Monday, July 23, 2012

The Difference Between Us And Them


An asinine analysis unworthy of a kindergarten debate team. Really? You Mr. Kim, with a straight face, are going to compare a city in a COMIC BOOK to the real world, and then even before you make the statement, you distance yourself from it? I have news for you, there is no such thing as "just and unjust violence". There is only violence. Violence is a last resort for any civilized person. A path taken only when one is forced upon it. Only the fool or the tyrant needs to justify violence. What an empty-headed and shallow commentary. If you're going to go there, why not compare the character Bane to the Occupy Wall Street movement, where the "liberators" become the oppressors? What's next? Can Superman beat up Spider-Man?


Someone who understand the issue.


Ken said...

...violence; the extreme authority which all other authority is derived from...respond accordingly seems there is no shortage of fools,tyrants, or their justifications...

...i got five bucks on spidey...

...i guess ice-t aint that bad afterall...still a smug little punk tho

Catman said...


Spidey, eh? Never cared for Superman myself. He always kinda seemed pompous and stuffy.

I like Ice-T. He kinda grew on me after he started acting. But, it shows maybe we all have a little more in common than we thought.