Monday, November 3, 2008

Countdown to E-Day

It is 1630 hrs here Pacific Time as I start to pen this. There are only a few hours remaining until the polls open and those who have not cast their absentee ballots, or have not opted for the early voting that is available in some areas of the country, make their voice heard.

Or try to at least.

Persistent warnings about the vulnerability of electronic voting machines to tampering or hacking are as common place today as when the technology first appeared years ago. Every single time I see one of these news articles, I wonder, "Is Microsoft running the election? Will I get the dreaded BSOD if I vote for the wrong person?"

How long were paper ballots in use before now? Seems to me paper ballots worked just fine to found this country. They ought to be good enough to keep it.

Scientific American reports that the number of people casting votes electronically is declining. You can read about it here. Personally, I'm quite happy to see these damnable things go away.

The New York Post reports that the election there is posed to be a "disaster". Mayor Bloomberg has refused to release funds to pay for additional poll workers. You can read the article here.

Okay. The word "idiot" just seems to have found a new synonym. Especially since so many people out there just seem to want to have a reason to riot.

Articles: New American, Sky News, Southtown Star, AP There are so many stories, just check your news section in your favorite browser.

Personally, I think a requirement for running for office is that you've actually been a farmer, plumber, fisherman, rancher or some other REAL job. I can't understand why people want to go to so called "Ivy League" schools. If one looks at the examples of their graduates who make the news....not a stunning recommendation for the quality of education.

Especially at those prices.

These Hah-vahd, Yale and other Ivy League School types only seem to study how not to do something correctly. The links take you to some of the great examples of their graduates.

I guess it must be that rarified air up in those social circles that convince people that places like that are wonderful. The rest of us know some people suffer from hallucinations as a result of cerebral hypoxia. Read the rest of the symptoms on this page. I think it fairly well describes most of our celebrities and politicians.

Sometimes I can't tell the difference between a celebrity or politician. They both do the same stupid things. Eddie Murphy = Senator Larry Craig?

Getting back to the potential for riots, does anyone know who Erica Jong is? I had no idea who she was until she popped up in the New York Observer with this piece: HERE.

I wonder if she watches Gumby while on acid.

I have no idea how I got off the subject of preparing for a pandemic onto a rant about the elections and stupid people.

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Ken said...

..."those that can't do,teach...those that cant teach,or do,entertain"...kinda sums up our 'higher education' facilities/entertainment industries eh ?