Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rising + some more files for you

Now for something completely different....

Visit The Yoshida Brothers' home page or their MySpace page to listen to more music and to watch additional videos. The instrument played is most commonly called a "Shamisen" (click the link and play it yourself) . It is a traditional Japanese instrument based upon the Sanxian of China. People most often associate it with Japanese classical forms of entertainment such as Kabuki, a form of theater much like western style plays.

Entertainment aside, it would seem that the economy is still in a free fall in spite of all the reassurances to the contrary from the Feds. If you need proof of the rising numbers of unemployed and how close we are to seeing all out chaos, just take a look at this: Porn Actor Goes On A Rampage, Kills 1, Injures 2. That's right. After he found out he was losing his...ahem...job.

Please notice that firearms were not involved. California does have laws against big knives, but once you take big knives away from the law abiding....

Well, that should be a signal to Obama not to visit the San Fernando Valley. Obama has done such a good job of screwing Americans, the remaining porn actors may view him as a threat to their job security.

US To Join S. Korea In Military Excercise. Hey, let's go poke that crazy guy with the Chinese in his hip pocket.

Israel Blinks After Turkey Delivers Ultimatum.

Word is leaking out that Turkey may send naval ships to escort the next round of aid ships. Hey, let's go poke everyone and see what happens.

Actually, I'm kind of at a loss. I'm watching people go crazy all over the world. Look at the lunatic in England: 12 Killed, 25 Wounded in Shooting Spree. The guy was a taxi driver and apparently just lost it. Sounds like a story line for a movie...

Wow, your Highness, how's the whole "gun control" thing working out for you over there in England?

Out here in California, in the larger urban centers, people are starting to go off the edge. People are crazy on the road. The number of wrecks I see every day is increasing. In Stockton, a neighboring city, five people were shot over this last weekend. The police put up these signs as you come into town.

I have to wonder if that is a warning to visitors, or a challenge to the criminal element? Step up, you thugs, Oakland is number 1!

Its going to be a long hot summer.

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