Sunday, February 8, 2009

Confirmed case of Marburg Fever in Colorado!


Marburg is a close cousin to Ebola. Read the story here at ReporterHerald.

The individual in question was apparently infected on a recent trip to Uganda.


HermitJim said...

I hope that this person is all well now...I would hate for another major sickness to get a foothold in the U.S. right now!

Thanks for the update!

Catman said...

Yessir, that is freaking scary for anyone familiar with that type of virus and what it can do.

Unknown said...

They're not even telling you the half of it. There's antibiotic resistant TB and Hepatitis B and C coming across the Mexican border daily and working in the restaurant near you. If you stood up and shouted "Border Patrol" in a San Antonio restaurant, wonder how much of their staff would hit the back door.

You have been RoadScribed.
BTW: Jukebox 10-4 on Mepis Linux.

Anonymous said...

Some scary shit! 1st I've heard about it. and that resturaunt comment, scarier yet. Although not to much migrant labor in WV let alone mexicans.

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Big Bend, on Norman Ridge, WV

Stephanie in AR said...

Oh my! My first official research paper was on Marlburg (all those years ago) & still makes my skin crawl. Guess exotic doesn't mean what it once did.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Cap' Tripps.

Catman said...

yeah, we've had reported cases of dengue fever in San Fransisco.

I have to work in SF from time to time. I can not figure out why people go there on a vacation. The place is filthy.

Unknown said...

Wow CatMan, your in San FranFreako. I know a couple of lit agents there, and when I have time to listen to Michael Savage on KNEW 910 he gives your local low down. On the restaurant worker bit, I got that from interviewing a Big S.A. health inspector. Hepatitis and TB is out of control and people don't realize it. And no PETA it isn't because we are eating meat.

Catman said...

Yeah RoadScribe,

Last time you were there, did you check out the San Fransisco Center?

It is one of the largest projects that I've worked on. The really funny (in a sad way) was what happened in the *big expensive dept store begins with the second letter of the alphabet* there.

1st day open. Some junky goes into the restroom behind the kids section and tries to mainline. Blows out the vessel, and sprays arterial blood everywhere. It's on the ceiling, the walls, the floor everywhere. There are bums coming in off the street shaving in the mirrors on the columns.

Just tragic.