Sunday, July 22, 2012

There's A Storm Coming

My daughter, her best friend, and I saw the Dark Trilogy beginning at 1800 hrs on Thursday. It ran until 0300 hrs on Friday. There's something to be said for watching a trilogy of movies back to back on the big screen. We didn't learn until later on Friday the tragedy that befell Aurora, Colorado. I had in mind to write about this incident shortly after it happened, but refrained. Something was wrong with the limited picture the media had begun to paint as well as the convenient timing of the attack.

ABC immediately jumped to linking the shooter to the Tea Party

ABC looked extremely foolish, and suffered a blow to their already below the waterline credibility when they were forced to admit they were (again) in error. Holmes has since allegedly been documented to be a member of the Occupy Movement by a private investigator named Bill Warner. It should be noted that Bill Warner is a confidential informant, also known as a snitch, (stated on his homepage) and a member of the FBI's Infragard, similar to the Nazi SiPo. Sometimes snitches tell the truth, sometimes they don't. It all depends on who is listening and what they want to hear. Whose agenda is being served?

Much of the media and the Left immediately painted Jared Loughner, the Times Square Bomber,and Joseph Stack following their attacks as members of the Tea Party without any evidence to show affiliation. When called on the lack of evidence, the media without hesitation shifted into correlating these individual's actions, thoughts, and behaviors with the Tea Party's political platform without really retracting their baseless accusations. Essentially, painting Tea Party members guilty by association. Even after Loughner, Faisal Shahzad (Times Square Bomber) and Stack were shown to be Democrats.

At the time, the Tea Party had started to galvanize a grass roots opposition to the established corporate governmental system. It, along with Ron Paul and other Patriot groups, proved to be a very real threat against the established order.

Since then, we've witnessed the Republican Party (one half of the established corporate government ) successfully co-opting the Tea Party. Unfortunately, we've also witnessed the retreat of Ron Paul in favor of the Used Car Salesman, Mitt Romney.

It would appear that any real chance of peaceful change of our government and its policies in 2012 have been thwarted.

Additional information regarding the shootings in Colorado have revealed the possibility of an accomplice according to the story running on CNN.

(note: if there isn't video above this line, blogger deleted it. I've had to re-insert this video six times)

Although Perez Hilton ( a paragon of media virtue ) is reporting that there is no second suspect. Stated in Hilton's article, according to an anonymous police spokesperson:

"There are multiple unconfirmed and inaccurate news reports about a second suspect. In regards to those reports: An associate of Holmes was interviewed this evening. There is no reason to believe that he is involved. Further details of this investigation will not be released at this time."

What? The cops only talked to one person who knew this whack job?

I find this eerily similar to the story of a  "sharp dressed man" who managed to load a bomb laden Sudanese man onto Northwest Airlines Flight 253 back in 2009. Initially, all reports of this "sharp dressed man" were dismissed by the authorities even though eyewitnesses, including an attorney Kurt Haskell, were adamant that this was factual. If you're unaware, a second suspect was detained following the evacuation of the plane. The United States' State Department and CIA were implicated during a House Hearing in the attempted bombing, but everything was basically whitewashed by a Senate Hearing and report.

One of Obama's pet projects, the United Nation's Law Of The Sea Treaty, died  a few days ago. The treaty would have essentially placed vast swaths of United States coastal areas under the control of the United Nations. Once under UN control, Americans would be on the hook for untold amounts of money that would have to have been paid to the UN to access our own territory and resources. International waters, which are governed by centuries old codes and laws, would have come under UN control essentially allowing them to control all trade traveling via the world's oceans. Moreover, other nations, not friendly to us, would have been able to dictate our own internal policies through litigation overseen by the UN.

Granting the United Nations an income stream is paramount to its becoming a true world power. At this point, the UN is a polyglot of corrupt individuals scamming each other and making off with what little they can loot from member countries. If they ever have the power to TAX, they will have an unlimited access to wealth, and with that income, they can - and will - raise a mercenary army the likes the world has never seen. That threat of force coupled with the ability to abrogate any country's laws and dictate any terms, would make them a de facto world government. One which no one, and I mean no one, not a single country, company, or individual, would have recourse to air grievances or make appeals to. And not a single champion in sight to take up the cause to slay the Beast and restore freedom.

The United Nations is the penultimate form of Evil, only outdone by Satan himself. Corruption and incompetence are synonymous with this bloated bureaucracy. Allowing it to gut our nation and its laws must be prevented by any means. If you thought allowing the fools on Wall Street to direct the course of this nation is bad, wait until the UN comes to town.

And the UN is coming. The last opportunity for the UN to gain control of the laws of The United States, and dictate terms to the American people in the near future is coming in a few days. On July 27th, the UN Small Arms Treaty comes up for a vote. Initially opposed by G.W. Bush, Obama and Hillary Clinton have overturned the stated position of opposition and are now working to see that this treaty is ratified and becomes law in the United States.

Although arguments run rampant on whether or not the treaty will impact the Second Amendment and private ownership of firearms in the United States, one knows from experience that once government has an inch, it will take the next ten miles. Pelosi, Obama, Feinstein, and myriad other elected an un-elected officials are on record that they are opposed to the private ownership of firearms. They will use the Supremacy Clause to replace American law. Once the door is open a crack, they will re-interpret this treaty to mean exactly what they want it to. Remember, one infamous President argued over the meaning of the word, "is". Also recall, politicians also like to pick and choose which laws they like to follow, and many are openly ignoring the "Dick Act"

Initially, it looked as though the treaty was doomed to failure, but according to at least one source a poll was taken in the wake of the Colorado shooting, and the Senate vote is now 2 votes shy of having the necessary numbers for ratification. 

We've seen Obama in action. The Fast And Furious Scandal leads directly to him. Its obvious goal was to undermine the Second Amendment Of The United States. Hundreds, if not possibly thousands, of innocent people in Mexico paid with their lives to enable the seizure of American's arms. People tasked with the protection of our borders died as well. Their families left with questions that will undoubtedly go unanswered for eternity.

Remember back in 2011, Obama's cryptic comment "We're working on Gun Control under the radar"? Read Chuck Norris' take on the subject. Does this mean Obama also has inside knowledge on a possible false flag? Months of work and thousands of dollars spent by an unemployed college student obtaining materials. Sounds like he had some help to me. On may 17th, the FBI warned of possible "terrorist" attacks on theaters. See a complete list of associated stories and docs over at Live Leak.

We have FEMA camps, the TSA on the roads interdicting free travel, foreign troops on our soil, the majority of American fighting forces deployed overseas, the militarization of local police forces, the seizure of infrastructure by executive order, US forces (including police) trained to seize privately held weapons, drones flying in American airspace. Restrictions on so many activities and products due to "terrorism", and not a single "terrorist" attack that can't be linked in some way to the US government, its activities, or the Left side of the political spectrum. That includes Ted Kaczynski.

That begs the question, why are "they" so desperate to take the guns out of our hands?

We are a threat. 

We are a threat because we are the embodiment of freedom. We don't yield. We don't bow down. We don't need them. We don't want them. We believe as we choose. We think as we will. We hear them, but do not listen to their pronouncements and declarations. We walk away when we are told to heel. We stay when we are told to go. We want to keep what we make or earn. We reserve the right to associate with those whom we choose. We know right from wrong, and we're tired of being told to "tolerate" wrong. 

We ask "why" and expect a truthful answer.

We've secured the freedom of ourselves, and the world, several times over. That threw their plans into disarray several times. This is the closest they've ever been to a world government. If they fail this time, they may never have another opportunity. Technology may make governments, as we know them today, obsolete.

That really chafes them. They don't like what they view as chattel acting the way we do. They don't like the fact that we want our country back. They don't like the fact that the chattel have teeth and are getting closer to rounding up the self appointed masters and introducing them to a good rope and a tree.

That's why they want our guns.


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