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Monday, November 23, 2009

Civil Unrest Begins

Its the small things that tip you off that something ugly is about to happen.

The small rocks that come skidding down the slope just before the really BIG ones come bouncing down as a land slide starts.

That cracking sound as you stray too far out on the ice.

The way the snow on a hillside shifts just the wrong way beneath your feet that tells you its about to slide.

That eerie quiet just before a California shaker rips through an otherwise nice day.

I think Christians in The United States have just about had it. They've tolerated quite a bit when it comes to suffering the debasement of their beliefs and institutions. They've seen their God thrown into urine, and been the subject of lawsuits by "atheists".

Where's the "tolerance" that people always accuse Christians of lacking?

If anyone had thrown Muhammad into a jar of urine, I think the Muslim world would have exploded. Well, it did, but that was just because of a cartoon. Hey Serrano, why don't you try peeing on a Muhammad Jihad action figure and see what accolades that gets you?

And you atheists, how come you don't go after Islam? Why are you only picking on Christians? Because they don't fight back? Muslims do, don't they?

Anyways, this wasn't intended to be a religious rant.

I must be quite frank here, and in the interest of complete disclosure, I am a Christian. Probably not like most of the ones you've seen on TV or street corners. I was even asked to leave a church because I posed a doctrinal question to the pastor that he didn't like.

Christian Leaders Call For Civil Disobedience. Leadership does not ask members to eschew violence, but hopes "it doesn't come to that".

When was the last time the normally bickering factions of Christianity got their house in order enough to issue something like The Manhattan Declaration? I guess someone finally got around to remembering Jesus telling his followers to arm themselves.

An atheists' worst nightmare. A Christian with a gun. Lord, I hope Sarah Brady is sleeping well tonight! Pssst, Sarah! Sarah Brady...there's another Sarah out there that LOVES guns!

This isn't the only crack in the ice, or shifting of snow. It isn't the only pebble rattling down the slope.

Remember back in August when CNN ran a story about guards being posted outside markets when food stuffs were delivered? Not much coverage of the story outside this one article, but it should scare the tar out of you.

Hunger Hits Detroit's Middle Class

Yeah, well...

Retailers Head For The Exits In Detroit

Rumor is that many economically depressed areas are seeing similar activity.

Food Banks around the country are struggling to meet people's needs.

Cupboards Are Bare At Food Banks

Local Food Bank Almost Empty

Long Lines, Empty Shelves, A Sign Of The Times

Its just Thanksgiving. Christmas and New Years are still to come.

Most Americans are not used to going hungry.

Hunger A Growing Problem In America

Hungry people often resort to crime.

Burglars Hit Food Bank: Steal Food

Wisconsin Teen Breaks Into Home For Snacks

Oktoberfest Food Stolen From Church

And violence

Man Assaulted For Bread

I have to ask how long before we start seeing the type of chaos that has usually been reserved for what we used to call The Third World. Food riots were something that most people watched on TV. Many just turned away and went back to that overly full plate, and never gave it a second thought.

I wonder how those same people are going react when they look into the eyes of their hungry children. How will they react when they know they have failed their wives and families?

Will they go back to watching millionaires chasing dead pigs around on a muddy field? Will the Stanley Cup finals be the only concern?


Will the crack of baseball bat be replaced by the crack of a rifle?

Will vengeance and justice be meted out by the angry and displaced upon the occupants of the gated estates serving as refuge for the political elite? Will banks and centers of government burn long into the night?

Will the trees lining the National Mall be festooned with ropes and corpses dressed in five thousand dollar suits?

The country is full of angry, foreclosed upon, homeless, unemployed people. Many soon to be very hungry, and really pissed off foreclosed upon, homeless, unemployed people. All it will take is another stupid comment from Pelosi to set this explosive mixture off.

Kinda like that comment about "eating cake".

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playing "Old Maid"

Remember the card game, "Old Maid"?

Guess what?

The United States Dollar is about to become the new global version of the Old Maid card game.

India Buys 200 Metric Tons Of Gold - Wall Street Journal

China Doubles Its Physical Gold Reserves - Bullion Vault

Mauritius Buys 2 Metric Tons Of Gold - Commodity Online

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. Population less than 1.3 million people. Manhattan Island has a larger population than this entire country.

Bank Of Russia Will Buy Whatever Gold Is Available - UPI

These countries have been shoveling as many US dollars as they possibly can into the IMF bank and taking physical possession of gold.

Why are they doing this?


The government of the United States is broke. It is BANKRUPT! NO MORE WEALTH TO FRITTER AWAY.

How many of you would take a wooden nickel in your change? A Confederate Dollar? ( I know some of us probably would! ) How about a Mexican Peso? Can you blame these countries for not wanting a wooden nickel?

So, what does this mean to you?

These countries have sought to insulate themselves from a dollar that has become nearly worthless. Since that day the Federal Reserve has taken control of the dollar, the US Dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power. It is posed to lose whatever value remains as the Federal Reserve continues to print money, essentially hyper-inflating our currency.

We've all heard the stories of Germany prior to World War Two where one needed a wheel barrow of Reichsmarks to buy a loaf of bread. How many of you realize that this same thing is going on today?

Check out the history of Zimbabwe's Dollar here: Zimbabwe Inflation

Think this guy is rich? This cash is worth about $100.00 US

This scene may become common place here in the United States as the Federal Reserve continues to run the printing presses in overdrive. Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia when under British Colonial Rule. It is one of the great tragedies of Africa as Zimbabwe sits upon some of the greatest concentrations of valuable natural resources on the continent, including gold, and yet it has been reduced to a shell as a result of the type of mismanagement that mirrors the policies of the American political establishment.

Today, 11/17/09, silver jumped to a high of $18.45. Often referred to as "Poor Man's Gold", silver has more room to move upward at a quicker rate than gold. Gold peaked today at $1145.30 per ounce.

What one must realize is that an ounce of silver or gold is NOT, I REPEAT NOT, worth more money. YOUR MONEY IS more WORTHLESS and it TAKES MORE DOLLARS to buy an ounce of silver or gold.

Think of it like this.

Put anything in the space at the end of the next sentence. Anything in place of the word "gold". You have to pay more money to buy an ounce of "_______". Did you put food in there? How about water? Gasoline? Get it? That's called inflation, soon to be "hyper-inflation"

If this should happen, and you manage to continue to be employed, do you think your employer is going to up your pay rate to keep pace with inflation, or hyperinflation? I think I hear all of you laughing.

That's why you should get some silver now. It's to offset runaway inflation. Right now, an ounce of silver at today's prices would roughly buy you one 50 pound sack of flour. Chances are, that same ounce of silver will still buy you the same sack of flour no matter what the price. The dollars you get for selling that ounce of silver would still probably pay for that sack of flour regardless of the rate of inflation. In fact, you'd probably get a better deal trading the ounce of silver directly for the fifty pounds of flour.

Ludwig Von Mises, a respected economist, coined a phrase called the "Crack Up Boom". Essentially it is a period when everyone in a population suddenly wakes up and realizes that the paper in their wallets, and the digits being held in a bank are worthless.

These people then rush to try and convert that valueless currency into anything tangible that can be used as barter. An example would be Europe at the end of World War Two. Nylon stockings and chocolate bars were frequently used as trade items.

It would do you well to be out there ahead of the "Crack Up Boom" crowd. I suggest that you seriously consider converting what you can now into silver as gold has gone beyond the reach of many of us. We all have "stuff" that we don't use or need.

Consider selling it and use that money to get yourself positioned for what may be coming this way.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Medicinal Plants: Reference Guide

I highlighted a book some time ago called "The Green Pharmacy" by Dr. James A Duke. Dr. Duke is a world renowned botanist.

His website, "Green Pharmacy", is a site everyone should at least stop by and peruse.

A more direct index of plants, their chemical constituents, and the activities of a plant are listed on Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases.

The site is able to be searched by plant name, chemicals in a plant, activity of a plant, and by ethnobotanical uses (native medicine).

If one goes to the bottom of the "Specific Queries of the Phytochemical Database" section and selects "plants with a particular ethnobotanical use", clicks the link and types in "flu", a plethora of plants are shown that have been used in warding off the effects of the flu.

Might come in handy if "Obama Care" is foisted upon us.

You may want to save the database on a DVD for future use. The FDA continues in its efforts to shut down alternative forms of medicine. Not to mention if things get all squirrely and the grid goes down, you may find yourself having to play doctor.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Collapse: The Movie

"An Intellectual Horror Movie" - Variety Magazine

Wall Street Journal: Sounding An Alarm On Oil, An interview with Michael Ruppert

Bear in mind we don't have to run out of oil, we just have to reach a point where, either due to inflation, devaluation of a currency, or other factors, oil becomes unaffordable.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lard Gun

I've been blessed with too much work these past two weeks. Its insane how much the security industry takes off when things get bad, and how it ramps up into overdrive when lives and money are lost.

Believe me, they're more worried about the loss of money. Lives are replaceable.

Anyways while I was toiling away today on the top of a lift some 30 feet in the air, I was still fuming over what happened down in Texas and the insane attitude of Obama and his band of theives to this outrage.

It's often been said that, "Idle hands are the Devil's tools." - Tales of Melibee, Chaucer

However in my case, my hands seem to be able to carry on many routine tasks without constant input from my brain, and so frequently my brain is far afield creating ways for me to get in trouble.

Today was no exception.

I know I get visitors from Great Britain from time to time, and I know you folks are having problems with "radical" Muslims trying to re-arrange your society to fit their ideas of propriety.

"Radical", is it me or does there really not appear to be any difference between any Muslim? There's the guys wearing bombs wandering into markets. Definitely "radical". The guys driving up to hotels and pushing the button. Definitely "radical". But these guys are not going to be a problem for long. But what about the guy running the corner store? Is he a nice guy, or is he funneling money to CAIR or some other wacko group?

Seems to me the guys who seem nice better start stepping up to the plate and doing in some of their own wackos before the rest of us start looking at him and wondering.

Their silence and lack of action is telling.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand. I also understand that its pretty difficult to get your hands on guns, explosives, or the precursors to explosives over there in England.

So, what to do. What to do that will enable freedom loving people to express their outrage and anger at a group of people who just insist on stirring the pot? What can we build that will cause laughter on one side and shock and disgust on the other?

Well, I came up with two probably functional possibilities. I say "probably" because I haven't had the opportunity to try it. It's be a whole lot easier if one of the paintball manufacturers started making pork fat loaded paintballs.

Somehow I think that unlikely, and it's too difficult to make on your own. Just take a look at this:

How Paintballs Are Made

However if you want to use a syringe to unload the paint, and replace it with liquid bacon drippings, just remember to thank your old pal Catman for the idea when you pop Omar The Tent Maker in the backside. It might also be nice to chant "Porky Pig Akbar!"

So I went back to the "Spud Gun". Assembly instructions here: The Spudgun Technology Center

I reasoned instead of using potatoes, we could construct projectiles out of manteca. Manteca is the result of wet rendering pork fat. Many times you will see it on the store shelf just labeled "Lard".

So, we could build an extrusion form using a piece of PVC. We'd cap one end and pour softened lard in and allow it to harden. Remove the cap, and use a ram to push the formed lard out. The projectiles could be cut to length as the lard emerges from the tube. If you use the same size PVC pipe for the form as the one for your spudgun's main barrel, it'll be a nice tight fit with little chance for blow-by. I'd stack the projectiles in a freezer until needed.

Definitely test fire it remotely before employing it for real.

Get a bunch of your friends together and it'll be like a mortar crew pelting a Mosque or a crowd of sheet wearing refugees.

"Ma! Look! It's manna from Heaven!"

When I thought about that I realized that mortar crews are pretty vulnerable and they need support from infantry.

So, what to do, what to do.

Did you know bacon drippings are liquid down to about 86 degrees F (30 C)?

So, if we cook up some bacon and strain the drippings through a fine cloth, we should have a fairly clean liquid.

Load up a Supersoaker, like Quickblast, and douse your foes with warm bacon fat. Now I know its getting cool up here since we're heading into winter, so it might be difficult to keep the fat warm and liquid.

Why not tape a couple of disposable handwarmers to the tank just to keep it all nice and cozy?

Rounding up the local stray dogs in the middle of the night and locking them in the local Mosque also seems like it could be fun. Make sure you feed them well, and give them water laced with epsom salts.

Now that's Halal!

This Ain't Your Country and It Ain't Your Land

Fort Hood, Texas.

I've had enough of this multicultural bullshit that the squealing, spineless, Quislings have foisted upon us. Evey single one of these bastards and their supporters needs to be staked out over a fire ant nest and left to rot.

These people have taken one of America's greatest strengths, tolerance, and turned it into an achilles heel.

After what happened yesterday down there in Texas, and that bastard of a Muslim president's response, I think I've been challenged to a fight. Hell, I think all of us who call themselves Americans have been called out.

If a fight is what you want, that's what you're gonna get.

Muslims have this crazy idea that whenever a Muslim sets foot on soil, that land forever belongs to Islam.

Wrong. These guys are "Johnny Come Latelies" to this great experiment.

I've never read any historical accounts of some clown in a dirty nightshirt landing at Plymouth Rock, and I certainly have not seen any images of the Pilgrims erecting a Mosque.

People who have come here and decide that they intend to impose their lifestyle, will, and mores on me and the larger population have another thing coming. Point of fact, I really dislike people who run from one third world wreck of a nation and come here trying to turn my country into a mirror image of that place they ran from.

You want to be an American? You're welcome to do so, but that means you forsake any type of allegiance to your previous nation and people. It also means that you've chosen to live like the rest of us, and adopt the ways of this land and her people.

If you can't do that, go home. GO HOME. We don't need you, and I don't want you as a neighbor.

That goes for ANYONE, not just Muslims.

You don't see me running around in Lederhosen and swinging a Samurai Sword, do you? How many times do you call a phone number to be greeted with a voice prompt to "press one for English, press two for Dutch"?

Do you know why there's no demand for Dutch? Its because they've integrated themselves into the fabric of America, like so many other groups. Integration means alot more than just being responsible enough to buy insurance on a low rider and turning down the ranchera music so your neighbors can sleep at night.

Its time for you to choose a side.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chemtrails, Disease, and Just Plain Weirdness

There's something weird going on over in Eastern Europe.

"Infowars: Ireland" has an article on chemtrails and aerial spraying over cities in the Ukraine.

AFP: Death Toll Rises to 86 in Ukraine Flu Epidemic

The Armenian Strategic Intelligence Report: The Apocalypse Of Armenia

Continuity Central: Plague Attack, an international bioterrorism tabletop exercise

Okay, so what is in common with all of the above items? Yersenia Pestis, or simply the "Plague".

Officials are going to great lengths to deny any active plague outbreaks in the region, and are simply categorizing the illnesses and deaths as related to the H1N1 "Swine Flu" outbreaks.

However, it is very curious that an exercise was conducted this past September dealing with a plague scenario. You can check out the story in the Continuity Central article above. You guessed it, one of the participants was the Ukraine.

The Armenian Strategic Intelligence Report states there is active debate within the Armenian community as to whether opening up their borders would invite a revisit from the plague. I'm wondering who started this conversation, and why? Is there someone in the know?

The Age: Russian Spy Turned Tycoon Gunned Down

This is an oddity, but maybe not. There is a possibility it is connected.

He is said to have spied on Israel for the KGB after emigrating to that country from Russia. In fact, he was apprehended by Israeli authorities and served prison time for his activities.

LA Times: Russian tycoon fatally shot in Moscow

In this article, Igor Prelin is referred to as a "former KGB colonel and spokesman". However the article never states for whom he is a spokesman. The reader is left to infer that he is a spokesman for the KGB, yet that point is never clarified.

Mr. Prelin confirms that Kalmanovic was a spy, but not a "full fledged spy".


Haaretz: Ex-Shin Bet, KGB double agent shot dead in Moscow

Doh? He worked for Shin Bet (ISA - Israel Security Agency)?

Now compare Haaretz' coverage of the assassination with The Age's and LA Times' articles. Haaretz says "the shooter may have been in a passing car"! They seem to want to make this seem as much of a random act of violence as possible while anyone with half a brain can see exactly what it is.

Now this is really curious.

Our friends over at intelNews.Org quote the same article I reference above in Haaretz as stating "a long-term Soviet spy and later a Shin Bet informant” . However, those words do not appear in the article. I've looked for a cached version of the article that may show any changes to the wording over time, but have not been successful. I've not known intelNews.Org to misstate news articles in the past, so this is troublesome to me. It would appear that someone may have objected to what was stated, but someone forgot to change the headline.

Telegraph: Former Israeli double agent shot dead near Putin's office

The last few lines in this article attempt to get the reader to equate Kalmanovic's assassination with Russian mob activity.

Israel is long rumored to have a very active bio-weapon research facility located in Ness-Ziona. Israel is not a signatory to the Biological Weapons Convention.

Kalmanovic was arrested and jailed for turning Israeli military secrets over to Russia, and allegedly he has maintained ties to the power structure within Israel after his jail term, and to organized crime within Russia.

Kalmanovic's business interests also gave him global access, and he is said to have traveled extensively.

Now, while I was running around out there on the web, I saw something that linked Viktor Matveev with Kalmanovic, but for the life of me, I can't find that article again. So don't quote me, and maybe I shouldn't even mention it. If the information is in error, I apologize in advance.

Does the name Viktor Matveev sound familiar?

It didn't to me either at first, hence I neglected to save the link to the page referencing him and Kalmanovic.

How about "Arctic Sea"?

Skipping around all the fancy schmancy lawyer talk, Matveev is the owner of the ship.

Check this out: Was hijacked ship intercepted by Mossad, carrying missiles to Iran?

This past summer, chemtrail activity in my area was nearly non-existent, but has picked up recently. Many people are complaining of minor respiratory issues, and feelings of fatigue. Typical symptoms associated with chemtrail activity.

Its curious that these symptoms have returned with the reappearance of these trails in the sky.

So what is going on?

You tell me. It's just plain weird.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Quiet Escalation

Loan Agents Robbed And Tortured.

Two loan agents alleged to have defrauded homeowners were kidnapped, robbed and beaten.

CNN's Lou Dobbs Home Fired Upon

Open border proponents alleged to have made threatening phone calls in the weeks prior to attack.

Seattle Police Officer "Assassinated"

Two officers sitting in a parked patrol car fired upon. One wounded. One killed.

Convicted Sex Offender Murders Four

Associated Press Story Of The Same

Out on the streets to kill after serving a mere two years for kidnapping a minor. Family members spoke to the press through an interpreter. Are they here legally?

Magazine Salesmen Attempting To Quit Job Beaten With Baseball Bats and Golf Clubs

New York Times Story Of The Same

Strange. Just strange.

Hollywood Synagogue Shooting

Police: "not a hate crime".

LAPD Officer Indicted On Weapons Charges

Alleged to have exported firearms to his own private security firm in Belize. I'm scratching my head over this one. Isn't he supposed to be interested in our safety and security, and not the people in Belize?

South Carolina Gun Sales Soar on fear of crime, Democrats.

That is the headline of the story, verbatim folks.

US Law Enforcement Infiltrated By Drug Cartels

Yeah, like we do not already have enough reason to not trust them.

Woman Raped By Police Impersonators.

Being pulled over? Call 911 and demand a supervisor be present, and drive to a well lit area with people present.

Bailout Fails. Here's the proof: CIT

Getting warm, folks. Should be with them burning over two billion of your dollars in less than a year.