Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guns And You: The Cold Hard Truth

The Second Amendment of the Constitution of The United States says:

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" as ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson who then was then Secretary of State. (Young, David E., The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms, p.222.)

Notice that no where in the Second Amendment does it say anything about guns.

What it does say is arms. Arms are weapons.

Weapons are instruments of attack or defense which include, but are not limited to, guns.

Weapons include brass knuckles (illegal in many jurisdictions), swords (illegal in many jurisdictions), asps, truncheons, saps, batons, clubs, etc. (illegal in many jurisdictions), some walking sticks depending on configuration (illegal in some jurisdictions), and knives (can be illegal based upon design and length).

Private ownership of artillery with functional breach (this includes tanks and warships) intact is illegal. Ownership of such things as spent M72 LAW rocket tubes is illegal in many places.In fact, you can't own anything larger than .60 caliber except if you're willing to submit to a government rectal exam and pay for a privilege. A privilege that was your God given RIGHT!

Ownership of a training grenade or tracer ammunition in California can be prosecuted as a felony. (California Penal Code 12020). An empty grenade shell WITH A BIG HOLE in the bottom, combined with a spent fuse...less dangerous than the car in your driveway.....earns you some time in the Gray Bar Hotel.

In California if you have more than ONE pound of black powder or more than twenty pounds of smokeless powder, you get an "F" on your permanent record.

How about a "replica" firearm?

$10,000 fine here in the Golden State.

Living here, I think the Liberals have turned it into a damned "golden shower" state. (If you don't know what this is, and are offended by sexual deviancy, don't click the link - but, who knows? It's all good now. Even the Pope says pedophilia is okay).

So, it is obvious you can't keep arms. You certainly can't "bear" (open or concealed carry) arms in many places unless the state gives you permission to do so.

Do you get the picture?

Yeah, that's right. It hasn't just been infringed upon.

The Second Amendment is DAMNED NEAR GONE!

They've taken it away piece by damned piece while keeping most of the people distracted with talk about guns and hunting.

In fact, the Quislings that operated some of the "pro-gun" and "staunch defenders of the Second Amendment" groups out there remained silent, or even quietly abetted the stealing of your right to keep and bear arms. It kept the money flowing into their coffers from outraged gun owners while deflecting any attention on the true nature of their activities. In fact, it allowed them, along with pro slavery forces (yes, you will be a slave when you can't defend yourself - so let's be honest here. Anti-gun forces are pro-slavery forces. They want you to be a slave to the state. They want you to live on the biggest fucking plantation in the history of the world) to direct and shape the course of the debate.

Why do you think the NRA basically shut down their web presence after Connecticut?

Now you've nearly nothing left to defend yourself with.

You've been lied to. You've been sold out.

Many "real" (I'm rolling my eyes here) American cops and military say they won't participate in confiscation. Yet, we know this to be a lie. They went house to house after Katrina and after the tornado that ripped through Greensburg, Kansas.

They're hoping you'll stay a sedated, fat ass, beer swilling, sports junkie secure in the lie that the boys in blue and real American soldiers will defend you and your rights.

Seriously, we all talk about giving them the lead first when they come for our guns.

Are you really ready?

How many of "you" are there? One? Three? Eight in your household?

How many of these can effectively wield a weapon against a SWAT team of up to 42 members all armed with the weapons denied to you? Grenades, automatic weapons, APC's, etc. How about regular Army or Marines? Air Force and Navy special warfare teams?

The rumored foreign troops to take the place of balking US troops?

So, right now, they're playing nice. Playing on Mr. and Mrs. America's sympathy. Appealing to our good natures. Hoping that you will be swayed by the wall to wall and tree top tall twenty four hour coverage of a murderous rampage. Preying on your weakened and grief stricken state that you want to help stop this from ever happening again. Knowing that you aren't thinking straight. That you're malleable and you can be directed and praised for being such a "good citizen".

This rampage was conducted by someone who, forty years ago, would have been in a nice clean room with a box of crayons and cared for for life by your tax dollars. Instead people decided that it was cruel and inhumane to keep Liberal voters locked up where they wouldn't harm themselves and others and instead, they turned them loose. This screwball was evidently poorly supervised and consumed copious amounts of psychotropic drugs. Drugs more powerful than the cut down, low grade crap you can buy on the street.

But no, it wasn't the pharmaceutical companies, or the shitty government supposed to oversee the drug companies, the drugs themselves or the doctors. It wasn't the lack of supervision of this addled screwball. It wasn't misguided policies of well meaning, but absolutely stupid bleeding hearts placing poor souls like this into a world they are incapable of dealing with.

No. It was the weapon. The weapon did it. Numerous news articles invoke "soul searching" in their texts. Yeah, I've looked deep into my soul. Mine says the gun didn't do it. Mine says Liberal policies and a lazy society stupid enough to allow fools to pilot this ship of state did it.

Oh, the liberals plead, let's stop these senseless tragedies. Attempting to mold your thoughts and beliefs.

Turn in your guns and get a paltry few dollars and go buy some booze to help you forget about today. Maybe buy a piece of shit plastic gadget made in China by a slave labor force at an inflated price to put under your piece of shit made in China plastic Christmas Tree so the kids will have something to open on Christmas morning. All because your job is now in China or some illegal alien or H1B Visa holder under cut your wages by a third.

They're trying to shame retailers into not selling guns. Places like Cheaper Than Dirt, Walmart, Cabela's and  Dick's are caving into the mass hysteria following Connecticut.

Meanwhile sales of guns and ammo skyrocket.

Next will come the amnesty or grace period after guns are declared illegal. Turn them in and you won't be prosecuted. No, we're not going to pay you. You had that chance.

Shortly after that will come the door to door confiscation. Using the rolls of registered gun owners, gun owner and lobbyist groups, and customer loyalty cards from various retailers all nicely obtained by subpoena that indicate what you purchased - including the caliber of ammo - they will come.

3 AM your front door crashes open. Your dogs are shot. Maybe you, your wife or kids get it too. They've done it before. Don't think you're immune. You're a terrorist now as far as they're concerned.

The morning news may have a thirty second piece on how a raid was conducted on a home suspected of harboring terrorists and a weapons cache. Interviews with neighbors will be carefully edited to make sure that only approved propaganda is fed to the public. The police spokesperson will say that the wife and kids were killed in a murder suicide while they attempted to negotiate a surrender.

48 hours later, no one will even remember you.

Am I suggesting you lay down, roll over and give up?

Hell no.

You need to get smart and do what smaller and weaker nations have done throughout history when menaced by a larger hostile nations.

Form mutual aid pacts.


Hide things.

Maybe consider reporting your weapons stolen.

If it comes to this, and we find ourselves brothers in arms waging a guerrilla war against an almost limitless foe, then we shall indeed be blessed for each others company. 

At this point, you know there is no going back. You will be at war with the most powerful nation this world has ever seen. One that will field every available manned and unmanned asset in an effort to eradicate you. Drones will scour the land from the skies. Spiders will comb the web seeking any hint of your presence.

This will be the most difficult fight for Freedom ever.