Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chemtrails, Disease, and Just Plain Weirdness

There's something weird going on over in Eastern Europe.

"Infowars: Ireland" has an article on chemtrails and aerial spraying over cities in the Ukraine.

AFP: Death Toll Rises to 86 in Ukraine Flu Epidemic

The Armenian Strategic Intelligence Report: The Apocalypse Of Armenia

Continuity Central: Plague Attack, an international bioterrorism tabletop exercise

Okay, so what is in common with all of the above items? Yersenia Pestis, or simply the "Plague".

Officials are going to great lengths to deny any active plague outbreaks in the region, and are simply categorizing the illnesses and deaths as related to the H1N1 "Swine Flu" outbreaks.

However, it is very curious that an exercise was conducted this past September dealing with a plague scenario. You can check out the story in the Continuity Central article above. You guessed it, one of the participants was the Ukraine.

The Armenian Strategic Intelligence Report states there is active debate within the Armenian community as to whether opening up their borders would invite a revisit from the plague. I'm wondering who started this conversation, and why? Is there someone in the know?

The Age: Russian Spy Turned Tycoon Gunned Down

This is an oddity, but maybe not. There is a possibility it is connected.

He is said to have spied on Israel for the KGB after emigrating to that country from Russia. In fact, he was apprehended by Israeli authorities and served prison time for his activities.

LA Times: Russian tycoon fatally shot in Moscow

In this article, Igor Prelin is referred to as a "former KGB colonel and spokesman". However the article never states for whom he is a spokesman. The reader is left to infer that he is a spokesman for the KGB, yet that point is never clarified.

Mr. Prelin confirms that Kalmanovic was a spy, but not a "full fledged spy".


Haaretz: Ex-Shin Bet, KGB double agent shot dead in Moscow

Doh? He worked for Shin Bet (ISA - Israel Security Agency)?

Now compare Haaretz' coverage of the assassination with The Age's and LA Times' articles. Haaretz says "the shooter may have been in a passing car"! They seem to want to make this seem as much of a random act of violence as possible while anyone with half a brain can see exactly what it is.

Now this is really curious.

Our friends over at intelNews.Org quote the same article I reference above in Haaretz as stating "a long-term Soviet spy and later a Shin Bet informant” . However, those words do not appear in the article. I've looked for a cached version of the article that may show any changes to the wording over time, but have not been successful. I've not known intelNews.Org to misstate news articles in the past, so this is troublesome to me. It would appear that someone may have objected to what was stated, but someone forgot to change the headline.

Telegraph: Former Israeli double agent shot dead near Putin's office

The last few lines in this article attempt to get the reader to equate Kalmanovic's assassination with Russian mob activity.

Israel is long rumored to have a very active bio-weapon research facility located in Ness-Ziona. Israel is not a signatory to the Biological Weapons Convention.

Kalmanovic was arrested and jailed for turning Israeli military secrets over to Russia, and allegedly he has maintained ties to the power structure within Israel after his jail term, and to organized crime within Russia.

Kalmanovic's business interests also gave him global access, and he is said to have traveled extensively.

Now, while I was running around out there on the web, I saw something that linked Viktor Matveev with Kalmanovic, but for the life of me, I can't find that article again. So don't quote me, and maybe I shouldn't even mention it. If the information is in error, I apologize in advance.

Does the name Viktor Matveev sound familiar?

It didn't to me either at first, hence I neglected to save the link to the page referencing him and Kalmanovic.

How about "Arctic Sea"?

Skipping around all the fancy schmancy lawyer talk, Matveev is the owner of the ship.

Check this out: Was hijacked ship intercepted by Mossad, carrying missiles to Iran?

This past summer, chemtrail activity in my area was nearly non-existent, but has picked up recently. Many people are complaining of minor respiratory issues, and feelings of fatigue. Typical symptoms associated with chemtrail activity.

Its curious that these symptoms have returned with the reappearance of these trails in the sky.

So what is going on?

You tell me. It's just plain weird.


Anonymous said...

I think it's gonna get a lot weirder at a fairly rapid pace.

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It's called "the power of suggestion."