Wednesday, November 5, 2008

T- Minus Seventy Days

I have to finish the article on preparing for a potential pandemic. However, we face a more imminent threat.

Most of us realized what would come when the Obamanation came into being, but some of you may have missed some of the larger picture seeing that the whole picture was large enough to block out the ugly mug of a detestable rather corpulent individual. That has been the one good thing to come out of the presidential contest. It knocked Michael Moore out of the spotlight for just a while.

Charles Schumer, D. NY, with what he thinks is a mandate from the Almighty Himself, issued a statement proclaiming “I am really looking forward to the next session of Congress, because I think it’s going to be a groundbreaking session, and you are going to see significant change,” Schumer told reporters. “As a legislator – and I have been a legislator for 34 years – I can’t think of a time that I have been more excited at the prospect of change.”

His support for efforts to undermine The Constitution are well known. He has repeatedly attempted to destroy the Second Amendment and the First Amendment.

Schumer intends to revive the "Fairness Doctrine". The Hill has an excellent piece on what will be happening here. What the idiots like Schumer fail to realize is that the rise of so-called "Right Wing Talk Radio" is a result of the unfairness of the media at large. Many of us just got sick and tired of only listening to one side of the story, and a side that most of us knew was a bunch of bull pucky. The "Fairness Doctrine" should install a Conservative in every Left leaning show.

If they really mean it, they'd attach a machete wielding Ron Paul to Obama's hip to keep him from signing any bills into law. There's a true "Fairness Doctrine".

Personally, I'm not looking forward to having some tie-dyed, Birkenstock wearing, Lotus flower munching, unkempt Berkeley reject having to approve my blog.

I'm not a medical professional. I have never claimed to be. Even someone as ignorant of the mysteries of medicine as I am can confidently pronounce Schumer, "Barking Mad".

You have to read his rant over at Link to the text of his speech is here. This is back from 1995 and I doubt he has mellowed like a fine moonshine in the intervening thirteen years. More than likely he's become more like a fine trucker bomb that has rested alongside a desert roadway for just as long.

He doesn't want you to have the ability to defend yourself, but it is well known that he carries a firearm himself. One can only hope that somehow he winds up on the list for the Darwin Awards like this idiot down in Florida.

Mayberry and Ken over at Keep It Simple Survival inferred last night that this may be your last chance to easily procure a firearm, ammunition, and magazines for your weapons. That's why I titled this post T-Minus Seventy Days.

In approximately seventy days, Obama and his cadre of Che Guevara wannabees take over control of our nation. Once that happens, all of us may find what little rights we still enjoyed severely curtailed, especially as the economy continues to slide.

Get what you need now.


Ken said...

Thanks brother,for grouping me in with the company of Mayberry,but k.i.s.s is all his.
...all i do is pipe in my .02 in the comments,I like the way he i make him a daily read...quite a few of y'alls blogs are daily reads...i like the insight y'all offer...the ol saying,two heads better than one thing, know what i mean ?

Catman said...

Hey Ken,

Without the input of the readership, what would a blog be? A work of vanity? I've been accused of being vain by one girlfriend, a model no less, vain...sister you are the picture in the dictionary. (that girlfriend later attempted to stab me) SHA! Dude, it was time for later days!

Since you're a regular poster over there at KISS, that makes you part of the blog. Just like you're part of this one.

I'm going to be posting an e-mail address for readers to submit their work for posting. The rules will be simple. No libelous material, etc. I know everyone has opinions, and not everyone has the forum to be heard.

Why not give people the ability to be heard here?

I'm also thinking about doing little giveaways once in awhile as finances permit.

Whatcha think?