Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Of The Republic

The Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H. Obama has been uploaded to YouTube in easy to view 11 minute segments.

Part One Through Part 13

How many of you can think back a mere twenty years ago when some of us were running around warning about the New World Order, and the end of national sovereignty?

Before Michael New.

Before Michael Savage, and Alex Jones.

We were accused of wearing "tin foil hats". Look where we are now. Those in power who derided us for our claims, now openly discuss and praise the end of our nation and the establishment of a World Government.

Some people who once scoffed at us have taken some notice, but many believe we're blowing today's events out of proportion.

Are we?

Aren't we exactly where many said we would be?

We were total nutcases twenty years ago when we talked about people being implanted with microchips and being tracked. It is a reality today.

When we decried the division of the American population into various classes, some with more protections than others, we were called hate mongers.

Attacking a Christian or a white isn't a "hate crime". Looking askance at anyone else invites the wrath of everyone from the media to law enforcement. We have been proven right, and we are ignored.

People laughed when we said they were coming to take your guns. People in New Orleans in the wake of Katrina aren't laughing anymore. Neither are the people Greensburg, Kansas who had their guns confiscated after a tornado. Californians are mulling over what amounts to a ban on ammunition sales portends.

People laugh at us now when we mention FEMA Camps, yet the government contracts with various corporations for the construction and maintenance of these facilities are there for everyone to see. The government doesn't even deny their existence, they just try to misdirect you when you start asking questions.

What more is it going to take for you to realize that you're being squeezed into a cage? That your life will become another commodity. Your children a profit center. Your rights as a human being are now turned into privileges to be granted and withdrawn by faceless bureaucrats who see you as a minor interruption, an annoyance, between their coffee breaks.

You had better start really paying attention.

You had better really start making some hard decisions. You'll also need to realize that those of us who take the field to wrest this nation back from the grips of a tyrannical government will not be doing it for you, or your family.

We'll be doing for ourselves and our families.

If you want a place in a restored America, you're going to have to earn it.

I've carried the leeches of society on my back since I started working and paying taxes at the age of fifteen. I'm not giving any more free rides.


Anonymous said...

"...born to serve the state..." . Thanks for wrecking my day again Catman. As always, you are spot-on with the truth. I feel powerless and frustrated. I suppose "Grey Man" is the best one can do at this point. We are now truly being governed by fools with absolutely no discernment. I can only guess about the next step of their idiocy. "Mark of the Beast" is all that is left for them to thrust upon us. I have never been overly religious, but this really makes me take pause. A New World Order is no longer just a phrase to banter about. Revelation 13:16 in the New Testament is, for the first time in history, a real possibility. This is surreal. The term "sheeple" was coined for a moment in history like this. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

"This is the end. The end, my friend".

Jim Morrison

Radio Bloger said...

Michael Savage is not now or ever was and never will be "on our side" he is a hack used to deflect lots of criticism, just as Glen Beck they are tools used against us - be wary. (you can tell when you listen carefully to how they form their shows and who they will not listen to).

Ron Paul was a good man and a good candidate but look at how bad Savage was against him, and GB for that matter.

It is only a matter of time now...

Humble wife said...

Yep, excellent post, sad that so many refuse to open their eyes, or take their blinders off.

I am done too. I am sick and tired of standing and working so hard to stay afloat for the crazies in DC to give away money(think Detroit).

Thanks Catman

Ken said...

...yep,been called lots of things over the years,but...since Desert Shield/Desert Storm,my predictions about the middle east has been 95% accurate,and almost up to date...Israel was the monkey with the wrench,they didn't do as i predicted(at that time)but have since...anyway,Y2K,9/11,and both police actions in Mesopotamia/Middle East can make me say..."i told Ya so"...lots of a$$holes out there owe me an

APN said...

I got no problem with a tin foil hat...Got mine on right now. People are starting to wake up though. If anyone's interested what to invest in, I'd by stock in Tin Foil because I have a feeling it's going to get a real crowded on this side real soon. Fed Govs are stepping up the pace and showing their colors.

Anonymous said...

Lets see...If I don't work anymore(worked since I was 9) I don't have to pay taxes. Since I have been furgal all my life(now 68) I'm in a position to do just that...So no more work. The bastards still get the taxes from what I need to buy to survive, but not those big bites from income, and the business. Freedom....Priceless.

Do I feel guilty? YES. Just can't justify feeding non producers.

See Ya

Catman said...

To The Anons:

I'm sorry to ruin your day, and if you ever have the chance to listen to the interview of Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors on Coast To Coast, its awesome. Learned more about Morrison and The Doors than I ever had before.


I heard Savage when he was on KGO (liberal SF radio) before moving over to KSFO ("conservative" SF radio). He's a shill to get the people who might actually do something all excited and then exhausted so they don't bother. Like the others you mention. Believe me, I put no stock in them, but they do perform a service. The get some people to start looking behind the curtain.

HW, can I quote a former President here? "I feel your pain". LOL

Ken, don't bug them for an apology. Make sure they're just as pissed off as you. That way they too will pick up a torch and pitchfork.

AT, keep the greasy side down and the shiny side up!

Did It My Way, I envy you and your sense of freedom.