Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another US Service Member Denied Service At Gas Station

Last month, in Bogalusa Lousiana, one Christopher Carnagie witnessed a US military member being told by the clerk at a truck stop that they "don't serve his kind" and being pointed to the door.

Links to the original story:

Social Media Causes A Stir

Bogalusa gas station at center of protest

Gates of Vienna: Big Trouble In Bogalusa (opinion, news story and video)

Apparently, the same thing has happened in Modesto, California not far from where I live.

According to a posting on Facebook:

If you're wondering what AMR is, I'm going to assume it is American Medical Response, a fixture here in this area of the Central Valley. Well, if I was with AMR, I'd be taking my time responding at any emergencies at this site involving the staff or owners. Thank God the company I work for is no longer partnered with Chevron, otherwise I'd have a hard time going to work on their equipment. As it is, I buy on average 100 gallons of fuel from Chevron each week. I guess I should say, "I used to". Good thing the company fuel card works at just about any fuel station, including those at Safeway (chain grocery store).

On Facebook, Mojo Roberts is stating that a protest is already under way.

The protest already has a Facebook page. And some fools have already jumped into the fray, so if you're up for some verbal sparring, there's some juicy targets.


Local news has picked up the story. FOX 40 KTXL Sacramento


Curt S said...

Seems to me it is high time for not just the service person being old he is not welcome....but for all the rest of us who are citizens of the U.S. to tell those foreigners to get the hell out of this country. High time for us to get rid of this "politically correct" bullshit also.

Catman said...


I'm all for people coming here and becoming an American, legally. If they come here and can't seem to do it legally, or leave the filth of their homeland behind, I'm with you.

They should go back home.

The only way the PC BS is going to end is by people like us staging a revolution every single day.

It's the small things like not shopping at stores, especially at convenience stores and liquor stores, that fly flags other than Old Glory.

Or tolerating rude and uncivil behavior. I can't tell you how many places I've walked into and the fool behind the counter is jabbering on the phone in some foreign language, doesn't have the courtesy to greet me, get off the phone, or even ask the person on the other end to hold. He just rings me up and shoves his hand out to me. I just walk out.

If they take whatever I'm going to purchase and they move it to where I know I'm going to have reach across the counter to retrieve it at the conclusion of the transaction, same thing, I walk out.

The thing is to be intolerant of their behavior. Don't just accept it. Stage a revolt every day.