Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And now for something....

Completely Different!

Tired of all the cranky criminals, animal abusers, rapists, drunks and other sordid criminals in the NFL? Fed up with watching overpaid, whining millionaires chasing dead pigs around on a muddy field?

Move over Monday Night Football!

Guys, you'll probably need to get your wives out of the house to watch this football game.

How about the Lingerie Football League?


Head on over and visit them at the US Lingerie Football League.

Who said the end of civilization had to be boring?


idahobob said...

No thanks.....my DW is a dead shot and we have lots of sharp knives around.


Bullseye said...

Thanks, I love you man !!! And the woman of the house is just gonna have to sit through this one. It's the least she can do for making me watch that show about people buying houses. LOL Thanks again man. Love it.

Catman said...

Hey Bob,

Surprisingly, I haven't heard anything from the wife about this post. I expected to get that frigid response I am so familiar with.....


If I ever make it to Kentucky, remind me to wear a cup and a helmet when I first meet your wife....

HermitJim said...

I better not attempt it...'cause I'm just an old man and my heart may not be able to take it!

idahobob said...


Uh-oh....this may not be one of the times when "silence is golden".