Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They're Gonna Get Your Stuff + Files To D/L

Files to download at the bottom.

The UN Small Arms Treaty is again in the news. Allegedly, Hillary has been given the go-ahead by none other than Obama to work towards bringing us in line with the rest of the world. There's much rumor and speculation circulating about this item. Some of it questions whether or not the story is even genuine.

It's been coming down the line for a very long time. They've told us time and time again that they're going to confiscate our weapons and render us a complete and total slave of the state.

For years it has been spoken of. And for years we have seen it happen in country after country. For years we have seen formerly free peoples rendered hostages of criminals, both those on the street and those in government.

Not here. No, not here. It could never happen in America.

But then, who would have ever thought we would see an illegal alien occupy the Whitehouse? Who thought we'd ever see America's industries stripped bare? Our industrial might reduced to making little bitty cars out of imported parts for foreign owned corporations? Would you have believed someone ten years ago if they told you that faceless government bureaucrats instead of you and your family along with your doctors will decide whether you live or die? Now, those same government bureaucrats are working on deciding whether or not you get to keep the money in your retirement accounts.

Who thought it would be possible for hordes of illiterate and diseased people streaming across our southern border to dictate our domestic policy? Who would have believed that we would stand for the brow beating delivered by Filipe Calderon, the president of a failed state wracked by corruption, and murder. A place where kidnapping is the national pastime. A nation nearly as old as the good ol' USA, but a place where you still can't drink the water.

There is one thing that the gun grabbers don't understand about Americans. That one thing is what makes us unique among all peoples. We'll put up with a lot of crap. We'll take the name calling. We'll even make some concessions just to try and smooth out the wrinkles and make the malcontents happy. Limits on magazine capacity. Limits on "assault" weapons. Hell, we even let the bastards register and tax machine guns. Look at all the laws we have concerning owning, transferring, transporting and using a firearm. There's over twenty thousand of them.

We viewed it as trying to pacify a cranky baby. They viewed it as incrementalism.

They've taken the weapons of people from all around the world after doing the same thing there. Inch by inch stealing a nation's will and a people's rights.

Those who seek to subjugate us judge us by our politicians, our media aristocracy, our entertainment fare. We look soft. We look weak.The one thing these people don't understand about us is once you start a fire here, its going to burn. It's going to burn very hot and for a very long time. It will be all consuming. A purification. The land will be cleansed by this fire. The fire will spread because we will carry the embers into their homes on foreign shores.

They don't understand real Americans, because being holed up in their guarded urban enclaves, chauffeured about in their limousines, and attending their soirees hosted by the world's most wealthy, they never see us. They've never walked the hinterlands where Perrier is a four letter word. Mochas, Frappes, and cappuccino mean "coffee". And you say "Bless You" when someone says "Gucci". The places where a rifle is as common and unremarkable as a Carrie Bradshaw wanna-be is in Manhattan. The places where weapons are handed down from father to son through multiple generations. The places where tradition and God still hold sway. Even in public schools.

Yeah, go ahead and try and take 'em.

I hope they don't mind getting the lead first.

Files Below:

The Construction Of Secret Hiding Places - Charles Robinson

Methods Of Long Term Underground Storage - William Nelson

Weapons Caching - Ragnar Benson


HermitJim said...

Thanks for the links, buddy...and also the post!

I have a feeling that the fool in D.C. isn't quite ready to try this yet! Surely he knows just what can of worms he would open if he did!

let's hope that someone up there sees the light before this actually happens...!

Anonymous said...

How are they going to enforce it? Chinese troops? Blue Helmets?

Oh, please, please don't throw those Chinese troops or Blue Helmets at us, please don't, we really don't like them.

They try to take the guns from the people, and the funeral industry will do well...and the hogs will be well fed.

Mayberry said...

The Senate must ratify it first. I'm sorry to say that I don't know whether 51 of them will be stupid enough to do so. All I got to say to them if they do is Molon Labe...

Anonymous said...

Lock and load.

See Ya.

Radio Bloger said...

Sadly the time to hide them is the time to USE them.