Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playing "Old Maid"

Remember the card game, "Old Maid"?

Guess what?

The United States Dollar is about to become the new global version of the Old Maid card game.

India Buys 200 Metric Tons Of Gold - Wall Street Journal

China Doubles Its Physical Gold Reserves - Bullion Vault

Mauritius Buys 2 Metric Tons Of Gold - Commodity Online

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. Population less than 1.3 million people. Manhattan Island has a larger population than this entire country.

Bank Of Russia Will Buy Whatever Gold Is Available - UPI

These countries have been shoveling as many US dollars as they possibly can into the IMF bank and taking physical possession of gold.

Why are they doing this?


The government of the United States is broke. It is BANKRUPT! NO MORE WEALTH TO FRITTER AWAY.

How many of you would take a wooden nickel in your change? A Confederate Dollar? ( I know some of us probably would! ) How about a Mexican Peso? Can you blame these countries for not wanting a wooden nickel?

So, what does this mean to you?

These countries have sought to insulate themselves from a dollar that has become nearly worthless. Since that day the Federal Reserve has taken control of the dollar, the US Dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power. It is posed to lose whatever value remains as the Federal Reserve continues to print money, essentially hyper-inflating our currency.

We've all heard the stories of Germany prior to World War Two where one needed a wheel barrow of Reichsmarks to buy a loaf of bread. How many of you realize that this same thing is going on today?

Check out the history of Zimbabwe's Dollar here: Zimbabwe Inflation

Think this guy is rich? This cash is worth about $100.00 US

This scene may become common place here in the United States as the Federal Reserve continues to run the printing presses in overdrive. Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia when under British Colonial Rule. It is one of the great tragedies of Africa as Zimbabwe sits upon some of the greatest concentrations of valuable natural resources on the continent, including gold, and yet it has been reduced to a shell as a result of the type of mismanagement that mirrors the policies of the American political establishment.

Today, 11/17/09, silver jumped to a high of $18.45. Often referred to as "Poor Man's Gold", silver has more room to move upward at a quicker rate than gold. Gold peaked today at $1145.30 per ounce.

What one must realize is that an ounce of silver or gold is NOT, I REPEAT NOT, worth more money. YOUR MONEY IS more WORTHLESS and it TAKES MORE DOLLARS to buy an ounce of silver or gold.

Think of it like this.

Put anything in the space at the end of the next sentence. Anything in place of the word "gold". You have to pay more money to buy an ounce of "_______". Did you put food in there? How about water? Gasoline? Get it? That's called inflation, soon to be "hyper-inflation"

If this should happen, and you manage to continue to be employed, do you think your employer is going to up your pay rate to keep pace with inflation, or hyperinflation? I think I hear all of you laughing.

That's why you should get some silver now. It's to offset runaway inflation. Right now, an ounce of silver at today's prices would roughly buy you one 50 pound sack of flour. Chances are, that same ounce of silver will still buy you the same sack of flour no matter what the price. The dollars you get for selling that ounce of silver would still probably pay for that sack of flour regardless of the rate of inflation. In fact, you'd probably get a better deal trading the ounce of silver directly for the fifty pounds of flour.

Ludwig Von Mises, a respected economist, coined a phrase called the "Crack Up Boom". Essentially it is a period when everyone in a population suddenly wakes up and realizes that the paper in their wallets, and the digits being held in a bank are worthless.

These people then rush to try and convert that valueless currency into anything tangible that can be used as barter. An example would be Europe at the end of World War Two. Nylon stockings and chocolate bars were frequently used as trade items.

It would do you well to be out there ahead of the "Crack Up Boom" crowd. I suggest that you seriously consider converting what you can now into silver as gold has gone beyond the reach of many of us. We all have "stuff" that we don't use or need.

Consider selling it and use that money to get yourself positioned for what may be coming this way.


idahobob said...

And are you still clinging to that 401k and/or stock options? Why?

Do not get sucked into the illusion that Gold and/or Silver stock certificates or Mining Shares are a good thing.....They are only paper!

Precious metals are only truly yours if you can hold it in your hands.


Ken said...

...my precious metals aint gold...lol,plus...ya can't eat it...lol
...Good post to catch-up to...yep,'its' coming sooner than many realize...

Radio Bloger said...

If you were not already into gold and silver (actual possession) it may be too late now.

Steel, Lead, Brass, and Copper (in assembled forms) are the best investment now.

Good luck folks.