Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama Signs Future Generations Into Slavery

Obama to sign over US Sovereignty.

Read about it over at Fightin' Words.

Shy was asking what the line was. I think there are no lines anymore. I hear the click of magazines being topped off.

Just another note to let you know how well the Patriot Act is protecting you.

A guy sent 5 pipe bombs through the US mail. They reached their intended target, and one of the devices detonated injuring the person who opened the package.

Yeah, great job people. Take away our rights, and claim its for our safety.

Then you fail to do the job.

If it wasn't so ludicrous, I'd be laughing.


Pickdog said...

Yup Cat I hear the same sound.

Keep your powder dry, I fear soon it will be needed.


Anonymous said...

Like the old British Sargent Major used to say, "Pick your target, focus the front sight on the belt buckle, breathe and slowly squeeze the trigger."

Mayberry said...

The time has come....

ErinAndBrad said...

sux dont it...