Saturday, December 13, 2008

Diversification and Secession

"Don't Blame Me. I voted for Jefferson Davis." reads one bumper sticker.

I understand that many will have visceral reactions to the name and his connection to the South, slavery, and The War Of Secession (often referred to as The American Civil War). Too often complex issues are simplified in such a manner as to appeal strictly to raw emotion rather than strict intellect. Intellectual arguments require more effort on the part of those attempting to influence the population. Often those intellectual attempts at persuasion have the opposite effect as even the most somnambulant members of the population often awaken to the fact that they are being manipulated.

The very name, "American Civil War" is one such example. The entire episode is often distilled down in many circles (ex. many public schools) as being a war waged against slavery. It is infinitely more complex. It wasn't even a "civil war" if one looks at the definition of a "civil war".

It is much more simple to appeal to the emotional side of a person. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is a master of this technique. Jim Brady, who was wounded in an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, is now confined to a wheelchair. His wife, Sarah, seems to use him as a prop. Jim is paraded around for all to see what terrible things guns can do. Larry Flint, who was also similarly wounded in an assassination attempt and is also confined to a wheelchair, is (to my knowledge) never seen accompanying Sarah or Jim Brady as they attempt to strip Americans of their Rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

I wonder why.

Could it be that Larry Flint just doesn't seem to generate the same emotional response as Jim Brady?

Please be careful when people start throwing stuff in front of you trying to garner your support. If it generates an emotional reaction in you before an intellectual one, take a real good look at it and take time to look behind the curtain.

That includes what I pen here in this blog.

But, back to the topic at hand.

Jefferson Davis was a strong proponent of States Rights, and opposed centralization of power. Discussions regarding the issue of a strong central, federal, government and the dangers thereof go back to the founding of this nation. If one has not availed themselves of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist writings, it would serve one well to read them.

It is interesting to note that some of what was warned against in the Anti-Federalist papers is now coming to pass here in the United States.

The Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers serve to expand on the positions of The Founding Fathers. Many times we see the talking heads on various news programs drag some expert in front of the camera only to have that "expert" say something like "well, we really don't know what The Founding Fathers meant when they wrote "x"." Then the experts go on to making specious arguments supporting a position designed to further consolidate power into a few federal government hands, and removing that same power from the people's hands, where it should reside. After all, if those experts don't know what the Founding Fathers meant, how can they then justify centralizing that power? Perhaps, by the expert's own admission, the meaning was entirely opposite of that which the experts have chosen. Perhaps they should just read the 10th Amendment.

All those "experts" can go wash used toilet paper for a living as far as I'm concerned. All of the documents written by our Founding Fathers were written in plain English. There is no difficulty in understanding exactly what was meant when they wrote them.

The centralization of power in the Federal Government has helped send our fellow citizens off to needless wars and has helped create the current economic mess we find ourselves in. Our Founding Fathers warned and advised against becoming involved in foreign adventures and wars, and warned against having a central bank (now known as The Federal Reserve).

It seems some folks have just gotten fed up with all the nonsense from the fools and idiots we have running the show and have seceded from The Union.

That's right. They seceded.

One more time, yes, you read it correctly. They have seceded.

It happened back in 2007, and not much has been written about it, but as more secessionist movements gain steam around the country, I'm sure that will change.

The Lakota have nullified all treaties with the US government, and have declared themselves independent. You can read the story here. A more in depth article may be found here.

If you follow the "DailyPaul", then you've seen this article where the Lakota have established their own, non-reserve, non-fractional reserve bank. This bank only issues real money. Gold and silver. Visit the website of the bank here.

Now may be the time for you to diversify your funds and put some away in hard precious metals.

Make sure you check out the privacy page. They do not want your name and social security number.

How often does that happen when you go to any other bank?

When European refugees first arrived here in the New World, they were greeted and welcomed by the those who came to be known as Native Americans, or First Nations. Without the assistance of the Native Americans showing the early arrivals the way to survive in this New World, many communities would have perished.

Native Americans are once again extending their hand in friendship to those of us who once again find ourselves refugees. Refugees in our own country. The steps taken by the Lakota to once again set all of us free deserve our recognition and support.

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