Sunday, June 13, 2010


Folks, I'm out and about at the behest of my employer. There's a huge project beginning next month. Accordingly, it has been decided that I need to visit the facilities involved.

I hope to squeeze a post out here and there, but many of my resources are on my home systems.

So, let's see what happens!

Maybe something weird and wonderful.

Perhaps something like this:

Ken: Twilight Zone


Ken said... be careful on the road my Brother,blog what ya can,if not,update us when yer home safe...

HermitJim said...

Careful, buddy! It's a jungle out there!

Don't worry about us, just catch up with us when you can!

Anonymous said...
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Catman said...

Hey Ken, HermitJim,

Many thanks for the well wishes, the one bright spot is the welcome find of a Peruvian Restaurant that makes the absolute, handsdown, best Lomo Saltado. Look here to see what it is:

This recipe says to puree the tomatoes, but you shouldn't do that. You should use sweet tomatoes and cut them into hearty wedges, just like the onions.

This restaurant served it with rice cooked with Achiote (annatto) which turns the rice a wonderful golden yellow, and adds a warm, mild flavor too.

Their single serving was a cheap $7.00, but was enough for two people!