from wingtips to ankle boots. Hats fall in and out of favor for all, as do the riot of colors from somber earth tones to shocking pinks and ghastly greens. It is a predictable cycle of about twenty years.

Lord, please do not let the polyester jumpsuits of the 1970's EVER come back.

Some people buy new wardrobes at each change of season. Every year. Why? Did they get fat? Lose weight? Did the clothes suddenly make them ugly when they were fabulous 90 days ago?

Who decides for you what you are to wear?

For me, I've always worn jeans, safety boots, and T-shirts. My idea of being dressed up is wearing a shirt with a collar and jeans without holes or thin spots. If I'm feeling extravagant, it is black jeans, a nice shirt with buttons all the way up the front, a bolo tie, a western cut charcoal gray corduroy jacket, and cowboy boots. And maybe some Lagerfeld cologne.

Zero fashion sense. It isn't important to me.

I remember going to Radio Shack when I was in college for a job interview. I arrived in clean clothes. Nothing fancy. No suit. No tie. Just black slacks and a white shirt. Black shoes left over from my time in the Air Force ROTC in high school. The interviewer was an older guy and he started out by criticizing how I had chosen to arrive dressed for the interview. Maybe he thought he was helping me. I just thought he was an ass. I stood, thanked him and informed him I was in error for having believed that they were interested in someone who knew something about electronics.The door swung shut with a bang while he sputtered behind me outraged that anyone would walk out on Mr. Three Piece Suit.

Who made him think that the surface was the most important consideration? Didn't he ever hear the old adage, "Don't judge a book by its cover"?

I showed up dressed the same way at Fairchild Industries the next week and was hired on the spot.

What did they see that Mr. Three Piece Suit didn't?

How many of you have headed out to a night spot where there's a dress code? There's dozens of things that you can do that can be just as entertaining or even more so that don't demand you dress in a particular fashion. Those places need your money more than you need to be there. Yet, you obey them, dress and comport yourself in a certain way, and still have to pay them for the privilege of being allowed in, and then you have to spend even more for refreshments. Why?

Think about so many things that you do. Why do you do them? Why did anyone behave the way they did in the examples above?

People are trained. Just like a dog or a monkey.

Someone got to them and made them play a role. The trainers were so good at their job, most people didn't even notice they were being programmed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

When They Come For Me

When they come for me
Those who tread dressed in the black of night
Will they truly see?
Or are they blinded for lack of Light?
That though they husbands and fathers be
Can they not fathom that they are the same as me?

When they come for me
With warrant grasp'ed in shaking hand
Pounding for entry, praying to Thee
That I surrender, and having knelt that silver band
About my wrists, my heart truly wee
Can they not fathom that they are the same as me?

When they come for me
Are they fearful? Do they dread?
That long ago my Peace made with Thee
Knowing the price upon my head
Meeting them at the closed and bar'red door
Guns flashing with thun'drous roar

Smoke and fire
Lead and steel
The glint of a knife
A bullet's peal
Cries of mercy
Forgotten ire

Can they not fathom?
Do they not see?
They never were as good as me.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ghost Dance

The Ghost Dance is a ceremony to call upon the spirits of those who have passed beyond this world to assist in returning this land to the ways of before the coming of the Europeans. It spread across the nations of the native peoples of the Great Plains. It originated among the Paiute, and was enthusiastically supported by the Sioux.

The US Government viewed this simple activity as such a threat that they sent the 7th Cavalry, along with General Sherman, to Wounded Knee Creek. There an estimated 300 men, women, and children died. Mowed down by indiscriminate fire from cavalry and cannon.

The native peoples of the New World, for the most part, welcomed the European refugees who first landed upon the shores of a very foreign land. The immigrants were taught many skills by their new friends that allowed them to survive in a very different environment than they were used to.

Trade grew. Friendships formed. Marriages happened. Children were born.

And then something terrible happened.

The former Masters of the refugees followed them to the New World.

The Royal Houses of Europe, and their monied interests, saw much more here in this new land than just natural resources to be exploited. They saw freedom and the fruits of that freedom. They saw egalitarianism in its truest form. Liberty in its unadulterated state. And fraternity, the much sought after Brotherhood Of Man, coming to be.

It had to be stopped. If it wasn't, it would spread. A healing of Man's physical and spiritual natures would threaten their control. Their positions of power. The very nature of a reality they viewed as their due.

Using the ages old techniques of infiltration, vilification, and discrimination, they set up to divide and conquer. Calling upon the most base natures of predators, both physical and economic, that had been introduced into the New World, they set friend against friend. Neighbor against neighbor. Culture against culture. People against people. Imposing their systems upon a society, dram by dram, to fight against an ever changing enemy of the State.

First, it was Royal House against Royal House. Britain against France. France against Britain. Everyone against Spain. The Netherlands and Sweden losing out early on followed by Russia heading for the exit. The natives losing on all fronts, being promised everything by their questionable benefactors, but having very little delivered by their traitorous allies.

Then it was those who opposed unjust taxation.

Then it was anti-royalist colonists.

Then it was the "savages" who impeded westward expansion.











Always looking for someone to point the finger at. Someone to blame for artificially created societal woes or the "Maine". Pearl Harbor. Both Kennedys, The Gulf Of Tonkin. Ruby Ridge. Waco.

Oklahoma City.


Their fingerprints are everywhere. Their DNA left at every crime scene.

And their crimes continue today.

Each day, a new abuse is heaped upon us by them. Whether it be them spraying and filling our air with their chemtrails, the TSA testing your beverage, or impeding your right to travel, the numbering and monitoring of our children as though they were nothing more than a company asset, or being denied our right to assemble and voice our displeasure, that dram by dram effort to place you in a corral or on a reservation continues.

You can see that they've run out of straw men. They can no longer point to false enemies across oceans. Because they're there too. Occupying those lands and enslaving those peoples. Too much propaganda is dangerous because it is often contradictory. It is better to keep it simple. Easily believed, and less likely to be checked.

Now they have started calling you the enemy. If you grow your own food, you're an enemy. If you wore the uniform of this nation's armed forces, you're the enemy. If you reject their injections and indoctrinations, you are the enemy. If you don't heed the words of their collaborators in houses of worship, you are the enemy. If you have a video camera, you are the enemy. If you blog, Twitter or Facebook anything remotely critical of the State, you are the enemy. If you simply ask "why?", you are the enemy. If you want to preserve what the Creator has given us, Heirloom Seeds, crop diversity, sustainable agriculture, raw ARE the enemy. Division. Vilification. Discrimination.

They poison the food with genetically engineered crops. They taint the water with their toxins. They contaminate the land and the sea for their profit.

The animals die. The plants die. The climate changes. Vast areas of the oceans are dead zones with no life to be found.

Each day, a little more of the Earth dies. Huge holes open in the face of the Earth. Rot and cancer eating away at our home, our Mother.

And they blame you and want to take your wealth and the future of your children to pay for what they have done.


“When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds. This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words.”


“There will come a time when the earth is sick and the animals and plants begin to die. Then the Indians will regain their spirit and gather people of all nations, colors and beliefs to join together in the fight to save the Earth: The Rainbow Warriors.”

The time has come for us to forgive each other for the actions of those who came before us who were manipulated, or willingly engaged for profit, into committing atrocities against those whom we once considered "us". Part of our family. Part of our tribe. We must embrace all who love this place and call it Home. We must all be brothers and sisters in this struggle that remains to be won.

There needs to be a new "us". We're all Native Americans now. We've known no other home. We pledge allegiance to no foreign power or prince. We need to recognize that it is all of "us" against "them". "Them" being those who control the corporations, international banks, and seats of government.

We've all been dancing our Ghost Dance for some time now. We've all been wanting to take this nation back to the way it used to be. The way it was before the corrupt controlled our institutions and ran our lives. Everything that happened to the native peoples who once welcomed refugees fleeing a totalitarian state is now happening to us. We're slated to be rounded up and placed on reservations or slaughtered. The natives were given rotting food, soiled water, and disease infected blankets. We're forced to buy poisoned food, tainted water and pay for diseases being directly injected into us and our children under the color of law.

The State prepares its forces to bring a war to us while we dance on our blogs and forums asking for intercession, invoking our ancestors Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and others. What happened at Wounded Knee is poised to happen again.

This time at your front door.

Dance your Ghost Dance. Heed the prophecy. Put your faith in your actions. Do not put your faith in the words of others.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

When America Had Real Heroes: Neil Armstrong Aug. 5, 1930 - Aug. 25, 2012

God speed, Commander Armstrong. Thank you for giving this little boy a view of the stars.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

When The Chains Of Civilization Fall Away

I'd bend my principles to support something he (Jerry Weintraub) wanted of me. And of course every time you bend your principles – whether because you don't want to worry about it, or because you're afraid to stand up for fear of what you might lose – you sell your soul to the devil - John Denver [*download or listen to audio book by clicking link* Take Me Home: An Autobiography, John Denver and Arthur Tobier, Harmony Books, 1994.]


The woman behind the wheel of the SUV in the above video, Errika Shelton, has been described as a "habitual traffic offender" and the judge present at her bond hearing is quoted as saying, “I do consider you a danger to the community based on prior record like charges. Some of the narratives in the warrants lead disregard for safety of others. I will deny your bond at this time."

The woman's 7 year old daughter was ejected from the wreck after her mother lost control of the vehicle traveling in excess of 100 MPH. Ms. Shelton was being pursued by a Spartanburg, South Carolina Sheriffs deputy on Interstate 85. The daughter died of traumatic brain injuries.

Ms. Shelton has been charged with failing to stop for a blue light involving death, unlawful neglect of a child, third offense driving under suspension, reckless driving, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and habitual traffic offender.

Civilization has rules. Some are codified into law and others, like a handshake, are conventions built over time that allow people to determine the intentions of others. Some allow people to determine their positions within societal groupings. Other conventions become traditions that emphasize a common bond between separate family groups and even more widely scattered groups. The Christmas Tree is an example, even though it is derived from Pagan celebrations, it is a cherished symbol in most all of the various Christian faiths.

Some people live within our society and refuse to respect our laws, our rules, and our traditions. We've been browbeaten into accepting this under the guise of "tolerance". Take a look at what "tolerance" has done to our nation.

Our Founding Fathers were tolerant. When they crafted the laws and rules that were to guide this new country, they left room for everyone to come here and be who and what they wished to be.The understanding was that this extended to everyone. As long as one's rights did not infringe upon another's rights, the balance in society would be maintained.

Now, everyone in this land who claims to be something other than an "American" has more rights and more protections than "Americans". A violent religion has more standing than peaceful ones. Criminals act with impunity and occupy corporate offices and even the highest government offices in the land. Foreign nationals lay claim to our sovereignty and territory.

And this is while the "rules" are still in place.

What happens when the "rules" are no longer there? 

The rules have not constrained them. The rules have constrained us.

There's gonna be Hell to pay.

Monday, August 6, 2012

SHADE: The Motion Picture

Website: SHADE

Sikh Temple Shooting: Weird Event

Another tragedy befalls innocent people doing nothing other than practicing their faith. I know quite a few Sikhs. They're like anyone else. Most are fabulous people. A few are ***holes. Sounds familiar, right?

Details are emerging regarding the alleged shooter.

According to most conspiracy theorists, successful  assassins, or mass murderers seem to usually have three names.

Wade Michael Page.

Homeland Security has been trying to paint returning military vets and gun owners as potentially security or terrorist threats:

Allegedly a37F "psychological operations specialist", Wade Page was less than honorably discharged from the US Army. 37Fs are people tasked with delivering the right message at the right time to a target population.

What message is being delivered?

The Batman shooting has raised more questions than there are answers. People are all over the discrepancies in various reports from eye-witnesses and authorities. The logistical and financial aspects of case are also troubling.

Rather than the Colorado incident having its possible intended effect, calls for more regulation of firearms and ammunition have gone unheeded. In fact, sales of weapons and ammunition have skyrocketed in the wake of the shooting.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has attempted to keep alive the specter of "racism" by promoting hatred. Their continued efforts to draw divisions between Americans is disheartening to say the least.

Wade Page was apparently affiliated with various White Power organizations and was apparently affiliated with two known white power bands, Definite Hate and End Apathy. This according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Interesting to note that "White Power", White Pride" are often shortened to "WP", the same initials as the shooter.

Why would a trained Army Veteran walk into a church with a single semi-automatic handgun? Why would he engage a police officer and shoot him 7 or 8 times, but not kill him? Is this similar to the Colorado shooter simply surrendering to the police following the  attack inside the theater?

Something is weird.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Give Us The Military!

I live near Stockton, California. Trust me, I ain't bragging.

I'm not sure how much the city has been in the news elsewhere beyond it going financially bankrupt.

Years Of Unraveling, Then Bankruptcy For A City

But it is ugly.

A couple of months back, I had to take the kid and the wife and travel to a Japanese Grocery Store located in Stockton. We needed some ingredients to make a dish that reflected one of the cultures in the kid's background. This for an end of school year potluck in one of her classes. The kid decided to make Anpan, an all purpose sweet. We didn't think Yellow Jacket Soup from the other side of the family would go over too well.

Anyways, as we were driving through one of the neighborhoods, Fel noticed that all the windows on the first floor of homes were boarded up. She initially thought them vacant until she noticed people sitting on the verandas of the second floor. She wondered why.

I told her it was to make it more difficult for people to break in. That really unnerved her.

Yes, that bad.

Police leave for other agencies

90 Police and support staff laid off

No Fuel At Police and Fire Station Pumps

 The much touted Marshall Plan


What they did was bring in the US Marshals, arrest a bunch of people, and then turn them loose again.

How well it is working:

Trying to keep their head down.

Teen slain in neighborhood gunbattle that left bullets in houses, cars

 Assailants open fire on car; 3 struck

 One dead, three injured in separate overnight shootings in Stockton

 Girl, 17, shot while changing car tire

 Latino male shot, killed under I-5 at Eighth Street

 No fear from perpetrators, no pattern to year's killings

Police shoot, kill suspect following early morning, two-way chase on I-5

 Man killed in afternoon shooting in north Stockton

As the economy continues to falter, and the US Government prepares for civil unrest, things will only get worse.

Now some commenters on various news and social sites are openly calling for the US military to be deployed to the streets.

This is why you do not want to be in a city as this collapse accelerates. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thicker and Darker

I had to build a new PC as the motherboard in my old one died. Of course, it was a used motherboard when I got it, and it lasted about 6 years, so I'm not complaining too loud. Especially since I had left the case open and one of the cats decided to pee on the motherboard a couple of years back. Yeah, cleaning cat urine out of a PC isn't fun. It freaked my neighbor out because I stripped the drives and power supply out and took the rest outside and used a hose to flush it out.

He couldn't believe I was hosing out a computer. Afterwards, I disassembled the remainder, took the motherboard and other cards and put them in a plastic bucket one at a time and rinsed them out with denatured alcohol. Dried the case out with a rag, and put all the pieces in the sun to completely dry.

Reassembled, and turned it on.

Don't laugh, many electronic devices get sent through something that looks like a dishwasher when they're cleaned. The water is de-ionized and has no dissolved solids, and thus is not a conductor.

If anything electronic gets wet, turn it off and remove the batteries or disconnect the power source. If you can disassemble it, take it apart and rinse it out with denatured alcohol. It's found at paint and hardware stores by the quart, gallon, or 5 gallon cans. Set it aside to dry. The kid's iPod took a bath, and it was saved this way.

The bonus is you can save the used alcohol (a little water won't hurt) for cooking fuel if you ever need to. Don't save it if it has cat urine in it though.

I looked around and found Intel D945GNT boards are available still, but I couldn't wait for a direct replacement.

So, new ASUS board and re-install all the software on a blank drive. Now I'm moving stuff from the old system drive over so I have everything I need at my finger tips.

There's a couple of things that I found that might be of use to you in my re-engineering of my system. One, if you're a fan of Coast To Coast AM and a Streamlink subscriber, apparently the old Coast To Coast AM Media Center is no longer available. I found people in various forums looking for a copy, so if you want it, it can be found here:

I don't like iTunes, and this utility directly downloads the day's show as soon as it is available into a directory you choose. You'll need to have your user name and password handy when you install.

Two, I found that Firefox has an add-on that directly plugs a proxy server into your browser. It is easy to enable and disable as you need. There's two flavors, pay and free. I've found the free version quite adequate for what I do when I need some privacy and also a phony European IP address. There are sites that check your IP, and if you have an American IP, you're automatically blocked.

Check out: AnonymoX

When it comes to our Second Amendment, it seems that storm clouds are becoming ever thicker and darker on the horizon.One of the conservative justices sitting on the Supreme Court came out and said that guns may be regulated. Justice Scalia has been roundly attacked for even suggesting such a thing, but I'm going to push your thinking in another direction.

Justice Scalia is probably not in favor of what he has "suggested". I think he's poking the more conservative and libertarian minded individuals and trying to get them to awaken to what a very real threat is still posed to the Constitution and every American's rights and liberties. 

We also have to realize we're the kind of people that will get in a knock down, drag out fist fight in a street. After the fight, we'd offer the other guy a hand up and go have a drink with him. Our attitude towards our enemies throughout history shows this. Germany, Japan, even Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think he's saying, "You think you beat the UN Small Arms Treaty. You think with all the gun sales and people getting wise to the government that all this nonsense is going away and the anti-gun forces will admit that they're wrong. You think tomorrow is going to be a better day. I know you're wrong."

The other side in this fight are like termites. They never rest. They're eating out the substance of our nation and leaving a shell. A shell that will collapse once enough of the structure is gone.

He may be laying out for everyone to see the potential road map that the forces who would disarm us are planning to take. It would be imprudent for him to take what could be seen as an overtly political stance as evidenced in this interview with Fox.

From the Government Executive website: "Scalia, a septuagenarian, said he had given no thought to retiring. "My wife doesn't want me hanging around the house," he joked. But he did say he would try to time his retirement from the court so that a justice of similar conservative sentiments would take his place, presumably as the appointee of a Republican president. "Of course I would not like to be replaced by somebody who sets out immediately to undo" what he has spent decades trying to achieve, the justice said."

He is wise enough to understand that people don't live forever, and it sounds like he plans on staying on the court until someone similar to him can be appointed, but given the previous acts (Vince Foster, Ron Brown, etc) of the forces arrayed against free Americans, it might be a good idea to keep watching closely.

Already the anti-gun crowd is trying to seize even the smallest of crumbs in order to build their loaf of bread. Three Simple Steps are being pushed towards Obama and his crowd.

Speaking of the acts of the forces of evil, did you see this?

Read more here

Second Gas Mask found at the scene of Colorado Theater Shooting

This fight over small arms isn't over. The UN is just changing the name. The important bits will get buried in other treaties, and the Fools on The Hill will pass them and congratulate themselves they've put another nail into the coffin of the drug trade or human trafficking. Just wait, there will be something in there about magazines or parts. Another will have something about transfers. Bits and pieces. Little chunks. A termite sized bite.

Keeping computers and the internet safe means no high capacity magazines.

You know the drill.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kidnap Your Friend

I was thinking of some of the stupid things we used to do in high school today, and laughing about them. The thirty year reunion is this fall, and one of the few people I've remained in contact with asked if I planned on going.

I need to write her a letter. She still writes letters. She doesn't like e-mail.

I've thought about it, but in reality I don't know if I belong there. In the few years between my junior year in high school and the end of college in 1985, kids I had grown up with got married, and quite a few of them died.One was a suicide with a shotgun after his chance at playing pro football evaporated. Some of the kids I knew wound up in the justice system. Eric, the son of a California Highway Patrol officer, is serving life without the possibility of parole in San Quentin for a murder that happened when a drug deal went bad.

Back in the early 90's I had returned to my hometown for a wedding rehearsal. I stopped at the Texaco station next to the Denny's and McDonald's restaurants, fixtures on the main drag since I could remember. Working the register was a guy who was one of our high school's star athletes.

"Hey, man. I haven't seen you around in a long time. What are you doing these days?"

"Yeah", I said. "College and all. I'm an engineer for an electronics company. I'm just in town for a wedding. How about you? What are you doing?"

He kind of looked around and gestured expansively with his arms at the dingy, pale gray office and just said, "This."

Yeah, "this". Girls, parties, being part of the BP, "beautiful people", clique to being a gas station attendant.

Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" is echoing in my head right now.

I never had much in common with most of my classmates. I suspect that is probably even more true today.

But that doesn't change some of the things we did.

One was called KAOS. Killing As Organized Sport.

Everyone who wanted to play signed up. Most of the time you only knew another player if one of your friends signed up. You had absolutely no idea who in the entire student body was playing. Even some of the teachers played.

The person who handled the signups would throw everyone's sign up slip into a bucket. And a name would be drawn. The first name was the first target. The second name drawn would get a contract to rub out the first name drawn. The third name drawn would get a contract on the second, and on it went until the last name was drawn. The first name would be assigned the last name drawn as a target.

The person running the game would hand out the targets as they saw you around campus, or slip them into your locker. On the paper would be the date the game began.

As people were knocked off, the successful assassin would be assigned the target of the person whom they had knocked off. Each time you knocked someone off, they had to surrender their contract and you'd take it to whomever was running the game. They'd take the dead player off the roll and record your new target.

The object was to be the last one alive.

You could knife your target using a rubber or cardboard knife. You could shoot your target using a Star Trek Disc Gun, a rubber band gun, or these spring loaded pistols that fired rubber pellets. I can't remember what they were called, but they were around long before Airsoft guns. It had to fire a projectile, and you had to hit your target.

You could also bomb your target using an (had to be realistic looking) improvised explosive. Big Ben alarm clocks, electrical tape, and road flares were a hot commodity when these games were on. Practice grenades were also popular.

The rules were simple. At least two witnesses to confirm you had eliminated your mark, and no more than three could be present. If your mark became aware of your intentions and shot or knifed you first, he or she took your contract to the game leader and the next person who brought in a successful contract completion would receive you as a target, and you would get whomever they had acquired from their previous mark. Yes, that meant you had two targets to deal with.

Can you imagine the absolute pandemonium in a high school today if someone revived this game? Someone opens their locker to find a ticking clock attached to road flares. LOL!

The game was brutal. It led to the end of some romances as girlfriends killed boyfriends and vice versa. Kids were detained by police because they got caught on people's roof tops at night attempting to drop "bombs" down chimneys. The wives and husbands of some of the teachers accepted delivered "flowers" only to find a bunch of road flares and that ticking clock. Needless to say, some people just could not see the humor in it all.

One of the oddest games was called "Kidnap".

Sometimes you just got grabbed off the street, but most often someone would call the parents of the target ahead of time and inform them of the plan and make sure it was okay. Or they would just inform the parents when they arrived at the door. Some didn't like it and didn't go along. Many others laughed and joined in.

They'd call the kid down and tell them that one of their friends was waiting on the front porch. The kid would step outside to be greeted by four or five kids wearing pillow cases with eye holes cut into them. A burlap sack was dropped over the victim's head and they'd get rolled up in an old rug and put into the back of a van, pickup or station wagon.

This wasn't a consensual game. If you were good, the victim had no idea who had bagged them or where they were being taken. They would fight like hell.

I know. I fought like hell. I still don't know who bagged me. I know at least one was female. She screamed when I elbowed her breast.

The rules were simple. If you were the kidnappers, you couldn't permanently bind a person or put them in a situation where they could be injured or killed. No weapons or threats could be used. You couldn't target someone who was injured (wearing a cast, etc) or handicapped. You couldn't drop them in a location more than 10 miles (as the crow flies) from the point where you abducted them. There had to be at least one hour of daylight left, and it could not be inclement weather. You had to leave them with five dollars in quarters for payphones, etc. and a canteen of water. After dumping the victim, you had to inform someone at their home where they could be found.

They dropped me out of the pickup, and by the time I unrolled myself out of the carpet, they were gone. Around me was a valley with a few cattle. Through the rapidly gathering gloom of night, I made my way to the top of the taller of the two hills and took a look around. Enough landmarks were recognizable to pick a route home. I walked home and didn't get home until about 11:00 PM. They had bagged me at about 7:00 PM. I was pissed. A total waste of a Friday night, but I got $5.00 and a nice canteen out of the deal.

I mention this because it occurred to me that if you're a member of a group, this might be a great way to teach people self defense and dead reckoning skills. Just make sure everyone knows what's going on before you do it. Might be a good idea to make it consensual as well.

Things aren't what they used to be thirty years ago.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Revolt Every Day

In response to yesterday's post, one Curt S commented, "Seems to me it is high time for not just the service person being old he is not welcome....but for all the rest of us who are citizens of the U.S. to tell those foreigners to get the hell out of this country. High time for us to get rid of this "politically correct" bullshit also."

In turn, I responded to Curt, " I'm all for people coming here and becoming an American, legally. If they come here and can't seem to do it legally, or leave the filth of their homeland behind, I'm with you.

They should go back home.

The only way the PC BS is going to end is by people like us staging a revolution every single day.

It's the small things like not shopping at stores, especially at convenience stores and liquor stores, that fly flags other than Old Glory.

Or tolerating rude and uncivil behavior. I can't tell you how many places I've walked into and the fool behind the counter is jabbering on the phone in some foreign language, doesn't have the courtesy to greet me, get off the phone, or even ask the person on the other end to hold. He just rings me up and shoves his hand out to me. I just walk out.

If they take whatever I'm going to purchase and they move it to where I know I'm going to have reach across the counter to retrieve it at the conclusion of the transaction, same thing, I walk out.

The thing is to be intolerant of their behavior. Don't just accept it. Stage a revolt every day

There are gas stations and shops owned, operated and staffed by immigrants that I no longer patronize, and people I just plain will not help. If we continue to funnel our money into these enterprises and individual's pockets, nothing will change. If we keep kowtowing and extending ourselves, they'll think that nothing is wrong. What's worse, they'll think they're right.

If you've ever shopped at Costco, you know they want to see your receipt when you leave. That's fine. It's a club store and you agree to the rules when you sign up. It's irksome, but you agreed. There's an electronics store here in California famous for its plethora of useless immigrant employees. It is a store open to the public, not a club store. One day this guy from somewhere over there around Pakistan, India, or Baluchistan for all I know demands to see my receipt as I'm leaving. I said "No" and kept on going. He chased me into the parking lot and was screaming at me.

He grabbed my arm.

Other employees had followed him. There were two guys who were obviously Loss Prevention who had come out into the lot and were about ten feet from me. I looked at the guy who had my arm and in a dead calm told him he was about to lose his hand.

I looked at the two guys from LP and said, "This man has assaulted me. If he persists, I will defend myself, and place him under citizens arrest. If either of you interfere, I will sue not only the store, but each of you individually." By now there's a crowd of people. "You have one chance to call off your pet monkey, and have him offer an apology." They look at me for a few seconds and one guy says, "Naresh, come here." Naresh is stuttering "But, but, but..." The guy who spoke motions with his head for Naresh to come once more. Naresh goes over and they talk briefly. Naresh turns and says, "I'm sorry. I was mistaken."

I don't shop there anymore.

There's a gas station I used to stop at every day and fuel my company truck. I'd buy at minimum 100 gallons of fuel from this independent guy every week. He knew what I did for a living. He told me his digital video recorder and CCTV cameras were not working and asked if I could look at them for him. I looked at the clock, and was about 30 minutes ahead of schedule and told him sure. Well, it took about almost two hours and a bunch of band-aids, but I got the aging system back up. It had a failing hard drive (bad sectors) that I used SpinRite to repair. A video dongle (similar to this) that had broken internal cabling which I splinted to temporarily repair, and a distinct odor of singed electronics that I couldn't definitively locate the source of.

I told the guy that the repairs were temporary, and I couldn't tell him how long it would last. I explained what was wrong and I think he understood me. He was from one of the countries in Southeast Asia. I gave him a card with the local sales guy's name and number and told him to call. I called the sales guy and gave him a heads up and said this guy just needed a mid range 16 channel DVR, and not to soak him for every penny.

Never gave it another thought. About a month later this guy tells me his DVR isn't working again. I asked him if he had called and talked to the sales guy. "No". A big sigh on my part, I wander back there and he tells me he turned it on and off and on and off but the picture never came back. Well, it's off when I get back there. I turn it on, and after it boots, there's video. I told him the system is breaking down and it needs to be replaced and there's a point where it won't be able to be repaired. He said he'd call the sales guy.

Two days later he says that his system is down again.The guy gets agitated when I tell him that the repairs were temporary and that it needs to be replaced. He is insistent that I fix it again. "You fix! You fix!" I go to the back room. Its powered up. Open up the case, and wow is it hot. Shut the thing down and check the fans. None seem to be bad. Took the fan off his desk and pointed it into the open case and turned the fan on full. Waited about 10 minutes and rebooted it. Picture is back and it is recording video. I told him, "Last time. Next time it fails, chances are it can't be fixed." I told him the thing is getting hot and a component or maybe more are failing when it gets hot. Leave the case open and the fan on and call the sales guy.

A few weeks later, there's a marked car and two unmarked cars in the lot. The old man that worked part time in the morning is there. No sign of the owner. "What happened?", I ask. "We got robbed. Two guys jumped XXXX when he got here this morning."

"Video?" He just shakes his head.

If the owner had paid for the time I spent working on his equipment, which he didn't, it would have covered the cost of a older model, factory refurbished, mid range DVR.

I left and have never been back.

I used to stop at this liquor store every afternoon. I don't anymore. The girl at the counter was always wearing La Raza T-shirts. Anybody who displays anything that is contrary to this nation and its traditions, loses my business period.

A woman approached me in a parking lot and started jabbering at me in Spanish. I looked at her and said "Wakarimasen". She looked at me and said, "What?" I was actually kind of taken aback that her response was in English.

"You don't speak Japanese?"

"No", she said.

"Then what makes you think I speak Spanish?"

She just stood there with a kind of stupefied look on her face. I don't know if she came to some kind of realization, or if she was just shocked that a gringo would speak to her that way. After all, I'm sure she considers this land her stolen mythical Aztlan.

Well, to be frank, I do speak some Spanish. I'm far from fluent and if someone comes up to me and tries to speak English, I'll work with them. If they just assume that I'm going to speak Spanish, they get "Wakarimasen" and sometimes a maniacal laugh as I walk away.

I understand it isn't always the fault of the immigrant. I'm aware that in their country and culture, their displayed behavior may be acceptable, or even be the norm, but here it isn't. The bleeding hearts and liberal do-gooders drop these people into a society for which they are often ill prepared and side with them when they run afoul of the standards of American society.  We're told we have to be understanding and tolerant.

I look around at what a cesspool this place has become. Was it me? No, pretty sure I've done everything they told me to do even when it went against what I thought is right. Was it you? Probably not. You probably did the same thing as I.

So where does the blame go? Maybe this broken system run by people with absolutely no common sense? Probably not the system. It wasn't broken until the stupid people started running things.

How do you get the stupid people out of power? Revolt. Everyday.

Take the time to find businesses that value you as a customer and treat you like a human being. I know it can be difficult. Stop listening to that old adage, "Time is money." That's the damn bankers talking. If you're not being worked like a rented mule, they ain't making money. Who cares if they don't make money. Slow down. Make things work for you, not them.

Don't stop at the first gas station off the highway run by somebody probably taking your cash and sending it overseas while putting their elderly parents (who probably never worked a day in this country) on public support systems that you pay for. Their prices are probably thirty cents a gallon higher than one further off the highway.

With smart phones and GPS, finding gas stations isn't like hunting for a needle in a haystack anymore. Who knows? You might actually find it is owned by a real American who will be really happy to see you, and not just your wallet.

If you go into a business, and you don't like it or the people there. Leave. It's your money. You have a right to spend it where you wish. They don't have a right to it, and IT IS OKAY TO DISCRIMINATE!

You heard me. That's coming from a half-breed, too.

How many of you will never buy or drive a Ford? Or a Chevy? Or a Toyota? Guess what? You're discriminating. It is okay. Don't listen to the damn liberals. Don't let them make you feel guilty because you discriminate. Feel good about yourself because you're free to choose and you're exercising that right.

That's revolutionary! The freedom to choose.



The July 4th Question: 236 Years After The First Revolution Is It Time For A Second?

July 4th Question, Part II: The Case Against Violent Revolt

July 4th Question, Part III: Americans Revolt Billions of Times a Day

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another US Service Member Denied Service At Gas Station

Last month, in Bogalusa Lousiana, one Christopher Carnagie witnessed a US military member being told by the clerk at a truck stop that they "don't serve his kind" and being pointed to the door.

Links to the original story:

Social Media Causes A Stir

Bogalusa gas station at center of protest

Gates of Vienna: Big Trouble In Bogalusa (opinion, news story and video)

Apparently, the same thing has happened in Modesto, California not far from where I live.

According to a posting on Facebook:

If you're wondering what AMR is, I'm going to assume it is American Medical Response, a fixture here in this area of the Central Valley. Well, if I was with AMR, I'd be taking my time responding at any emergencies at this site involving the staff or owners. Thank God the company I work for is no longer partnered with Chevron, otherwise I'd have a hard time going to work on their equipment. As it is, I buy on average 100 gallons of fuel from Chevron each week. I guess I should say, "I used to". Good thing the company fuel card works at just about any fuel station, including those at Safeway (chain grocery store).

On Facebook, Mojo Roberts is stating that a protest is already under way.

The protest already has a Facebook page. And some fools have already jumped into the fray, so if you're up for some verbal sparring, there's some juicy targets.


Local news has picked up the story. FOX 40 KTXL Sacramento

Mr. President

Kim Dotcom (Schmitz), MegaUpload, has a catchy tune out slamming the established system.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Difference Between Us And Them


An asinine analysis unworthy of a kindergarten debate team. Really? You Mr. Kim, with a straight face, are going to compare a city in a COMIC BOOK to the real world, and then even before you make the statement, you distance yourself from it? I have news for you, there is no such thing as "just and unjust violence". There is only violence. Violence is a last resort for any civilized person. A path taken only when one is forced upon it. Only the fool or the tyrant needs to justify violence. What an empty-headed and shallow commentary. If you're going to go there, why not compare the character Bane to the Occupy Wall Street movement, where the "liberators" become the oppressors? What's next? Can Superman beat up Spider-Man?


Someone who understand the issue.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

There's A Storm Coming

My daughter, her best friend, and I saw the Dark Trilogy beginning at 1800 hrs on Thursday. It ran until 0300 hrs on Friday. There's something to be said for watching a trilogy of movies back to back on the big screen. We didn't learn until later on Friday the tragedy that befell Aurora, Colorado. I had in mind to write about this incident shortly after it happened, but refrained. Something was wrong with the limited picture the media had begun to paint as well as the convenient timing of the attack.

ABC immediately jumped to linking the shooter to the Tea Party

ABC looked extremely foolish, and suffered a blow to their already below the waterline credibility when they were forced to admit they were (again) in error. Holmes has since allegedly been documented to be a member of the Occupy Movement by a private investigator named Bill Warner. It should be noted that Bill Warner is a confidential informant, also known as a snitch, (stated on his homepage) and a member of the FBI's Infragard, similar to the Nazi SiPo. Sometimes snitches tell the truth, sometimes they don't. It all depends on who is listening and what they want to hear. Whose agenda is being served?

Much of the media and the Left immediately painted Jared Loughner, the Times Square Bomber,and Joseph Stack following their attacks as members of the Tea Party without any evidence to show affiliation. When called on the lack of evidence, the media without hesitation shifted into correlating these individual's actions, thoughts, and behaviors with the Tea Party's political platform without really retracting their baseless accusations. Essentially, painting Tea Party members guilty by association. Even after Loughner, Faisal Shahzad (Times Square Bomber) and Stack were shown to be Democrats.

At the time, the Tea Party had started to galvanize a grass roots opposition to the established corporate governmental system. It, along with Ron Paul and other Patriot groups, proved to be a very real threat against the established order.

Since then, we've witnessed the Republican Party (one half of the established corporate government ) successfully co-opting the Tea Party. Unfortunately, we've also witnessed the retreat of Ron Paul in favor of the Used Car Salesman, Mitt Romney.

It would appear that any real chance of peaceful change of our government and its policies in 2012 have been thwarted.

Additional information regarding the shootings in Colorado have revealed the possibility of an accomplice according to the story running on CNN.

(note: if there isn't video above this line, blogger deleted it. I've had to re-insert this video six times)

Although Perez Hilton ( a paragon of media virtue ) is reporting that there is no second suspect. Stated in Hilton's article, according to an anonymous police spokesperson:

"There are multiple unconfirmed and inaccurate news reports about a second suspect. In regards to those reports: An associate of Holmes was interviewed this evening. There is no reason to believe that he is involved. Further details of this investigation will not be released at this time."

What? The cops only talked to one person who knew this whack job?

I find this eerily similar to the story of a  "sharp dressed man" who managed to load a bomb laden Sudanese man onto Northwest Airlines Flight 253 back in 2009. Initially, all reports of this "sharp dressed man" were dismissed by the authorities even though eyewitnesses, including an attorney Kurt Haskell, were adamant that this was factual. If you're unaware, a second suspect was detained following the evacuation of the plane. The United States' State Department and CIA were implicated during a House Hearing in the attempted bombing, but everything was basically whitewashed by a Senate Hearing and report.

One of Obama's pet projects, the United Nation's Law Of The Sea Treaty, died  a few days ago. The treaty would have essentially placed vast swaths of United States coastal areas under the control of the United Nations. Once under UN control, Americans would be on the hook for untold amounts of money that would have to have been paid to the UN to access our own territory and resources. International waters, which are governed by centuries old codes and laws, would have come under UN control essentially allowing them to control all trade traveling via the world's oceans. Moreover, other nations, not friendly to us, would have been able to dictate our own internal policies through litigation overseen by the UN.

Granting the United Nations an income stream is paramount to its becoming a true world power. At this point, the UN is a polyglot of corrupt individuals scamming each other and making off with what little they can loot from member countries. If they ever have the power to TAX, they will have an unlimited access to wealth, and with that income, they can - and will - raise a mercenary army the likes the world has never seen. That threat of force coupled with the ability to abrogate any country's laws and dictate any terms, would make them a de facto world government. One which no one, and I mean no one, not a single country, company, or individual, would have recourse to air grievances or make appeals to. And not a single champion in sight to take up the cause to slay the Beast and restore freedom.

The United Nations is the penultimate form of Evil, only outdone by Satan himself. Corruption and incompetence are synonymous with this bloated bureaucracy. Allowing it to gut our nation and its laws must be prevented by any means. If you thought allowing the fools on Wall Street to direct the course of this nation is bad, wait until the UN comes to town.

And the UN is coming. The last opportunity for the UN to gain control of the laws of The United States, and dictate terms to the American people in the near future is coming in a few days. On July 27th, the UN Small Arms Treaty comes up for a vote. Initially opposed by G.W. Bush, Obama and Hillary Clinton have overturned the stated position of opposition and are now working to see that this treaty is ratified and becomes law in the United States.

Although arguments run rampant on whether or not the treaty will impact the Second Amendment and private ownership of firearms in the United States, one knows from experience that once government has an inch, it will take the next ten miles. Pelosi, Obama, Feinstein, and myriad other elected an un-elected officials are on record that they are opposed to the private ownership of firearms. They will use the Supremacy Clause to replace American law. Once the door is open a crack, they will re-interpret this treaty to mean exactly what they want it to. Remember, one infamous President argued over the meaning of the word, "is". Also recall, politicians also like to pick and choose which laws they like to follow, and many are openly ignoring the "Dick Act"

Initially, it looked as though the treaty was doomed to failure, but according to at least one source a poll was taken in the wake of the Colorado shooting, and the Senate vote is now 2 votes shy of having the necessary numbers for ratification. 

We've seen Obama in action. The Fast And Furious Scandal leads directly to him. Its obvious goal was to undermine the Second Amendment Of The United States. Hundreds, if not possibly thousands, of innocent people in Mexico paid with their lives to enable the seizure of American's arms. People tasked with the protection of our borders died as well. Their families left with questions that will undoubtedly go unanswered for eternity.

Remember back in 2011, Obama's cryptic comment "We're working on Gun Control under the radar"? Read Chuck Norris' take on the subject. Does this mean Obama also has inside knowledge on a possible false flag? Months of work and thousands of dollars spent by an unemployed college student obtaining materials. Sounds like he had some help to me. On may 17th, the FBI warned of possible "terrorist" attacks on theaters. See a complete list of associated stories and docs over at Live Leak.

We have FEMA camps, the TSA on the roads interdicting free travel, foreign troops on our soil, the majority of American fighting forces deployed overseas, the militarization of local police forces, the seizure of infrastructure by executive order, US forces (including police) trained to seize privately held weapons, drones flying in American airspace. Restrictions on so many activities and products due to "terrorism", and not a single "terrorist" attack that can't be linked in some way to the US government, its activities, or the Left side of the political spectrum. That includes Ted Kaczynski.

That begs the question, why are "they" so desperate to take the guns out of our hands?

We are a threat. 

We are a threat because we are the embodiment of freedom. We don't yield. We don't bow down. We don't need them. We don't want them. We believe as we choose. We think as we will. We hear them, but do not listen to their pronouncements and declarations. We walk away when we are told to heel. We stay when we are told to go. We want to keep what we make or earn. We reserve the right to associate with those whom we choose. We know right from wrong, and we're tired of being told to "tolerate" wrong. 

We ask "why" and expect a truthful answer.

We've secured the freedom of ourselves, and the world, several times over. That threw their plans into disarray several times. This is the closest they've ever been to a world government. If they fail this time, they may never have another opportunity. Technology may make governments, as we know them today, obsolete.

That really chafes them. They don't like what they view as chattel acting the way we do. They don't like the fact that we want our country back. They don't like the fact that the chattel have teeth and are getting closer to rounding up the self appointed masters and introducing them to a good rope and a tree.

That's why they want our guns.