Thursday, October 15, 2009

Praeparet Bellum

"Prepare for war".

We're sliding ever closer to civil unrest in this nation.

Mayberry pointed this out as he slapped a bunch of trolls around again on his blog, and I just wanted to amplify on it.

The fools on The Hill know it. The Emperor knows it. The civil authorities know it. Everyone knows it. Everyone feels it. It's like an afternoon just before a thunderstorm.

I wonder how much more people are willing to stomach, and how vicious their fury will be when the seething rage finally boils over. If you've got some seething rage simmering under your ball cap, may I make a suggestion?

Make it count. Praeparet Bellum. Make a plan. Select your targets. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING DOWN! DO NOT PUBLICIZE IT. DO NOT SPEAK TO ANYONE ABOUT YOUR PLANS!

Don't head down to the big riot downtown. Now is your opportunity. Not only will the mindless raging mob be there, but so will every cop and reporter.

If every cop and reporter is there....that means they won't be where you're going. Take advantage of the distraction.

Keep it all in your head, just make sure you know what and how you're going to do it. The last thing you need is someone identifying you as a "terrorist" and jailing you before the big dance.

Be the "lone wolf" Pelosi and crowd are always whining about.

Me? Well, your mom always warned you about hanging around with crazy people.

The last thing we need is an undirected orgiastic spasm of violence that results in your own home and neighborhood being torched. That would be a total waste. Channel your energies. Be constructive in your expression of destructive rage. Don't let it look like a prison riot where the idiots burn their own bedding and underwear.

If you happen to live around any of the people responsible for this mess, maybe you should move so you won't be in your old home and neighborhood when it gets torched by out of town visitors in a well directed orgiastic spasm of violence. did remember to bring your flare gun, didn't you?

While we're on the subject, let's talk about some of the bull crap Il Duce Negro, and his merry band of criminals are pulling on the rest of us.

Might as well stoke the fires!

People live in storm drains while Obama sends millions overseas to aid disaster victims who don't like us.

Throw money at stupid ideas, and refuse to back down even when confronted with the reality of how stupid the idea was.

Freedom of religion, and American law, have now become negotiable. That is for everyone but you and me. Guess I better round up a dirty night shirt and a moth eaten rug for the next court appearance.

The American Dollar, now worthless. Thanks, AIG et al.

If this was me, or you, we'd be in jail and charged with "incitement".

Maybe one for your "to-do list".

Congressional idiots want new taxes to fund their out of control spending.

Compare the health care package Congress gets to what they want you to have. Oh wait, they still haven't told you, but you're going to be paying for millions of anchor babies as they intend to insure illegal aliens at your expense. There's going to be alot of them. They've got to add to the Democrat voter roles, as even some Democrats have seen the light and are jumping ship. Congress has decided not to build 300 miles of fence. SURPRISE!

Personally, I think it is time to plant land mines all along our southern border. Cheap, effective, and you definitely know when someone is entering the country illegally. There's a plus for the American worker. This could revive a sector of the American manufacturing industry.

Nah, they'd probably outsource it.


Ken said...

...uhmmm,for the record,i wanna be on Catmans team !...

Anonymous said...

Very good advice catman, not to hurt yourself with your own righteous rage.