Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Warning Signs

The mainstream media paints a rosy picture, all those "green shoots".

Watch this:

Courtesy CBS 5, San Francisco

I guess some people are not going to go quietly.

Retired Police Officer Shot And Home Firebombed video
Print Story Here - Natives getting restless?

Jihad, baby. Are you ready for the nutjobs here at home?

People stood around and took pictures with their cell phones while the rape continued for 2 and one half hours. No one did a thing. Four police officers were at the campus for security, but they never went outside.

Do you really believe people will do the "right thing" if things go seriously sideways?

Jobs Created By Stimulus Overstated - Gee, ya think? Just like how they intentionally stop counting the unemployed when their benefits run out? Lies to keep you complacent. Are you complacent?

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HermitJim said...

Lots of folks running around the Capitol now days with egg on their faces because of some of what's going on. You would think that they would be slowly getting the message that the natives are restless!