Wednesday, October 21, 2009



They're asking for you to pay to view it online, or to buy the DVD. The site has some interesting free content such as previews.

Make sure you watch the Matrix News video on this site.

I'm debating whether or not to pony up the loot to view it. Recently American Prepper and I have taken several field trips to an "abandoned" jail facility near where I live.

It is minutes from a large regional airport that can service full size passenger jets and military transport planes. The facility is also directly across the street from an intermodal facility.

The jail sports new fences and there is activity there as we have seen many vehicles and people on the site although no prisoners are housed there. They have all been relocated to other facilities. What is odd is why this facility would be shut down when California has such a severe prison "overcrowding problem".

The work has not been confined to the jail. The intermodal facility now sports huge floodlights that illuminate acres of fenced off land.

I travel by these places as frequently as I can to keep an eye on what is transpiring.

Do we know for a fact that these are being set up as detention / deportation facilities, no. Absolutely not. The activity is what is unusual, as was the response from a sheriff's deputy when I asked him about the defunct jail.

He said, "We've been told not to discuss it".

We'll be putting up photos soon.

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