Friday, November 7, 2008

My mom's tip for survival

Many of us have put away for the lean times coming. We've been Aesop's Ants to the world's grasshoppers.

Those of us who live in rural areas probably won't have to worry too much about this. We depend on ourselves. We garden or farm, hunt and or fish. We'll be able to look after ourselves much better than those in urban or suburban areas. My mother's tip is for those who live closer to the cities.

My mom watched her country destroyed by war as a child. Food was difficult to grow, transport, and distribute. The population was homogeneous, and that meant some unity among the people, but it did not eliminate the distrust and suspicion.

If you lived in a city, you had best look as hungry as your neighbor even if you had eaten well that day. If you were too plump everyone would wonder why you were so plump.

There were only three reasons you could be so well fed.

1) You were connected to the powerful in government. Everyone would expect you to do favors for them.

2) You were involved in the black market. Some would seek to profit by turning you in. Others would expect you to do favors for them.

3) You had food. You weren't sharing. People would beat you and ransack your home looking for what you had hidden.

In this land, with the diverse languages, cultures, and racial divisions, I do not think that one can expect to simply escape with a beating.

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