Thursday, February 26, 2009


What a combination!

You will remember a couple of posts back, "Time Travel", I said we'd hop back to those crazy years of Disco in a few days.

It's been a few days.

"Geraldine Jones", alter ego of Flip Wilson, would often scream "The Devil made me do it!"

For those of you who want to lynch me for inflicting YMCA on your tender auditory organs, I'll blame Obama.

That's right, the new slogan for people engaged in criminal behavior is, "Obama made me do it!"

Obama has decided that he has a new group of criminals that need some money, so he's handing $900 Million over to Hamas and the PLO. Well, more accurately, the money would go to the UN agency overseeing Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. Like we believe that will stop the money from flowing into the hands of Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

Do you know why there are so many people in prison these days? It's because there aren't enough seats in the house and senate!

I'm serious!

I think maybe we could alter the Constitution, and make more room up there on the hill. Maybe put a nice fence around it too.

How about 10 thousand senators and 10 thousand representatives? Maybe we could set aside room for a few hundred presidents at a time. Maybe a thousand VP slots.

Think about it, it would be the greatest "reality TV show" in history! They'd be wasting each other left and right as they struggled for power and control. Just imagine, "The representative from Pelican Bay has the floor." Which would be followed by gun fire from the gallery, and then the call, "The representative from Attica now has the floor."

I can see it now.

Remember the costume that Princess Leia wore while chained to Jabba The Hut in Star Wars? Imagine Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein turned into sex slaves of "Bubba The Hut".

I think I'd go blind if I saw something like that. Not from Bubba, but the thought of those two women half naked. My left eye is twitching from even thinking about the subject.

Okay, leave the whole sex slave thing out. We'd lose ratings. Make them clean the urinals or something on live TV.

The really cool thing is, they'd be too busy trying to shank each other that they wouldn't be able to pass any legislation.

Ah, the stuff of dreams....

So, yes, I'm in need of escaping again. Things are just too strange for me. I think I'll pull out my copy of "Strange Days" and watch it tonight. Oh, wait I have to work overnight installing some cameras. Ah, crap. I'll maybe do it tomorrow. If you've never seen the movie, I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. If you have kids under maybe 14, don't let them watch it. It's disturbing. One reason being we're so close to civil unrest right now, and civil war erupts in Los Angeles during the course of the movie. Not everyone will like this film.

We're off to the days where Split Bumper Camaros, SS Chevelles, and Big Block Oldsmobiles ruled the streets!

Disco was a style of music that borrowed from several different categories. Big Band, Latin, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Electronica, and even early Hip Hop lent themselves to the style. Frequently denoted by it's heavy foot stomping 4:4 beat, Disco at times became etheric and melodic through its use of real instruments and lack of synthesizers. Most of the songs are uplifting and inspiring, and some are just campy.

Many people think Disco died in 1979 with the infamous "Disco Demolition Night". If you're too young and didn't get to see it as it happened, here's some video.

Priceless insanity!

1979 was arguably the last big year for Disco in America, but Disco tunes continued to be made well into the mid-80's. In my opinion, Disco was such a huge revenue generator for various artists that some people who didn't really belong in the Disco category started to pile in.

How many of you were aware that the Beach Boys and Bobby Vinton, best known for Blue Velvet, cut Disco style records? There were even Disco versions of the theme from "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

The antics of "me too" groups, and over the hill performers, coupled with the ever greedy studio heads producing movies like "Saturday Night Fever", "Skatetown USA", and "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh" served to kill Disco as a style.

There are just so many tunes out there. I selected some you may know, and some you may not know, but they're all fun. So check out the Jukebox!

Just don't let your significant other catch you in front of the mirror posing like John Travolta.

Join me next time when we visit Stern Grove and the Haight in The Summer Of Love! I can smell the patchouli and skunk weed now!

Barack Obama Dances on Soul Train!

And you wondered what the tie in was between Obama and Disco was.....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Layoffs Continue: Outsourcing Continues

American Jobs continue to flow overseas or to people specifically brought into this country to replace them.

The New York Post reported in November of 2008 that one million jobs were lost in 2008. By the end of the calender year, that number had grown to 1.9 Million according to CNN.

Yet while Americans were being shown the door by their employers, frequently these same employers replaced Americans with some of the 85,000 H-1B visa holders allotted by Congress every year.

Computerworld is currently reporting that Nielsen (yes, the TV ratings service) laid off 117 workers last year at it's Oldsmar, Florida facility. Nielsen plans to replace those workers this year with 250 contract workers (H-1B visa holders).

Nielsen reportedly received generous financial incentives from local and state government in order to build the facility. Those incentives were tied to employing local people. Nielsen's reported response to the public uproar has been to discontinue the use of tax breaks set up by the local and county government. Tax breaks which have saved Nielsen a reported $1.4 million dollars.

Obama in his "Porkulus" bill has made provisions to restrict H-1B visa holders from taking jobs in companies receiving TARP monies. However, a critical piece of the restriction was stripped from the bill. That part of the bill would have required these companies to "E-Verify" the employment status of prospective employees. The provision does not restrict TARP receiving companies to refrain from doing business with companies utilizing H-1B employees.

Any of you who have worked for large corporations know that what will happen is that a H-1B employee will be hired by another company under the umbrella of the corporation and will simply be transferred. Technically, the company will not have broken any laws as they didn't "hire" the H-1B visa holder. They were "transferred".

Lest you think that non-Americans (read that as people who hate this country and have no allegiance to this nation or her people) work in average jobs, how many of you saw the following story?

"The Curious Case Of Rajendrasinh B. Makwana" To sum it up, an H-1B programmer inserted code into the database of FannieMae that would have wiped the entire database had it not been discovered. Accuracy In Media also followed up with this piece.

I would have probably died laughing if this attack had actually been successful. Scenes of the movie "Fight Club" ran through my head.

However, it brings up a more troubling aspect. How many of these people have been tasked with maintaining our critical infrastructure? How many are writing code for air traffic control systems? Does anyone know?

On top of this is the problem of the re-introduction of diseases to the United States which had been fairly well erradicated.

The San Jose Mercury News had a piece back in April of last year highlighting the huge jump in TB in the San Francisco Bay Area as increasing numbers of H-1B holders flooded the area.

I was unable to locate the article in the archives of the paper, however I was able to locate a source that quoted the piece verbatim.

I think its time for all of us to start boycotting businesses that use foreign labor. It doesn't matter if they're here legally or not. From a previous post, all of you are aware that I'm boycotting everything at this point.

I'll admit that if I walk into a business that reeks of incense, has music playing that sounds like a herd of sheep stuck in a 55 gallon drum, I turn around and walk out.

I hate fast food, but sometimes I really don't have a choice. If I go in there and the person behind the counter can't speak English, I walk out.

I've had some of these people follow me into the parking lot screaming at me that I'm a "racist". I just tell them that I'm an American, and they're not. Get over it.

If I have to call tech support, I immediately request "Tier 2" or "Level 2" support because I will be transferred to someone here in the US or Canada. Sometimes they argue with me, and I hang up and call back and get another flunky. It's an 800 number and it isn't my dime.

I can't deal with the people in India. Nothing personal, but I don't like the phony act. If your name is Gupta or Chandra, tell me that is your name. Don't lie to me and tell me you're "Lisa" or "Pete". Learn to do more than read from a script. If I'm calling you, it's because I've probably all ready exhausted every avenue that you or "Tier 2" will try and send me down, and I'm trying to find an engineer at that point.

Hey, all you businesses out there! Are you paying attention?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Time Travel: A Glimpse Into The Near Future

The island of Guadaloupe is in The French West Indies, southeast of The Virgin Islands.

It was a tranquil place for vacationers seeking respite from the world. Blessed with lush tropical forrests, waterfalls, clean beaches and crystal clear water for snorkeling and scuba diving, it attracted people from all over the world.

Until today.

One of the friendly locals waves to the camera.

Tourists are being forced to flee this tiny island as the locals fight running battles with government forces over declining wages and increasing prices.

Initially, the protests were aimed at the French Government which controls the island. Guadeloupe suffers from an extreme wealth gap between the various classes and racial groups on the island. There is also a disparity between the police forces, nearly 100% white, and the local population, nearly 100% black.

Hey! GM! Chrysler! Sell your cars here, quick! Maybe someone will buy one!

As the protests raged in Europe last month, a leftwing coalition made demands of France for a $260.00 per month wage increase for the poorest of the wage earners on the island. Needless to say, the French government sat on their thumbs.

As tensions simmered over wage and price issues, a stupid individual named Alain Huyghues-Despointes, a local wealthy white land owner, openly criticized mixed marriages and stated he wants to maintain racial purity. Smooth move, Ex-Lax. Now the angry locals are apparently targeting white people in response to Alain's idiotic remark.

The unrest is now spreading to neighboring islands, such as Martinique. This bodes ill for the travel industry and the local islands. It has been reported that ten thousand vacationers have canceled their planned visits to the island. This will have a tremendous impact on the local economy as the island is almost entirely dependent of tourism.

Wanna see my machete?

Now how is this time travel into the near future? Excellent question!

I'm sure any number of us live near places that contain a large number of people (doesn't matter what race they are) who think that somehow the rest of us are "rich". I'm sure the fact that some of us live in better neighborhoods, and drive newer cars makes us "rich" in their eyes.

Unfortunately, we're not the rich. People who are angry don't often think logically or listen to reason. They're also subject to being heavily influenced by a persuasive speaker, especially if fueled by alcohol.

I think some of us could make some extra cash selling maps to politician's homes when the angry mobs come down the street. Kinda like the Hollywood maps to the homes of the stars.

Here's a tip: If any of you live near people like Pelosi or Frank, make sure you have signs out on your lawn pointing the mobs in the right direction. Your kids could probably make some change selling lemonade to the exhausted revelers as they wend their way home after torching the place. Notice how I cleverly inserted the word "change" in there.

Anyways, I digress.

At this point it doesn't matter who was right or wrong, so let's get passed the diatribe over the whole social inequality issue. There's nothing any one of us as individuals can do about it. The fact is, there are areas where discontent run high. Just like down in Guadeloupe, that kettle is boiling.

Keep an eye on that kettle, and watch your six.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time Travel

I've always loved music, and the best way I've found to travel in time is to pick a genera of music, and immerse yourself in it.

The jukebox to the right has been loaded with 80's tunes. I have a ton more, but I know not all of you are fans so I'll keep it at what is there for now. I thought about throwing a bunch of 70's Disco up there, but I wasn't sure how many of you were ready to be thrown back 35 years and into the stroboscopic interior of Studio 54.

So, I'm settling for tossing you all back just 20 years.

Some of you are probably wondering what is going on in my feeble mind. I'll let you in on a not so closely guarded secret.

The world sucks.

Everything in it sucks at this point, and I'm in need of just feeling good for a few minutes.

So, I pick music from happier times. More carefree times and let 'em play.

And just for a few minutes, I'm back somewhere and sometime else. A time and place where I don't have to think about what is going on just outside my door.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chicago Tea Party

"The Shout Heard Round The World"

Watch this......

Shutting Detroit Down

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Things are bad.

They're going to get worse.

Shortages have already started to crop up. Reports are filtering in from some areas of the country that once common pharmaceuticals are in short supply or are "temporarily" unavailable.

Good thing there's apparently enough Xanax to dope chimpanzees into violent rages.

Food shortages loom on the horizon.

Water shortages already are presenting themselves as droughts continue worldwide.

Ammunition shortages are beginning to crop up.

Firearms and gun parts shortages are being reported for popular models.

The BATF had to get in the act and is reporting a shortage of Form 4473.

It's promising to be a hot summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. There's an inverse relationship between temperature and tempers. As the temps climb, the tempers get shorter. Couple that with the stress sure to be felt by all your fellow rats stuck in this cage, it looks like things can be quite volatile.

Think of all the stressors your fellow rats (apologies to VMI cadets) will be experiencing. No job. No home. No money. No air conditioning. No TV. No beer. No relief. No self respect after the bankers and the feds stole everything from you, and lied to you about how they were going to bail us all out.

Then they'll see "Il Duce Nero" living in his six floor, 132 room mansion. They'll remember the 35 bathrooms when they duck behind the bushes alongside the freeway. They'll remember the promise of "Change" and "Hope". The promise of the end of politics as usual.

And the bitterness will grow.

So far, as tragic as it has been, the people who haven't been able to think clearly have killed themselves and their families. That doesn't do anything about the problem.

Eventually someone is going to wake up in the morning, and look at their wife and sleeping kids and say to themselves, "It's not my fault. It's not their fault. I'm going to get the ones responsible."

It will be one case. An isolated case. It will be reported on the news far and wide that an angry man went on a shooting rampage in a state capital, local bank, or federal office somewhere. Maybe he'll be reported to have been on Xanax and wearing a gorilla costume.

The next day, we'll see another. And then several more. The cops will baracade the offices of state and federal offices, and then someone will get smart and go to ZabaSearch and Google Maps and show up at a government official's home or business.

A rent-a-cop from Blackwater or some other private military contractor will be hired by the now freaked out, surviving "representatives of the people". One of these clowns will get videod by a citizen with a cellphone beating or shooting some hapless passerby.

All the folks who had been sitting on the fence will now be off the fence and swinging at anything that looks like a cop or is wearing a suit and wingtips. The local cops will beat feet just like the LA cops did during the Rodney King Riots.

Keep watching the news people. I hope these trends don't start to happen, but if they do, you know to go to ground.

Or...maybe take advantage of the situation.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get Angry. Boycott Everything.

Some wag once wrote that there are five stages of grief.

If you don't know what they are, here's the list:

1) Shock And Denial
2) Pain And Guilt
3) Anger And Bargaining
4) Depression
5) Acceptance

I don't know about that. Perhaps I was too close to the issue to recognize what was transpiring. All I can remember from those events in my life where someone was lost was an overwhelming sense of anger.

It didn't matter if it was the death of a pet, friend or family member. It didn't matter if it was the death of a romantic relationship. I just became angry.

The strange thing is that anger never seems to go away. When I think back on those events, I still get angry.

I get even more angry when I look around and see the likes of Kissinger and Brzezinski still sucking air while young, vibrant Americans are dying in some filthy third world pest hole halfway around the globe.

I never tried to bargain with God or anyone else. I never got depressed, and as far as acceptance....well death is kind of final. There's not alot you can do about it. You sort of have to accept it. However, acceptance does not mean acquiescence.

I think whoever came up with this list was a shill for the New World Order, and I want to kick his pink, goober smooching, commie ass.

Sure, we've all been shocked by the idiocy that seems characterizes the vast majority of the American public. We look at the boob-tube and see stupid things like American Idol taking over two hours of prime time every week on Fox. Thousands line up to be humiliated by a guy who couldn't make it in Britain so he comes over here and all he can do is spew half witted criticisms.

They just enslaved your 4X over great grandchildren to pay for this giveaway, excuse me - bailout- , to the rich and powerful while keeping you penniless, nearly homeless and you're watching already failed recording artists try and get you to buy their crap again? Put away the guitars and pianos, boys and girls. You need more practical skills.

People voted a guy who thinks there are 58 states and can't even present a birth certificate into the Whitehouse. I can present a valid US Government issued (not state issued, US GOVERNMENT issued) birth certificate on demand. I'll bet most of you can present a birth certificate on demand. This guy? No, he puts an allegedly authentic copy up on the web. Isn't altering (forging) government issued ID a crime?

I could go on for nearly an eternity with the things that shock me. Paris(ite) Hilton, Nadya Suleman for example, and then comes the denial.

They can't be THAT stupid can they? Oh, wait, then there's A-Rod. A guy who makes millions playing a game for kids and feels compelled to cheat. Clinton is over in Indonesia trying to tie us closer to a group of Muslim extremists. Oh, didn't you know? Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari has been allegedly cozying up to Muslims who want to weaponize the Avian Flu. Way to go Hillary.

Indonesia is predominantly Muslim. The Muslims there go on occasional pogroms and do things like attack Christian school kids. What happens in this country if a Christian accidentally even misspells muslim? Speaking of which, have you noticed ads for muslin sheets have disappeared? Is someone afraid of offending a certain group? Muslin. Sheets. Make the connection.

My guess is she and her boss with his "Muslim Roots" want to make it easy for them to smuggle an infected martyr into this country.

Pain? Guilt? Not me, baby. I'm not responsible for anything that happened. Doing stupid things like speeding on a rain slick road, putting a shotgun in your mouth, playing Evel Knievel on a dirt bike, or ignoring warnings from your doctor....that's on you, baby. Sure, I'm sorry you died, but no one forced you to make the choices you did. And old age, my furry friends, I know being on four legs makes it I'll kick the Grim Reaper in his nuts for you when he comes for me.

So here I am. Stuck at "angry".

You know, I love the "I'm mad as Hell" speech from Peter Finch in the movie "Network".

Anger from the American public? Sure, alot of us were when they first started talking about the bailout. The calls were running, according to some accounts, 300 to 1 against. Did you see anything lately about this last round of giveaways?

No. I suspect the reason is twofold. One - The media was probably told to stay away from it to keep people from getting involved. Two - people have learned, again, that their voice doesn't matter to the creeps in the government.

Finch said, "They're crazy. It's like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don't go out anymore. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, 'Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone."

That's the American public bargaining. Just leave me alone to watch American Idiot and A-Rod smack a few balls around. Let me watch millionaires chase dead pigs around on a muddy field while I swill cheap beer and watch the kids get fat from eating GMO corn chips. I don't care if I get diabetes as long as you can just give me a shot or a pill, just leave me alone.

The would be kings of the Earth are working overtime to drive us all into a depression. It ain't going to work on me. I'm still angry. I just watched people with whom I've worked with for years get axed last week. I guess the kings of the Earth want more of us to get to the point where we accept their rule. To come to them on bended knees as slaves seeking relief.

Not me.

I'm still angry.

This is my country. This is my land. This is my heritage. These are my people. You shall not have any of it. And I'm doing my damndest to boycott everything you make or sell.

It's impossible, I know. But, I'm not buying a new car. Not after the last piece of crap you sold me and refused to stand behind. Bye-bye GM. I laughed when you sent me e-mails asking me to call my congressman on your behalf. Another company will come to take your place, and workers will again have jobs. You'll become another page in history alongside Pierce-Arrow and Stutz Motor Company. I'll tell my great grandchildren about what hubris can do to a mighty corporation.

Bye-bye, Chrysler. Only you could have been so stupid as to hire a man who ruined Home Depot and pay him millions to do the same to you.

Bye-bye Circuit city with your piss poor customer service. I stopped shopping at you long ago. Maybe one day, I'll stop by and urinate in your now vacant doorway.

Bye-bye Six Flags with your overpriced admission and laughably overpriced, greasy food.

Some will say that this will harm the economy even more as people withdraw from the market and cause more Americans to lose their jobs.

I say, "good".

Maybe these Americans will stop trying to bargain with those who seek dominion over all of us. Maybe they'll start to see who the real enemies are. It isn't we who have decided to stop spending. It's the Fat Cats who sit in glass towers and marbled offices who have stolen everything and now demand that we, the mice, hand over the crumbs from the pantry.

Maybe they'll save their metal guitar strings and piano wire for slicing something other than cheese. Maybe they'll recycle the bottles from their cheap beer into tools for spreading the cleansing power of fire.

Maybe I'll have a reason to stop being angry.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Change Is Good?

Something the wife ran across.....

Just a reminder about the guy you put in the Whitehouse

My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it.

-Barack Obama

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Stupid Quote

The role of the great majority of Americans is simply to buy the products produced, work happily for their wages, and leave all of the significant economic decisions to the capitalists.
- Barney Frank (D) 2005

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stupid Quote of The Day

'You don't need God anymore, you have us democrats'
-Nancy Pelosi in 2006

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

For your contribution of $10,000,000,000,000........

We've all been soaked for $10 Trillion dollars. The local and state employees are about to have their retirements taken over as another source of bailout money. Next on the list is your 401K. Quite unexpectedly, we do not see our Federal Employees similarly offering up their retirements to help bolster the bank balance sheets. Are any of us surprised?

We've watched what the CEOs, financial institutions, and Congress have done with the money that has been stolen from us, and frankly, I think I'd rather have given the money to Tony Soprano. At least the ensuing mayhem would have been entertaining. What we're seeing is definitely not entertaining.

Rep. Barney Frank(D) said to a panel of bankers, "“People really hate you, and they’re starting to hate us because we hang out with you.”

News flash, Barney. People aren't starting to hate you. People hate you, all of you up there. You may get a few thousand e-mails from fawning dolts who write you repeatedly, and there may be the few hundred who write scathing and threatening missives. Have you ever stopped to think how many people don't write you?

How many people are huddled in their tents and RVs because they've lost their homes? How many people avoid going to the mailbox in a futile attempt to avoid demands of payment? How many people are one month away from losing everything they have spent a lifetime building?

People are dying out here.

People trusted you, and that trust allowed you to live a life style that you would never have achieved if it were not for public office.

Then you turn around and urinate on all of us.

Now you think you can buy us off with $13.00 dollars a week? Then you're going to drop that to $8.00 a week in January of next year?

This isn't a threat to you people up there on the hill. It isn't to be taken as one. This is a warning. A warning from one American to another. I'm just grabbing your arm in an effort to keep you from stepping in front of the train. History is replete with examples of what happens when a few anger the many. Take a look for your own sake.

You are playing a dangerous game, and I don't think you fully understand the implications of what you are doing. The consequences of your failure may be dire in the extreme. It may cost you, as individuals, everything including your lives and the lives of your families. I will implore you to reverse your course and embark on a Constitutional resolution to this crisis.

That resolution will mean some of you will go to prison. The people who are responsible for the malfeasance while at the helms of our corporations and financial institutions will go to prison. Those are the results of illegal and negligent actions. All of you should have known this.

Once people figure out that your answer to our outrage is a paltry $13.00, you'll be living "La Vida Marie Antoinette".

You can read about your $13.00 stimulus payment here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BOHICA! All You Government Workers!

BOHICA, or Bend Over Here It Comes Again, was a phrase that seemingly applied only to the general public. But now, thanks to Rep. Gary Ackerman (D), it applies to government workers at the state and local levels. Oh, and all you liberal teachers, I think this applies to you as well.

Your pension funds are going to turned over to the banks who just raped all of us for nearly $10 Trillion dollars! Read about it the New York Times. about a serious case of schadenfreude on my part, but I tell you I'm almost gleeful over this! When I think of all the DMV workers who left me standing in lines for hours, cops who had nothing better to do than go through my high school parking lot looking for mechanical violations, the guys at the "DUI" roadblocks infringing on my rights, the firemen hanging out at Hooters, the teachers pushing their totalitarian, un-American agenda, and all the minor officials who just seem to be inflated with their worthless positions finally getting their comeuppance, I'm just .... happy!

Oh, don't worry about the 8.5% of return. 8.5% of nothing is still nothing, so enjoy the sucking sound ladies and gentlemen as the greedy on Wall Street now eat your dinner too.

And you thought the unions and the mafia were bad? Did you notice he isn't throwing FEDERAL pensions in the pot.{ahem...yes that means HIS pension} Wonder why...... especially with that whopping 8.5% return rate.

I'm going to have such a nice day today!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Conspiracy Theory: Some vids to watch

I found these on YouTube some time ago, and have been meaning to put links up. Somehow I just never seem to find the time or appropriate place.

Now that YouTube has allegedly started to actively censor content, I figured better do this now.

I'm often dogged by people who do not believe "conspiracies" can live for years, decades, or perhaps even centuries. I've explained to them that all one needs to do is look at a corporation. The leaders over the years share a vision, and those people will seek out and groom the most capable to follow in their place.

You don't see the new President or CEO of IBM all of a sudden deciding the company is now going to build and market garden trowels when they take over. No, the company and it's vision pretty much continue on as they always have.

So, to help some of these people out, I dug around on the internet to find some visual aids.

And this is what I found.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

"Banking Reform" "Down with Wall Street" (Pt II) Does any of that sound familiar? How much tighter do they intend to make the bindings on our freedoms?

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Definition Of Insanity

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Ol' Albert knew something about people, I would wager. I suspect he also realized how rampant this condition was becoming in the world.

Back in September of last year (2008) we were confronted with what I can characterize as a completely asinine plan to funnel $750 Billion of taxpayer's dollars to the people responsible for the turmoil in American markets.

What did they do with it?

Party. Try and buy new corporate jets. I'd have loved to have seen the size of the tips they gave their usual cadre of hookers. No, I'm not talking about our elected officials, although it is difficult to tell the difference between the prostitutes walking the streets and the halls of congress.

Actually it really isn't when you come down to it. Would anyone really pay for the sexual services of people who look like Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Dianne Feinstein or that walking demonstration of plastic surgery gone awry Nancy Pelosi? You'd have to pay me, and I'd have to be unconscious (preferably dead) to even be in the same room with these "people" (I do use the term loosely).

Actually we are paying for the services of these people. Unfortunately, being **cked by them wasn't part of the job description when the positions of Representative and Senator were created by our Founding Fathers. They sure seem to be enjoying that part. They always look so happy when they're on TV even while millions of our fellow Americans lose their jobs, savings, homes, and dreams of a better future.

Well, even after all of the protestations of the American public, these nuts (scientific term for a crazy, excuse me....insane person) went ahead and threw the $750 Billion over the wall into the waiting hands of the robber barons. They even threw an extra $100 Billion in just to let us know we, the public, didn't count and to let the banksters know that the House and Senate were still firmly in their pocket.

By November of last year, these nuts had managed to inflate the dollar amount given to the criminal conspirators to $7.76 Trillion (Bloomberg, Nov. 24,2008). How many of you knew this?

After all this money was thrown down the rat hole, did anything change?

We got a new president.

Now he's out there shilling for the same group claming if his plan isn't passed, we will see "dire consequences".

What's Obama's plan? Throw another $2 Trillion over the wall.

Yessiree Bob, you and I, and every American will be on the hook for an estimated $9.7 TRILLION DOLLARS. According to Bloomberg today, "enough to pay off 90% of the nation's home mortgages."

Sweet Jesus man! What's the matter with you? Just make it an even $10 Trillion while you're at it. No point in making it difficult for the book keepers.

Have any of you seen one iota of difference in the economy of the last four months? Oh, that's right dismal Christmas sale numbers, failing retailers, closing auto dealerships, more mortage defaults, a looming failure of the commercial real estate sector, restaurants failing, and on and on. Even Six Flags Amusement Parks are not immune. Check this out.

Yep, that $850 Billion was just the shot in the arm the economy needed! No wait, that was a $7.76 Trillion shot in the keister we got. I don't know about you, but I'm not really comfortable sitting down just yet.

Keep doing the same thing you Fools on The Hill. We've known for years just about all of you are insane. We should just build a fence around you.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Confirmed case of Marburg Fever in Colorado!


Marburg is a close cousin to Ebola. Read the story here at ReporterHerald.

The individual in question was apparently infected on a recent trip to Uganda.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Social Engineering - The Parking Ticket

Remember the "I love you" e-mail that went around a few years ago? The one that contained a payload of an online version of a sexually transmitted disease? Yeah, what's that old line? "Me love you long time"

Well, here's a new take on the whole social engineering thing. There's a parking ticket that will magically appear on your windshield. It will direct to a very official, albeit phoney, website that will have its electronic way with your computer.

That's right, you will have been ....ed, and you don't even know it. Kinda like that trip to TJ, where a few days later you had this rash.....

Folks, don't take the easy way out. If you get something that looks genuine, take a moment to contact someone in authority to find out if it is legit.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unbelievable! Fair treatment of the 2nd Amendment by CNN! Montana Firearms Freedom Act!

The Montana Firearms Freedom Act will wrest control of firearms manufacturing, distribution, and sales away from the BATF and the Federal Government.

Maybe someone is laying the groundwork for secession?

Ron Paul To The Rescue: Introduces Bill To Abolish Federal Reserve

Abolish The Federal Reserve.

Thank you, Dr. Paul!

Hey, and all you banksters out there, we know that when people cross you they tend to have "accidents" or die convenient deaths. This better not happen to Dr. Paul. We're wise to you!

How bad can it be?

How about so bad that the Russians have abandoned their plans to bail out the banks?

Yep, instead of helping the individual banks, they're going to try and prop up the entire economy and will force consolidation among banks!


They're planning on allowing the GDP to fall to ZERO for the year 2009!

Think they've experienced social unrest already? Guess again.

Oh, and the executive pay cap of $500,000 that Obama was shouting from the rooftops. Turns out it was just a bunch of hollow mealy mouthed political pablum. What else did you expect?

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, Chase are EXEMPT. Read the story at Bloomberg.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Globalism, Protectionism, and Riots

If you've never been over to George Ure's site, UrbanSurvival, please take a moment to head on over there this morning.

He's posted an article "New Depression Old Whipping Boy" that deserves a read. It's a boiled down post on international trade workings, and why a depression may actually be good for us and bad for the global elites in the long run.

And in other news, The Independent reports "Beijing rocked by 26 Million lost jobs". China always plays its cards pretty close to the vest, and it is difficult for anyone (even the Chinese) to get a look at what is happening in China.

Reports have filtered out that there is massive social unrest in areas of China.

When American Prepper (Tom) was out here a week or so ago and we had lunch together, he asked me to post some videos that I had of a riot that occurred in China.

The story is that this riot happened just before the opening of the Olympics in August of last year. People in this city had become fed up with the corrupt police, and burned the police station down as well as several other government buildings. I'm not sure if it's in the videos, but I had seen a still shot of the police trapped on the roof of the burning station afraid of facing the mobs below.

Bear in mind that the average Chinese does not have access to guns or explosives. This will really illustrate to you what a group of angry people can do without weapons. Imagine what it will be like when really angry people have access to weapons.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't buy a car

This is insane.

Please be careful if you need to purchase a car. I know many of us prefer to go the "previously owned" route.

This is something to watch for.

Liens On Vehicles

Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Grandslam Breakfast at Denny's

Visit Denny's tomorrow, Feb 3 between 6am and 2pm and receive a free breakfast. See Denny's website for details and participating locations.

The Denny's site is getting slammed (pun intended) so you can read about it here at Nation's Restaurant News.

Can someone in Kentucky make sense of this?

The Associated Press says, "FEMA gets decent marks for ice storm response". In the article, Jaime Greene, a spokeswoman for the emergency management center said, "We haven't seen FEMA. They haven't been here."

The Associated Press says, "Nearly 1 Million still without power" In this article, Randall Smith (emergency management director for Grayson County) said that National Guard troops showed up without tools, and that FEMA was a no show.

"We've got people out in some areas we haven't even visited yet," Smith said. "We don't even know that they're alive."

I is confused....

Maybe its because FEMA hasn't been there that they're getting such high marks. Yeah, that has to be it. No point in screwing things up like they did in Katrina. Guess those feds actually can learn something.

More from California

Did you ever stop to think that being crazy is the new "sane"?

Octuplet Mom Wants $2 Million, Oprah, and Free Diapers

I really do not know how to put it any other way. Why isn't this woman locked up for a psych eval?

California is officially broke.


The budget is easy to fix. Set aside an escrow account to pay state funded fire, police, prison guards and teacher's salaries. Nothing else. NOTHING ELSE. Fire everyone that works for the State Of California, every legislator, every janitor and the governor.

Seriously people, these are YOUR employees. Being the owner of the company, are you really willing to tolerate this?

Nullify every state law and statute except for the state constitution. End every program.

Figure out how much money you have. Figure out which programs are the most important ( i.e benefit the state population as a whole like police, fire, education, roads, etc) and pay for those. Figure out what needs to go to a rainy day fund. Figure out which luxury programs you want to fund with what is left.

Enact a law that mandates jail time and fines if the legislature and the governor do not enact a BALANCED budget by the due date.


And who shall weep for the "Repo Man"?

Mayberry had a list of things on his site indicating how bad the gathering storm is.

I ran across this and thought I would add it to his list. If ever there was a telltale sign of the financial maelstrom that is about to suck down the world, drowning all who have not paid heed to the warnings, I believe this is it.

Recession tough on the repo man, too.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Banks Lay Off Americans. Import Foreign Workers.

I read Mayberry's plight today and it made me more than angry that an American was having everything taken from him. Then I read a newspaper story and reading it just shot my blood pressure through the roof. If Mayberry is like me, he's probably been working since he was seven, and before that doing chores around the house.

It was people like Mayberry, you and I who built this nation and kept it running. The crazy people who think they run it are just being humored by all of us. Think of Emperor Norton on a grander scale.

Our sense of humor is getting pretty thin.

The Houston Chronicle has a story "Banks sought foreign workers as Americans were laid off". Doesn't that say it all about those people? They took over $1 Trillion of your dollars to bail them out, and then threw Americans to the curb and then wanted to bring Pedro from Guatamala and Narjiit from Mumbai in to replace them.

Now Obama wants to give them another $2 Trillion.

When the big banks were going under, my wife and I moved our accounts to a smaller regional bank. We found the bank by talking to other locals and looking at and

I have had it with all the dirtbags running the three card monte games out there.

It is simple people. You have to make some choices.

Yes, some of those choices will involve some inconvenience to you, and some extra work. If you do nothing (what the existing status-quo expects you to do) things will remain the same.

If you do nothing, you will get a pittance of maybe 2.5% return on your money while they charge you 22% on your revolving credit accounts. They will continue to use your deposits to fund their schemes and buy elections. When they lose your money they will demand more of your money so that they can give you back your original deposit. Then they will charge you interest on the loan you just gave them so they could pay you back.

Change banks. A smaller local or regional bank that is FDIC insured is no more risky than a large bank. They both have your deposits insured. The really cool thing is these banks are so small they don't have the ability to influence elections or policies beyond the local area. And if they piss you off, they're alot easier to control by removing your funds.

Do business with the smaller local mom-and-pop stores and the local fruit and vegetable stands. Visit the local farmer's market. Do as little as possible with the big corporations. Need large quantities of something? Talk to the manager of the local store - most of the time he can get it for you. Your money stays in your local community. You might have to wait a couple of days, but that is a sacrifice you may not have to make with proper planning.

There's this old guy locally. Every summer he hauls this old produce wagon to the front of his property. He has peaches and nectarines the size of a softball stacked in baskets.

There's a roll of plastic bags, and a small sign displaying the prices.

There's an old ammo can bolted to the frame. It has a slot on the front for people to deposit their money.

He leaves it there unattended.

Honor system.

Some will call him crazy. Some a fool.

I think he exemplifies what it is to be an American, and a decent human being.