Monday, June 7, 2010

Homemade Hemostatic Bandages

Hemostatic: Acting to arrest bleeding or hemorrhage

There are a number of commercial products out there on the market to stop profuse bleeding.

BioLife makes a powder product. Z-Medica makes a host of products all marketed under the name QwikClot. They range from dressings to products for more serious injuries, including trauma such as bullet wounds. LifeScience PLUS markets a product called BloodSTOP .

For some, these products may be out of the range economically, or you may not have access to them in time of need.

There is a way to make a similar product at home using things that you may already have.

Instructables: Make Your Own Chitosan Bandages

Please read all of the instructions and also the commentary from readers below the main article.


Anonymous said...
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Ken said...

...there was mention in the comments about not using the chitosan if yer allergic to shellfish...might be worth passing along...

...thanx fer the linx...

Catman said...

Hey Ken,

You just did, and that's why I asked people to read it all! ;-)