Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Revolt Every Day

In response to yesterday's post, one Curt S commented, "Seems to me it is high time for not just the service person being old he is not welcome....but for all the rest of us who are citizens of the U.S. to tell those foreigners to get the hell out of this country. High time for us to get rid of this "politically correct" bullshit also."

In turn, I responded to Curt, " I'm all for people coming here and becoming an American, legally. If they come here and can't seem to do it legally, or leave the filth of their homeland behind, I'm with you.

They should go back home.

The only way the PC BS is going to end is by people like us staging a revolution every single day.

It's the small things like not shopping at stores, especially at convenience stores and liquor stores, that fly flags other than Old Glory.

Or tolerating rude and uncivil behavior. I can't tell you how many places I've walked into and the fool behind the counter is jabbering on the phone in some foreign language, doesn't have the courtesy to greet me, get off the phone, or even ask the person on the other end to hold. He just rings me up and shoves his hand out to me. I just walk out.

If they take whatever I'm going to purchase and they move it to where I know I'm going to have reach across the counter to retrieve it at the conclusion of the transaction, same thing, I walk out.

The thing is to be intolerant of their behavior. Don't just accept it. Stage a revolt every day

There are gas stations and shops owned, operated and staffed by immigrants that I no longer patronize, and people I just plain will not help. If we continue to funnel our money into these enterprises and individual's pockets, nothing will change. If we keep kowtowing and extending ourselves, they'll think that nothing is wrong. What's worse, they'll think they're right.

If you've ever shopped at Costco, you know they want to see your receipt when you leave. That's fine. It's a club store and you agree to the rules when you sign up. It's irksome, but you agreed. There's an electronics store here in California famous for its plethora of useless immigrant employees. It is a store open to the public, not a club store. One day this guy from somewhere over there around Pakistan, India, or Baluchistan for all I know demands to see my receipt as I'm leaving. I said "No" and kept on going. He chased me into the parking lot and was screaming at me.

He grabbed my arm.

Other employees had followed him. There were two guys who were obviously Loss Prevention who had come out into the lot and were about ten feet from me. I looked at the guy who had my arm and in a dead calm told him he was about to lose his hand.

I looked at the two guys from LP and said, "This man has assaulted me. If he persists, I will defend myself, and place him under citizens arrest. If either of you interfere, I will sue not only the store, but each of you individually." By now there's a crowd of people. "You have one chance to call off your pet monkey, and have him offer an apology." They look at me for a few seconds and one guy says, "Naresh, come here." Naresh is stuttering "But, but, but..." The guy who spoke motions with his head for Naresh to come once more. Naresh goes over and they talk briefly. Naresh turns and says, "I'm sorry. I was mistaken."

I don't shop there anymore.

There's a gas station I used to stop at every day and fuel my company truck. I'd buy at minimum 100 gallons of fuel from this independent guy every week. He knew what I did for a living. He told me his digital video recorder and CCTV cameras were not working and asked if I could look at them for him. I looked at the clock, and was about 30 minutes ahead of schedule and told him sure. Well, it took about almost two hours and a bunch of band-aids, but I got the aging system back up. It had a failing hard drive (bad sectors) that I used SpinRite to repair. A video dongle (similar to this) that had broken internal cabling which I splinted to temporarily repair, and a distinct odor of singed electronics that I couldn't definitively locate the source of.

I told the guy that the repairs were temporary, and I couldn't tell him how long it would last. I explained what was wrong and I think he understood me. He was from one of the countries in Southeast Asia. I gave him a card with the local sales guy's name and number and told him to call. I called the sales guy and gave him a heads up and said this guy just needed a mid range 16 channel DVR, and not to soak him for every penny.

Never gave it another thought. About a month later this guy tells me his DVR isn't working again. I asked him if he had called and talked to the sales guy. "No". A big sigh on my part, I wander back there and he tells me he turned it on and off and on and off but the picture never came back. Well, it's off when I get back there. I turn it on, and after it boots, there's video. I told him the system is breaking down and it needs to be replaced and there's a point where it won't be able to be repaired. He said he'd call the sales guy.

Two days later he says that his system is down again.The guy gets agitated when I tell him that the repairs were temporary and that it needs to be replaced. He is insistent that I fix it again. "You fix! You fix!" I go to the back room. Its powered up. Open up the case, and wow is it hot. Shut the thing down and check the fans. None seem to be bad. Took the fan off his desk and pointed it into the open case and turned the fan on full. Waited about 10 minutes and rebooted it. Picture is back and it is recording video. I told him, "Last time. Next time it fails, chances are it can't be fixed." I told him the thing is getting hot and a component or maybe more are failing when it gets hot. Leave the case open and the fan on and call the sales guy.

A few weeks later, there's a marked car and two unmarked cars in the lot. The old man that worked part time in the morning is there. No sign of the owner. "What happened?", I ask. "We got robbed. Two guys jumped XXXX when he got here this morning."

"Video?" He just shakes his head.

If the owner had paid for the time I spent working on his equipment, which he didn't, it would have covered the cost of a older model, factory refurbished, mid range DVR.

I left and have never been back.

I used to stop at this liquor store every afternoon. I don't anymore. The girl at the counter was always wearing La Raza T-shirts. Anybody who displays anything that is contrary to this nation and its traditions, loses my business period.

A woman approached me in a parking lot and started jabbering at me in Spanish. I looked at her and said "Wakarimasen". She looked at me and said, "What?" I was actually kind of taken aback that her response was in English.

"You don't speak Japanese?"

"No", she said.

"Then what makes you think I speak Spanish?"

She just stood there with a kind of stupefied look on her face. I don't know if she came to some kind of realization, or if she was just shocked that a gringo would speak to her that way. After all, I'm sure she considers this land her stolen mythical Aztlan.

Well, to be frank, I do speak some Spanish. I'm far from fluent and if someone comes up to me and tries to speak English, I'll work with them. If they just assume that I'm going to speak Spanish, they get "Wakarimasen" and sometimes a maniacal laugh as I walk away.

I understand it isn't always the fault of the immigrant. I'm aware that in their country and culture, their displayed behavior may be acceptable, or even be the norm, but here it isn't. The bleeding hearts and liberal do-gooders drop these people into a society for which they are often ill prepared and side with them when they run afoul of the standards of American society.  We're told we have to be understanding and tolerant.

I look around at what a cesspool this place has become. Was it me? No, pretty sure I've done everything they told me to do even when it went against what I thought is right. Was it you? Probably not. You probably did the same thing as I.

So where does the blame go? Maybe this broken system run by people with absolutely no common sense? Probably not the system. It wasn't broken until the stupid people started running things.

How do you get the stupid people out of power? Revolt. Everyday.

Take the time to find businesses that value you as a customer and treat you like a human being. I know it can be difficult. Stop listening to that old adage, "Time is money." That's the damn bankers talking. If you're not being worked like a rented mule, they ain't making money. Who cares if they don't make money. Slow down. Make things work for you, not them.

Don't stop at the first gas station off the highway run by somebody probably taking your cash and sending it overseas while putting their elderly parents (who probably never worked a day in this country) on public support systems that you pay for. Their prices are probably thirty cents a gallon higher than one further off the highway.

With smart phones and GPS, finding gas stations isn't like hunting for a needle in a haystack anymore. Who knows? You might actually find it is owned by a real American who will be really happy to see you, and not just your wallet.

If you go into a business, and you don't like it or the people there. Leave. It's your money. You have a right to spend it where you wish. They don't have a right to it, and IT IS OKAY TO DISCRIMINATE!

You heard me. That's coming from a half-breed, too.

How many of you will never buy or drive a Ford? Or a Chevy? Or a Toyota? Guess what? You're discriminating. It is okay. Don't listen to the damn liberals. Don't let them make you feel guilty because you discriminate. Feel good about yourself because you're free to choose and you're exercising that right.

That's revolutionary! The freedom to choose.



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Aggie said...

Wow! Amen Catman, amen.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou. I am not alone.

Mayberry said...

I've been revolting for years. And not just against "foreigners" either, in fact I will patronize some "foreigners" before "natives". A Pakistani guy (more fluent in English than most "Americans") has a little store with the coldest beer in town. I'm talkin' frost on the cans cold. And he sells cheaper than the competition even though it costs him more to keep it good and cold. I buy beer there whenever I can versus somewhere closer by. Oh, and I love it when someone tries to talk to me in Spanish. I always answer "Spreken zie Deutsche?" I don't, save for a few phrases, but the look on their faces is priceless : ) DAMN good post Catman!

HermitJim said...

You hit the nail right on the head with this one, buddy!


Catman said...

Thanks, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Good post - in a small town in Oklahoma some guys from Jordan bought one of the gas stations and were horribly rude to everyone. My significant other had a wrecker service and bought a lot of disel at their station until one day he had had enough and went elsewhere. They came down to his business and begged him to come back and he told them to get lost. The town banded together and they shut down due to lack of business. Keep up the great posts.

Sooner Gal