Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Burned Out Man In A Burned Out Country

I'm burned out.

The country is just about burned out as well. We've already seen some of the fire sales like Guaranty Bank, and Chrysler. God knows what the traitors who preside over us will trade for their thirty pieces of silver. I'm sure they could care less if it goes to nations who aren't exactly our friends.

I just want to sit down with a good cigar and a nice whiskey. Jack Daniels will do nicely as will a Hoyo De Monterey Excalibur Number 7. It's a nice fall evening here, and I might as well enjoy it.

Time enough for blood letting later.

I really have no other way to express what I'm experiencing that doesn't involve random gunfire as this nation staggers from the blows to the head created by vanity legislation and the stupid and foolish policies generated by the vain, the stupid, and the foolish who have managed to climb into the offices once held by the best people in America.

Our election system is a sham. If the United Nations wasn't so reliant on the once all mighty US Dollar, and the blood of American boys and girls in uniform to carry out their edicts, I'd wager they'd have observers looking over our elections.

That isn't likely to happen since the crooks holding office who shovel American dollars into UN coffers are often the best friends of the crooks in the UN shoveling the dollars out of the UN coffers into their own pockets.

I'd laugh like hell if North Korea, Iran or China had the balls to call for sanctions against the United States for rigged elections, systemic economic fraud, and human rights abuses perpetrated and encouraged by our so-called government.

Then I'd cheer, because maybe, just maybe, somebody out there in the world actually cared about the American people. Maybe someone out there didn't allow the actions of our government to color their view of the common man and woman on the street.

Fat chance, huh?

High School. I refer to it as "high and screwed" because so many people were high all the time, and those of who actually tried to learn something were often thwarted in that attempt. In other words, we got screwed.

Yes, coming to first period completely blitzed after a champagne and strawberry breakfast up at the lake was de rigueur, and you were a hero if you vomited sometime during the class.

I remember the elections in high school. People running for student body president and all the other offices that didn't mean squat. They'd make the same promises that every "administration" from the previous school year had made. In my case, that they would put grass in the common areas so the place wouldn't turn into a mud pit every time it rained, or a sand blasting cabinet every time it dried out and the wind blew.They'd promise that they would work with the teachers so that there would be less homework. I remember something about vending machines as well.

Never happened.

The people who were qualified to hold office, and might have actually accomplished something, never ran. They were smart enough to know that it wasn't worth wasting their time, money or energy trying to haul a bunch of barely literate monkeys into actually thinking about the long term and that campaigning for a real change would mean going up against a hidden power that had rigged the system. Trying to educate these simian simulacrum on what was really going on and what casting their votes for the BMOCS, pronounced Bee-Mocks, (Big Men On CampuS) would really mean was not worth the potential return on investment.

No, instead we had the usual "BPs" (beautiful people) and BMOCS who ran for office. The most popular guy or gal vying for a particular office won promising there would be grass in the common area before the end of the school year.

When I would board the school bus for the last trip home as summer vacation began, the common areas would still look like the Gobi Desert with dust devils scampering across the landscape in the early summer breeze. It was like that for my entire high and screwed educational experience.

Vending machines? Oh no, that would cause a loss for the people who ran and supplied the school cafeteria. No, can't have competition there. I'm sure "influence" by the vested interests found its way to the school administration.

Less homework? Ha! We actually wound up with more as people out there started realizing Dick and Jane couldn't read or write and the state stepped in and mandated certain curriculums. Well, gee sorry, we you're elected leaders couldn't deliver on that either.

It didn't matter if you were always on the honor roll or dean's list. You got painted with that same wide brush that said basically, "You're an idiot. Here's more work for you. No we don't care that the people who aren't doing the work now still won't do it. Better get on that treadmill to take up the slack for the slackers"

Of course, it wasn't our elected leaders' fault that they couldn't deliver.

No, they'd trot out like cute little circus animals onto the stage in front of their classmates at school assemblies and perform their well rehearsed tricks. Namely giving us excuses as to why things weren't happening as they promised while the real power, the school administration, nodded approvingly from the back of the stage.

Does any of that sound vaguely familiar? I'm not talking about your own high and screwed educational experience, but what is going on in every state and on the national level.

During my senior year there was a story that a landscaping company had offered to put in grass.


Their offer was rejected.

The school was already over ten years old when my own experience began there. It had been without landscaping that entire time.

What is worse is the school had a class on landscaping. Can anyone say class project?

I'm sure the school administration was holding out for money from the county office so they could fork it over to a preselected contractor.

Who ever said that school doesn't prepare you for real life wasn't paying attention, or was paying attention to the wrong things.

I have to wonder in the past nearly 30 years if anyone has managed to put grass in.


HermitJim said...

Well, that pretty well nails it, buddy! If nothing else, we did get a preview of what the real world was going to be, as far as politics go...

Thanks for an entertaining post!

Ken said...

...ahhh memories...don't ya just loathe them ?...i mean LOVE them,don't ya just love them...

...frighteningly familiar tho...

zwick said...

When my father retired from the Army I was in the middle of 9th grade. I went from military school to a small New England public school. The culture shock of it I don't believe I ever got over. In military school I was a struggling C+-B student. In public school I was instantly straight A student. It was like leaving a Mozart concert and walking into a mosh pit at a Ozzy festival. I couldn't understand the bestiality of these kids or the idiocy and sloth of the "teachers". And this was in 1970.

ErinAndBrad said...

Well said Cat!

Mayberry said...

I feel ya man, I really do. I recognized those pubescent ass kissers for what they were back then, and had nothing to do with them. Just a bunch of "yes men/women" too scared to challenge the status quo. This line of thinking got me labelled as having a "bad attitude"....

Well the bad attitude obviously carried over, because i don't buy the platitudes and false promises of the cardboard congress critters any more than I did those of the plastic teeny-bopper student council types... Just a bunch of brainwashed parrots, the lot of 'em. Good for nothing. The best we can do is ignore them, and hope they'll respond in kind, but it looks less likely that will happen with each passing day.

Like the plates of earth's crust, pressure builds and builds until something finally gives causing an earthquake. Our earthquake is fixin' to happen, it's just a matter of time....

Anonymous said...

What will be will be. Hope there will be people left to re-build.

Need to add more JD to my preps.

See Ya

Humble wife said...

Yep sounds the same. When I was in 8th grade I was in student government and we busted our butts and raised around $3000.00 in all kinds of teen activities that make parents feel guilty and donate money. I was elected class pres 9th grade and when I headed to the hs building we had our first meeting and the senior class had to donate 100.00 to our class because we had no money in our account. I resigned that day.

My eyes were opened and I stopped playing the game. Still makes me sick how naive kids are cheated...

It is always about money...first. Btw I saw my elementary/jr hgh and hs buildings this summer. The elementary was build in 1901 and the hs in 1954 both are still the buildings, and look as crappy as they did when I went there in the 70's and 80's.

No change except the goodie goodies with money are now on the school board...same old same old, like you said.