Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31

Happy Halloween, Greetings on this Eve of The Feast Of Samhain, Greetings on this Eve Of All Saint's Day, All Souls Day or Greetings on this Harvest Festival Day.

Whatever your form of revelry takes this day, I hope it brings you much happiness.

Be safe.

I had intended for a regular post, but Blogger seems to be having difficulties. I can't even post a photo that I thought some of you might find amusing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Warning Signs

The mainstream media paints a rosy picture, all those "green shoots".

Watch this:

Courtesy CBS 5, San Francisco

I guess some people are not going to go quietly.

Retired Police Officer Shot And Home Firebombed video
Print Story Here - Natives getting restless?

Jihad, baby. Are you ready for the nutjobs here at home?

People stood around and took pictures with their cell phones while the rape continued for 2 and one half hours. No one did a thing. Four police officers were at the campus for security, but they never went outside.

Do you really believe people will do the "right thing" if things go seriously sideways?

Jobs Created By Stimulus Overstated - Gee, ya think? Just like how they intentionally stop counting the unemployed when their benefits run out? Lies to keep you complacent. Are you complacent?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And now for something....

Completely Different!

Tired of all the cranky criminals, animal abusers, rapists, drunks and other sordid criminals in the NFL? Fed up with watching overpaid, whining millionaires chasing dead pigs around on a muddy field?

Move over Monday Night Football!

Guys, you'll probably need to get your wives out of the house to watch this football game.

How about the Lingerie Football League?


Head on over and visit them at the US Lingerie Football League.

Who said the end of civilization had to be boring?

Monday, October 26, 2009

The People Who "Protect" You

Are idiots.

There's no other way to put it.

I'll be quite frank. I drive a company truck emblazoned with the logo, web address, and phone number of the company.

I got tired of people jacking around with my registration sticker and plates, so I removed them. That wasn't the only reason. I really got sick of all the phone calls to the company complaining about my driving.

Every time I take delivery of a new vehicle, I just leave the plastic dealer plates on. I keep the state issued license plates locked in the strong box between the seats in the cab.

When I take the truck in for service at the dealer, they put new dealer plates on for me if they start getting ratty or discolored. Free advertising for them, and it keeps some halfway intelligent cop from thinking, "Say, those dealer plates look a little old...."

I've been doing this for over ten years. Never have I had a problem. And the nearly daily phone calls complaining about my driving have stopped.

Now get this:

Stolen Plates Trigger Terrorism Alert

ALBANY, N.Y., Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Thefts of license plates from official security vehicles in Albany, N.Y., have prompted a terrorism alert, a trade publication says.

CrossFire, an industry publication for police, firefighters and other emergency responders, reported there have been "numerous" cases of stolen plates. Unnamed sources told Sunday's New York Post that plates were stolen from state Homeland Security cars in Albany about six weeks ago, and that thieves took the plates from two Bethlehem, N.Y., Police Department vehicles in late August.

The trade journal said the thefts have triggered official notifications to the New York Police Department and state and federal agencies to watch for drivers attempting to get past security checkpoints without proper ID.

The Post said Crossfire speculated the license plates could be useful to terrorists "trying to monitor response activities or to perpetrate a secondary attack with additional explosives."

Uh, folks.

Here's a tip for you.

$2.75 could have prevented this. You could probably have even received a quantity discount.

Anti-theft license plate fasteners.

If you were really serious about preventing the unauthorized removal of the plates, you could have used STEEL blind rivets or speedy rivets. The thieves would have been forced to drill them out.

Heck even Round Head Bolts would have worked. The thieves would have had to open the TRUNK of the vehicle to get at the fastener.

But no, I think we've all got the picture its not about preventing terrorism, its about controlling people and keeping them in fear.

Nice work.

I'm not afraid.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Of The Republic

The Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H. Obama has been uploaded to YouTube in easy to view 11 minute segments.

Part One Through Part 13

How many of you can think back a mere twenty years ago when some of us were running around warning about the New World Order, and the end of national sovereignty?

Before Michael New.

Before Michael Savage, and Alex Jones.

We were accused of wearing "tin foil hats". Look where we are now. Those in power who derided us for our claims, now openly discuss and praise the end of our nation and the establishment of a World Government.

Some people who once scoffed at us have taken some notice, but many believe we're blowing today's events out of proportion.

Are we?

Aren't we exactly where many said we would be?

We were total nutcases twenty years ago when we talked about people being implanted with microchips and being tracked. It is a reality today.

When we decried the division of the American population into various classes, some with more protections than others, we were called hate mongers.

Attacking a Christian or a white isn't a "hate crime". Looking askance at anyone else invites the wrath of everyone from the media to law enforcement. We have been proven right, and we are ignored.

People laughed when we said they were coming to take your guns. People in New Orleans in the wake of Katrina aren't laughing anymore. Neither are the people Greensburg, Kansas who had their guns confiscated after a tornado. Californians are mulling over what amounts to a ban on ammunition sales portends.

People laugh at us now when we mention FEMA Camps, yet the government contracts with various corporations for the construction and maintenance of these facilities are there for everyone to see. The government doesn't even deny their existence, they just try to misdirect you when you start asking questions.

What more is it going to take for you to realize that you're being squeezed into a cage? That your life will become another commodity. Your children a profit center. Your rights as a human being are now turned into privileges to be granted and withdrawn by faceless bureaucrats who see you as a minor interruption, an annoyance, between their coffee breaks.

You had better start really paying attention.

You had better really start making some hard decisions. You'll also need to realize that those of us who take the field to wrest this nation back from the grips of a tyrannical government will not be doing it for you, or your family.

We'll be doing for ourselves and our families.

If you want a place in a restored America, you're going to have to earn it.

I've carried the leeches of society on my back since I started working and paying taxes at the age of fifteen. I'm not giving any more free rides.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



They're asking for you to pay to view it online, or to buy the DVD. The site has some interesting free content such as previews.

Make sure you watch the Matrix News video on this site.

I'm debating whether or not to pony up the loot to view it. Recently American Prepper and I have taken several field trips to an "abandoned" jail facility near where I live.

It is minutes from a large regional airport that can service full size passenger jets and military transport planes. The facility is also directly across the street from an intermodal facility.

The jail sports new fences and there is activity there as we have seen many vehicles and people on the site although no prisoners are housed there. They have all been relocated to other facilities. What is odd is why this facility would be shut down when California has such a severe prison "overcrowding problem".

The work has not been confined to the jail. The intermodal facility now sports huge floodlights that illuminate acres of fenced off land.

I travel by these places as frequently as I can to keep an eye on what is transpiring.

Do we know for a fact that these are being set up as detention / deportation facilities, no. Absolutely not. The activity is what is unusual, as was the response from a sheriff's deputy when I asked him about the defunct jail.

He said, "We've been told not to discuss it".

We'll be putting up photos soon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Attention Gun Owners

California AB962 (text of legislation here) was passed and signed into law by none other than our very own "Girly Man" of a Governor, Arnold Swarzenegger.

AB962 bans all online, catalog, and mail order sales of handgun ammunition and components used in reloading. It forces retailers to keep a registry of people purchasing handgun ammunition. The registry will require fingerprinting of individuals buying ammunition.

(2) The registry shall consist of all of the following:
(A) The name, address, identification of, place of birth (state or
country), complete telephone number, occupation, sex, description,
and all legal names and aliases ever used by the owner or person
being loaned the particular handgun as listed on the information
provided to the department on the Dealers' Record of Sale, the Law
Enforcement Firearms Transfer (LEFT), as defined in former Section
12084, or reports made to the department pursuant to Section 12078 or
any other law.
(B) The name and address of, and other information about, any
person (whether a dealer or a private party) from whom the owner
acquired or the person being loaned the particular handgun and when
the firearm was acquired or loaned as listed on the information
provided to the department on the Dealers' Record of Sale, the LEFT,
or reports made to the department pursuant to Section 12078 or any
other law.
(C) Any waiting period exemption applicable to the transaction
which resulted in the owner of or the person being loaned the
particular handgun acquiring or being loaned that firearm.
(D) The manufacturer's name if stamped on the firearm, model name
or number if stamped on the firearm, and, if applicable, the serial
number, other number (if more than one serial number is stamped on
the firearm), caliber, type of firearm, if the firearm is new or
used, barrel length, and color of the firearm.

Apparently, even .22 ammunition is covered by this law. Allegedly there has been some discussion on whether or not .22 to .50 caliber air gun ammunition will also be covered by this law.

The law is scheduled to go into effect in 2011.

Of course, state and federal employees, including law enforcement, are exempt.

What does this mean to you? Especially you out of state readers.

It means that a commodity already in short supply is about to be placed under additional pressure as Californians will undoubtedly begin additional purchases in order to hedge against the law going into effect.

This law will may also create a shortage of retailers dealing in rifle and shotgun ammunition as many retailers may opt to discontinue selling ammunition entirely in order to avoid running afoul of the state.

I've restricted my purchase of ammunition to calibers that I use. However, this makes me think a brisk black market in ammunition sales in California is sure to arise. I may begin making purchases in calibers that I do not use.

It also shows that the anti-gun crowd has realized that going after guns is a war that is unlikely to be won by continued frontal assaults on the Second Amendment. You can be nearly certain that the anti-gun, anti-self defense, pro-criminal elements within your states will use their Fellow Traveler's success in California as a blueprint for their own attempts in your state.

An attempt is being made to repeal this law as I write this, but I don't have much hope.

If you live in Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona, you may want to open an establishment just across the border selling ammunition.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nancy Pelosi, Obama, and NAMBLA want your kids.


North American Man Boy Love Association.

Nothing pisses me off more than hearing that acronym.

Its a group of homosexual pedophiles who think molesting little boys is a good thing. Apparently Nancy Pelosi, Obama and the rest of the Democrats out there think so too.

Read this article from the Manteca Bulletin.

Democrats' Cozy Dealings With NAMBLA

New Anti-Smoking Ads Warn Teens 'It's Gay To Smoke'

Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama Signs Future Generations Into Slavery

Obama to sign over US Sovereignty.

Read about it over at Fightin' Words.

Shy was asking what the line was. I think there are no lines anymore. I hear the click of magazines being topped off.

Just another note to let you know how well the Patriot Act is protecting you.

A guy sent 5 pipe bombs through the US mail. They reached their intended target, and one of the devices detonated injuring the person who opened the package.

Yeah, great job people. Take away our rights, and claim its for our safety.

Then you fail to do the job.

If it wasn't so ludicrous, I'd be laughing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Praeparet Bellum

"Prepare for war".

We're sliding ever closer to civil unrest in this nation.

Mayberry pointed this out as he slapped a bunch of trolls around again on his blog, and I just wanted to amplify on it.

The fools on The Hill know it. The Emperor knows it. The civil authorities know it. Everyone knows it. Everyone feels it. It's like an afternoon just before a thunderstorm.

I wonder how much more people are willing to stomach, and how vicious their fury will be when the seething rage finally boils over. If you've got some seething rage simmering under your ball cap, may I make a suggestion?

Make it count. Praeparet Bellum. Make a plan. Select your targets. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING DOWN! DO NOT PUBLICIZE IT. DO NOT SPEAK TO ANYONE ABOUT YOUR PLANS!

Don't head down to the big riot downtown. Now is your opportunity. Not only will the mindless raging mob be there, but so will every cop and reporter.

If every cop and reporter is there....that means they won't be where you're going. Take advantage of the distraction.

Keep it all in your head, just make sure you know what and how you're going to do it. The last thing you need is someone identifying you as a "terrorist" and jailing you before the big dance.

Be the "lone wolf" Pelosi and crowd are always whining about.

Me? Well, your mom always warned you about hanging around with crazy people.

The last thing we need is an undirected orgiastic spasm of violence that results in your own home and neighborhood being torched. That would be a total waste. Channel your energies. Be constructive in your expression of destructive rage. Don't let it look like a prison riot where the idiots burn their own bedding and underwear.

If you happen to live around any of the people responsible for this mess, maybe you should move so you won't be in your old home and neighborhood when it gets torched by out of town visitors in a well directed orgiastic spasm of violence. did remember to bring your flare gun, didn't you?

While we're on the subject, let's talk about some of the bull crap Il Duce Negro, and his merry band of criminals are pulling on the rest of us.

Might as well stoke the fires!

People live in storm drains while Obama sends millions overseas to aid disaster victims who don't like us.

Throw money at stupid ideas, and refuse to back down even when confronted with the reality of how stupid the idea was.

Freedom of religion, and American law, have now become negotiable. That is for everyone but you and me. Guess I better round up a dirty night shirt and a moth eaten rug for the next court appearance.

The American Dollar, now worthless. Thanks, AIG et al.

If this was me, or you, we'd be in jail and charged with "incitement".

Maybe one for your "to-do list".

Congressional idiots want new taxes to fund their out of control spending.

Compare the health care package Congress gets to what they want you to have. Oh wait, they still haven't told you, but you're going to be paying for millions of anchor babies as they intend to insure illegal aliens at your expense. There's going to be alot of them. They've got to add to the Democrat voter roles, as even some Democrats have seen the light and are jumping ship. Congress has decided not to build 300 miles of fence. SURPRISE!

Personally, I think it is time to plant land mines all along our southern border. Cheap, effective, and you definitely know when someone is entering the country illegally. There's a plus for the American worker. This could revive a sector of the American manufacturing industry.

Nah, they'd probably outsource it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The New Dark Age

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this son of York;
And all the clouds that low'r'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.

-Richard III Act 1, Scene 1, William Shakespeare

Richard's reign was arguably invalid. He was installed unto the throne by something that might be compared to a modern day "Public Relations Blitz". Perhaps nothing more than a usurper.

The young princes left by the previous king, Richard's brother Edward IV, conveniently disappeared. The rumor has long been that Richard either killed his nephews, or had them killed to protect his claim to the throne.

When King Richard The Third (the last English King to die in battle) died at the hands of a rebel army during the Battle Of Bosworth Field, the Middle Ages came to an end in England.

The Early Middle Ages (The Dark Ages), High Middle Ages, and Late Middle Ages run together. Scholars wrangle over exactly when the periods started, or ended, and what characterized what part of which period.

But to the people who lived it, I really don't think it mattered to them. Living in that benighted time was hell.

The Dark Ages began following the collapse of The Empire Of Rome. Rome's decline is often cited as having begun when she went from being a Republic to an Empire.

Rome didn't just disappear over night. It was a long period of contraction where governmental financial mismanagement, and burdensome military commitments and expenditures outstripped the ability of the Roman citizens and subjects to fund. Inflation took hold as the government simply created money to fund its obligations. As a result, Roman coin lost favor and trade and industry faltered compounding Rome's financial woes.

Regions that had chaffed for centuries beneath Roman rule were quick to exploit Rome's weaknesses. Competing ethnic, religious (Islam), and regional factions started scrambling for control as Rome's ability to project it's military force and will shrank. Eventually Rome was invaded, at different times, by the Gauls, Visigoths, Vandals, Ostrogoths, and Arabs (Moors).

The Dark Ages were a period characterized by relentless war, conquests, and reconquests, displaced populations, starvation, disease, brutal violence, rape and pillage. Urban centers all but disappeared, and most trappings of a civil society vanished from the face of Europe. Gangs roamed the countryside subjecting the common folk to unspeakable acts.

The story of Rome, although greatly simplified, sounds all too familiar doesn't it? The story of the end of Pax Americana sounds just like the end of Pax Romana. It seems many of the same players are getting ready to take the stage again too.

I think what we may see may make me wish for a one way ticket to the Early Middle Ages.

Instead of an empire that straddled parts of three continents, this is one that straddles the globe. The Arabs (Muslims) didn't have nukes, bio weapons, or the ability to travel the globe in mere hours.

High tech can be a bitch.

The fall is going to be a hard one. Maybe it is too late for us to stop the collapse. Maybe it would be a bad idea to stop it. I don't know.

I do know that we who see what is ahead must not allow ourselves to get burned out, or distracted. We can not just plain give up. Lately, I've been feeling like doing what some other bloggers have decided to do. Pack it up, take my marbles and walk off the field.

That's what they want. To win by intimidation and attrition. Don't let them get to you.

And to those who think maybe I've been avoiding you, I apologize.

I have decided that I'm in it for the long haul. Eric Holder can proclaim me a terrorist. The Centurians can come for me at the behest of Obama, First Moor Emperor Of Empire America.

I don't care.

Somewhere out there in the wheat fields of the Great Prairie, the woods of the Pacific Northwest, the fields of The South, and all the places in between there is a Charlamagne, a George Washington, and a future for us all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for anyone to ride to the rescue. I just know that there has to be a person people can rally around. Someone like Ron Paul.

All those famous people in the history books? They didn't get there by themselves. Thousands of people put them there. They sometimes wrote those pages with their very blood and bound those books with their own sinew.

I know my father helped write the pages with his blood. His blood, and the blood of his friends and fellow soldiers. When I drive by a National Cemetery, I look at those ranks of stones.

Thousands of them.

Each of them a silent challenge to all of us who call themselves an "American".

Each one marks the final resting place of a hero. Each one of those people who rest there have handed us a responsibility to see this nation, as embodied by the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, continues. They believed in this land and her people, and we can do no less.

You know when I realized how seriously wrong things had gone in this country? It was when Clinton was busted for selling spaces at Arlington for campaign contributions.

My father was eligible for burial at Arlington. He told us before he died that he didn't want to be buried there. He said there were men far more worthy of the honor than he. Men that never came home, and lay in places that their families would never know.

Clinton's actions were a personal affront to me, and many others. He, and the others like him, have yet to answer for their misdeeds.

And the honored dead call to us to set things right.

We need to prepare ourselves to be one in a force of many when a leader arises among us. And even if we are forced to take the field alone, and outnumbered, we should do so. Honor, and personal courage is how good vanquishes evil.

I just find one thing ironic.

Instead of a usurper heralding the end of a Dark Age, we have a usurper heralding the beginning of one.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Game Over

Yes, little girl, it is going to be dark soon, and they will mostly come at night.

It drives my wife crazy that I don't turn lights on in the house at night. I navigate the entire house in the dark.

And there's a reason for this.

Should people break into your home, you will have the advantage.

We've all seen the shows with the guys in black maneuvering through a building with their tactical lights all ablaze.

To me, a light gives me something to shoot at.

Oh no! They have night vision!

Build yourself some strobe grenades. That will really phuck with them, and give you a precious few seconds to blast them while they deal with blindness and confusion.

Disposable Camera Strobe

Luxeon Strobe <---warning can damage your eyes

12 V Strobe

Practice navigating your home in the dark. If you can't stay up late at night to do this, blindfold yourself and practice.

Count the number of steps on your staircase(s) if you're in a multiple storey building. Practice ascending and descending them in the dark.

Know where all the doors are by instinct.

Keep in mind locations of windows, so you will not be silhouetted against it should a passing light source (flashlight, car, etc) illuminate the window.

Keep in mind those unconventional weapons.

Did you know that you can buy liquid soap in five gallon pails? Might be something nice to dump on people as they come charging up your staircase. In 1999, 27,000 people were killed by falls on staircases.

Just an idea.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Burned Out Man In A Burned Out Country

I'm burned out.

The country is just about burned out as well. We've already seen some of the fire sales like Guaranty Bank, and Chrysler. God knows what the traitors who preside over us will trade for their thirty pieces of silver. I'm sure they could care less if it goes to nations who aren't exactly our friends.

I just want to sit down with a good cigar and a nice whiskey. Jack Daniels will do nicely as will a Hoyo De Monterey Excalibur Number 7. It's a nice fall evening here, and I might as well enjoy it.

Time enough for blood letting later.

I really have no other way to express what I'm experiencing that doesn't involve random gunfire as this nation staggers from the blows to the head created by vanity legislation and the stupid and foolish policies generated by the vain, the stupid, and the foolish who have managed to climb into the offices once held by the best people in America.

Our election system is a sham. If the United Nations wasn't so reliant on the once all mighty US Dollar, and the blood of American boys and girls in uniform to carry out their edicts, I'd wager they'd have observers looking over our elections.

That isn't likely to happen since the crooks holding office who shovel American dollars into UN coffers are often the best friends of the crooks in the UN shoveling the dollars out of the UN coffers into their own pockets.

I'd laugh like hell if North Korea, Iran or China had the balls to call for sanctions against the United States for rigged elections, systemic economic fraud, and human rights abuses perpetrated and encouraged by our so-called government.

Then I'd cheer, because maybe, just maybe, somebody out there in the world actually cared about the American people. Maybe someone out there didn't allow the actions of our government to color their view of the common man and woman on the street.

Fat chance, huh?

High School. I refer to it as "high and screwed" because so many people were high all the time, and those of who actually tried to learn something were often thwarted in that attempt. In other words, we got screwed.

Yes, coming to first period completely blitzed after a champagne and strawberry breakfast up at the lake was de rigueur, and you were a hero if you vomited sometime during the class.

I remember the elections in high school. People running for student body president and all the other offices that didn't mean squat. They'd make the same promises that every "administration" from the previous school year had made. In my case, that they would put grass in the common areas so the place wouldn't turn into a mud pit every time it rained, or a sand blasting cabinet every time it dried out and the wind blew.They'd promise that they would work with the teachers so that there would be less homework. I remember something about vending machines as well.

Never happened.

The people who were qualified to hold office, and might have actually accomplished something, never ran. They were smart enough to know that it wasn't worth wasting their time, money or energy trying to haul a bunch of barely literate monkeys into actually thinking about the long term and that campaigning for a real change would mean going up against a hidden power that had rigged the system. Trying to educate these simian simulacrum on what was really going on and what casting their votes for the BMOCS, pronounced Bee-Mocks, (Big Men On CampuS) would really mean was not worth the potential return on investment.

No, instead we had the usual "BPs" (beautiful people) and BMOCS who ran for office. The most popular guy or gal vying for a particular office won promising there would be grass in the common area before the end of the school year.

When I would board the school bus for the last trip home as summer vacation began, the common areas would still look like the Gobi Desert with dust devils scampering across the landscape in the early summer breeze. It was like that for my entire high and screwed educational experience.

Vending machines? Oh no, that would cause a loss for the people who ran and supplied the school cafeteria. No, can't have competition there. I'm sure "influence" by the vested interests found its way to the school administration.

Less homework? Ha! We actually wound up with more as people out there started realizing Dick and Jane couldn't read or write and the state stepped in and mandated certain curriculums. Well, gee sorry, we you're elected leaders couldn't deliver on that either.

It didn't matter if you were always on the honor roll or dean's list. You got painted with that same wide brush that said basically, "You're an idiot. Here's more work for you. No we don't care that the people who aren't doing the work now still won't do it. Better get on that treadmill to take up the slack for the slackers"

Of course, it wasn't our elected leaders' fault that they couldn't deliver.

No, they'd trot out like cute little circus animals onto the stage in front of their classmates at school assemblies and perform their well rehearsed tricks. Namely giving us excuses as to why things weren't happening as they promised while the real power, the school administration, nodded approvingly from the back of the stage.

Does any of that sound vaguely familiar? I'm not talking about your own high and screwed educational experience, but what is going on in every state and on the national level.

During my senior year there was a story that a landscaping company had offered to put in grass.


Their offer was rejected.

The school was already over ten years old when my own experience began there. It had been without landscaping that entire time.

What is worse is the school had a class on landscaping. Can anyone say class project?

I'm sure the school administration was holding out for money from the county office so they could fork it over to a preselected contractor.

Who ever said that school doesn't prepare you for real life wasn't paying attention, or was paying attention to the wrong things.

I have to wonder in the past nearly 30 years if anyone has managed to put grass in.

Monday, October 5, 2009

MERS: Who Holds Your Mortgage?

If you're having problems with handling your mortgage, or know someone who is in this boat with millions of other Americans, you should read this article.

You MAY just be able to give all the criminals trying to steal your home the finger.

"MERS is an acronym for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, a private company that registers mortgages electronically and tracks changes in ownership." - Rolling Stone Magazine

The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that this company has no legal standing or right to begin an action for foreclosure.

Rolling Stone: Waking up to discover the mortgage market was a giant criminal enterprise