Monday, November 23, 2009

Civil Unrest Begins

Its the small things that tip you off that something ugly is about to happen.

The small rocks that come skidding down the slope just before the really BIG ones come bouncing down as a land slide starts.

That cracking sound as you stray too far out on the ice.

The way the snow on a hillside shifts just the wrong way beneath your feet that tells you its about to slide.

That eerie quiet just before a California shaker rips through an otherwise nice day.

I think Christians in The United States have just about had it. They've tolerated quite a bit when it comes to suffering the debasement of their beliefs and institutions. They've seen their God thrown into urine, and been the subject of lawsuits by "atheists".

Where's the "tolerance" that people always accuse Christians of lacking?

If anyone had thrown Muhammad into a jar of urine, I think the Muslim world would have exploded. Well, it did, but that was just because of a cartoon. Hey Serrano, why don't you try peeing on a Muhammad Jihad action figure and see what accolades that gets you?

And you atheists, how come you don't go after Islam? Why are you only picking on Christians? Because they don't fight back? Muslims do, don't they?

Anyways, this wasn't intended to be a religious rant.

I must be quite frank here, and in the interest of complete disclosure, I am a Christian. Probably not like most of the ones you've seen on TV or street corners. I was even asked to leave a church because I posed a doctrinal question to the pastor that he didn't like.

Christian Leaders Call For Civil Disobedience. Leadership does not ask members to eschew violence, but hopes "it doesn't come to that".

When was the last time the normally bickering factions of Christianity got their house in order enough to issue something like The Manhattan Declaration? I guess someone finally got around to remembering Jesus telling his followers to arm themselves.

An atheists' worst nightmare. A Christian with a gun. Lord, I hope Sarah Brady is sleeping well tonight! Pssst, Sarah! Sarah Brady...there's another Sarah out there that LOVES guns!

This isn't the only crack in the ice, or shifting of snow. It isn't the only pebble rattling down the slope.

Remember back in August when CNN ran a story about guards being posted outside markets when food stuffs were delivered? Not much coverage of the story outside this one article, but it should scare the tar out of you.

Hunger Hits Detroit's Middle Class

Yeah, well...

Retailers Head For The Exits In Detroit

Rumor is that many economically depressed areas are seeing similar activity.

Food Banks around the country are struggling to meet people's needs.

Cupboards Are Bare At Food Banks

Local Food Bank Almost Empty

Long Lines, Empty Shelves, A Sign Of The Times

Its just Thanksgiving. Christmas and New Years are still to come.

Most Americans are not used to going hungry.

Hunger A Growing Problem In America

Hungry people often resort to crime.

Burglars Hit Food Bank: Steal Food

Wisconsin Teen Breaks Into Home For Snacks

Oktoberfest Food Stolen From Church

And violence

Man Assaulted For Bread

I have to ask how long before we start seeing the type of chaos that has usually been reserved for what we used to call The Third World. Food riots were something that most people watched on TV. Many just turned away and went back to that overly full plate, and never gave it a second thought.

I wonder how those same people are going react when they look into the eyes of their hungry children. How will they react when they know they have failed their wives and families?

Will they go back to watching millionaires chasing dead pigs around on a muddy field? Will the Stanley Cup finals be the only concern?


Will the crack of baseball bat be replaced by the crack of a rifle?

Will vengeance and justice be meted out by the angry and displaced upon the occupants of the gated estates serving as refuge for the political elite? Will banks and centers of government burn long into the night?

Will the trees lining the National Mall be festooned with ropes and corpses dressed in five thousand dollar suits?

The country is full of angry, foreclosed upon, homeless, unemployed people. Many soon to be very hungry, and really pissed off foreclosed upon, homeless, unemployed people. All it will take is another stupid comment from Pelosi to set this explosive mixture off.

Kinda like that comment about "eating cake".


HermitJim said...

Excellent post, my friend! I'm afraid that the holiday season this year is going to be full of surprises...and some of them won't be nice!

Thanks for the thoughts this morning!

Mayberry said...

The pressure cooker is whistling, and the lid is fixin' to blow off...

Radio Bloger said...

Please don't lump all of us "atheists" into one camp or even one political realm...

Please don't think that the atheist "community" (if there is such a thing) is not attacking the Islamists and their faith - they are! You just don't see it here in the US as much...

Check out what happens in Europe, atheists are risking prison for "hate crimes" in their own countries for pointing out the problems they have there with the followers of Mohammed.

They are having a problem with their immigration that has a striking parallel to our Illegal immigration problem except their problem is racial, cultural, AND Religious where our problem is cultural and racial...

I was forced out of a job, blackballed, and eventually chased out of town by "good Christians" who were upset that I would not join in on "prayer meetings" during work hours... Our family was even threatened once, then the word got out that I was armed and that my wife would not hesitate to use my 12 guage on a sneaking peeping tom through a closed glass window - I guess some just don't want to meet Jesus that early.

Some of that "mega church" propaganda out there in the Christian community is as accurate as the MSM political propaganda.

We are not all out to "get" every believer, but racial, religious, and cultural strife is the bread the MSM butters up.

Sunfighter said...

"And you atheists, how come you don't go after Islam? Why are you only picking on Christians?"

I am atheist. I don't complain about Merry Christmas and the right of people to believe what the hell they want. As long as they aren't shoving it down my throat.

So don't lump all atheist into one group. I am conservative, not a puke head lib. Yes you can be an atheist and not be a liberal puke bag. When someone professes that they are a Christian, the red flag goes up for me. I've been screwed over by more so called Christians than anyone else.

Atheist can be very moral. You don't have to be religious to have morals. We prefer to depend on ourselves, not some imaginary "creator". Religion is nothing but a way to control people who can't think for themselves.

So when you bad mouth atheists and lump them all in with Religion hating libs, you do us a great disservice. Free will and all that, I was forced to attend revivals and all kind of nonsense when I was young. I became an atheist in my teens because I saw the hypocrisy.

Believe what you want, but those of us who don't believe, aren't just flaming liberal pukes. It just ain't reality. Respect my right not to believe and will respect your right to believe.

Catman said...

I apologize to the Atheists that I may have offended with my commentary.

It seems that the atheists we see in the media often are the "extremists", such as Michael Newdow. Perhaps just as often as Christian "extremists", like Eric Rudolph, are often paraded around to generate suspicion, distrust, and even hatred.

More artificial divisions used to keep us separated and bickering, and blind to the true puppet masters manipulating the world stage.

And in a moment of pique, I too, fell into the trap set by those very puppet masters that ensnare many of us.

So, please understand that I support everyone's right to believe as they choose. It is one of the cornerstones of our nation, that simple right to choose as one will, embodied in the First Amendment.

I don't condemn atheists or atheism as many of those who call themselves Christians often do.

It is my belief we all have a road to travel, and lessons to learn before we leave this world. Who has certainty to know what his or her own purpose is? And having that very limitation, has the right to presume the purpose of another?

Again, my most sincere apologies.

Radio Bloger said...

No need to apologize Catman, it would be like the many hot button issues where the MSM feeds us a line designed to make us "think" a particular way...

It is very easy to promote propaganda that is manipulative religion is just one way to do this, it is not only politics - just look at how the "false right" pounded Ron Paul...

We all must be on guard for the manipulation, the more intelligent the less the brainwashing works - but you have to be alert to how deep this game is intrenched.

Have a great Thanksgiving - we all need a break.