Monday, February 2, 2009

More from California

Did you ever stop to think that being crazy is the new "sane"?

Octuplet Mom Wants $2 Million, Oprah, and Free Diapers

I really do not know how to put it any other way. Why isn't this woman locked up for a psych eval?

California is officially broke.


The budget is easy to fix. Set aside an escrow account to pay state funded fire, police, prison guards and teacher's salaries. Nothing else. NOTHING ELSE. Fire everyone that works for the State Of California, every legislator, every janitor and the governor.

Seriously people, these are YOUR employees. Being the owner of the company, are you really willing to tolerate this?

Nullify every state law and statute except for the state constitution. End every program.

Figure out how much money you have. Figure out which programs are the most important ( i.e benefit the state population as a whole like police, fire, education, roads, etc) and pay for those. Figure out what needs to go to a rainy day fund. Figure out which luxury programs you want to fund with what is left.

Enact a law that mandates jail time and fines if the legislature and the governor do not enact a BALANCED budget by the due date.



shinerbock said...

Yeah I was just reading about that woman. WTF? I think you put it right. One more worthless person wanting a handout. Head for the hills.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

why T F is that so hard for the polly-tic-e-uns to figger? Plain and simple enough to me, and I ain't the sharpest marble in the piepan...

I guess they must be duller...