Friday, November 6, 2009

This Ain't Your Country and It Ain't Your Land

Fort Hood, Texas.

I've had enough of this multicultural bullshit that the squealing, spineless, Quislings have foisted upon us. Evey single one of these bastards and their supporters needs to be staked out over a fire ant nest and left to rot.

These people have taken one of America's greatest strengths, tolerance, and turned it into an achilles heel.

After what happened yesterday down there in Texas, and that bastard of a Muslim president's response, I think I've been challenged to a fight. Hell, I think all of us who call themselves Americans have been called out.

If a fight is what you want, that's what you're gonna get.

Muslims have this crazy idea that whenever a Muslim sets foot on soil, that land forever belongs to Islam.

Wrong. These guys are "Johnny Come Latelies" to this great experiment.

I've never read any historical accounts of some clown in a dirty nightshirt landing at Plymouth Rock, and I certainly have not seen any images of the Pilgrims erecting a Mosque.

People who have come here and decide that they intend to impose their lifestyle, will, and mores on me and the larger population have another thing coming. Point of fact, I really dislike people who run from one third world wreck of a nation and come here trying to turn my country into a mirror image of that place they ran from.

You want to be an American? You're welcome to do so, but that means you forsake any type of allegiance to your previous nation and people. It also means that you've chosen to live like the rest of us, and adopt the ways of this land and her people.

If you can't do that, go home. GO HOME. We don't need you, and I don't want you as a neighbor.

That goes for ANYONE, not just Muslims.

You don't see me running around in Lederhosen and swinging a Samurai Sword, do you? How many times do you call a phone number to be greeted with a voice prompt to "press one for English, press two for Dutch"?

Do you know why there's no demand for Dutch? Its because they've integrated themselves into the fabric of America, like so many other groups. Integration means alot more than just being responsible enough to buy insurance on a low rider and turning down the ranchera music so your neighbors can sleep at night.

Its time for you to choose a side.


Anonymous said...

Well said sir....Well said.

Radio Bloger said...

All planed in advance and in place for years.

The destruction is going according to plan the neocons and the neolibs all working for the same side, the production of an easy to control slave population.

They think they can advance their plan by years and have overstepped their bounds, we will all pay the price. And they used to call the protesters wing-nuts and racists - now more will know the truth.

Good luck folks.

Mayberry said...

A damn, DAMN fine rant sir! 'Bout time some other folks picked up the torch, ha ha! Just kiddin'. And by the way, I'm lovin' that lard cannon idea...

Anonymous said...

What is happening in the U.S. should be labeled: "Suicide via political correctness". Or, more accurately, and this will sting: "self-righteousness". Ouch.