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They And Them: Part 2.5 *updated*

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One of the guys I work with reads this crazy blog. He asked me just who were the "money changers" and why did Jesus get so upset over the whole thing. Well, I figured maybe I ought to flesh out the story a bit.

Imagine if you went to church and found a Bank Of America branch in the foyer. And maybe a store like Spencers.  And everyone in the church, bank, and store was on the take. Sounds crazy doesn't it?

But that was sort of what happened to Jesus.

During certain festivals, thousands and thousands of Jews would travel from all over to meet there, make sacrifices, and receive blessings. The most common sacrifice was a pigeon. The Bible says it was a dove, but more than likely it was a pigeon.

Jesus arrived and found a Roman bank in the foyer. A crooked Roman bank along with other shops hawking gaudy trinkets.

Let's watch and listen in:

The Temple
A One Act Play
by Catman

Jesus arrives inside the temple, stands in the shadows, and witnesses the following exchange between a priest of the Temple and one of his fellow Jews.

Priest: (matter of fact) I'm sorry, sir. You can't bring that bird in here.

Man: (bewildered)  What? Why? I have to make my sacrifice. I've traveled days to get here!

Priest: (patient) Yes, sir I understand, but that bird is unclean.

Man: (aggravated)  What do you mean it is unclean? I just bought it in the market this morning! From the same merchant you did!

Priest [feigning shock] (chuckling): No, no, sir! You must be mistaken! We would never provide our visitors common pigeons unsuitable for The Lord! These are the finest pigeons direct from shores of the Wadi Tumilat in Egypt, former site of our captivity, where cooling breezes...

Man: (angrily insistent)  No, it was you! I know it was you! I was standing right behind you!

Priest: [smiling patiently, motions Temple guard over]

Guard: [guard approaches the two men, hand on sword hilt] (stern) Is there a problem here?

Man: (exasperated) Alright! Alright! How much for the bird?

Priest: [smiling broadly](pleased) Please step right over into that line there, and the gentleman will be glad to assist you.

*After a brief wait for several other patrons to finish their transactions.*

Man: (grumbling) One pigeon, please.

Vendor: (bored) That will be five sheckles.

Man: (shocked) FIVE!? I paid ONE in the market this morning!

Vendor: (mildly sympathetic) Buddy, I just work here. I don't make the rules.

Man: (irritated) Fine. Well, how much is that in Roman silver?

Vendor: (quietly fearful) Dude, what caravan did you just fall off? You can't pay with  Roman silver. The Temple doesn't accept Roman silver. Do you know how much trouble you can get into trying to pay for things here with Roman silver?

Man: (mournfully) All I have is Roman silver!

Vendor: (harsh whisper) Keep it down!

Vendor: [pointing to a neighboring table with a line stretching out the door, down the Temple steps and into the courtyard](indifferent) See that line? That's the bank. They'll exchange your Roman silver for Tyrian silver.  Make sure you get enough changed out to pay the priests their bri..., um, honorariums. They don't take Roman silver either.

Vendor: (conspiratorily) And make sure you buy some of that junk on the tables when you leave. The guards get a cut. They're watching.

Man: [starts to turn away dejectedly]

Vendor: [grabs man's arm](concerned) Did anyone tell you they charge a 45% exchange rate?

Jesus [strides to the center of the room, thumps His staff loudly on the floor and points at a group of Saduceen Priests who have just entered] (shouting excitedly) "My Temple will be called a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a den of thieves!"


Well.....the rest is history.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

They And Them: Part II

So, how do people get trained like a dog or a monkey?

It's actually relatively simple. A pattern is established. A routine. Over a period of time, a predictable behavior system of stimulus and response will emerge. This is called Classical Conditioning, or Pavlovian Conditioning (Pavlov's Dog).

If one does not achieve desired results with Classical Conditioning, then Operant Conditioning is resorted to. This is the reward and punishment system.

Discussions and arguments of Mankind's base nature have raged for centuries. Some opining that man is inherently Evil, and others that man is inherently Good. What most fail to realize is that they're not arguing about humans. What they're arguing about is a system. And that system is rigged by various conditioning mechanisms.

Need proof? Take a bunch of three year olds from various races, socio-economic levels, ethnicities and whatever division you want to add. Throw them on a playground. What happens when there is minimal supervision?  Now bear in mind that these kids have a fairly well developed sense of "self" and their wants and needs.  There's some squabbling and maybe some half-hearted mutual combat that may happen. Maybe someone is "mean" and the other kids don't want to play with him or her.

At the end of the day, how many corpses are you pulling off the playground?

Bear in mind three year old kids are quite capable of killing in defense of their resources.

What happens when you put that same bunch of three year old kids back on the playground the next day? How many grudges are held? Does what ever small scale physical violence that happened the previous day immediately resume? Is there escalation, an arms race e.g. baseball bats being swung with abandon and jump ropes used as flails? Is the "mean" kid more amenable to behaving well because they just don't want to be left out?

So, what separates those kids from adults?


Now to be quite frank, there are several differing accounts of Christ's activities, his trial and death. Some are radically different from what we see included in the New Testament. What is written below is based upon what is widely accepted by the modern Christian community as being true. It's just a different take on what modern Christians, and those familiar with modern Christianity, are conditioned to accept. So, please if you want to argue historical facts, and interpretations, lost writings, etc. This isn't the place. I just want people to look at what they've been conditioned to accept in a different light.

In Western Society, the Church reigned supreme for a very long time. The people who ran the Church had an agenda.

Now bear in mind that the Church came into being AFTER Christ was born and had been murdered. That's right. He didn't die. He was murdered.

You're always told He died. Most people confronted with an injustice, especially one as big as murder, start looking for the perpetrator. If the Good Book told you He had been murdered, as a result of a conspiracy, wouldn't you be pretty upset and look for the people responsible?

Well, like everything else, the people in charge have propagandized God's word and are using it to mislead you.

Christ had come to form a "New Covenant" as mankind had hopelessly failed at living up to God's instructions in the Old Testament. That's right kids, Big Daddy came to Earth and threw out the Old Rulebook and gave you a New Testament.

He NEVER married the two. It wasn't an addendum to a manual, a supplement to explain some difficult concept, or a tech bulletin to correct a mistake. He changed the rules.

So, why did the Church concentrate so heavily on the Old Testament? Why always drag up Leviticus? Why punish people based on a rule book that was voided by the Creator Himself?

Well, for the same reason Jesus was murdered. If you read Christ's words in the New Testament, how much Hellfire and Damnation is there? Aren't His words about tolerance, self discovery and forgiveness? If you don't believe me, go read what Jesus had to say. Don't read what people said He meant. Read His words and lean on your own understanding.

You can't control a population if you can't condition them or threaten them, now can you?

Jesus was a radical. He threatened a very cozy system that had a very few people at the top very wealthy and very influential. They didn't have to work in the fields, bake their bread, or weave their own garments. Other more common people did that for them because without those people at the top, the common people believed they would be punished by God. So they toiled and died in service to those who served as gatekeepers to the Almighty.

Who told the common people they would be punished by God?

Why, the people at the top. Convenient, isn't it?

The Pharisees, Saducees and Essenes didn't get along that well. They're mentioned quite a bit in the New Testament, but many don't realize that these groups were not just Jewish sects, but rival POLITICAL PARTIES. The Essenes were friendly to Jesus.

The Pharisees and Sanducess kind of ignored Jesus initially, until He went all kung-fu on the money changers in the Temple. The Temple also served as a Roman central bank, which was offensive to the Jews at the time. You read that Christ kicked the money changers out of the Temple, but some accounts have Him wielding a Staff like Bruce Lee and beating the tar out of those nasty bankers.  Go Baby Jesus!

Well, by now Jesus is starting to piss off a few people. The Temple stunt had strained relations between the Romans and their collaborators in the Jewish government. Telling people to sell their cloaks and buy swords alarmed the Romans and the Jewish Elite. Performing miracles with out the priests being present to exact a fee. Challenging the exalted place of the leaders of the Jews. Drawing attention to them as ineffectual and vain. He was seen with the most unsavory characters; the prostitutes, the beggars, the drunkards, the diseased and the insane. These people were examples of what GOD would do to you if you did not obey! How dare He redeem them?

The leadership was grumbling because more people were starting to listen to Him. People had been distracted by the posturings of the Hellenistic Saducees (wanted to adopt Greek thought and teaching), the Mosaic Pharisees (wanted to keep Jews Jewish) and the Essenes (dope smoking communal hippie Jews), mostly ignoring their Roman occupiers. After He cost the ruling class some serious dough by cutting off their Temple extortion scheme, well...something had to be done.

After an extensive campaign of propaganda, attempts to put Jesus at odds with the Roman authority directly (Render unto Caesar.....), bribery, a show trial, and leaving the Romans holding the bag for nailing Jesus to a tree, the Pharisees and Saducees went back to lining their pockets and controlling the people.

Several years later, in Rome....

A new King from Serbia, an a astute and shrewd student of Roman history, has taken notice of how effectively the Jews controlled their own population. Rome received its remuneration on time. The garrison forces weren't under constant attack like in other parts of the Empire. Oh, a war had happened because of the Zealots (another newer Jewish sect) and a minor rebellion followed. We had to punish them by knocking down the Temple, but all, in all the Saducees have done well in maintaining order and the flow of wealth. Some of the problems had been exacerbated by Pilate and others, but we exiled them. Maybe the Greek model of thought isn't so good. Sure people are compliant because they have plenty of food, drink, entertainment and sex...but it is expensive, and they aren't really controlled. They're more distracted.

This guy Jesus even did Rome a favor by telling the Jews to pay their taxes. Constantine thought, "Maybe I should learn more about this God of the Jews."

*hint - look at the reflection of American foreign policy, and American lifestyle, in the above two paragraphs and the apparent ascendancy of a very restrictive new (to America) religion called Islam. One that our very own little caesar is rumored to follow. I can't prove it. Just sayin'*

Watch for part III

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

They And Them: Part 1

Billy Bob asked who "they" are in response to Ghost Dance. The answer was in the post, but maybe it wasn't enough for Billy. I'll do my best to expound on what I have seen and learned. It is a good question, and has many answers. Or maybe just one answer hidden in layers.

For those of us who have watched for decades now the ebb and flow of the tides of society, people seem to fecklessly follow the trends instituted by unseen hands. Hemlines on women's skirts rise and fall, high necked blouses to casual peasant with ample decolletage displayed, their shoes go from chunky, staggering platform affairs to sleek and sexy stilettos. Men's suits favor wide and then narrow lapels, thick and then thin ties, their shoes move from wingtips to ankle boots. Hats fall in and out of favor for all, as do the riot of colors from somber earth tones to shocking pinks and ghastly greens. It is a predictable cycle of about twenty years.

Lord, please do not let the polyester jumpsuits of the 1970's EVER come back.

Some people buy new wardrobes at each change of season. Every year. Why? Did they get fat? Lose weight? Did the clothes suddenly make them ugly when they were fabulous 90 days ago?

Who decides for you what you are to wear?

For me, I've always worn jeans, safety boots, and T-shirts. My idea of being dressed up is wearing a shirt with a collar and jeans without holes or thin spots. If I'm feeling extravagant, it is black jeans, a nice shirt with buttons all the way up the front, a bolo tie, a western cut charcoal gray corduroy jacket, and cowboy boots. And maybe some Lagerfeld cologne.

Zero fashion sense. It isn't important to me.

I remember going to Radio Shack when I was in college for a job interview. I arrived in clean clothes. Nothing fancy. No suit. No tie. Just black slacks and a white shirt. Black shoes left over from my time in the Air Force ROTC in high school. The interviewer was an older guy and he started out by criticizing how I had chosen to arrive dressed for the interview. Maybe he thought he was helping me. I just thought he was an ass. I stood, thanked him and informed him I was in error for having believed that they were interested in someone who knew something about electronics.The door swung shut with a bang while he sputtered behind me outraged that anyone would walk out on Mr. Three Piece Suit.

Who made him think that the surface was the most important consideration? Didn't he ever hear the old adage, "Don't judge a book by its cover"?

I showed up dressed the same way at Fairchild Industries the next week and was hired on the spot.

What did they see that Mr. Three Piece Suit didn't?

How many of you have headed out to a night spot where there's a dress code? There's dozens of things that you can do that can be just as entertaining or even more so that don't demand you dress in a particular fashion. Those places need your money more than you need to be there. Yet, you obey them, dress and comport yourself in a certain way, and still have to pay them for the privilege of being allowed in, and then you have to spend even more for refreshments. Why?

Think about so many things that you do. Why do you do them? Why did anyone behave the way they did in the examples above?

People are trained. Just like a dog or a monkey.

Someone got to them and made them play a role. The trainers were so good at their job, most people didn't even notice they were being programmed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

When They Come For Me

When they come for me
Those who tread dressed in the black of night
Will they truly see?
Or are they blinded for lack of Light?
That though they husbands and fathers be
Can they not fathom that they are the same as me?

When they come for me
With warrant grasp'ed in shaking hand
Pounding for entry, praying to Thee
That I surrender, and having knelt that silver band
About my wrists, my heart truly wee
Can they not fathom that they are the same as me?

When they come for me
Are they fearful? Do they dread?
That long ago my Peace made with Thee
Knowing the price upon my head
Meeting them at the closed and bar'red door
Guns flashing with thun'drous roar

Smoke and fire
Lead and steel
The glint of a knife
A bullet's peal
Cries of mercy
Forgotten ire

Can they not fathom?
Do they not see?
They never were as good as me.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ghost Dance

The Ghost Dance is a ceremony to call upon the spirits of those who have passed beyond this world to assist in returning this land to the ways of before the coming of the Europeans. It spread across the nations of the native peoples of the Great Plains. It originated among the Paiute, and was enthusiastically supported by the Sioux.

The US Government viewed this simple activity as such a threat that they sent the 7th Cavalry, along with General Sherman, to Wounded Knee Creek. There an estimated 300 men, women, and children died. Mowed down by indiscriminate fire from cavalry and cannon.

The native peoples of the New World, for the most part, welcomed the European refugees who first landed upon the shores of a very foreign land. The immigrants were taught many skills by their new friends that allowed them to survive in a very different environment than they were used to.

Trade grew. Friendships formed. Marriages happened. Children were born.

And then something terrible happened.

The former Masters of the refugees followed them to the New World.

The Royal Houses of Europe, and their monied interests, saw much more here in this new land than just natural resources to be exploited. They saw freedom and the fruits of that freedom. They saw egalitarianism in its truest form. Liberty in its unadulterated state. And fraternity, the much sought after Brotherhood Of Man, coming to be.

It had to be stopped. If it wasn't, it would spread. A healing of Man's physical and spiritual natures would threaten their control. Their positions of power. The very nature of a reality they viewed as their due.

Using the ages old techniques of infiltration, vilification, and discrimination, they set up to divide and conquer. Calling upon the most base natures of predators, both physical and economic, that had been introduced into the New World, they set friend against friend. Neighbor against neighbor. Culture against culture. People against people. Imposing their systems upon a society, dram by dram, to fight against an ever changing enemy of the State.

First, it was Royal House against Royal House. Britain against France. France against Britain. Everyone against Spain. The Netherlands and Sweden losing out early on followed by Russia heading for the exit. The natives losing on all fronts, being promised everything by their questionable benefactors, but having very little delivered by their traitorous allies.

Then it was those who opposed unjust taxation.

Then it was anti-royalist colonists.

Then it was the "savages" who impeded westward expansion.











Always looking for someone to point the finger at. Someone to blame for artificially created societal woes or the "Maine". Pearl Harbor. Both Kennedys, The Gulf Of Tonkin. Ruby Ridge. Waco.

Oklahoma City.


Their fingerprints are everywhere. Their DNA left at every crime scene.

And their crimes continue today.

Each day, a new abuse is heaped upon us by them. Whether it be them spraying and filling our air with their chemtrails, the TSA testing your beverage, or impeding your right to travel, the numbering and monitoring of our children as though they were nothing more than a company asset, or being denied our right to assemble and voice our displeasure, that dram by dram effort to place you in a corral or on a reservation continues.

You can see that they've run out of straw men. They can no longer point to false enemies across oceans. Because they're there too. Occupying those lands and enslaving those peoples. Too much propaganda is dangerous because it is often contradictory. It is better to keep it simple. Easily believed, and less likely to be checked.

Now they have started calling you the enemy. If you grow your own food, you're an enemy. If you wore the uniform of this nation's armed forces, you're the enemy. If you reject their injections and indoctrinations, you are the enemy. If you don't heed the words of their collaborators in houses of worship, you are the enemy. If you have a video camera, you are the enemy. If you blog, Twitter or Facebook anything remotely critical of the State, you are the enemy. If you simply ask "why?", you are the enemy. If you want to preserve what the Creator has given us, Heirloom Seeds, crop diversity, sustainable agriculture, raw ARE the enemy. Division. Vilification. Discrimination.

They poison the food with genetically engineered crops. They taint the water with their toxins. They contaminate the land and the sea for their profit.

The animals die. The plants die. The climate changes. Vast areas of the oceans are dead zones with no life to be found.

Each day, a little more of the Earth dies. Huge holes open in the face of the Earth. Rot and cancer eating away at our home, our Mother.

And they blame you and want to take your wealth and the future of your children to pay for what they have done.


“When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds. This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words.”


“There will come a time when the earth is sick and the animals and plants begin to die. Then the Indians will regain their spirit and gather people of all nations, colors and beliefs to join together in the fight to save the Earth: The Rainbow Warriors.”

The time has come for us to forgive each other for the actions of those who came before us who were manipulated, or willingly engaged for profit, into committing atrocities against those whom we once considered "us". Part of our family. Part of our tribe. We must embrace all who love this place and call it Home. We must all be brothers and sisters in this struggle that remains to be won.

There needs to be a new "us". We're all Native Americans now. We've known no other home. We pledge allegiance to no foreign power or prince. We need to recognize that it is all of "us" against "them". "Them" being those who control the corporations, international banks, and seats of government.

We've all been dancing our Ghost Dance for some time now. We've all been wanting to take this nation back to the way it used to be. The way it was before the corrupt controlled our institutions and ran our lives. Everything that happened to the native peoples who once welcomed refugees fleeing a totalitarian state is now happening to us. We're slated to be rounded up and placed on reservations or slaughtered. The natives were given rotting food, soiled water, and disease infected blankets. We're forced to buy poisoned food, tainted water and pay for diseases being directly injected into us and our children under the color of law.

The State prepares its forces to bring a war to us while we dance on our blogs and forums asking for intercession, invoking our ancestors Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and others. What happened at Wounded Knee is poised to happen again.

This time at your front door.

Dance your Ghost Dance. Heed the prophecy. Put your faith in your actions. Do not put your faith in the words of others.