Monday, November 2, 2009

Quiet Escalation

Loan Agents Robbed And Tortured.

Two loan agents alleged to have defrauded homeowners were kidnapped, robbed and beaten.

CNN's Lou Dobbs Home Fired Upon

Open border proponents alleged to have made threatening phone calls in the weeks prior to attack.

Seattle Police Officer "Assassinated"

Two officers sitting in a parked patrol car fired upon. One wounded. One killed.

Convicted Sex Offender Murders Four

Associated Press Story Of The Same

Out on the streets to kill after serving a mere two years for kidnapping a minor. Family members spoke to the press through an interpreter. Are they here legally?

Magazine Salesmen Attempting To Quit Job Beaten With Baseball Bats and Golf Clubs

New York Times Story Of The Same

Strange. Just strange.

Hollywood Synagogue Shooting

Police: "not a hate crime".

LAPD Officer Indicted On Weapons Charges

Alleged to have exported firearms to his own private security firm in Belize. I'm scratching my head over this one. Isn't he supposed to be interested in our safety and security, and not the people in Belize?

South Carolina Gun Sales Soar on fear of crime, Democrats.

That is the headline of the story, verbatim folks.

US Law Enforcement Infiltrated By Drug Cartels

Yeah, like we do not already have enough reason to not trust them.

Woman Raped By Police Impersonators.

Being pulled over? Call 911 and demand a supervisor be present, and drive to a well lit area with people present.

Bailout Fails. Here's the proof: CIT

Getting warm, folks. Should be with them burning over two billion of your dollars in less than a year.


Radio Bloger said...

Welcome to the slow painful end folks...

All good wishes and good luck Catman, I am afraid we will all need a lot of that now...

HermitJim said...

Reading the news is getting more and more depressing each and every day!