Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maywood to "Mayday"

Some of you undoubtedly heard of Maywood, California. It's the city that has decided to do away with everything. No employees. Period. Not even cops.

Oh, of course, the city council and other top management will keep their positions.

Read this article with a discerning eye.

Pay attention to the names of the people involved and take a look at the nice graphic, "Maywood At A Glance".

Now, read this piece, "Maywood to hire others to run the city"

Pay particular attention to the part about the police taking cars away from illegal aliens (read that as unlicensed and uninsured motorists). Did you notice the "Officials estimate about half the city's residents are illegal immigrants." part of the story?

Do you think that had anything to do with getting rid of the police?

The police in Maywood are not choir boys, and it is said that a third of the force are cast offs from other departments. They have had their own challenges to overcome, and were being looked after by the State Attorney General. You can read more about what's going on in this LA Times article.

Maywood is in no way to be confused with Mayberry, the home of Sheriff Andy and Opie. If you want to know why, just look at what happened at a church in Maywood.

You can take a look at this site and get an aerial view of the city, as well as getting a look at the housing and the prices you can expect to pay. For example, who can resist this lovely 716 square foot BANK OWNED home for a paltry $135,000? Check it out, it borders the parking lot for the Post Office. Nice and quiet. Or how about this gem complete with an iron fence and gate across your driveway? A SPACIOUS 638 square feet for a low, low, LOW price of $260,000!

I suspect the price is high because it is in a nice area of Maywood. Um, okay. I suppose it's all relative. Toilet opposed to cesspool.

So, how did Maywood get to be like this? Sanctuary City. Read all about it here.

More demographics.

See how Maywood stacks up with the Crime Statistics Scorecard and take a gander at the map that shows you the location of a huge number of child molesters in the area.

If you ever wondered what kind of people you will be facing when populations flee a city post collapse, here's a good snap shot for you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus was, during ancient Rome, a massive outdoor theater devoted to chariot races and other events such as gladiatorial contests. The structure occupied a huge section of a valley and could seat as many as 250,000 people. It is estimated to have been over 2000 feet in length and over 450 feet wide.

The size of Circus Maximus can roughly be compared to Nashville Superspeedway. Nashville only seats 200,000 people though. Hey, 50,000 people is a lot of people.

The structure was rebuilt several times during its existence after being destroyed by fire on three occasions. Interestingly, the second fire is well known to many people. Everyone just loves the story of Emperor Nero and his fiddle. That famous fire raged through Rome in AD64, and the violin wasn't invented until 1500 AD.

After the third fire, it was largely constructed of marble.

Circus Maximus operated from approximately the 6th century BC to 549 AD. After the fall of Rome, the structures were raided for building materials and today little remains visible of the structures that once occupied the site.

So, what's the big deal with a now long defunct circus?

I found my wife and daughter watching this nut ball game show tonight on TV. I guess the premise of the show is if you don't answer the questions correctly, your prizes are thrown off the roof of a building. I watched a car and a living room ensemble plunge off the roof before I retreated upstairs to hammer out this post.

Apparently, if the contestant really screws up, they throw the contestant off the roof as well.

On top of it all, it is hosted by a modern day gladiator, Chris Jericho.

Checkout DOWNFALL on ABC.

I've been disturbed for some time by the direction "entertainment" has taken. "Reality" based game shows such as "Survivor" are anything but "real". Shows like the "Bachelor", its politically correct twin "Bachelorette", the "Biggest Loser" and similar fare leave me slightly sickened by a glimpse into how apparently shallow and unsavory the bulk of the American public has become.

These popular shows cater to the most base of humanity's foibles; avarice, lust and a desire to stultify those less fortunate or capable.

Football, baseball, auto racing, and so many other children's games and so called "sports" have degenerated into nothing more than vehicles for advertising and spreading the message of corporations. The same corporations who steal from you, who have seized control of our government, nullified our laws, illegally abridged our borders, and even polluted the waters of the gulf.

I'm amazed by the rioting that takes place after a major sporting event. It often doesn't matter if a team won or lost. People just go out an riot, for what? Because they lost? Because they won? Can we get the same type of reaction when it matters? When Congress and Obama openly ignore and deride the opinion of the American people? When we don't just say "No", but "Hell NO!"?

Apparently not.

Tell this angry Wal-Mart customer that his anger and frustration is misplaced.

But just let there be a bad call at a little league game, and someone is going to get beat because of it.

Panem et Circenses.

Many seem to misunderstand exactly what the phrase "Bread and Circuses" means. It often is applied to the public and their desire for cheap food and extravagant entertainment. However, it is more accurately a strategy employed to govern a populace.

By providing a constant source of distraction, a government is able to pacify a population and paint those who object to the manner of governance as a threat. The distracted population sometimes reacts violently when confronted with the actual situation, and will work to silence those who threaten their continued entertainment.

Bear in mind that those being all too well entertained and fed often know in the back of their mind something very bad is looming on the horizon, hence the level of violence displayed when the status quo is threatened escalates rapidly.

At one time, ancient games were based along the lines of physical prowess and skill. Over time, as the societies began their decline, these games degenerated into bloody spectacles where animals and people were butchered by "champions" who easily outmatched their opponents.

There also seems to be a correlation between the nature of game shows and the rapidly deteriorating condition of modern society. In a few short years we have degenerated from shows such as "Jeopardy!", which requires a modicum of intelligence, to shows like "Hole In The Wall" where often physically unfit people are required to perform basic agility tasks.

And now we have "Downfall". Throw people off of buildings for entertainment.

I wonder how long until " The Running Man" and "Death Race" are real game shows. Pay attention to how society is portrayed in those movies and novels, and then take a look around you today.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

My week spent in America's Southeast has come to a close.

I saw what has happened to the gulf coast, and it pisses me off even more that just reading about it. I think it's time we bring back the time honored tradition of tar and feathering. We've got a good crop of British Loyalists from whom to choose, and even a Swede who cares about "the small people".

I think the reasons why many of our ancestors left the European continent are still alive and well among the titled, privileged, and aristocratic classes that still exist there.

Inbreeding being one of them. Listen people, marrying your kin makes for stupid kids that grow into even more stupid adults that look like this guy.

Citizens of Europe, avoid senseless tragedies like this. Please be kind. Spay and neuter.

Yes, that is Tony Hayward CEO of BP. This photo was taken at a grade school science fair where he was amazed to learn that the ice cubes in his drinks are actually made by lowering the temperature of water to below zero degrees celsius. He was overheard later telling members of his coterie to sell his South African ice cube mines.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Felinae

It's been 20 years, sweetheart. I love you all the more for all the things we've been through. I'm sorry I'm not there with you right now, but I will see you soon.

I love you,


From the film Always

JD Souther - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gather Your Armies

From the campaign of Rick Barber.

It seems that the war of words is heating up, and I'm sure it will soon reach a crescendo as the aire of disdain for the American People from the entrenched politicians continues unabated.

And the lies continue.

Obama Pronounces Gulf Seafood Safe To Eat

Sure it it, folks, you can go right out on the beaches and pick it up.

Image from

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Folks, I'm out and about at the behest of my employer. There's a huge project beginning next month. Accordingly, it has been decided that I need to visit the facilities involved.

I hope to squeeze a post out here and there, but many of my resources are on my home systems.

So, let's see what happens!

Maybe something weird and wonderful.

Perhaps something like this:

Ken: Twilight Zone

Monday, June 7, 2010

Homemade Hemostatic Bandages

Hemostatic: Acting to arrest bleeding or hemorrhage

There are a number of commercial products out there on the market to stop profuse bleeding.

BioLife makes a powder product. Z-Medica makes a host of products all marketed under the name QwikClot. They range from dressings to products for more serious injuries, including trauma such as bullet wounds. LifeScience PLUS markets a product called BloodSTOP .

For some, these products may be out of the range economically, or you may not have access to them in time of need.

There is a way to make a similar product at home using things that you may already have.

Instructables: Make Your Own Chitosan Bandages

Please read all of the instructions and also the commentary from readers below the main article.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Long Time Ago, In A Land Far, Far Away...

29th Infantry Division, Normandy 1945

God Bless The Fallen. May their sacrifices never be forgotten. Operation Overlord June 6, 1945

Iran To Escort Gaza Aid Ships

This from the Tehran Times: IRGC Navy ready to escort Gaza-bound aid convoys

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.

PDF Download: Iran's Naval Forces: From Guerilla Warefare To A Modern Naval Strategy

Just in case you were wondering what Iran's naval capabilities are, check out the links in this article on Information Dissemination.

There's more.

Watch this YouTube clip of Iranian War Games. Then watch parts 2, 3 and 4.

Did you see the submersible torpedo boat? Its designed for shallow diving, running just beneath the surface of the water. Pictures of the boat are able to be seen on AboveTopSecret's website HERE.

DIY Collapsible Crawfish Trap

Check out this over at JMcDonald Knives. A home made crawfish trap that is easily folded up and able to be packed into your BOB.

Mayberry, if you're out there reading this, Jacob is a neighbor of yours.

DIY Collapsible Crawfish Trap

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Are We There Yet? + Another Book

Are you unemployed? You're probably going to stay that way as things progress. Just look at this from The Huffington Post: 'Disturbing Job Ads:"The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered"

This from Arizona: A group of artists has been asked to lighten the faces of children depicted in a giant public mural at a Prescott school.

Calls for boycotting Arizona for the passage of SB 1070 "The Illegal Alien Bill" have had an interesting effect. People are boycotting California.

Let's all haul out the "white supremacist" boogie man when it comes to people demanding laws be enforced. This from Linda Sanchez (D) California a "superdelegate" who endorsed Obama, white supremacists behind Arizona's AB 1070.

A poll conducted on June 1, 2010 says that 48% of Americans want laws similar to SB 1070 passed in their states.

50% of Californian's support Arizona's SB 1070

Iranian Troops Invade Iraq.....again. You have Iranian soldiers approximately one mile into Iraqi territory, occupying a town, and shelling the region. Back in December of last year, Iran invaded Iraq and occupied part of an oil field. They built fortifications and positioned armor in defensive positions.

Something tells me that this is leading to something bigger.

Now, if you really, really have a strong stomach, and want to see some statistics in terms applicable to a person's everyday life, check this out: 50 Statistics About The US Economy Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Wonder where all those people who stole your wealth are going? They're right here. Anyone know where I can buy a surplus submarine, you ask? Check out Maritime Sales, they did have a functional Whiskey Class Sub awhile back. Project Boats seems to have one available now for less than half a mil.

They can run, but they can't hide.

Sorry about the poor quality of the scan on this file I found, but it is able to be read, so if you find it useful you may want to go out an buy a copy:

101 Things To Do 'Till The Revolution - Claire Wolfe

More Lies, More Bad Results + A Book

Hire. Fire. Re-hire. Claim the "new job" numbers.

Census hires more workers than needed as a "cost saving measure".

Job creation by private companies grew at the slowest pace since the start of the year, as a wave of census hiring lifted payrolls by 431,000 in May.

U.S. Economy: May Employment Gain Trails Forecast

Stocks Slide 323 Points as a result

81 Bank Failures To Date In 2010

Poseur: Obama Lashes Out At BP Just a wee bit late for anyone to view it as genuine.

Meanwhile Dick Durbin (D) proposes a bailout for BP Durbin and Obama have a cozy relationship.

Not to be outdone, David Vitter (R) also proposes a bailout for BP.

Two sides of the same corrupt coin? You betcha. I've already told people who have called this house campaigning for this or that candidate that if I've seen a sign advertising their campaign, or see an R or D after their names, I'm not voting for them.

This led to an angry exchange with one caller who stated I was "throwing away my vote" on someone who had "no chance of winning". I reminded the caller that this is the same line that has been used for generations to ensure a lock on maintaining control over our state and federal institutions by our corrupt so-called "two party" system. If enough people choose to vote for those unable to pay for advertising, then those candidates do have a chance of winning.

Vote for the nobody. Look at your ballot very carefully. Pick the people who took the time to register to run for office, but didn't take money from special interests to fund their campaign. People who advertise their campaigns are getting that money from somewhere, and I'll wager its not from their piggy bank.

The worst possible thing that can happen is we wind up with a bunch of people who can't agree on anything. That could be a very good thing as far as Freedom is concerned. No more concerted effort to strip you of your rights.

Now what do you make of this next story?

City Uses DNA to fight dog poop

A Books For You To Read.

Breaking The Tyrants Chains: Neo-Guerilla Tactics For Combat - Duncan Long

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rising + some more files for you

Now for something completely different....

Visit The Yoshida Brothers' home page or their MySpace page to listen to more music and to watch additional videos. The instrument played is most commonly called a "Shamisen" (click the link and play it yourself) . It is a traditional Japanese instrument based upon the Sanxian of China. People most often associate it with Japanese classical forms of entertainment such as Kabuki, a form of theater much like western style plays.

Entertainment aside, it would seem that the economy is still in a free fall in spite of all the reassurances to the contrary from the Feds. If you need proof of the rising numbers of unemployed and how close we are to seeing all out chaos, just take a look at this: Porn Actor Goes On A Rampage, Kills 1, Injures 2. That's right. After he found out he was losing his...ahem...job.

Please notice that firearms were not involved. California does have laws against big knives, but once you take big knives away from the law abiding....

Well, that should be a signal to Obama not to visit the San Fernando Valley. Obama has done such a good job of screwing Americans, the remaining porn actors may view him as a threat to their job security.

US To Join S. Korea In Military Excercise. Hey, let's go poke that crazy guy with the Chinese in his hip pocket.

Israel Blinks After Turkey Delivers Ultimatum.

Word is leaking out that Turkey may send naval ships to escort the next round of aid ships. Hey, let's go poke everyone and see what happens.

Actually, I'm kind of at a loss. I'm watching people go crazy all over the world. Look at the lunatic in England: 12 Killed, 25 Wounded in Shooting Spree. The guy was a taxi driver and apparently just lost it. Sounds like a story line for a movie...

Wow, your Highness, how's the whole "gun control" thing working out for you over there in England?

Out here in California, in the larger urban centers, people are starting to go off the edge. People are crazy on the road. The number of wrecks I see every day is increasing. In Stockton, a neighboring city, five people were shot over this last weekend. The police put up these signs as you come into town.

I have to wonder if that is a warning to visitors, or a challenge to the criminal element? Step up, you thugs, Oakland is number 1!

Its going to be a long hot summer.

Home Workshop Professional Lock Tools - Eddie The Wire

The Complete Guide To Lockpicking - Eddie The Wire

Modern High Security Locks: How To Open Them - Steve Hampton

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They're Gonna Get Your Stuff + Files To D/L

Files to download at the bottom.

The UN Small Arms Treaty is again in the news. Allegedly, Hillary has been given the go-ahead by none other than Obama to work towards bringing us in line with the rest of the world. There's much rumor and speculation circulating about this item. Some of it questions whether or not the story is even genuine.

It's been coming down the line for a very long time. They've told us time and time again that they're going to confiscate our weapons and render us a complete and total slave of the state.

For years it has been spoken of. And for years we have seen it happen in country after country. For years we have seen formerly free peoples rendered hostages of criminals, both those on the street and those in government.

Not here. No, not here. It could never happen in America.

But then, who would have ever thought we would see an illegal alien occupy the Whitehouse? Who thought we'd ever see America's industries stripped bare? Our industrial might reduced to making little bitty cars out of imported parts for foreign owned corporations? Would you have believed someone ten years ago if they told you that faceless government bureaucrats instead of you and your family along with your doctors will decide whether you live or die? Now, those same government bureaucrats are working on deciding whether or not you get to keep the money in your retirement accounts.

Who thought it would be possible for hordes of illiterate and diseased people streaming across our southern border to dictate our domestic policy? Who would have believed that we would stand for the brow beating delivered by Filipe Calderon, the president of a failed state wracked by corruption, and murder. A place where kidnapping is the national pastime. A nation nearly as old as the good ol' USA, but a place where you still can't drink the water.

There is one thing that the gun grabbers don't understand about Americans. That one thing is what makes us unique among all peoples. We'll put up with a lot of crap. We'll take the name calling. We'll even make some concessions just to try and smooth out the wrinkles and make the malcontents happy. Limits on magazine capacity. Limits on "assault" weapons. Hell, we even let the bastards register and tax machine guns. Look at all the laws we have concerning owning, transferring, transporting and using a firearm. There's over twenty thousand of them.

We viewed it as trying to pacify a cranky baby. They viewed it as incrementalism.

They've taken the weapons of people from all around the world after doing the same thing there. Inch by inch stealing a nation's will and a people's rights.

Those who seek to subjugate us judge us by our politicians, our media aristocracy, our entertainment fare. We look soft. We look weak.The one thing these people don't understand about us is once you start a fire here, its going to burn. It's going to burn very hot and for a very long time. It will be all consuming. A purification. The land will be cleansed by this fire. The fire will spread because we will carry the embers into their homes on foreign shores.

They don't understand real Americans, because being holed up in their guarded urban enclaves, chauffeured about in their limousines, and attending their soirees hosted by the world's most wealthy, they never see us. They've never walked the hinterlands where Perrier is a four letter word. Mochas, Frappes, and cappuccino mean "coffee". And you say "Bless You" when someone says "Gucci". The places where a rifle is as common and unremarkable as a Carrie Bradshaw wanna-be is in Manhattan. The places where weapons are handed down from father to son through multiple generations. The places where tradition and God still hold sway. Even in public schools.

Yeah, go ahead and try and take 'em.

I hope they don't mind getting the lead first.

Files Below:

The Construction Of Secret Hiding Places - Charles Robinson

Methods Of Long Term Underground Storage - William Nelson

Weapons Caching - Ragnar Benson

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Defensive Weaponry

Things that go "bang" and leave a hole have always caused great excitement within me. This fascination used to frustrate the heck out of my mother who was always convinced that I'd wind up missing a digit or two as I continued to fool around with explosives.

There's something out in the world that goes bang one time but leaves 701 holes. Can you guess what it is?

That's right! It's the venerable Claymore Mine!

This amazing device has been compared to a sawed off shotgun. Look at what happens to the dummy in the below video.

This device is rather inexpensive to construct, and even improvise, once one knows the concept and theory behind it. If you want to get inside the mind of its inventor, Norman MacLeod, one can view the patent online complete with drawings and theory.

The below series of photos are courtesy of a user known as "DiGilio" over at the US Militaria Forum who managed to acquire a DEMILED M18A1 Antipersonel Mine. These images show how the device is constructed and how the 700 soft steel ball bearings are embedded in the epoxy resin. The only thing missing is the C4 explosive and active blasting caps or detonators.

The silver tubes viewed at the top are the detonators.

The mine can be detonated by an operator electrically or manually and also by using a tripwire designed to ensnare unsuspecting enemies.

Yes, the mine contains 700 soft steel projectiles but you notice I said it leaves 701 holes. The extra hole is from the mine itself. Check out this video and you'll see why. Make sure you pay attention to the upper right section of the playback. You will see the impact of the projectiles on the hillside in the background.

The camera operators duck at the end of the video because of the debris, empty ammo cans and rocks, that came flying back towards them. The blast backwards can be extremely dangerous. Operators are warned to stay back at least fifty feet, in a foxhole, for this reason. Most of what I have read from people who have operated these devices complain that the 100 feet of cable included with the mine is not enough!

Another video where a washing machine takes on a Claymore.

Want to build one?

Maybe you'll want to to buy a few of these first.

Claymore Mine Hitch Cover

Be aware that simply having an empty shell of a mine in your possession is illegal in some areas, and can carry a stiff penalty. These are apparently still legal, for now, in California.

Afterwards, you'll need to have some training:

M18A1 Study Guide

What? No C4?


Too expensive? Try this instead, PDF download.

Homemade Tannerite

Read more than just the recipe. Read all of it. If you're in a hurry and have some chemistry experience, I've included the alleged full recipe below the next video.

Here's a video of one half of a pound of Tannerite being detonated. The M18A1 contains 1.5 pounds of C4.

Not convinced? Read about this: Man Triggers High Security Alert At Prairie Island Nuclear Plant.

Apparently, a grade 3 blasting cap is capable of detonating Tannerite as well as a high power rifle round. Just in case you were wondering.

Tannerite is a binary explosive comprised of a sensitizer and a bulk material. The sensitizer is a mixture of 90% dark flake aluminum powder, 5% titanium sponge and 5% zirconium hydroxide. The bulk material is a mixture of 85% ammonium nitrate and 15% ammonium perchlorate. To generate a less sensitive and less powerful version of Tannerite, a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder are used without the bulk of the other materials being present.

Places and prices:

Dark Flake Aluminum Powder

Titanium Sponge

Zirconium Hydroxide

Amonium Nitrate

Ammonium Perchlorate